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  1. I want to thank all of you for your advice and comments. The article by Kirk really wrapped up the subject nicely. Now I'm not afraid to own something that I'll only be in for short periods of time. The mystery has been solved!
  2. We are full timers and have Texas as our domicile. I'm starting to want to research places for when we get off the road someday and am very drawn to Arizona's climate. My fear is that if we purchased a lot (or park model) in Arizona we'd have to say goodbye to our lovely tax break that Texas provides. Don't get me wrong, I'll be looking into places in Texas as well in my consideration for a landing place...but that doesn't present a problem. If we were to purchase a lot through Escapees in Texas and then also have a lot in another state, does that protect our domicile issue? Or are we just muddying the waters in doing this. I suppose as long as we just continue to rent places to stay it's not such a big deal, but it might be nice to actually own something somewhere in the future. Just looking ahead and would appreciate any and all comments and thoughts on this.
  3. We are going east next winter and staying in Florida. The family will come visit us over Christmas break. Does anyone know of any RV parks in the Miami or Ft Lauderdale area that would have hotels or motels nearby for them to stay in.
  4. The set up changes all the time. I'm not sure how to post any photos to this but if you want to send me an email at dollmaker127@gmail.com, I'll respond with some photos. Be sure to put Escapee or something in the subject line so it doesn't get confused with spam mail.
  5. Our male cat, George, does well with his Thundershirt and placed in a small dark cube so he can feel hidden but we can still see and hear him if he's in huge distress. We also tend to take shorter hops between campgrounds and usually put in a max of 3 - 4 hours of travel time and that is usually broken up in the middle with lunch.
  6. I'm looking at the NuWave induction cooker for use with pots and pans - is this a similar type of thing but as an oven? I'm most curious!
  7. My favorite solution to this is using a flat storage container that hangs up like a hanger. There are compartments of various sizes that zip which I use for my jewelry. I bought another one for use as my stash of sewing items. It's skinny and takes up virtually no space. You can remove it from the closet, hang it on one of the cupboard handles to see the items, which are all in clear plastic pouches. I've found them at TJ Maxx and Hancock Fabrics. The original one I'd seen online was called "the little black dress" as it was shaped like a short black dress.
  8. We travel with two cats and use the Happy Habitat tent from Dr Fosters and Smith (online). It is a good sized tent and I have added two folding camping footstools so they can get up off the ground to snooze. I also altered a tablecloth to provide shade and protect the inside from rain - it also gives our shy cat, George, a feeling of security being out of sight . Then we added the crazy maze, a square tube with tunnels that can come out from all four directions. One short tunnel is used to attach the tent and we find they seem to prefer one long tunnel to get some speed up when chasing each other. I've purchased extra tunnel sections and we now have 42' of tunnel to run in. One short stays I just use the shorter length of tunnel (about 20'). I've tried adding a litter box but find that when the litter is tossed over the side of the box it makes a horrible mess to clean up. So we just continue to carry them in and out of the RV to play in the tunnel. We generally sit outside with them, but have found they are pretty comfortable as long as the door is open and I can keep an eye (and an ear) out for them. We get asked continually where we got these and I think I could stock and sell them on the road! It has made their (and our) RV full time life much more enjoyable. The best part is these tents and tunnels all collapse into a small container and are easy to carry around and set up.
  9. We travel with two feline companions and use Tidy Cat for multiple cats - scoop first thing in the morning and once again at night. Just had an overnight guest who commented that you'd never know there were cats in the RV, so I guess it's working.
  10. We added two cats to our nomadic family four months ago and it's going well. They hide behind the couch when we're moving, but are quiet (thank goodness) and emerge when the slides come out...that seems to be their signal that it's safe. In the beginning we used a plug in phernome product to reduce anxiety, this isn't needed anymore. The litter box is under the desk in the bedroom of our 32' class A motorhome. I added a curtain and anti-tracking pad but nothing beats vacuuming each day with my Dyson Stik, very small and lightweight...works like a charm. They have taken over the back of the couch, tables, dashboard...no need for any additional perches. For outside time we purchased a Happy Habitat from Dr Foster & Smith online. It's good sized, totally screened in and cost about $50. It collapses easily and folds into a very compact carrying case. We just added a folding footstool from Camping World to give them some height and the female likes to take her naps there, while the male prefers laying underneath it. We bought this after the male escaped his harness and went up a tree requiring a harrowing rescue by my husband and involved a lot of scratching and biting on both our arms as he was pretty new to the family and totally freaked out. The tent is much more secure. Now I'm looking into getting a small pet scooter to take them (or at least her, she's braver) for walks in the park. I'm also working on leash training her, not sure if he'll come to enjoy that or not. Having the fur-kids with us sure adds a lot of life to our travels - they make us laugh all the time at their crazy antics.
  11. The topic was locked so I couldn't reply on the bulletin board. This might be an interesting hobby. How does one get started?

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