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  1. several years back when DTV started making you choose between east or west DNS chans, those of us grandfathered in got to choose both east & west, and we also had the option of continuing to get CW via DNS. So it may not be included in the current DNS but many long term subscribers do get CW via DTV DNS. As far as PBS I honestly didn't know if I had that one or not, its not a chan I ever watch. I see it is there on 389. My DNS chans are 390 - 399 (including CW east & west on 394-395)
  2. A matter of personal preference and how you may use the two units when they are not paralleled. I always preferred and used the external 30 amp plug adapter with 2 standard units, not the companion. I frequently used both my individual units separately as a source of 120vac 15amp outlets or 12vdc battery charging. If you get the companion with the builtin 30amp socket, you give up one of the 120vac outlets and the 12vdc charger outlet, in that model. If you're going to frequently use the units separately just for 120 vac 15 amp needs and/or battery charging, you're better off with 2 standard units and the external 30amp adapter plug. But if 99% of your use will be 2 units in parallel for 30amp service, then yes it makes sense to get the builtin 30amp. (I'm speaking of the eu2000i models, I don't know anything about the newer 2200 model)
  3. I've been with DTV for 20 yrs, the last 10 yrs as a mobile account with DNS. After moving into the RV I've never changed my service address in 100's of different locations because there was no reason to. I've also seen official email announcements from DTV years ago stating they would not change your service address frequently if you were mobile. apparently they weren't enforcing that policy, but this didn't just appear because of AT&T, DTV has been trying to restrict frequent service address changing for many years. I understand the need for major network channels, that's what you get with DNS and no need to update your location for those national chans. But what I find more interesting about this thread is why anyone in the 21st century would feel the need to rely on a local TV station for the weather report or local news. I can get the local weather or news at anytime of the day or night at any location in the country. Why would I sit around waiting for the 5:00 o'clock local TV news/weather when I can get it at my convenience anytime I want it? surely you all have a phone with weather app and a computer with access to much more up to date weather & news than you get on the 5 o'clock TV show.
  4. When I was hiring crews to work 7 x 12's for a year or more, with time & half after the first 40, plus $100 a day per diem, I got no complaints about changing their DL or registration; whether it was TX, NV, UT or Ca.
  5. I have 2 of the Honda 2000 since I used to run them in parallel while boondocking to get a 30 amp supply. I never had any issues with mine and am very happy with them. However I have friends that have the Yamaha units and they seem to be happy with them also. If you compare their specs & performance there is not a lot of difference. I would buy whichever one was currently on sale somewhere.
  6. When I was in the business, "Boomers" were those coming in for short duration outages, turnarounds and other sort term projects, and in many cases they do get away with ignoring the legal requirements. Not because the law doesn't apply to them, but because of their short exposure and lack of enforcement. Before retiring I was a project manager for 20 yrs on $100 million dollar plus heavy industrial projects all over the western US where we spent 12, 18, 24 months building power plants, manufacturing plants, mining facilities, etc from the ground up. The level of enforcement varied state by state and sometimes depended on how visible or remote our project was. In some areas it depended on how pissed off the local building trades unions were, that an out of state open shop contractor won this major project. But in almost every state we encountered some level of pressure to ensure our "travelers" registered their vehicles, obtained in state drivers licenses and when applicable paid state income taxes. In a few aggressive states like California we would occasionally have state troopers or local LEO show up at the jobsite parking lot recording every out of state license plate, and then return 30 days later to ensure they had registered the vehicle or be ticketed. The legal requirement has been quoted accurately above, it doesn't say if you're only going to be a paid employee in this state for a few months we'll let you slide. It says as soon as you move here to take fulltime paid employment, you must become a resident within x number of days. That requirement is similar in almost all states that I worked in. But I don't deny, what's required in black & white law is not always enforced and many folks do get away with ignoring the legal requirements. But when you ask, what is the legal requirement, you cant dispute it because you know 100 people who got away with ignoring it.
  7. JRP

    Baby it's hot out there!

    Here in Colorado its all about altitude. Denver and the eastern Co plains had a very hot summer, several days well over 100. But up here at 8500 ft in the Rockies its been very comfortable. Since the summer monsoon rains arrived a few weeks ago, its actually been somewhat cool, 70 days and 40 overnight. phillyg, I head to Fl in mid Oct to get my sailboat ready for another winter in the Bahamas. Its the Fl humidity that kills me. I can only put in a half days work on the boat before I'm drowning in sweat.
  8. JRP

    Western Smoke

    I'm in southern Colorado mountains and overall its not been bad. Most of the smoke is coming from California and at this time of the summer we have much more of a southerly component to our winds. The locals call this our summer monsoon season. We get fairly regular afternoon showers and thunder storms, which also help to clear the air. It all depends on how the storm fronts and the highs & lows are setup. Back in July when we had the normal summer high over the area and our prevailing west winds, we had a few days of inversion where the smoke was noticeable. But lately its been very clear. It also feels like fall is coming early this year, We haven't hit 80 in several weeks and overnight lows are already down in the 40's (at 8000 ft).
  9. JRP

    Anyone towing a small 4-door pickup 4-down?

    I've been towing a GMC Canyon 4x4 4 door extended cab for 10 yrs and I love it. Its so simple to setup for towing and no limitations or special requirements. My 2005 model was about 4000 lbs , but in recent yrs this model has "grown" a bit and now weighs about 4500 lbs. No I didn't use Remco, I bought all Roadmaster and they had a stock plate that fit the GMC Canyon and its twin the Chevy Colorado
  10. JRP

    Single People and Campgrounds

    I was about your age when I lost my wife and I've been RV'ing those 20 yrs since as a single. I've been a part timer, fulltimer & extended timer. I'm also a bit of an introvert, at least with strangers. There is no denying that its a couples world in most social circles, but I've never found it a problem. For the most part the RV community is very open, very friendly and easy to talk to. There are several RV singles group if you're into the group thing. Remember that unless you stay for a whole season at one of the snowbird type campgrounds, you and most others are there for a few days only and most of everyones time is filled with getting setup, getting fed, rested, shopping, cleaning, fixing things and getting prepared to pull out. So not a lot of time for socializing except on extended stays. RV'ers are famous for lots of "potluck" get togethers for any occasion, and I always found those great meeting opportunities. don't worry and don't hide away inside your rig.
  11. JRP

    Snowbird flight path east of Rockies?

    I used to drive from the Black Hills of SD to my winter ranch in southern NM each fall around the first week in Nov, using your route (except the Billings part). Each year is different and in the fall one week here or there can be the difference between an early storm or bright sunny skies. The only spot on that route that was a concern more than once, was Raton Pass on the CO-NM border. But in Nov, any storm going through will be short lived and followed quickly by more warm sunshine. Watch the forecast, be prepared to stop for a night or day before you hit the pass and you'll be fine.
  12. JRP

    State by State licensing requirement

    The states have all agreed to enforce licensing per the drivers home state requirements. So if you're from SD, CO, VA or several other states that require no special license for over 26,000 lbs, you have no worry driving through other states that have different requirements. Another example for those that have been around awhile, back when some states first started requiring motorcycle endorsements and other states had not yet created such a requirement. As long as you're legal in your home state, you're legal throughout the USA, as far as non commercial licensing. That's for the driver, but each locality can enforce their own equipment, weight & noise restrictions. Meaning, any non-factory modifications like window tint or custom muffler may be legal in state x but may not be legal in state z. and using your jake brake may be illegal in certain towns. etc
  13. JRP

    Can't decide: Motor Home & Toad or Travel Trailer

    My experience agrees with Kirk, my motorhomes were diesel. But they sat unused for 6 months some years. I always kept the oil fresh and a trickle charger on the Batts and never had an issue. Now that I move between seasonal homes each year, I also play musical vehicles. Some of my gas engine spare vehicles sit for 6 months until I arrive at that home. My winter ranch tractor/loader/backhoe sits for 6 months a year and starts on the first try and runs perfect. When I owned a construction company, many of our special heavy equipment items sat unused for months. A good maintenance program is more important than how often you use the vehicle. If you do occasionally start an unused vehicle just to run it, always run it long enough to fully warm the engine.
  14. JRP

    Can't decide: Motor Home & Toad or Travel Trailer

    As others have said, there is no right/wrong answer here. Its what fits your personal preferences best. My personal preference differed depending on the type of trip. Sometimes I moved every week for 6 months; then sometimes I stayed in the same spot for 6 months. Sometimes I wanted to haul my ATV & dirt bike into the boonies for a week or two. So at one point, I had 3 different RV's at the same time, a diesel motor home, a 39" 5th wheel & very large truck to tow it, and a 34 ft toyhauler 5th wheel pulled by a 4x4 F250. I used them for different purposes at different times of the year. The motorhome was always my primary traveling RV and its the only one I still own. It just fits me best. I have nothing against travel trailers, my parents always had one. When I was ready to buy my own RV, for the size travel trailer I would want, it seemed much more safe & secure to go with a 5th wheel type in that size range. But, to each his own, if you don't want a truck then that limits your options.