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  1. Yes, this May in Colorado has looked more like the end of winter than the beginning of summer. I'm up at 8500 ft and so far in May we've had 3 snow storms that covered the ground in white. I'm usually out on the ATV exploring high country trails well before mid May, but this year the NFS hasn't yet opened any of their locked winter gates to access the high country trails.
  2. Ed, I emailed them the forms requested on 4/19 and got their email reply on 5/14. I'm sure they're sending these requests out in batches, but not sure what sequence is being used by them to decide who gets this request 1st, 2nd, 3rd. I've had DNS since 2007 and I already had DirecTV service before that at my sticks & bricks house before retirement & fulltime RV'ing.
  3. Barb, I agree that their wording is less than clear. What they want there is the RV vehicle license Plate Numbers/Letters. I got an email reply today saying they had received my reply to their request and approved my continued DNS service.
  4. Yes the vehicle registration can be done without setting foot in SD, its done every day. But the SD registration process is handled by the County Treasurers, not the DMV directly. So getting your SD address established first will help, but its not required. For most of us that have done this, it's all handled by your mail forwarding company, for a small fee, you mail them the docs and they go stand in line at the County Treasurers office and get your Title, registration & plates. I've used Americas Mailbox and highly recommend them. The only possible bump in the road would be if your "conversion" requires a change of vehicle title class, like Bus to RV. That may require a physical inspection by the SD folks. If you can get the Title converted in NJ first, then the simple transfer to SD will be no problem. As others have clarified, the requirement for staying one night in SD only applies to the SD drivers license, which is not required to register a vehicle. But once you are ready to make SD your domicile, it will require you to visit in person and stay overnight to get your DL.
  5. Glorieta Pass is fairly minor, its a gradual climb then gradual descent. Its significant for historical reasons, but nothing significant to drive through. Hwy 40 & 84 are certainly a viable alternate to Las Vegas, but not worth the extra 30 mins drive unless you just want to avoid I-25. It could also depend on which side of Albq you're starting from. The US 84 to Las Vegas NM is closer to Santa Rosa than Edgewood.
  6. Vern, the Counties in SD where major mail forwarding operations are based, are very familiar and used to dealing with fulltime travelers. For the most part, they recognize that certain addresses are all fulltime travelers and they try to exclude them upfront. Sometimes someone does get a notice, but a simple call to the court clerks number on the summons will get you excused after you explain that you're currently across the country traveling in your RV. Its really not an issue to worry about. I use Americas Mailbox in Box Elder (Rapid City) and in 12 years there I've never been called for jury duty. PS: does this belong in "finances & investing" ?
  7. In my opinion, this is simply ATT catching up on what DTV should have been doing every few years, verifying that you are still entitled to DNS. I've had DNS for 12 yrs and this is the first time I've been asked for an updated RV registration. The email address they gave for replies to their request was... ATTDNS@amcustomercare.att-mail.com But no guarantee they'll answer any questions sent there. The DNS group is located near Denver Co and used to have their own separate phone #, but this email says to use the main DTV number for questions. 800.531.5000
  8. Those emails went to folks who have Mobile DNS service for their network channels. By law mobile DNS is limited to mobile customers and should not be used in a fixed installation. DTV should have been updating the authorizations for mobile DNS on a regular basis, but never did. So ATT is just catching up on what should have been done every few years to verify you're still entitled to mobile DNS. If you want to keep mobile DNS for the RV then fill in the forms. If you tell ATT/DTV that you also use DTV in a fixed house, then you need 2 accounts or you need to drop the mobile DNS, or be comfortable with committing perjury when you sign the forms. But if all you're doing is taking a receiver along in your RV and don't have mobile DNS, then you can ignore the forms. Mobile DNS means you get your network chans fed from LA or NY (or both for some who were grandfathered) regardless of your location, instead of the spot fed local network chans that change every time you move 100 miles or so.
  9. JRP

    Estes Park

    My recollection from years of living in Colorado was that there is not a lot of difference between those sections of 34 vs 36. Both gain 2000 ft elevation and both have lots of twisty turns. I recalled 34 being a bit more twisty than 36. But 36 has a bit more uphill since it goes up to 8000 ft before dropping into Estes Park. As for 7, its at a higher elevation, 8500-9000 ft and more exposed to high winds. This winter Colorado had 3 times its usual snow fall. Right now the roadway on 7 is clear but there is still 2 ft of snow along the shoulders, and its not unusual to get a May snow storm on that route. Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Going on 36 south would be a good alternate if the weather turns bad.
  10. Buying an insurance policy to cover the risk of loss of a $250,000 house or $250,000 motorhome or a $500,000 liability law suit, is a whole different animal than paying over $1000 a year for an extended RV equipment warranty/policy where the typical claim is a $1000 replacement item. The amount you risk losing vs the amount of premium cost to insure that loss is an easy calculation. The cost benefit of risk analysis varies depending on your financial resources. Many folks don't even carry collision/comprehensive insurance on vehicles once their value drops below $xyz. I don't mind paying $500 a year to insure a $50,000 car, but I refuse to pay that same $500 a year to insure a $10,000 car. etc
  11. This question is a frequent hot topic on RV forums. The majority of folks think they are a waste of money that only benefit the folks selling them. But some claim they sleep better at night by paying someone a $1000 a year in hopes that enough of their motorhome will break that year to come out ahead. Unless you think you're going to be the 1 in 10 million who has an engine or tranny blow up, its hard to justify the cost based on any logic. But if your finances & willpower are such that you'd rather pay $1000 up front instead of saving up until you actually have something break then go for it. I haven't spent enough on broken stuff on my motorhome in the 15 yrs I've owned it from brand new to now, to pay for what they wanted for one 3 yr extended service plan. So I have an extra $15,000 in my savings account to spend on repairs when something does blow up.
  12. JRP

    Co-op questions

    New Mexico, like many states has multiple definitions for "resident" status depending on the specific state law and department involved. If you're applying for state benefits or in-state tuition then its 12 months. But if its the state personal income tax as a resident, then its when you physically spend 185 days or more within the state if your domicile was elsewhere, or immediately when you moved into the state with the intention of making it your home. Its not unusual for there to be some variation in when you become a resident, most states allow for several different circumstances. 1) you moved here with the clear intention of staying and working fulltime in the state, so you become a resident immediately 2) you have a permanent home elsewhere and only moved here temporarily, so you will be considered a non-resident for tax purposes, until your stay exceeds 185 days. 3) you have no permanent home, but have an established domicile elsewhere and moved here temporarily, but have now stayed 185 days or more. Fulltime RV'ers usually fall into gray areas that the laws don't always exactly fit, but the generally accepted rule is, don't spend more than 6 months within any one state if you want to avoid residency & tax disputes. Some states are very aggressive in forcing compliance and would use the tactics you describe. However, NM and TX are not one of those and are somewhat flexible. Sometimes it also depends on your visibility & exposure to law enforcement. If you're out in the boonies and don't come in contact with the authorities, you can get away with more. If you park in the middle of town, raise hell, drive drunk, participate in public protests, etc, then you're more likely to be held to the letter of the law. As for the NM MVD policy on when your vehicles need to be registered, thats spelled out clearly, within 60 days of becoming a resident of the state. (when do you become a resident -- see above) https://www.mvdexpress.com/new-resident-registration/
  13. Dish seems to be headed in the same direction. They're losing 200,000 Sat customers a year and already announced plans to spend a $1 billion a year converting to a 5G wireless TV system.
  14. When I retired at 60 and had to fund 5 yrs of private heath insurance until Medicare kicked in, it was all pre-obamacare. So it was a very different marketplace. I was able to find a reasonably priced Bluecross/Blueshield plan with nationwide coverage. Today the choices are more limited and more expensive, and vary greatly depending on your home state and even your home county within the state. Most reasonably priced options are HMO type that limit covered care to a specific region. Many limit out of network coverage to "emergencies". PPO policies with national coverage are harder & harder to find. There is no "one size fits all" answer, but start by reviewing this site that summarizes most of your options and is specific for RV'ers http://www.rverinsurance.com/
  15. JRP

    The Ranch

    We had a 1/2" dusting of snow this morning, at my ranch outside Deming NM. Its melting now but the whole area was covered in a white blanket this morning. I'm at 4000 ft, there was probably a lot more snow up higher.
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