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  1. one of their definitions for the prohibited act of storing your camping facility on any city street is "to place or leave at a location". Thats pretty close to my law book definition of parking. But yes its open to interpretation and thats part of the problem. If it was the normal $25 or $50 fine for illegal parking, it wouldn't be a big deal. But at $1000 fine and the possibility of jail time, to me its not worth the risk. Why would I trust my freedom to someone deciding if I'm "stored" or "parked" on their streets. They have in fact been citing folks in run down RV's on city streets. They make the decision based on if looks like they are living in their RV, van or car. many here live in their RV
  2. I don't know of a complete database. in most problematic cities its just parking restrictions for RV's or WalMart overnight restrictions. I do know that Lacey Wa is currently on my Do Not Visit list. Earlier this summer Lacey Wa passed Ordinance 1549 which makes it crime to park a "camping facility" or "camping paraphernalia" on any city street, or public parking lot or city park. subject to $1000 fine and/or 90 days in jail. There is no distinction in this law for so many hours of legal parking while shopping or eating, you're subject to fine or arrest immediately. you can find the entire ordinance online at http://www.ci.lacey.wa.us/Portals/0/docs/city_council/ordinances/2019/Ordinance 1549 - Camping Ordinance 06.13.19.pdf They say they didn't intend it to cover visiting RV'ers but based on the current broad wording & definitions, it certainly does allow their officers to use it as such. They claim this new law was intended to help get rid of their homeless vagrants living in their parks, lots & streets (some in run down RV's). However if you read article 8.10.050 of the above ordinance, it specifically prohibits their officers from citing a person who claims to be homeless, if their shelter is full, but their shelter is always full, thats why they have 100's living in their streets. Since I spend most of the summer in & around Colorado, I know that the City of Colorado Springs passed a new law earlier this year, prohibiting any RV parking on any city street. Here is the list of no overnight allowed WalMart store listing. I don't vouch for its accuracy & it changes frequently https://www.walmartlocator.com/no-park-walmarts/
  3. The free bus from Aspen runs 8:00am to 5:00pm only. Its the popular option with most short term visitors. No personal vehicles allowed on the road during bus hours. I prefer to drive in, which means you have to enter before the start of buses at 8:00am and can't drive out until the buses stop at 5:00pm. It was s a $10 fee to drive to Maroon Lake parking lot last time I did it, but I heard it was being raised to $20 During the peak fall leaf season, last 2 weeks Sept & 1st week Oct, there are very large crowds and additional restrictions, During these weeks if you try to drive in, you'll end up in an overflow lot.
  4. Very Good road, very easy drive through open range land. just don't expect any services, except in Mountainair.
  5. At this time the road is in fairly good shape when dry and passable by 2WD high clearance vehicles. Heavy rain can change the conditions significantly for the short term. Best to get an early start to avoid the late afternoon thunder storms typical this time of year. We had record levels of snow last winter and it was late June, early July before this one and many others opened this year. There are some rough spots but nothing a high clearance vehicle can't handle. Lots of beginners do this one in rented Jeeps. I was there 2 weeks ago and the views were great & wild flowers were in full bloom.
  6. I agree Dutch, but the high pricing they set for their newest streaming service is about the same ballpark as their full Sat TV pricing, . At $100-$130 /mon (after the temp discount) plus broadband costs, I don't see them convincing many to switch. They're losing a million subscribers a quarter and seem to be in a scramble to retain revenue. Even their orig DTV Now, re-branded as ATT TV Now, is losing subscribers after a price increase.
  7. The ATF has no such policy on PMB addresses. The ATF sets up general requirements and definitions to purchase a handgun in your home state. Its up to each individual FFL holder/store to determine if you meet those requirements. The ATF supervisor I spoke to 5 yrs ago when I ran into this issue said they don't care if your address is a PMB, they care if you are a SD resident. In addition to your SD DL, if you showed the FFL your signed residency affidavit given to the DMV every renewal, your vehicle registration/title, your voter reg card, your SD CCW, your SD hunting/fishing lic, your SS record from SD, your Medicare or other health insur showing SD, etc; there should be no doubt. If they still refuse, its their company policy, not the ATF fault. sue the company Like many local/state/federal laws, the ATF residency definition does not fit fulltime travelers. Here is that definition that I was sent from an ATF document... A person’s “State of residence” is defined by regulation in 27 CFR 478.11 as “the State in which an individual resides. An individual resides in a State if he or she is present in a State with the intention of making a home in that State.” Ownership of a home or land within a given State is not sufficient, by itself, to establish a State of residence. However, ownership of a home or land within a particular State is not required to establish presence and intent to make a home in that State. Furthermore, temporary travel, such as short-term stays, vacations, or other transient acts in a State are not sufficient to establish a State of residence because the individual demonstrates no intention of making a home in that State.
  8. Once you read past the posturing in that article, the most important line is... "Still, shipments remain historically strong. Executives say they expect inventory levels to balance out by the end of the year. The RV Industry Association is forecasting a 2.5% increase in shipments to dealers for 2020." Certainly not a "sky is falling in" statement. With 2017/18 setting all time record volumes, it doesn't take a Wall Street genius to predict an adjustment. But even from record highs, a modest increase is still predicted. My opinion, its also BS to blame the price increases on tariffs. Very few RV components are sourced from newly tariffed countries and the few items that are, pale in comparison to the labor costs of RV manufacturing/assembly. As for quality, RV's have never had stellar quality across the board. Some Mfg are better than others, but industry wide cost has always been more important to the RV consumer than quality. That cost/quality evaluation is a bit different for fulltime RV'ers. But remember 90% of RV's are built for folks who use them less than 6 times a year. They sit in storage 90% of the year. Yes, when you move into the stratosphere of Prevost where price doesn't matter, then higher quality is evident.
  9. For the Retired Chief, If you're a fulltime RV'er you qualify for getting the national broadcast networks (ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX) from your SAT provider via DNS (distant network service). You do have to apply for it and show them your RV registration to prove that you're mobile. DNS eliminates the hassle of having to call in everytime you move to change service location. The only difference is, you 'll be getting the network shows fed from either the west coast or the east coast, and there is a small extra fee for DNS. When needed, you can find the local news & weather faster & easier on the internet.
  10. I agree, my only concern would be getting west of Monarch Pass by early Nov. On avg by mid Nov the daily highs up there are below freezing (32F) and begin the permanent snow cover until April. Of course in the Co high country above 10,000 it can snow any month of the year, but those are usually short and melted the next day. Once you get over Monarch Pass its all downhill and much milder weather even into Dec. If a storm approaches in the western slope, you have lots of options to stop for a night while it blows through. Then you have to choose a route into Utah, US50 turns into I-70 around Grand Junction. If you want to stay off the interstate there are 2 or 3 options, but you could be headed back up to 8000 ft elevation, not good in Dec.
  11. Thats the key part I'm interested in. the rest is just fluff. Because if the Pennington County Treasurer says all PMB addresses are not in state. Then they are also saying that the 12 other County & State officials who do accept PMB addresses for every other state function, must be in violation of some new ruling that only the Treasurers office is aware of. The Pennington County Treasurer may have the authority to say they will not accept any personal checks from a PMB or not accept personal checks for any other reason. But they don't have the authority to override numerous state laws that define residency & domicile and allow for PMB addresses as acceptable for every in state requirement. Those are 2 completely different issues: whether the Treasurer will accept your check vs whether a PMB address is accepted for all in state registration & licensing requirements. Someone seems to be mixing the two together Maybe its just a matter of the wording, but saying the Treasurer will not accept my check because it has a PMB address; is 180% different than saying the Treasurer is changing existing law by defining a PMB address as out of state.
  12. completely different situation when you & your vehicles are on the move year round. since you don't garage your vehicles for more than 6 months in any other state, your garaged location is your domicile.
  13. Yes I doubt you'll ever have an issue as long as Progressive goes along. Most insurance companies would refuse to write a policy for a vehicle they were told is garaged in TX fulltime but is registered in SD. TX & SD don't really care enough to investigate. Some other more aggressive states do go after these types of violations. But for others reading this, the general rule in most states is that if your vehicle is garaged within that state for the majority of the year, then it should be registered & insured in that state, regardless if you are a resident or not. I have personal experience with spare vehicles left at properties that had to be reg & insured in CO, NM & FL, even though I am a SD resident and 6 of my 9 vehicles are SD reg & insur. It would be simpler & cheaper for me to do all in SD, but when asked, both states DMV's, my insur and my lawyer all said the proper way was to reg & insur where garaged.
  14. No, the key point is that you leave this vehicle garaged in TX fulltime, year round. Somewhere in the Tx code, like most other states, their is a limit of how many months you or your vehicle can be considered visiting. You may be visiting for less than x months. But your vehicle is not visiting for 12 months a yr.
  15. So this person is saying their fellow officials the County Clerk & SD Sec of State are violating the law by registering out of state voters? and the SD DMV & DL Bureau are licensing out of state drivers? and the local Sheriff is violating the law by issuing SD resident concealed carry permits to PMB residents? SD game & fish dept is violating their laws by granting resident hunting & fishing licenses to PMB residents? The above has all been going on for many many years, with the approval of all officials involved. what did this treasurers clerk quote that changed all this all of a sudden? They didn't want to accept your check, but the reason given sounds fishy. I've been registering my 6 SD vehicles for 12 yrs using the Americas Mailbox PMB address on my vehicle registrations & Titles, my SD DL, my voter registration, my SD CCW permit, my SD resident hunting & fishing lic, and my Wells Fargo checks. There must be more to this story
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