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  1. Many times this happens because an officer noticed the same out of state vehicle parked in the same shopping lot, parking lot, or public place on mutiple ocassions over an extended duration. If the RV never leaves the RV Park, it likely wouldn't be noticed. The CHP letter is in response to an officer's input on a specific vehicle. They don't research other vehicles owned by the same owner until the investigation moves up a level.
  2. Under California Law you become a resident if you are in California for other than a “temporary or transitory purpose”. They leave that term loosely defined on purpose and say each situation will be investegated and decided on the specifics of each case. So most of those other criteria you list are almost irrellevant in Ca. You appear to spend 6 months of the year in Ca, which is strike one. Do you stay in one place? Do you rent, lease, own that place? You're there for 6 months, but do not associate with any Ca organizations? You don;t do any part time or seasonal work, or volunteering? The Ca authorities will concentrate on what you did while in CA and pay little attention to your setup in TX, unless you actually own a home in TX. Many years ago when I managed large construction projects in Ca, using a mix of local & out of state workers, they would recieve dozens of these letters each year. We frequently had CHP cruising our parking lot writing down out of state licenses. Your choices are comply, fight it or get out of the state quickly. Some were successful in fighting it, but the fight usually dragged on for a year or more, and some required return trips to the state & paid legal representation. Since we had plently of jobs available in other states, most of the guys sent the CHP a reply saying they and their vehicle would be out of California the next day. These guys did have paid employment within CA even if it was only for a few months, so they fall into a different category. Based on what you've told us, so far. One big caution, if you give in and agree to register the vehicle in Ca, the next letter you receive will be from the Ca Franchise Tax Board saying you owe them Ca state income taxes on all your retirement & investment income for the 6 months you were a part year resident of Ca. Here is an article from a law firm we used, that is very familiar with the bullying tactics of the Ca FTB. https://www.taxlitigator.com/a-temporary-and-transitory-visit-with-california-residency/
  3. The GMC Canyon and its twin the Chevy Colorado are towable in 4x4 models with 2 speed transfer case and Neutral setting. While towing 4 down there is No speed limit, no time limit or other restrictions and in the older models I'm familiar with no need to turn the key on while towing (no steering wheel lock). Not sure if the newer models have changed any of that, check the current Motorhome Mag dinghy towing guide for the latest. These 2 mid size pickups (Canyon & Colorado) weigh about 4000 lbs depending on options. I've been towing my 2005 Canyon for 13 yrs behind my class A MH. its the perfect towed for me.
  4. $100,000 is on the low side for a serious bite in recent years. The only rattlesnake antivenom approved for use in the US, CroFab, has gone from $2000 to almost $20,000 per vial over the last 10 yrs. It takes 2 to 6 vials to treat a serious bite where venom was injected. So, Yes making sure your Part D Rx plan covers antivenom could be important if you frequent a high risk area. The cost of that exact same CroFab antivenom in all the rest of the world is $20 per vial. Like most drugs the cost in the US is extremely higher than the rest of the world. Part of that increase is justified by the high cost of performing required Gov testing to get approved, Gov fees, liability insurance, etc. But a big portion of it is just pure greed, especially when the company has a monopoly like the makers of CroFab had for many years. After years of significant price increases, its cost is finally coming down since a competitor is about to have their new antivenom approved by FDA. There is nothing complicated or expensive about producing antivenom. Its made the same way its been made for 100 yrs. Snake venom is injected into goats, the goats body produces the antivenom , its collected from the goat & purified..
  5. For doctors who accept Medicare patients, but have not signed on to accept Medicare Assignment (agreeing to accept whatever the Medicare rate is as payment in full), they are allowed to bill up to 15% higher than the approved Medicare rate. These are called Part B Excess Charges, which your Supplement Plan covers if you have a type G or F supplement, otherwise its an out of pocket cost to you.
  6. Under Medicare it doesn't matter why you need treatment (except specific exclusions below), if you need a doctor or hospital, its covered, at the 80% they cover. Coverage of the remaining 20% and the Medicare annual deductible and any over charges could be covered by your Suppl Policy depending on which type you chose. Its all the same whether its due to a snake bite, a car crash, an ATV crash, a disease, or simply getting sick. There are a few things Medicare does not cover, read that specific list here ... https://www.medicare.gov/what-medicare-covers/whats-not-covered-by-part-a-part-b
  7. JRP

    CA hwy 46 from 101 to the 5

    No height restrictions on Ca 46. Its good road, very heavy traffic on Friday & Sun evenings as half the population of Bakersfield goes to the beach for the weekend to get out of the valley heat. It was once known as "blood alley" when there were fatal accidents almost monthly. They have made many improvements over the years, When I left that area 10 yrs ago, the biggest problem was impatient drivers passing slow moving trucks & RV's where there was no passing lane.
  8. JRP

    Cloudcroft, NM

    Its mostly 2 lane with an occasional passing lane. it has shoulders most of the way. Its 6% downhill grade west of Cloudcroft for about 12 miles, with some sharp switchback turns. You're dropping from 8600 ft at Cloudcroft to 4300 ft at Alamogordo. Its a beautiful drive during good weather. It can be a bear during one of the occasional winter storms that hit the area in Jan-Feb. During summer/fall it can get crowded on weekends, but light traffic during the week. East of Cloudcroft, coming from Artesia, its just a long gradual uphill climb, spread over plenty of miles, so its not very steep on that side.
  9. JRP

    Charles Schwab closing IRA due to PMB address

    yep, didn't mean to imply otherwise. The same section that requires them to verify your physical residence address, clearly states an exception for those who have no physical street address, they are allowed to provide a relative or close friend's address for CIP verification.
  10. JRP

    January travel near the border

    My winter ranch is SE of Deming, at the base of the Florida Mountains, about 18 miles from the border. This area has received stepped up enforcement over the last 10 years and is no longer a favored route for people or drugs. Most of the traffic has moved further east or west. The popular crossing route these days seems to be from the NM/AZ border west to Tucson. The Deming/Columbus border crossing to Palomas Mx is a very popular & safe area during daylight. Park your vehicle on the US side and walk over the border (with some type of photo ID or your passport to show on return). Deming locals, tourists and winter RV'ers all cross over frequently to have lunch or margaritas at the Pink Store or visit other shops, pharmacies, etc on the Mexican side. Many Mexican children from Palomas cross over daily to attend school in Columbus. I ride my ATV out in the desert between my ranch & the border all winter. These days I never see any illegals in the area. I am on a first name basis with the Border Patrol because my ATV riding sets off some of their electronic motion sensors in the area. They also have a long distance night vision camera mounted up on the Florida Mountains that they monitor remotely for night time traffic. Lots to see & do in the area, don't skip it. Do be prepared for cold nights in Jan/Feb. The days will be sunny & pleasant, but overnight our Jan/Feb temps drop 30-40 degrees overnight. This winter I'm headed to Florida or I'd offer to give you a tour of the area.
  11. JRP

    Charles Schwab closing IRA due to PMB address

    Although the original CIP requirement got its start as part of the Patriot Act, it has since been officially adopted by the Federal Banking Regulators and is now a part of the CFR (code of federal regulations). So it does not go away because other portions of the Patriot Act were not renewed or turned into laws or regulations.
  12. No regrets & no surprises here. I had been a part time RV'er for years before retiring and going fulltime; so it wasn't a major adjustment for me. I had also been a bit of a nomad before hand, moving frequently. Since I am a type A, go go go, the biggest adjustment for me was to slow down, smell the roses and enjoy each day regardless of what it included or where it ended. Some days will be driving days, some days will be work days, some days will be exploring, and some days need to be rest days. etc I agree with others comments, fulltime RV living is a bit different for everyone and its up to you how you want to fill your spare time. I saw it no different than living in a sticks & bricks, as far as how I enjoy spending my spare time. Some have hobbies, some volunteer, some work at remote jobs or part time jobs, and some thrive off just traveling around the country. You will soon find that there are 57 different flavors of fulltiming. Some folks sit in place most or part of the year, others never stay in one spot more than a week. Some folks seek out every opportunity to socialize, while others prefer to stay remote and enjoy the solitude of nature. Some folks always stay in RV Parks while others boondock year round. many sample a variety of all the above. etc The key to keeping you & yours happy is to understand why you're doing this, maximize what you enjoy about it, minimize what you dislike about it and keep in mind what you want out of it. I also think its important to go into it with an exit plan in mind. Although some continue fulltiming for 10,15, 20 yrs, the majority stop in less than 5 yrs. Although its good to get input from others, be sure to balance your choices & decisions heavily toward your own personal preferences & priorities.
  13. My experience with DTV for 20 yrs is that the answer to any question always depended on which CSR answered the phone. Its also been DTV policy for many years to try to discourage mobile users from frequent service address changes. I got a letter 10 yrs ago stating they would no longer allow service address changes for mobile users, long before any AT&T involvement. If you didn't run into this issue in the past, you were just lucky in who answered your calls. But hang-up and call back and you'll get a different answer.
  14. JRP

    Hot Tire Pressure

    The pressure rises about 2% for every 10 degrees F. Get yourself one of the Digital IR (non-contact) Temp Sensors to read the tire surface temps (if your TPMS doesn't give temp readings). Like others, I also carry a portable compressor good up to 125 psi, since my MH tires need about 90 psi and many fuel station air outlets either don't have room for a 38 ft MH plus towed, or they don't work well at 100 psi. I made my fall transition from summer home to winter home this week. when I left the Colorado mountains early morning it was 24 F, and the normally 85-90 psi tires were reading 75 - 80. I did not add any air and 500 miles later in southern NM it was 80 F ambient and the tires were reading 105 psi. As the experts advise its the cold temp pressure that matters, never let air out when the tires are hot. But when your "cold" varies from 24F to 80F you should adjust accordingly. Most TPMS allow some flexibility in setting your base pressures and the range or % variation before setting off an alarm.
  15. JRP

    No reply button?

    a) "Grand Adventure created a topic in Travel Logs " <<< yes it is in the Travel Logs Forum b) there is no reply button there because no replies are supposed to be allowed there. You can see that almost all of Posts in that forum have 0 replies. The question is how did a few folks manage to post a reply where there is no reply button.