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  1. JRP


    I suspect that letter was initiated by your supplement provider, even if it came from medicare. In my 6 yrs on medicare and a supplement based on my SD address, I've never used a doc or medical facility in SD. I get a checkup & labs twice a year, always out of state and never had any flack from anyone.
  2. It somewhat depends on the type of RV and where you travel, but I agree AAA is not the best for RV roadside Assistance. CoachNet is my preferred, but I also belong to Good Sam Roadside Assistance as a backup. Some folks rely on the roadside assistance included in their insurance policy, I was never comfortable with that option. If my motorhome or my 39 ft fifth wheel need towed, they require a large commercial tow truck capable of towing an 18 wheeler, and I want someone familiar with RVs and with the right equipment & experience. I used CoachNet twice over the last 12 years and both times they performed as expected. Read the fine print for all of them, they all have restrictions & limitations that surpise some at the last minute. How long you have to wait depends on where you are, the type of tow truck required and how busy they are. Almost all of the roadside assistance vendors will be calling the same local tow services in the area you breakdown. So picking a different service doesn't really help the wait time.
  3. Keep in mind, your route through Cloudcroft takes you up to 8,600 ft elevation. Be prepared for serious winter conditions up there this time of year. Their highs this week were around 32F with lows around 0 F. So far this week they've only had snow flurries, but they are expecting a real snow storm Friday.
  4. JRP

    Sales Tax

    Yes, I just did mine last week. My perspective is from using their questionnaire option where leads you through the itemized deduction questions (including state sales taxes), even though for most of us, at the end it determines the standard deduction is better.
  5. JRP

    Sales Tax

    Hmm, I'm only familiar with TurboTax, it asks "were you a resident of the state for the whole year?" If Yes you fill in their tax rate and you're done. If No, then it asks you to fill in durations and states and tax rates for as many states as you want to use.
  6. JRP

    Anyone Stayed at 7th Ranch RV Park Near Little Big Horn

    I think its been 6 yrs since I was there. My recollection is they had a dozen of extra long sites suitable for my Volvo 610 and Teton (both sold now). I was there early in the season and had a choice of sites and lots of maneuvering room. At peak season when they're filled up every day conditions might be different and there could be lots of extra vehicles parked half out in the traffic lane where you need space for a wide swing. Some sites are cut into the hillside in a terraced arrangement with uphill approach lanes. I was only there for 2 nights, and it was convenient for getting an early start on the battlefield tours. I had no issues, but it was 2/3 'rds empty at the time. Its not a "resort" type place, but has everything for a comfortable stay. There is not a lot nearby other than the Battlefield; limited fuel, grocery & restaurant options.
  7. JRP

    Sales Tax

    In the past when I itemized, I've done it both ways. Some years I just said I was a resident of SD the whole year (even though I was traveling fulltime) and used their rate. Other years for reasons I don't remember I went to the trouble of documenting how many months I was physically in SD, CO, NM, TX, etc ; and used multiple sales tax rates proportionately. Lately, with the increases in the standard deduction, it harder for most to utilize the itemized deductions. I would also point out that if you use Tx as your sales tax residence, its 6.25% plus whatever the local rate adds on top that. In AZ it would be 5.6% plus any local adder.
  8. JRP

    Nervous and Scared

    My advice is to relax and enjoy. there is nothing to be scared or nervous about. I guess any form of change is scary to some, but keep in mind that over 100,000 folks are doing the same thing you plan to and they have no problem finding a spot before tucking in for the night. There are almost unlimited options as far as where to stay for the night. Do you prefer commercial campgrounds, off grid boondocking, or parking lots? Most of us use a combination of those options. You can find online resources that list all types of RV overnight stops. You can find very thick printed books that list campgrounds or boondocking sites all over the country. It just takes a few minutes of research and maybe a phone call or two if you want a reserved spot. As for I-10, it used to have very bad pavement mostly in Louisiana, but most of the very bad stretches have been repaved over the last few years. I live out west but drive I-10 to Florida and back every winter to my sailboat. Its not a bad drive at all, just a bit boring. If you're trying to get from A to B in a short time the Interstates work best. If you have the time & desire to go slower and do more exploring along the way, then the secondary roads work well.
  9. I use Rapid City. The airport is close to town. Lots of hotels. I stay at Americas Mailbox since they have rooms for rent for their members (in addition to their own campground). The local DMV office is just a few miles south and rarely busy if you go in the morning; and they're used to dealing with fulltimers. Edit, just a reminder, some of the SD DMV offices are closed on Mondays
  10. JRP

    BLM Fees?

    As others said, each area has slightly different rules. They don't "all" have a 14 day limit, some are designated long term. The BLM has Long Term Visitor Areas, paid campground areas, and then everything else falls under Dispersed Camping (where allowed). Here is an online PDF that answers your 2nd question for Dispersed Camping areas, its move at least 25 miles and 28 days before returning to the same spot. https://www.blm.gov/download/file/fid/20778
  11. Many privately developed communities use Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) to establish specific requirements that everyone who purchases must agree to and abide by. They are required to sign the CCR document as part of the sales process, so they can't claim later that they were not aware. These are usually found where an entire community was privately developed for a specific purpose. some communities require every buyer to be 55+, some centered around flying require you own a private airplane, etc. This one requires you own a class A RV. If you don't own a class A, you're not welcome here, its that simple. As long as the CCR's don't violate a law or discriminate against any protected class, they are free to set up whatever owner/resident restrictions they choose.
  12. Lots of folks still using Sat TV. and lots of folks still using SD equipment for DTV. How long, depends on which rumors you believe. Some leaked internal docs say mid 2019, others say April 2019. Some say DTV has begun sending notices to SD customers advising them that they will need to upgrade their DTV receivers by April 2019. I have not yet received any such notice. What seems to have been clarified in some of these leaked internal docs, is that SAT 101 (SD service) is not going away, but being converted from SD to HD service. So our old satelite dishes will still work for 101, but we will need an HD recvr, H24 or H25 to receive channels once this conversion takes place. Which specific channels, all or some, that will be on the converted SAT 101 is not yet known.
  13. When first allowed in 1973 the Fideicomiso max length was set at 30 yrs by law. In 1998 the law was changed to set the length at 50 yrs. It is possible to agree to a sorter length, but most are set at the max allowed 50 yr duration. But you or the future owner also have the right to renew the Fideicomiso Trust when it expires. Yes, there are fees involved, $1500-2000 for the initial setup & paperwork, then $500-700 per year administrative fee. It was never implied that a Fideicomiso length was 99 yrs, that was in reference to the previous method, prior to 1993, where a 99 yr lease was used for properties within the restricted zones. Its true that title insurance is not as common in Mexico, but it is available and used by many foreign buyers. The Mexican real estate process is different than ours, they use a Gov certified Notary Public (Notario), who is usually a lawyer, for the official closing and one of their responsibilities is to do a title search. Whenever a lender or fideicomiso bank is involved, their legal dept will also do a title search. So many just feel a title insurance policy is a waste of time & money. But many others prefer to have it, even if its a duplicated cost. Yes, I agree that its very important to verify the land was never classified as Ejido.
  14. Many well meaning threads about firearm topics get deleted from this forum when the discussion gets off track. This thread was to simply spread the word on a significant change within SD that effects many RV'ers in their home state or a state they frequently visit. Please click on the "Guidlines" tab at the top of the forum to review this forum's rules if you're not familiar with them. This is not directed at anyone specific or implying anyone violated the guidelines, just trying to keep this announcement from being deleted.
  15. The great state of South Dakota just approved & signed SB47 which eliminates the need for a concealed carry permit within the state. The effective date is 7/1/2019 and this applies to those over 18 who are legally allowed to own a firearm. I think we're now up to 14 states that have approved some type of "constitutional carry" law. This bill keeps in place the option to apply for a SD concealed carry permit under the same existing requirements, for those who want one for its reciprocity in other states. This bill applies to both residents & non-residents within the state of SD. However, there is an alternate bill still sitting in the legislature that would only apply this to SD residents. Some are pushing for this alternate to be passed as a replacement for SB47, so stay tuned.