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  1. Did you watch the eclipse?

    Yea, we figured I-25 would be saturated with Colorado folks... and Douglas would be on that path. So, when we decided to use 'Plan B" instead of Alliance, we selected Lusk... where we had found the "center totality line" about 20 miles south of Lusk on a NASA map , and left early to get there. "Plan B" worked extremely well for us! We liked the idea of Douglas, because like you, we had spent some City Park time there and have come to like the little town - but awareness of likely I-25 traffic kept us away. As for 2024... we might just be back at our Thousand Trails Park at Lake Tawakoni, TX - After this first "Full Eclipse" experience... we sure would like a repeat!
  2. Did you watch the eclipse?

    Kirk, I know you know the area around Hot Springs, SD... and I have to say, our trip back from Lusk to Hart Ranch was non-eventful. Traveling north on Hwy 85 thru Lusk was the longest part, then thru Mule Junction...thru Edgemont... over to Hot Springs... was normal traffic speeds, albeit, lots of traffic.
  3. Did you watch the eclipse?

    We caught the Eclipse today... Wonderful experience! We had planned on driving from our RV Park in the Black Hills to a Farm spot outside of Alliance, NE, where we had reservations. But the weather forecast this morning at 4:00 AM had a 'mostly cloudy' situation there... so we shifted our drive to the West hoping to find a 'spot on the road' somewhere... and we did on US Hwy 85 about 20 miles south of Lusk, WY. The sky was clear, and we were very close to the center of the Totality Not a cloud in the sky... long totality... and reasonable traffic with smaller crowds. It was great!
  4. Agreed. I have been using it for years... the money is well worth it.
  5. Thanks, Derek. Had a couple 'well known' hacks.
  6. FED UP With MIcrosoft!

    In my working career, I go back to operating systems in the 1970's. Got caught up in the late 80's with the Apple vs. Windows (IPX vs IP) argument... then Unix ver Linux, ver Solaris, ver MS Servers... Even attended a SHARE Conference in San Fran (1993?) where the 'shootout' between OS/2 and Windows was performed in front of a couple thousand IT professionals. (OS/2 won). In my opinion, most of this is just opinion - what one is comfortable with and how much 'problem' are you able to put up with? My time with Open Source software on a Linux platform was educational... acceptable, but not exceptional. I find my Win 10, on a new Dell XPS 8900 (lots of RAM & SSD), with MS 2010 Office Professional works great - and I own the software. I can see problems down the road, like what to replace MS Streets & trips with... but for now, Microsoft seems to be the best for this retired computer guy.
  7. Solar Eclipse 2017---Thinking of Boondocking???

    Yes, I would agree - We have a number of folks going, and one of our constraints is that we have only Monday off from workamping... So a potential scenario is to leave in the 0-dark-30 hours of that morning, and see how close to Alliance we can get. That is why we did the dry run last weekend... to check out the sites, back roads, and routes. One way or another, we're going! Should be fun no matter how things turn out.
  8. Solar Eclipse 2017---Thinking of Boondocking???

    Jack, do you know the place? My wife and I are Baptists... not much of a party crowd. Our plans are to make Aug. 21 a LONG day... drive to Alliance early, enjoy the Eclipse, then drive back to Hart Ranch - no overnight. We've booked nothing yet, but at minimum we desire a place with parking/viewing space, port-a-johns, and friendly/accessible to those driving in from the north.
  9. Solar Eclipse 2017---Thinking of Boondocking???

    Jack, we eyeballed several potential places in Alliance. Most striking was a place called 'Carhenge'... NE of town... the lady there told us that they have an arrangement with the Farmer next door... to create a 10,000 lot parking area, with their (Carhenge) property being the "walk over with folding chairs, sit, and view the event" place (39 Porta-johns, iirc). The cost for parking was $30/car. She also advised us that they (city) have 49 extra state troopers coming in to help with the traffic which they estimated to be a "Cat-3 Hurricane evacuation magnitude". We also checked out the Airport, and Rodeo grounds...SE side of town... very spacious, and should work fine for viewing & easier to come in from the South. Right now, we are looking to the West and little north of town, a couple of Farms several miles out of town that will allow a 'stay' (1 - 3 days)... $50.00/vehicle... but limited (or no) 'services' Something to keep in mind, is that when 'totality' happens... what will automatic (city) lights do? Should be less of a problem out in the country. Another place of good potential is named 'Toadstock', a outdoor Fall music festival location, that is opening up for the event... has all the facilities, miles out of town, and should be easier to drive in from the North. That is our lead candidate for now. Regardless... even if we end up in a traffic jam along a highway... We should have a wonderful experience!.
  10. Solar Eclipse 2017---Thinking of Boondocking???

    We are workamping at Hart Ranch in the Black Hills... and have that day off. Smartest thing to do appears to be a long day on August 21... leave about 4:00 AM and drive 2 1/2 hours to Alliance, NE. We have scouted Alliance out, and there are many places renting out a 'space' for anywhere from $50 a carload to $20 a person. Haven't decided yet which place... and may just end up out on a dirt road in the prairie. We are going prepared for a VERY long day... but we WILL see the Eclipse - Good Lord willing, and the Sun does shine.
  11. Replacement Mattress

    Five years ago, we decided to go with a MobilePlush™ Eco Green 8” Natural Latex RV Mattress ‘, Queen size, 60” x 80”. This has turned out to be an extremely wise decision... After 4 1/2 years of Fulltiming, it still gives us a great night's sleep. We have no problem with the Latex mattress holding heat. Indeed, it is far more comfortable than our high-price pillowtop mattress at our S&B house. The dimension size fits our motorhome Queen bed perfectly. www.plushbeds.com
  12. Independence DAY

    One of my most favorite authors, Derek. it's been years... but I think I read everything he ever wrote... and my kids grew up on "Have Spacesuit, will Travel". "Starship Troopers" led me into the Marines. I think the country could use some clear thinkers like Mr. Heinlein again.
  13. Thanks, Derek. Giving it a try.... Requires a reboot. Hope all is well back in Haughton! Jim
  14. Another reason not to go to California.

    I am with you, Chief. I love the California I used to know... 45 years ago... but they have gone wacky and I do not wish to get caught in some kind of 'strange laws' circumstance. We winter in Yuma, and last year skipped our usual California excursion from there. Looks like we will do so again this coming Winter. Not to mention, my wife is from Texas... and the ban on travel there is just silly.