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  1. As a retired Township Treasurer (ie, 'tax collector'), I have seen this tragedy from all sides. It can be very hard on good folks that didn't realize that declaring/establishing a domicile has ramifications. In Michigan, it is common for retired folks to own properties in, say, Florida... while retaining the home back in Michigan. And that is where the problem possibilities start.
  2. In many states, it is the City, Township, or County Clerk's office that manage Elections. Go to their web site, or call them, to have an "Application for requesting a Ballot" mailed to you. Give it some advance time, as again, it is just an Application... for a ballot. Then when you fill it in, mail it back to the Clerk, who will then validate it, and mail the official "voting ballot" back to you. Then you have to fill that one out, and return it to the Clerk for your votes to be counted. This does take some time.
  3. DocJ. that could make a significant difference for my wife. We are in the process of recording the channels we watch on Dish... and will use that list to determine the optimal Streaming lineup. Thanks for letting me know about that ability (re-order channels) on YouTube.
  4. That is good to know, Docj. I anticipate the most difficult task in this move is going to be 'managing change'. The more I can make it look procedurally like Dish, the easier things are going to go. If I can make this automatically power up to the Roku screen (channel menu), I think that will be half the battle. At the moment we are without Centurylink WiFi while our Lot construction is being completed, but as soon as I have WiFi service restored I plan on having the Roku devices ready to go, having started the streaming contract(s), and (even) having read the manuals. Then I can jump on the transition from Dish to Roku Streaming....
  5. Bobsallyh, one of the mistakes I made when we bought our (great) motorhome, was to have a new Traveler Dish installed on the roof, but only feeding a new HD TV that I installed in the living room. That means I don't have an external portable Dish hookup. Many times have I regretted that mistake! Thanks for the thought.
  6. Yep, really does make a difference to me - I have an 'unlimited' Verizon that throttles down at 15 GB. And it really does throttle down. I keep it for traveling purposes. Glad you have one that is grandfathered in.
  7. Thanks, trailertraveler! This is great help. I especially noted your comments on: Roku devices, 5G, Ethernet, and locast streaming. I will check all these things out as I go along. The immediate need will be to handle the loss of Dish due to a RV Port Cover being constructed that our MH will be parked under. In this location (Wellton, AZ) we are serviced by Centurylink for WiFi coverage. Other locations that we stay throughout the year generally have fee-based WiFi that I may (or may not) also use the streaming service. Also, my wife is the TV watcher in our family.... and she is not very technically inclined... so simplicity of use (Streaming vs. Dish remote) will end up also being a factor as to what gets used where.
  8. DocJ... GlennWest... Second Chance... Thanks for the response, guys! Yes, DocJ, I do have a reliable CenturyLink Internet Wifi into our lot. Been excellent for years now. And it appears to me that 'streaming' will be the wave of the future... I will keep our Dish account for when we are in locations not served by Hi speed WiFi (about half the year). Again, thanks for the feedback, Guys - I will try to put up a post on this with what we end up doing... and how it is working.
  9. Thought about that, Twotoes, but that would require a cable link from the permanent dish to the Motorhome's Dish system. I am looking for something less involved.
  10. I have had a “Dish Satellite Traveler” on the Motorhome for years, works fine. We recently decided to install a RV Port (Cover), and will lose my Dish Satellite Signals when we park under it. I do have a robust Wifi. I am looking at moving TV viewing from Dish to internet Streaming services… and am pondering a Roku device plugged into my Samsung TV (HDMI), and trying the ‘Fubo’ streaming services for TV channels that we currently watch. Anyone been thru this before? Any advice to offer? Thanks in advance!
  11. Excellent advice, Rich&Sylvia. I find much usefulness in the Groups... Butterfield Stage... Michigan History... South Dakota... Military...
  12. Thanks, Rod. We'll see where it goes from here. Wish you well too!
  13. Interesting story - Thanks for sharing. I have been on Facebook for about a decade... very light use up until the last couple years. I used it mostly for retaining contacts with home folks/events/information. In the last year, I picked up on 'Groups' and 'pages'... like ones for the Butterfield Stage, Michigan History, South Dakota, etc. Very beneficial to me!. Lately, there has been a huge increase on FB for politics. Inevitable, I suppose. I find the disinformation incredible... replete with "youtube experts"... crass opinions, and outright lies. This fact has caused me to re-think FB... and put in place some of their more tight security measures. For the time being, I plan on continuing with FB... mostly for contacts with old friends and beneficial Groups. I hope things don't get worse.
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