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  1. Thanks for the update, Ellaine. Now we know for sure.
  2. Followup: Drove by Spotted Bull Eatery today (Saturday, May 11,2019, 4:00 PM), traveling eastbound on I-10. The adjacent parking lot (listed in Days End Directory) had 5 tractor-trailer rigs parked... but no cars parked in front of the Restaurant... and a big sign on the front entry door (visible from Highway but not readable). By all appearances I think Spotted Bull Eatery is closed for business... but the parking lot is still being used.
  3. Thanks, folks, for trying to help with this question. Appreciation to all! It's not a major issue, all things considered, so I think I will skip Vail this year, and just keep going on to Benson. I know we have options there for overnight boondocking, including an SKP park. If I should come across any further information to update this question, I will update this post... as well as the Days End Directory. Again, Thank You!
  4. Thanks, Kirk. Mystified as to why no response to phone calls & emails... I'll keep checking... great overnight boondocking place with good food.
  5. Will be traveling thru the Tucson area soon... and over the years we have boondocked at Vail Steakhouse... lately sold, and renamed "Spotted Bull Eatery" However, in trying to contact them I have had zero response to emails and phone calls. AZ, VAIL: Spotted Bull Eatery, huge pkg lot. No facilities. Free. Owners welcome O/N. I-10 x279, go N, TR on frontage rd, follow sign to restaurant. Easy turnaround. Truckers also use Does anyone know if they perhaps have closed down? Thanks, Jim
  6. Done, Kirk. Results will be interesting. Thanks!
  7. Scott hit it pretty well... We bought a 'used' membership, and got just about everything that one could get. However, we did not check the 'selling again' provisions and found out that the next owner gets just a 'basic' membership. No big deal as we will keep it until we are thru traveling... And YES, it is well worth it as Fulltimers to have one!
  8. We started fulltiming, cold turkey, when I was 63 and Alice was 61. We kept the house as our homebase, with our daughter and her family moving in... making it a 2-generational household with separate living quarters. We had no set age in mind on how long before stopping... and at 69 & 67, we're still going strong. We have acquired a buildable RV lot in the Yuma area, and eventually will go the 'casita' way with it. Till then, we travel a annual route to see family, work camp, and simply enjoy ourselves. When we need to stop... it will be at either our home in Michigan, or build in Wellton (Yuma)... perhaps living in both seasonally. And knowing that we have met some fine fulltimers in their 80's... THAT is our goal to 'keep going'.
  9. I do this trip a couple times yearly... going 404 is a LOT easier.
  10. Much excellent advice in the posts to your question. As mentioned, much to do around Demming... and Benson/Saguaro clearly is one very excellent SKP Park - check out Tombstone, Butterfield Stage stations, and Council Rocks. I would mention that the Yuma area is simply delightful to visit in January & February. The Border Patrol stations along the Mexico/Arizona line are visibly active (Inspections stations & roving patrols) and well staffed... not to mention the Goldwater bombing range along the border and the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma that projects massive air surveillance of the border region (whether they 'really' are looking... hard to tell - but the choppers & jets are all over the air... and intimidating). Los Algodones is a very worthwhile Mexico Border City to cross over and visit. From Yuma, going North up US 95 towards Las Vegas, is Quartzsite... legendary among boondockers... In our 5 years of spending Winter time in Demming... Benson... Yuma... nothing but great experiences! Good luck with things.
  11. Hart Ranch in Rapid City, SD does so routinely. Mostly music aimed at the older crowd.
  12. We generally always make reservations in advance, unless intentionally boondocking. We make our reservation sites and boondock sites a part of our trip planning process. Good planning allows us to enjoy our travels more thoroughly.
  13. Mickey, I think the first Winter you spend in Arizona... or any other warm area... will remove any doubts that at least "winter timing" is a smart thing to do! $14,000 in house property taxes... is a lot. For that amount of money, in many states, you could rent/buy a condominium - that could be an anchor home to come back to on home visits. Expensive in my thoughts, but doable, and we know folks that do just that to have a 'home place'. One thing to productively invest time... perhaps write up a "Family Biography" as only you can do - aim it at your grandkids (when they grow beyond teenager), focus on your life, with incidental stories, anecdotes, person-memories, and lots of Dates, events, and facts. They might not appreciate it now, but they certainly will later!
  14. We planned on learning to RV for years... before actually deciding & leaving in a 3-month time period. We kept our house with our Daughter & Family moving in to take over... and built an apartment in the walk-out basement for DW and I. Over the course of a year we spend approximately 8 - 10 weeks in this apartment with Kids & grandkids just above us. (indeed, as I type we are preparing to drive back (toad) to spend the Holidays with family there) We have few, if any, regrets with our Fulltime lifestyle. The benefits far more than outweigh any possible regrets. We make it a point to stay in contact with old friends back home... and increasingly with new friends made on the road. We pay extra for unlimited smart phone usage and internet access... all to stay in contact. We have always loved to travel and can now indulge that urge without restraint. We have learned workamping skills at an area that we love to spend the Summer in... and own a comfortable winter RV lot in sunny Arizona. At both places, and in between, we indulge in our wish to 'jump in the car and roadtrip'! If I had to name a regret... it would be "not being 1st-hand involved in our grandchildren's daily lives". As stated, we spend significant time with them in the same house... and talk regularly via phone... but the gaps can be felt. On the other hand, they can come to visit us in areas that they might not normally get a chance to! So... we are very happy in our lifestyle and have no plans to change. But as Member lenp stated... "Just keep your options open if you can." Good advice! We have options for most contingencies and take confidence in that. Good luck, Mickey!
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