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  1. Thank You very much, BobSallyH - much appreciated. I have seen your helpful posts before. We are out in Wellton, an RV lot in Coyote Wash... hope to meet you someday! Your suggestions are just exactly what I was looking for. We have workamping jobs lined up in the Black Hills, but with the Covid-19 pandemic, they may not be happening. We are contingency planning. Also, we are considering investing in an "RV Port" metal structure... we shall see.
  2. I am a Fulltimer currently parked on our Winter RV lot in Wellton, AZ. Our plans for the Summer are possibly changing (Covid related), with one option having us stay here in our 36' Motorhome for part, or all, of the 2020 Summer. For at least two months, the Motorhome would be un-occupied. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to best handle this "Motorhome - Summer" situation. We are well equipped with A/C, FHU's, etc... but no shade cover or anything of that nature (yet). Thanks, Folks - and lets stay healthy!
  3. I have used the services of Dr. Peterson in the past, and would highly recommend him. We used him as a 'General Practitioner' for followup work from our Home (Grand Rapids, MI), and then some new problems of the Arthritis kind. Good luck with things! Ken Peterson, MD Black Hills Urgent Care 1730 Haines Ave. Rapid City, SD 57701 (605) 791-7799 Primary Care – Rapid City, SD
  4. Good post. Tracking on this.
  5. You might try "Deer Pass Trailhead" on Hwy 89A, 10 miles South of the 89A-179 intersection. Quiet Boondocking, with a great view. Also, we have boondocked at the BLM land outside of Verde Valley TT Park.... Great boondocking - But, I have heard that the BLM has closed the area. I can point to no reference to search, just in my mind.
  6. Thanks, Kirk & Johnt! Yea, Kirk, Alice and I met you folks up in South Dakota several years ago - give our best to Pam! I had the surgery done in Yuma, AZ, and it all went very well. I am in week #3 of recovery, and walking unaided. Yay! And Johnt, thanks for your experience shared!. The mobile Tech that came out read your write up and went right to the problem. He was from a good company in the Foothills of Yuma. Thanks again, guys - I'd better get back to my recovering/loafing. 😎
  7. Here is a followup to my original posting in this topic. Since the original post, I followed the suggestions made... did some more research on IRV2 and Yahoo... and wrote up a 'Stmt of Work' to facilitate calling in a Mobile RV Technician. Most advice that had been offered suggested a solenoid malfunction between the shorepower and Chassis battery, and that is what I wrote into the 'Stmt of Work' for the Mobile Tech. Unfortunately, the (very capable) Technician scheduled in shortly after I had a hip joint replacement surgery... and the work got done, but I was 'just a sitting' around the lot. So anyway, for my 2007 National RV Dolphin, replacing the solenoid restored shorepower charging to the chassis battery. Thanks again, folks.
  8. Thanks for the Suggestions, folks. Much appreciated. I think we're going to start in the battery bay... and double check all connections. I know from the IRV2 site, and personal observation that my Dolphin does charge the Chassis battery (in addition to the House Batteries) concurrently while on shorepower... I am currently at 13.2V (House) and 12.4V (Engine - holding steady). Johnt, thanks for your write-up -- I am going to have to read it a few times to more fully understand... but we're retired! After I get this problem fixed, I will post the 'fix' here. Thanks again, Folks. Jim
  9. We parked our 2007 National RV Dolphin (Ford F53 Gas unit) on our lot back in November… set it up for storage, disconnected shore-power, did a ‘battery disconnect’ (button/light off), and left… returning two months later. At that time the Engine Battery was dead, and the motor would not turn. Our weatherpro awning would not deploy either. All else worked. A week later, we had an appropriate new Interstate Battery installed, 13+Volts, engine started, weatherpro worked just fine. Things looked good. 24hrs after the new install, I noticed the new battery was not recharging – House batteries at 13.2V, Engine battery at 12.5V. No question, our Dolphin is set up for shorepower recharging… and has not had a problem (7 years) with this prior to now. Has anyone encountered this kind of situation before? I guess at this point, I am looking for suggestions on where to get started… Thanks for any help! Jim
  10. Catching up here... US Hwy 60 from Vaughn, NM, to I-25 was a piece of cake. Road surface was good the entire stretch, light traffic, and good shoulders. Thanks to those that offered to share their experience. Not much there so any future travelers... be sure to gas up before driving the stretch.
  11. Thanks for the affirmation, Rob.
  12. We travel thru El Paso a couple times a year: Going East on I-10, get off at Anthony Hwy 404. Continue east to Hwy 213 - turn south there... continue on traveling south to Hwy 375. Turn east on Hwy 375 there, following it south & east until it loops around to join I-10. These are good roads, negligible grades,
  13. Joel, THANKS for pointing out the 'color' changes in 1309. I just dusted off my laptop for Holiday toad travels back to Texas/Pennsylvania/Michigan... and in catching up on updates I installed 1309 - and then saw your comment on utilizing colors in the cursor... and it works wonders for 'aging eyes'. I am even trying out some of the color Filters to change the overall background of windows... Good stuff.
  14. Thanks, podwerkz, appreciate the Mountainaire info... and the heads-up on Encino - US60. I think there is a similar turn like that close to Vaughn, where US54 heads South. We missed it once... We will be going this route next month, so this is quite helpful. Thanks again! Jim
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