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  1. I don't know if this will help anyone, but here's the text I send using Facebook chat with Dish: Then, once they update it and tell me that I can change it myself using their app I send this: There is usually a brief interlude while they check out my information, and then they return and acknowledge I am right.
  2. Here's the message I send: Hi - we are traveling in our RV and have moved and need our locals updated to our new location, zip code 77???? I have done it via their website chat, but the past few months I've been going to their Facebook page and doing it via chat there.
  3. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Thousand Trails - champaign taste beer budget

    We're at Hershey TT right now - we think it's a great campground. Just for fun I looked at my many Thousand Trails campground reviews. We have stayed at, I think, 31 Thousand Trails over the past 5+ years; several of them more than once. Of the 31 there are 5 or 6 that we wouldn't care to return to. Some of them would work out for a few nights if we just needed a place to stop, although I wouldn't go out of my way to go to any of them just to save a few night's camping fees. I know that some fulltimers see Thousand Trails as their permanent camping solution. They try to stay in the system 365 days a year, saving a lot of money on camping fees. We don't see it that way. We think of Thousand Trails as a way to save money that can later on be spent on campgrounds in especially desirable areas. In other words, we don't want to "live in the system" and, therefore, never visit wonderful camping locations in, for instance, Utah or Colorado just because (1) there are no Thousand Trails there and (2) camping is more pricey there. As I mentioned earlier, if I were paying rack rate on Thousand Trails stays I would expect more, but as the purpose of this thread suggests, you shouldn't expect to get Hilton-level service for Motel 6 rates. From my point of view, Thousand Trails is a lot better than some people think. It's not, though, a perfect fulltimer's camping solution.
  4. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Thousand Trails - champaign taste beer budget

    I guess it depends on what part of the country a person is in. We've spent almost 100 days in Thousand Trails so far this year and have had FHU/50 amp sites all but 2 weeks of it (come to think of it, both of those were Trails Collection) , one week on 30 amp and one week without sewer. Seems I remember that on the west coast we had to go without FHU/50 more often when in TT.
  5. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Thousand Trails - champaign taste beer budget

    I've noticed that the negative Thousand Trails reviews on rvparkreviews are quite often from public users rather than members. The public pays a pretty high rate to use the campgrounds. If I paid $70 a night for a campground I would expect it to be a pretty nice campground. I confess that I hold TT to a bit lower standard than I do a private campground that I pick along the way. I am staying for a bargain price and that colors my expectations a bit.
  6. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Rainbow's End price increase

    Almost sounds like KOA doesn't it. We used to stay at Livingston once a year, but since Thousand Trails is reasonably close and our stay is included in our dues we've not been back in a couple of years. These price increases won't do anything to change that.
  7. My guess is that you talk to the same people no matter how you chat - either through their website, through the app, or via their Facebook page. I've been doing it via Facebook with good results.
  8. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    RV Route Brunswick to Ellsworth, ME

    Thanks - leaning toward going up one way and coming back south the other, just for the variety.
  9. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    RV Route Brunswick to Ellsworth, ME

    We are headed for Bar Harbor, Maine next week and looking at either taking I95 up through Bangor and then down to Bar Harbor or taking Hwy 1 up from Brunswick to Ellsworth. Is Hwy 1 a decent RV route or should we stay on the interstate. (Not too worried about "scenic" at this point - we'll have lots of time to sightsee without the 34' 5ver in tow.) Thanks. http://prntscr.com/k9p90n
  10. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Dish network eastern arc meter

    Just a follow up - I got a baby monitor and it works quite well, better than the meter. It monitor was just $20 from Amazon.
  11. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Dish network eastern arc meter

    When I change the LNBs out I've started the satellite search, I think, with everything set up correctly: using the correct LNB connector, the TV setup screen on 72, the meter in line. Just the same as when I search the western arc on 119. After trying to aim the dish and getting no meter response, I may get a bit creative, trying 61.5, tin foil, most anything to try to get it going. I think I know what I'm doing - usually I get the western arc birds in 5 minutes or less. That's why I started wondering if the old meter somehow wasn't compatible with the eastern arc. I really dislike doing it by turning the TV volume up so that all the neighbors are hearing it. Since you guys don't seem to think there should be any problem so far as incompatibility with the meter I'm leaning toward just buying another one and trying it.
  12. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Dish network eastern arc meter

    Dutch, I'm guessing that if I had it set up wrong that I would never get the satellites, is that correct?
  13. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Dish network eastern arc meter

    Good question. Here's the behavior when I'm using the eastern arc LNBs. As I aim the dish the meter never peaks. Then, once in a while it pegs and stays pegged no matter where I aim the dish - as if I have the sensitivity turned full on. (when using the western arc LNB's the meter works fine). So, I take the meter out of line, open the camper door and turn the TV volume way up while on the setup screen. Without any further issue I hear the tone peak, lock the dish down and am good to go, receiving the two satellites, etc. Thanks for helping me think through this.
  14. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Dish network eastern arc meter

    Thanks for the reply. Is there any way I can check the switch configuration? The LNBs themselves work fine.
  15. I have an older inexpensive meter that works just fine for me on the western arc birds. However when I switch to the eastern arc it doesn't seem to work. The LNBs are fine and if I fool with it long enough using just the TV setup I can get it all working. However the old meter is useless on the eastern arc. Is this even possible ... maybe different bands? If so, how do I find a replacement that will work?