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  1. FMCA votes to include towables

    To quote Groucho Marx: "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member." (Just kidding)
  2. How large/small is your fulltime budget?

  3. How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    One key to using other people's expense figures is to remember that you already have most of the numbers you need. Many personal expenses stay the same, full time or in a stix and brix. This includes things like: debt groceries dining out clothing hair medical and dental expenses charitable giving gifts insurance (life, health, etc.) entertainment Cell/Internet/TV The information you need from fulltimers is what they spend on this lifestyle specific expenses, but even with those numbers you need to be aware of their circumstances. For instance if they are workcamping and never spending anything on their campsite, you need to take that into consideration. Here are the expenses I include in my annual budget blog: campground fees propane RV maintenance travel fuel club memberships etc. So you take your own information, then find expense information from fulltimers who are doing more or less what you expect to do. That will give you a ball park number to work with. Most of this post came from this article in our blog: Tips on reading other people's budgets.
  4. How long it takes to breakdown camp and take off

    We give ourselves an hour but it really takes around 45 minutes from the time I get up from my chair till we are driving off. However, as someone already mentioned, there is actually more time given to getting ready to move than what we do the morning of the move. Usually the evening prior we put our outdoor rug away, dump black water, put the PVC clothes drying rack away, lube the hitch, etc. Also, inside there are things we do like clear the kitchen table, sweep, and, in general straighten things up. Even as I'm getting ready for bed I take my evening meds and put the pill holder away for travel. Of course, all I just described from the night before can be done in 15 minutes. If I put it all together, I'd say it takes an hour total on the average.
  5. All terrain or highway tires for towing

    I went back to Discount Tire today and had them swap out for highway tires. They even refunded me a few bucks. Driving back to the campground it felt more like my truck again. Lesson learned!
  6. All terrain or highway tires for towing

    We had a tire issue while towing and needed to replace tires on the spot. I let them sell me some all terrain tires but I'm not sure I made the right decision. I know these tires are more aggressive and I don't think I like them as well It feels to me as if the pickup reacts more strongly to cross winds, etc. than the highway tires did. Minor steering corrections feel stronger and I'm not sure that is a good thing so far as handing or driver fatigue. It's not as though I take my F350 off roading - although there have been a couple of times over the past four years when when parking on grass that I wished for more grip. 99% of the time I have been okay with the performance of the highway tires. I have a window for returning the all terrain tires and am seriously thinking about it. My question is especially for those who have run both on a bigger pickup - which do you prefer and why?
  7. Online Travel Map

    We use Google's My Maps to create a map for our website. Ours is shared publically but I think it can be kept private and only made available to people you give the link to. You can see it here.
  8. Dish service when going fulltime...

    HA - I may have gotten the idea from you in the first place....I'm pretty sure I saw it on this forum a few years ago.
  9. Dish service when going fulltime...

    Glad I looked at this thread, I've been giving them a site number with a letter added just in case I don't update my service address before someone else moved into the same site and called to update their service address. BTW, I'm writing this as I watch the updated program guide download to my receiver following today's move.
  10. I asked a similar question not long ago and was surprised that the number was as high as it was. Not that I think there's any right or wrong answer, but one of the words of advice I heard so often was "slow down" - I was surprised that so many of us enjoy the more nomadic approach. For us, we're in our 18th stop of the year - and that includes 3 one month or longer stays. For 2017, I'm thinking we'll stay in 36 different places.
  11. Where to get Bigfoot leveler installed on Teton?

    Double post
  12. Where to get Bigfoot leveler installed on Teton?

    We were at White Pigeon earlier this week. Our install took a day and a half. I lost count of how many new rigs were there for scheduled installs - a lot. In addition there were three people there for installs. We also saw a couple of people come in for repairs, they were out the door in an hour or two. I'm guessing they are busy most of the time, but especially during the spring and early summer.
  13. Anyone added a Lippert Ground Control 3.0 leveling system?

    We are now the proud owners of the Bigfoot single pump system. Limited experience with it so far, but when we landed in a very unlevel site the first night out it had us fully level in a couple of minutes. I wrote it up in our blog here: http://pastorscott.com/travel/2017-project-bigfoot-leveling-system/
  14. The Geo Method

    Good point - I10 across Louisiana might also get some sloshing going on.
  15. The Geo Method

    We've been in our current RV for 4 years and have never added anything to the black water tanks. We use plenty of water and "Wednesday is hump day is dump day" for us. I use the tank sprayer to fill the tank to full, pull the handle and let it dump and then leave the sprayer on for about 15 minutes. I then "charge" the system by letting the water run into the tank with the valve closed for a few minutes. Then we are good to "go" for another week. I always thought the deal about putting something in the tank so it could slosh around when moving wasn't going to be effective. I've watched a cup of coffee while we moved and it doesn't "slosh" at all. I guess if a person drove their RV like they were a stunt driver they might get enough slosh to clean a bit Otherwise, rather than slosh it just "jiggles" a bit.