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  1. We flat tow a 2017 Ford C-Max Energi - neat little car. It is a "plug in hybrid." On a full charge it goes around 20 miles before the engine kicks in.
  2. Thanks for all the helpful replies - just a note here that while we love state parks, we aren't interested in that kind of stay for a long term escape from summer heat in NM. There aren't that many state parks at altitude - those that are are booked up well in advance - we would want to be more stationary than moving every two weeks - and the state parks don't offer full hookups, something we want for longer stays.
  3. Great information - thanks folks. We've spent most of the year touring for the past several years, thinking about a different approach this year. Time will tell.
  4. Apparently, they have lost their domain name. I take it that they are still open - just no website?
  5. We're toying with finding an "escape the Texas heat" spot somewhere in New Mexico - maybe around Ruidoso but also up at Red River. I've been all over the various review sites but am wondering if perhaps any users of this forum have had any first hand experience they might be willing to share. Thinking in the $600/month range? BTW, I asked a related question but not specifying New Mexico a few weeks ago - with this post I'm trying to drill down to more specific information. Thanks.
  6. Still some of the best fulltime expense cost information on the internet.
  7. Probably more interesting than the topic I brought up. I call threads like this "forum A.D.D."
  8. For those researching the cost of fulltiming here's a link to our 2019 Expense Sheet If you want to compare years, there's a spreadsheet for that too.
  9. Just wondering about good long stay summer campgrounds where the weather is cooler, decent sites, interesting area. Anybody have any favorites?
  10. Just an aside and not intended to debate the use of the term - but when I saw the title of the thread I thought it was going to be about fulltimers who quickly move from one campsite to another rather than more leisurely travel. When I think of hummingbirds that what comes to mind - quickly moving from one flower, etc. to another.
  11. I've also always called it "Sunbirding" but if you like Hummingbirding better I say go for it!
  12. I started using the block heater on my Caterpillar C-7 motorhome before any move in which the temps are below 50. I know I don't need it, but the rig starts quicker with it. I actually have a 110v outlet in the engine bay for it so I plug in before going to bed the night before I move.
  13. If I can get Dish to install the Hopper 3 in my motorhome I'd want them to install it in a cabinet that is right over the steering wheel. That's where all the coax terminates and where the original TV switch is. That cabinet has a glass window, and I leave it open all the time when we are parked. I have a small fan that helps move air. On especially hot days I have another fan that I aim up into that cabinet to help with cooling (it can get pretty hot up over the windshield). If I get an installer out I wouldn't have that extra fan out (not needed anyway). I'd likely leave the small fan up there. Do you think an installer will be willing to put the hopper up in that cabinet our should I move the current receiver down to a temporary location (not sure where that would be) and have the Hopper installed there. Once the install is done I can move the new Hopper up where I want it.
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