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  1. A follow up on this question. It took some effort to come up with the correct part numbers, but I finally did. I then called the shop and asked if they wanted me to order the shocks or if they wanted to. They said they preferred that I order them.
  2. As I explain in the expense sheet - I don't line item anything aside from RV related expenses. I then do a lump sum "just living" line. I explain that what I pay for health insurance and many other items won't help anyone researching fulltime expenses so I try to maintain a bit of privacy by not line iteming them. In our case, unless a person worked for the same employers we did and retired at the same age and year we did our health insurance costs would be meaningless to them. --- I'm reminded of the TV commercial for Home Advisor - the neighbor asks his friend if he knows of a good landscaping company. The neighbor says he does and before he can give his questioning friend the address, the fellow directs him to call them, describe the project and collect bids. It's one thing to share figures that a person can use in the mix in collecting expense information, another to try to tell them what they will spend on groceries and vehicle registration.
  3. A bit different though if the customer came in to order a hamburger and was told that the cook had to place an order for meat with a market hundreds of miles away because hamburger meat wasn't available locally.
  4. I think I figured out what Bilstein shocks will fit my 2005 Safari Cheetah 38PDQ. Apparently, the 24-186599 and 24-186582 will work with our Raised Rail RR4R chassis.If I purchase them online I can save a lot of money - will a truck repair shop install them if I buy them direct or will they baulk if I don't let them order the parts?
  5. Our expenditures aren't an effort to spend as little as possible - just to live within our means. Keep researching, you'll find information on living a more minimalist lifestyle - a lot of people are doing it.
  6. I was chastised by one of the IR2 moderators for having a link to my blog because the side bar of my blog has a link to my devotional books - which sell for all of 99 cents (the least Amazon will allow). Basically the books are given away and I make maybe $2 a year in royalties. The moderator wasn't impressed and told me I had to remove the link. It struck me as interesting that their campground review site encourages people to write reviews and post them so they can advertise on the site - but they are worried I might make a dollar or two a year selling books.
  7. Yep - you did the upgrade for me right at the campsite in Wilmington, Ohio - greatly appreciated.
  8. That's a good tip - thanks and will keep it in mind. That's the kind of info I was hoping for. What I ended up doing was calling a possible shop and when they said they couldn't do it I asked them who would. That would lead me to another place that was at least possible.
  9. Sounds reasonable - I'll ask him to look at the trailing arms and any other potential problems. Our refrigerator was traded out a couple of years ago. I wish they had put a residential in, but it is a new Norcold. Looking forward to getting alignment done - constantly steering back to the left takes the joy out of driving.
  10. Our Safari had the trailing arms fixed a few years ago, prior to our buying it. After calling probably 10 shops and getting "sorry we don't work on RV's" and one "our shop could handle your rig, but there's a big dip at our driveway and motorhomes tend to drag the rear end on exiting" I finally found a guy in Jackson, MS who not only will do the job, but who owns a Monaco himself. He immediately started talking about the Roadmaster chassis and things to check to do a proper alignment. We changed our travel schedule to stick around the area till next week to get it done. Tell you what, places that do motorhome alignment might be on every other corner in some places, but coming across I20, they are few and far between!
  11. Thanks - bookmarked it and will likely phone them tomorrow.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. We are traveling across I20 - in Mississippi right now. I keep doing Google maps searches, looking at street view for shops with bays tall enough for us. I have a few marked to phone tomorrow. I really wish I could find a shop around Vicksburg where I could get it done tomorrow, but I've struck out at this point. As I said in my post, I've called truck stops (added a couple today) that say they don't do motorhomes. DId find a place near Atlanta but that's a few days driving while pulling to the right for me and I'd sure like to get it done sooner. Again, I have a few spots to call that are along my route. I was just kind of hoping I was missing something obvious rather than having to just keep calling and searching for a place to get it done.
  13. Our coach pulls to the right when driving and I think it needs a front end alignment. I'm not clear on where to take it. Most car shops can't handle a 39' diesel pusher. I called a couple of places that do 18 wheelers and they both said they don't service motorhomes. I'm not asking for a specific place, but what kind of shop do I need to look for? Thanks.
  14. I've used a tripod and dish for Dish Network for a few years now. I like it better than the little carryout domes because it gives me a more "home like" TV watching experience. Here's an article I wrote about my experience setting up a tripod and dish.
  15. Did the driving test today - Class B Exempt (the motorhome one). Did it in Conroe. I got there about an hour ahead of time, was called to the front of the line because I had an appointment. They checked me in and told me I was welcome to wait in the RV. A nice lady officiated, no problems at all. We actually started about a half hour early. Not a word about air brakes. She checked my turn signals and brake lights and had me toot the air horn (that got the attention of the people standing in line outside). Looked at my license, registration, and insurance. Drove around Conroe about 20 minutes. A few left turns, mostly right turns. No backing or parking of any kind. She was interested in how well I stayed in my lane and how I handled turns. Like any other driving test, I drove slower than usual, made sure to turn on my signals, made obvious use of my mirrors, stopped behind the line at stop signs, etc. Automatic fails if you break the law, drive dangerously, or are involved in an accident. She told me that she has never had anyone fail this test. Conroe isn't doing CDLs anymore - just RVs, Fire Trucks, and the like. Aside from it being in the motorhome, the actual test was easier than what you would do in a car.
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