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  1. When we had a 5th wheel we added Reflectix to most of the windows during a hot summer in Houston. It really helped, although it made the interior of the 5ver feel like a cave. Now we are in the motorhome and the front window seems to be the source of most of the heat in the coach. I thought about getting some more Reflectix to put on the inside between the curtain and the window. However, I read a few warnings here and there that the Reflectix would create so much reflected heat that it might crack a windshield. Does anyone have any first hand experience of that happening either to them or someone they actually know? I'm not sure if this is an actual concern or just another one of those Internet deals that gets repeated over and over again with no first hand experience. Thanks.
  2. Much of the Mid-West and East have been hit with near-record setting heat with high humidity the last few days. We've kept the shades drawn and in front added an extra layer using a sheet to trap some of the hot air. Our a/c's have run non-stop from around 9:00 until 10:00 at night, keeping us reasonably comfortable, although the front of the coach is a bit warm. An oscillating fan helps. We are in Lancaster, PA so we went to the big shopping mall for walks. Hopefully, the temps will soon return to merely hot summer days rather than these heat indexes of 110. Is anyone else on this forum in this unusually hot weather?
  3. Honestly, the responses to the original post haven't been this forum's finest hour.
  4. Since the OP specifically says the residents in that particular park have no way of moving their rigs themselves it is obvious that he isn't talking about construction workers - those hard working folks are as fond of big pickups as are the most avid weekend campers.
  5. Wishing you the best in your planning. Just remember that trying to save a few bucks has already cost you a lot of money. Going with a reputable company to buy a used membership might be a wise move in the long run.
  6. Just replying to your specific interest in Thousand Trails....Most everyone recommends Campground Membership Outlet for both selling and purchasing used memberships. They make their money from the transfer fees, so it doesn't cost you any extra for using their service. Also, they have a reputation for responding to inquiries quickly. Their website is: https://www.campgroundmembershipoutlet.com/ During the busy times of the year the Thousand Trails campgrounds really fill up, so you will want to get a membership that lets you book as early as possible and you will want to get reservations out a few months in the future since you want to pretty much live in the system. I'm guessing you've researched enough to know where the properties are in relation to your job. In the Lancaster, PA area, you could bounce from one to another without leaving the general vicinity, at least in the summer. I'm not sure about the winters - I know that many of them close. If you haven't looked into that, you might want to before taking the leap. Good luck in your research.
  7. Jack Pine Lodge is off the beaten track but on good highway. It is in the Hiawatha National Forest between Munising, MI, on Lake Superior 30 miles to the north, and Manistique, MI, on Lake Michigan 25 miles to the south. We stayed there a few years ago. Here's our blog review.
  8. I don't think there is any single answer. For us: Call ahead and ask the campground. Delay until we are going to be at a campground that will accept a package. Order online for Walmart in store delivery Use an acquaintance in the area who is willing to receive a package. Haven't tried it yet, but I got an email on my Ford account saying that Amazon will deliver to my car. I'll have to give this one a try. (Just read that it isn't available in every city - I doubt it will be worth much in the places where we travel.)
  9. Its funny how you can visit a website more than once a day and not even see the various page elements. Today I noticed the advertisement for Escapees Hangouts at the top of the right column. No telling how long it has been there, but I had never noticed it before. The idea is a more low key event for Escapees - gathering in a campground for a week or so with some structure, but mostly just to hang out, meet and greet. Our travel plans for the rest of this year are already set, but this is something I can see us wanting to do. I think this is a new program, so I expect no one has done one yet, but I think I'll keep an eye out for the 2020 schedule.
  10. As you can imagine there's a lot of discussion about it. Those who dislike it have, I think, stronger feelings than those who like it. However, overall, it's a fairly popular change. Since it keeps coming up on the "Good and Bad" group on Facebook I did a survey asking people whether or not they like the change. To date 389 people say they like it while 95 say they don't like it. Putting rigs in appropriate sized sites certainly make sense. No private campground with a limited number of bigger sites would allow a smaller rig to use a bigger site - it just makes sense. However, that only works if the sites are otherwise equal. Bigger sites aren't always better sites, but sometimes they are. That's when the person with the smaller RV has reason to complain about being told that they can't use a particular site. Of course, human nature being what it is, if you tell someone they can't use a certain site they will want to use it! Personally, I think the underlying problem is that Thousand Trails keeps setting sites aside for annual or seasonal use. The annuals are the ones filling up all the bigger sites, not the weekender with the small RV.
  11. Just a note here - some Thousand Trails are now assigning sites based on rig size. We've run into it at Forest Lake in NC, Williamsburg in VA, and Harbor View in VA. I think they are doing it at Gettysburg Farm and Circle M in PA too.
  12. I ran a vBulletin forum for years. It too has it's quirks and a rather steep learning curve. Having said that, once an admin figures a few things out it is pretty easy to keep, or at least limit, spamming. To register, the person had to answer a couple of questions that couldn't be automated. There is also a function that limited the number of posts an individual can do in a set timespan. The average user never experienced it, but a spammer who was doing multiple posts in a short time got throttled by the software. I could also block new registrants based on part of the world. Unrelated, but the THANKS mod was very popular and got tons of use. It is a way to let someone know you appreciate what they have said without doing a "me too" post. Having said all that, after years of running a forum, I greatly appreciate those who put forth the effort to keep a forum like this running.
  13. I don't think the questions even need to be RV related - just a text question: "What is the sum of seven and three?" will filter out most robots.
  14. I'm not sure why anyone would want to debate with you about when you plan on retiring. It's an individual decision and you do a good job of explaining how you arrived at your decision. We retired a bit early and we are glad we did but I certainly don't think everyone should do what I did.
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