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  1. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    What is a reasonable price to pay for setting up a towed?

    Thanks - saved the link.
  2. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Retired Pastor Housing Allowance

    It's a hard call. Very few tax specialists understand tax laws concerning (1) pastors, (2) retired pastors, and (3) fulltime RVing. Earlier in my life I went to a pro to do my taxes and I ended up sitting there telling them the ins and outs of clergy taxes. I decided fairly early on that if I had to tel them what to do I might as well do my own taxes. Our denomination's pension's board puts out a tax guide for clergy and it pretty helpful - covering not only housing issues, but also stuff like unreimbursed mileage, office expenses, etc.
  3. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    What is a reasonable price to pay for setting up a towed?

    Thanks - and will do.
  4. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    What is a reasonable price to pay for setting up a towed?

    Thanks everyone. I"ll likely go with quality on this one. There are times to find the cheaper way out, but I don't think this is one of them. Some aspects of installation (mainly wiring) might be within my reach but I'm thinking it might be wise for someone with my lack on mechanical expertise to have the work done by someone who knows what they are doing. We aren't ready yet - but I'm trying to get a handle on where this is all heading.
  5. Assume a 4-down towable Jeep, 3-5 years old. What would you budget for an entire towed package: towbar, belly plate, lights, brakes (anything I'm forgetting)?
  6. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Retired Pastor Housing Allowance

    Since pastors have traditionally lived in church owned housing the tax structure is kind of strange. For housing purposes, for instance, a pastor pays social security taxes on the value of the housing. However, the pastor doesn't pay income tax on housing. If a pastor receives money to provide his or her own housing, that money must be accounted for and, if the amount is more than the "fair rental value" it is taxed. Once retired, funds provided by the denomination's retirement program is considered the same as a provided "parsonage." However, all the information I've read and what I've tried to follow is that the IRS still limits that amount to "Fair rental value." Anything above that is taxed. I'm sure there are plenty of exceptions, but a denominational pension for the average pastor is often well below that threshold. I remember that before our retirement was restructured into a 401k type (actually called a 403b) our pastors got a retirement of about $4 a month for every year's service. In other words: 40 years would get you $160 a month.
  7. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Retired Pastor Housing Allowance

    Larry, I researched the value of renting a similarly equipped RV on a lot in a RV park. In other words, if I were to go to a reasonably nice RV park that offers rentals what would they charge me a month, including utilities. (Seeking "fair rental value") I haven't been challenged on it so I can't tell you whether it passes muster with the IRS or not.
  8. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Splendide 2100 compared to 2100XC

    I've pretty much decided to stay with our XC. It is tempting, though, because I know that our XC has done many loads through the years - the 2100 looks barely used. But you are right, sitting isn't good either.
  9. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Splendide 2100 compared to 2100XC

    Thanks Bill - we are well acquainted with the cleaning procedure. We do it a couple of times a year. However, I don't use the dryer much - just hang the wet clothes outside. Frankly, they don't take much longer to air dry than using the dryer. It saves wear on the Spendide and the clothes smell nicer too! At this time I'm leaning toward keeping the XC - but the little used 2100 is tempting.
  10. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Splendide 2100 compared to 2100XC

    Thanks for the reply - I'm guessing not many people owned the 2100 and that's why there haven't been any other responses. The 2100 looks a lot like the XC - but, again, smaller capacity. I have a few days before the deed is done, maybe someone else will have some input, but I appreciate your thoughts on the serviceability of the XC.
  11. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Splendide 2100 compared to 2100XC

    Does anyone have experience with both of these units? I know the older 2100 has a bit less capacity than the XC - is that the only difference. I'm looking at a trade situation in which I can keep my daily used XC or trade for a little used 2100 - I think we'd be okay with a bit less capacity to get the little used unit. However, I know that the 2100 was replaced by the XC after 5 years of production. Any thoughts from people who are familiar with the two models would be appreciated.
  12. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    I just posted our 2018 Fulltime RVing Expense sheet. Frankly, it was an expensive year with major repairs on both 5th wheel and F350. Some years are like that for everyone: both RVers and folks living in Stix and Brix. This year it was our turn to feel some financial pain. Here's a link to the 2018 expense sheet.
  13. I'm looking on the website at membership renewal options. All I see is a 1 year renewal plus a lifetime membership option. I don't think I'd be able to use the lifetime option long enough to make it worth while, but I'd sure like to do a 3 or 4 year renewal at a discount. Does anyone know if it is available or if it becomes available on any sort of recurring schedule? Thanks.
  14. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Waiting to 65 to retire - death risk versus finances

    This thread came to mind today as I ran some figures on delaying Social Security another 16 months or starting it shortly. Obviously, everyone's situation is unique to them (health and other income sources being the main drivers). In my case, I've already delayed Social Security a while and I'm working on when to pull the trigger. My math shows that the loss of income from delaying 16 more months to get a bigger monthly benefit will even out when I am 82, after that, of course, it will be a gain. Honestly, I was a bit surprised to see that it would catch up that soon. Right now, though, I'm inclined to go to Social Security now and not wait much longer. Again, this is no one size fits all - and my thinking is not intended to address the concerns of those who are financially hand-to-mouth right now. Still, I found the speed of "catching up" on deferred Social Security income to be as quick as it is for me to be a bit of a surprise.
  15. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Which would you prefer? The old MH vrs 5ver discussion revisited

    That's about what I came up with too. I'm thinking that, not counting repairs, etc. the motorhome in my scenario would cost about 5k more to own over 5 years.