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  1. If I can get Dish to install the Hopper 3 in my motorhome I'd want them to install it in a cabinet that is right over the steering wheel. That's where all the coax terminates and where the original TV switch is. That cabinet has a glass window, and I leave it open all the time when we are parked. I have a small fan that helps move air. On especially hot days I have another fan that I aim up into that cabinet to help with cooling (it can get pretty hot up over the windshield). If I get an installer out I wouldn't have that extra fan out (not needed anyway). I'd likely leave the small fan up there. Do you think an installer will be willing to put the hopper up in that cabinet our should I move the current receiver down to a temporary location (not sure where that would be) and have the Hopper installed there. Once the install is done I can move the new Hopper up where I want it.
  2. Helpful information - if I can get Dish to install the Hopper 3 they will change out the western arc LNBs to Hybrid. That would leave me needing to buy the eastern LNBs - probably less money and simpler in the long run.
  3. Thanks. Good info. When I started off I just took the Receiver out of the house and moved into the RV, doing just what you describe. Somewhere along the way, and without any input from me, they changed my account to an Outdoors account. Honestly, I have no idea of when they did that - just one day I saw that they showed me as having an Outdoors account. All I'm going by now is what I was told on the phone from the rep - that I might have problems updating my locals if they change me back to a residential account. I didn't used to have a problem, but I thought maybe something had changed.
  4. Thanks - I use a similar script. It was my understanding that the reason I can use the "I'm an RVer" and them not question it is because they see that I have a Dish Outdoors account. If the change me to a permanent address will that go away?
  5. As near as I can tell those with an Outdoors account can change locals more easily. If you have an Outdoors approved receiver you can change locals using the app, but that wouldn't apply to a Hopper. The reason for the DPH42 in my case would be that I carry both eastern and western LNBs and swap them out depending on our location. If I don't get a DPH42 I would have to buy the Hybrid LNBs. Which brings me back to one of my questions - If I use a DPH42 do I have to do two coax runs to the 1000.2 or can it be mounted inside the RV at the receiver?
  6. Well I've read different threads on various forums and also called Dish and talked to different reps and have come away still a bit confused. Here's what I have right now: VIP722K 1000.2 dish with the extra eastern arc LNBs Just one TV I want to go with a Hopper 3 When I talk to Dish they say: I'm a Dish Outdoor customer and they won't put a Hopper 3 in a RV When I say I'm using a 1000.2 dish and going to be stationary for the winter they "kind of" talk like I can get a Hopper 3 Then they warn me that my account will be switched over to a permanent location account and when I start moving again I may have problems updating my local channels - is this true? I understand that I could buy a Hopper 3 outright and they wouldn't care whether I was moving around our not. If I self install would I need a DPH42 switch? If I need a DPH 42 can I insert it inside the RV? If I insert it inside the RV, how many coax runs would I need from the 1000.2 to the switch? Depending on the replies I get I will likely have more questions. Thanks.
  7. You probably already know about these folks but just in case ... most everyone recommends Campground Membership Outlet for both selling and purchasing used memberships. They make their money from the transfer fees, so it doesn't cost you any extra for using their service. Also, they have a reputation for responding to inquiries quickly. Their website is: https://www.campgroundmembershipoutlet.com/
  8. To follow up - I called the Biodor company and asked about our scenario. The guy said it should work for us, no problem. So, I will treat the full tank here in the campground, drive around 100 miles and then top off before making the longer landing. According to the manufacturer the Biodor should be able to do it's thing.
  9. Ha - I just gave up - folks had moved on to arguing about vaping. I'll be over there next week - maybe I'll find someone to ask about it then. (Ask about the tower - not about vaping).
  10. If I might interrupt - is the tower being built or not? On Escapees property or not? Will it enhance local cell service or just be a relay?
  11. Edit: with all the endorsements of Biobor JF - plus needing to order some other stuff from Amazon - plus discovering a reasonably close Amazon locker - I decided to go with the recommended Biobor. Thanks to all for the input on this.
  12. I think that is right - it looks as if they moved down the beach just a couple of miles from a populated, active area.
  13. Houston - hopefully not too warm. Certainly humid.
  14. Do any of you add an algaecide during your final DP fuel up prior to a 3 month or so shut down? If so, what brand do you recommend? Thanks.
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