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  1. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    Good luck on your project! We decided to kick the can down the road and just keep our current setup another couple of years. At that time we'll be ready to think about upgrading the entire RV camping setup.
  2. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    No need to blame the dealer. I know the truck can be ordered in that configuration and the dealer has told me that they have found a couple of them 750 miles from here. Also Autotrader shows a few farther away than that. However, I'm not all that sure I don't want a 4x4. We've had a few times when it would have certainly come in handy. Both times I got stuck while on grass surfaced camp sites. Once I managed to wallow my way out, the other time I had to be towed out. Having 4wd would have been nice both times. In other words, I'm not sure I want to battle my way through to finding a 4x2 only to regret it later on, And, friends, beyond all that, I really started this thread to get opinions on ways to raise the 5th wheel. BTW, I'm still researching options and may pick the one that just kicks the can down the road a couple of years.
  3. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    Truck shopping is getting interesting. Apparently, the only 4x2 configuration on a F350 is at the work truck level. All the others are 4x4 and, thus taller. I'm back to needing to raise the 5th wheel. Won't know just how much until after I get the truck, but I'm guessing 5 inches.
  4. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    Just an update for any who are interested, I've refocused on getting a 4x2 rather than 4x4 - that would make the new truck less than 2 inches taller. I've been towing for nearly 5 years with a 4x2, and think I would do fine for the future. Just an interesting comparison, we are 12'8" right now - even if we go up a few inches I think we will still be shorter than most 5vers out there right now.
  5. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    Thanks for the input - Thanks to everyone for the input - all are helpful to me. The comment about open tailgate height caused me to go back to and look at my figures again. I have about 6 inches clearance right now. I measured from the ground to the bed of both trucks and the difference is 4 inches. If I use the bottom spring hanger holes, I'll gain about 3 inches. That get's me to about an inch of where I am now - surely, that is close enough? I know I wouldn't swear in court that the camper is absolutely perfectly level right now, just that it looks pretty good.
  6. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    I'm looking at a new F350 4x4. Right now, on my 2008 F350 the camper rides level. The new 4x4 is 6-7 inches taller than my current truck. The axles on the camper are already flipped, but the springs attach to the frame at their top setting, so I can move down 2 more bolt holes, which would give me around 3 inches in height. As I understand it, I still need 3-4 inches to get level. My 5th wheel hitch is a Superglide, a fairly low hitch as it is. I could get a different hitch since I'd be moving to a long bed truck, but I don't think I could get anything that would be lower without being in even greater danger of hitting the pickup bed sides. What am I missing? What options do I have? Thanks.
  7. Want to buy Thousand Trails

    Contact these folks: http://www.campgroundmembershipoutlet.com/ - they are very knowledgeable about the memberships.
  8. bigfoot hydraulic levelers-love them

    We had their single pump, four jack system put on our Hitchhiker last summer and wish we had added them from the beginning. Ours aren't automatic, but the system comes with a remote control. I can unhook and level in about 1 minute. We too, had a situation in which the camper needed to be lifted off the ground and the levelers picked it up with ease. Like you, I highly recommend this system and the folks at White Pigeon.
  9. How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    While I know this poll isn't scientific, I'm thinking it is possibly the best snapshot anywhere of what fulltime RVers spend. I refer people who are researching fulltiming to it all the time.
  10. Government shutdown: Are BLM Land Boondockers kicked out?

    This from a 2017 BLM Document related to the potential shutdown in September: "Campgrounds and Other Recreation Sites Campgrounds, boat ramps, and other recreation sites will be closed or posted as closed in areas where public access cannot practically be restricted. All facilities will be operationally shut down and posted accordingly, with gates locked, restrooms locked, and water systems shut down. Consistent with other Federal recreation providers, occupied sites would be given 48 hours to vacate, with the area shut down as the last visitor leaves. Shutdown activities for the sites would be completed within the 48 hour period. Campground hosts and other volunteers would be given the same 48 our period to vacate, and should not expect to receive any reimbursement for this period." You can read the whole thing here: https://www.doi.gov/sites/doi.gov/files/2017_09_blm_contingency_plan.pdf
  11. Thousand Trails, discounts?

    We got our Thousand Trails membership from someone who couldn’t use it any more. We’re glad we went that route rather than buying one from the company because it saved us literally thousands of dollars. We think TT is a good deal if you are going to actually use the membership. Having said that, for those who aren’t familiar with TT, the Zone Pass is probably a better way to go. With no commitment you get access to all the preserves in an area for a year. That gives you opportunity to decide if you want to jump in all the way and get a membership. If you use the ZP for just 30 nights you’ll have spent less than $20 a night – that’s a great camping rate. After that it gets even better, just $3 a night for the rest of the year! The TT campgrounds are a mixed bag. Some are terrific. A few are subpar. Most are somewhere in between. You’ll almost always have water and at least 30 amp electric. Often you’ll have full hookups. Generally, there will be a surcharge of $3-5 for 50 amp service. There will be a pool, possibly some kind of spa, an Activity Center, and maybe a few other sports venues – generally these amenities will be somewhat tired but progress is being made in bringing them back to life. The same can be said of the roads. If you go with a “used” Thousand Trails membership you’ll want to carefully check out the contract because older memberships are all over the place in privileges. Some memberships don’t include all the preserves – that may or may not be a big deal to you depending on your travel plans. The biggies in our opinion are that you want “park to park” privileges so you won’t have a mandatory week out between stays, a minimum of 2 or 3 week stays, and a national membership that works coast to coast. You also want to know how many “free” nights you get by paying your annual dues (we get 50) and then what it costs per night after that (we pay $5). Other things to check out are being sure dues increases are stopped (or halved) at 62 or 65 and, of course, the actual dues amount. If you are going to use the preserves at least a month or two a year and if you are okay with the quality of the preserves, it’s a good deal. If not, well, anything you purchase but don’t use is a waste of money. We are happy with our membership and would do it again without hesitation.
  12. Houston Toll Roads

    Opinions are like noses - everyone has one, but I'll share mine concerning Houston Toll Roads. Generally speaking, I think travelers through the area can easily avoid Beltway 8 (the only major one) and the others. Granted, traffic conditions have a real impact on this, but generally, travelers through the area are passing through on I10 or I45 and can use I610 to avoid the worst of downtown. Beyond, that, it is possible to miss Houston all together if you don't mind driving a bit farther. I know a lot more about Houston than I do Dallas or Austin, but I drove "around" Dallas not long ago, missing it all together and 281 west of Austin is, as I recall a beautiful drive. Again, that's my opinion and worth every cent you paid for it.
  13. Houston Toll Roads

    Does this help? https://www.txtag.org/en/about/tollroad_grndpky_sh99.shtml
  14. Summer RV 3 week Trip from San Antonio need help

    I think I'd split a week (or better just do 2-3 days each) at Bahmorhea where you could swim in a unique place, and then Davis Mountains where you could do a star show at McDonald Observatory.
  15. Our 2017 Expense Sheet

    I'm using the paid version of this Android app - there's a bit of a learning curve, but it makes record keeping pretty easy.