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  1. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Waiting to 65 to retire - death risk versus finances

    By the time people reach 62+ years their circumstances vary wildly. There simply is no one size fits all. There are elderly parents, disabled children, past health issues, financial windfalls and disasters and a thousand other situations that impact one's retirement decision. That doesn't take into account one's current work situation - some people love their jobs and are having the time of their life going to work every day. Others are just barely hanging on trying to get to exits. If you narrow the discussion down to just one specific aspect of retirement - like which will get the biggest monthly check or will result in the biggest pile of money at the end of life - it gets a bit easier but even then different people have different life situations. So, ultimately, we have to each do what we think is best for us at the time. For me to tell others they need to do what I did is foolish on my part and, if they copy what I did it would be foolish on theirs.
  2. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Superglide Hitch

    I'll resurrect this thread to say I received excellent, above-and-beyond service from Pullrite today. The rocker arm spring on my older 4400 hitch broke the other day. Since I was close to South Bend I called the company and asked if I could come by and get a replacement. I also asked if they had someone available who could evaluate my hitch. This is an older model and it has well over 10,000 miles of towing on it and I thought it might be wise to get it looked over. They said they would be happy to look it over anytime during the middle of the week. Today I showed up; no appointment. They had me back into a bay and one of their guys immediately went to work on the hitch. I had no thought of them actually working on it, but he cheerfully took the head off and fixed the broken spring. He then looked the hitch over, replacing a couple of springs on the trigger. Then, he handed me a baggie with the trigger pin replacement kit, remarking that that was a fairly common failure and I might want to have a spare on hand. He said my hitch was a great shape and ready to go, complimenting me for doing regular maintenance on it. I asked where I pay and he said, "no charge, have a good day." I handed him a "tip" of some coffee money and drove out. Tell you what, that is excellent service on a great product.
  3. Since Dish still hasn't enabled the service address feature on my app I'm still doing it the old fashioned way. However, the last couple of moves I went to their Facebook page and did it via the message function. I think the response time is even faster than it is using the online chat on their website.
  4. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Mail from Escapees Forwarding Service - Slow?

    I just used Medicare as an example of mail you don't want to spend money on for Priority mail. But it is a good reminder that a lot of our business can, and is, handled electronically.
  5. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Mail from Escapees Forwarding Service - Slow?

    I admit that it does get to me a bit to spend extra $$ for priority and all I get is medicare statements and a birthday card from my insurance agent.
  6. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Mail from Escapees Forwarding Service - Slow?

    We generally get mail within a few days. However, over the winter I tracked my mail as it arrived, first in the town where we were, then off it went to central Texas, then to another town I never heard of near there, and then, after about a week, it arrived back at the local post office and out to delivery to me. When I looked at the address label, it was just fine. It just so happened that that package was larger enough that Escapees had used priority mail, so I could track the package on it's tour of Texas. Because of that, I decided to start requesting priority mail all the time.
  7. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    DISH Let You Change Your Own Local Stations

    I had an interesting exchange with Dish support via Facebook earlier today. I asked them about my getting the capability to change locals. The guy who was helping me researched my account and said I was already flagged as a Dish Outdoor customer (news to me - I've had the same account for years). At first he said I should have it. Then, after about 10 minutes he came back and said it was because of my receiver not being a Wally or 211 receiver (I have a 722K and I sure wouldn't trade it for either one). He said he was going submit my request as feedback and see if there are any plans on expanding the capability to change one's own locals. So, as Maxwell Smart used to say, "Missed it by that much."
  8. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    DISH Let You Change Your Own Local Stations

    Thanks. I actually tried a few other keywords, but don't remember if I used "service address" or not. I'll give it a try when we move again.
  9. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    DISH Let You Change Your Own Local Stations

    I've used the chat method for a couple of years now. However, the other day when I tried to initiate a chat I got a silly chat bot that was supposed to screen the chat requests for the proper department. I couldn't get past "I see you need to talk to a human" response - after that, nothing. I finally went to the Dish Facebook page and got someone there. They happily updated my locals for me. They said they would pass my chat bot issue on to whoever is setting it up. Anyway, I sure would like being able to just change my locals myself - but alas, that isn't going to be available to me right now.
  10. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    DISH Let You Change Your Own Local Stations

    Bummer - I got excited for a few minutes there.
  11. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Can I really full time on $2,000 a month

    Probably the first response to the question is "what do you mean by fulltiming?" If the answer is "live in an RV parked behind my cousin's house" the answer is probably "yes." If the answer is "travel the country, staying in state, national, private, etc. campgrounds" the answer is probably "no."
  12. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Thousand Trails Camping Pass now unlimited?

    I don't think there is a total nights per year limit. This from the FAQ I found here: https://campingpass.thousandtrails.com/faq Q: How long can I stay at a resort?A: While there is no limit to the total number of nights that you may use your Thousand Trails Camping Pass each year, we do set a maximum of 14 consecutive days for any particular stay at one of our resorts. Additionally, if your stay exceeds four consecutive nights, you must wait for seven nights before you stay again at any resort.
  13. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Can I really full time on $2,000 a month

    Right. I see people who are work camping and not paying for their campsite say their campsite cost is $0. If a person is researching fulltiming costs intends on doing the same thing that's valuable information. Otherwise, the estimated value of the of the campsite needs to be included. Or stated differently, if I were parked in the campsite next to you and paying what would it cost me? When I post my expense information I note that in my camping cost I'm including an estimated value of the site during the months when I volunteer and also annual dues for Thousand Trails, etc. in my camping costs. (Also, I'll mention that I include a note that I'm not including start up costs - again, like Thousand Trails initial cost, etc.) I wrote about reading other people's budgets here.
  14. GR "Scott" Cundiff


    In 5 years we've had two actually tornado warnings. During the first one, we had sirens, lots of warning. During the second, we had only the weather radio (trying to figure out where towns like Smith Creek and Farmer's Gap were and what part of the county we were in) and the weather app on the phone which gave us a decent map. Both times we bugged out to block buildings. We've bugged out for a few severe thunderstorms, especially those with high winds predicted. Frankly, I worry too much about storms and want to be more measured about them. So far, though, I find myself looking at Wunderground maps and refreshing them every minute or so.
  15. GR "Scott" Cundiff

    Andersen Hitches Owner caught defacing Corona Arch

    Just sad.