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  1. 2017 Ram brake control not activating trailer

    I'm giving up I have a new under dash controller coming it will be installed next week by the dodge garage. Cactus Jack
  2. 2017 Ram brake control not activating trailer

    Gcasta where did you add the magnet and did it work as good as brake rite? I have heard about a magnet but didn't know where to put it? I have called numerous Dodge dealers and no one admits there is a problem. Thanks Cactus Jack
  3. 2017 Ram brake control not activating trailer

    the actuator is not running all the time but it is making noise all the time. I just had a friend plug his truck with under dash controller and it worked just the way it is supposed to
  4. 2017 Ram brake control not activating trailer

    not fuse unplugged trailer plugged back in worked for short time and quit again
  5. I have a 2017 Ram I just hooked up my 2005 Teton with electric over hydraulic brakes. I started hearing a knocking sound like a blinker coming from the actuator. The brakes worked for short time and then quit. I had the Ram set for heavy elec over hydraulic setting. Any ideas?
  6. WTB Navistar International MDT

    if you would interested in a freightliner- I have a 99 fl-60 4 door air hitch,ride, cab and seats. set up to carry smart car or goldwing trike. I will be selling this spring. Cactus Jack
  7. help finding air leak

    Thanks Suite I'm going to order a inficon whisper tomorrow
  8. help finding air leak

    do you just run it down the air lines and fittings and it can sense a leak?
  9. help finding air leak

    I have a slow leak that I can't find. Is there a tool to help find leaks? I have used soapy methods but can't find it.
  10. Freightliner Century Class HDT

    Please send pictures stevelund@charter.net thanks cactus jack
  11. where in wi are ya from?

  12. where in wi are ya from?