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  1. Good question, Kirk. I did a comparison with FMCA's and AAA's service but not Coach Net yet. AAA is a laugher. FMCA and Escapees provide the same level of coverage. Escapees is $30 per year higher than FMCA. No matter: I'm going with Escapees, no question. The $30 difference doesn't bother me; I'm an Escapees guy, so I support Escapees. 100%. In fact, to me, something feels really "off" at FMCA, so I'm dropping my FMCA membership completely. Not suggesting others do the same; to each their own, but I'm supporting the Escapees product. Happy Trails, y'all.
  2. I did a comparison with FMCA's and AAA's service. I'm going with Escapees, no question. In fact, dropping FMCA membership completely. Something about that group feels really, seriously "off". Not suggesting others do the same; to each their own. I'm an Escapees guy, all the way. 100%. As I said: to each their own. Happy Trails, y'all.
  3. A big Thank You to all who replied. There's great advice in your shares. I think that it's best to wait and see what kind of RVing we're going to do long-term, and then make a decision. Buying a resale is probably the way we'll go IF we decide it's for us. Barb, thank you for your blog. I'm definitely going to study that; it should be really helpful. Thank you again, to all of you, and may you all have Happy and Healthy Trails! Joe
  4. Has anyone had experience with a Coast to Coast membership? We recently purchased an RV from Camping World, and the Coast-to-Coast membership was offered to us at that time. My understanding is that a prospective member needs to select a specific, affiliated resort to join, and then once they become a member of one of the affiliated resorts, they can join the Coast to Coast network. It sounds similar to a time sharing situation to me, and I'm not interested in getting hooked into that. But what do I know? The allure of being guaranteed a spot in a campground in my desired travel destination sounds too good to be true. I'd appreciate any thoughts from fellow Escapees. Thanks very much, gang. Joe
  5. Hi, Allentc2. Right now I'm single, and so I travel mostly solo. Your question focused on "unmentionables". I hand wash my underwear EVERY night. No exception. I'm a "clean machine" guy. I'm mostly in dry areas rather than humid areas of the country, so the cotton underwear dries overnight. I also wear Ex Officio microfiber, quick-drying underwear. Those dry far, far quicker than the cotton underwear. Socks? I wash them as needed: no less than every 3 days. If I happen to wash the underwear or socks in the morning and I'm traveling, I just rig a clothes line inside my car or my rig. Air dries the garments quickly. And I've also been known to put the garments on the dashboard so that they get sunshine and dry quicker. No one cares. Once a week or whenever I need it, I go to laundromats for the heavier clothes (shirts, slacks) and I use that opportunity to re-wash all the "unmentionables" for a thorough cleaning. I've seen that portable washer you've referenced. I have no experience with that, but it looks like a fun idea. Thanks for asking the question.
  6. Thanks, Jeff & Suzanne. Not only did you provide me with fish, but you taught me how to fish also - via google search. Appreciate it.
  7. Hey, Folks. I currently live in the Museum District of Houston. I plan to have an Itasca Navion soon (25-feet in length), but I won't be ready to hit the road until mid-June. Does anyone know of a good, reliable RV storage facility reasonably close to downtown Houston, where I could safely house the Navion until I'm ready to load 'er up and hit the road? I'd prefer an enclosed or covered space, but I'm open to other alternatives. Thanks much, Joe
  8. You've been given great advice: (1) Take your time and drive over to Escapees Headquarters in Livingston. Lots of great and friendly folks there who you can meet at daily Happy Hour and who can help you. Take a deep breath and give yourself time to think about your options calmly and in a safe (Escapees) location. (2) Have your daughter drive your tow car. and (3) inquire about the RV Driving School. Joe
  9. LMAO, Ray & Dutch. At 71 I'm very quickly learning that I need to step back from my emails and reread them more than once. Too often the thoughts in my brain get scattered by the time they get to my typing fingers and I end up confusing folks. Sorry, guys. Thank you for understanding. LOL. Roger, thanks for your share. I totally agree with everything you said about the manual operation being a PITA as a one-person chore. I actually thought about bringing a beach umbrella to set up in place of dealing with the awning. But then sanity descended upon me and I realized how insane that would look...although the sight might give other folks a ton of much-needed laughter in these sad times. Until January in Quartzite, perhaps I'll use a large golf umbrella and hope the sight produces some laughter. Woo-hoo! Life is good, eh, folks?
  10. Hey, Linda & Robin - Great lead. I'll call and chat with them tomorrow. I like the idea that we could possibly meet up at a rally somewhere to do the replacement work. That's a LOT better than hanging out at a repair facility trying to read while the work is being done. Thank you! Joe
  11. OMG. Okay, thanks very much everyone. I really misspoke with my original question. As JimAlberta picked up on, I meant to ask if I could replace the existing awning with a power awning, and - if so - the approximate cost. My apologies to all for misleading you with my Doofus miswording. But you've all given me great leads. Thanks so much. Looks like a manual awning can be replaced with an electric awning. Thanks all! Joe
  12. Hey, Folks - I'm looking to purchase a 2008 Winnebago View with a manual awning. As a currently single dude, the prospect of a manual awning is far from thrilling to me...too much hassle for a 71 y.o. dude. I'm wondering if any of you have converted your manual awning to a power awning? Have you had good luck with that? Do you recommend Camping World to do the work? And, finally, what has it cost? As an alternative, I guess I could spend $7,000 more and buy a later year View that has a factory-installed power awning, but the 2008 rig I'm considering is in excellent condition, and I'm guessing that I can convert the awning to power for much less than the $7,000 difference. Thoughts anyone? Thanks very much for your advice and help. Joe
  13. I'm not a full-timer so I can't respond with personal experience. However, I know 2 couples who were full-timers for nearly 20 years. One couple stopped b/c the husband died and the had to go back to work. The other couple retired from the full-time RVing life after 18 years of full-time RVing only when they saw a fully-furnished house for sale in Del Webb's community here in Texas, and the price could not be beat. Otherwise they'd have stayed on the road for awhile longer. Joe
  14. Don't believe everything you read on Yelp. I currently live in Houston, and PPL is my preferred place to purchase a used RV. Barb sent you very wise words: look for the best RV, and then work your deal. Be sure you've done a thorough inspection or that you've hired a professional RV inspector to do it for you. As someone stated, the salespersons at PPL are salaried, not commissioned, and so you can spend as long as you want on the PPL lot, traipsing in and out of various rigs, inspecting them all at your leisure and without anyone interrupting or pushing you along. Until closing time, of course. LOL. And don't overlook LaMesaRV: http://lamesarv.com I've heard good things about them. They have locations in CA, AZ, NM and FL, so if you're driving from CA to FL, and if you see a rig on their website that interests you, you can call and find out which location the rig's in. Then just stop and check it out! Ditto the advice about 4 people in a 26-footer. That could get pretty dicey pretty soon! But that's just my humble and worthless opinion. Best of luck, and please keep us informed of how your search progresses. Joe
  15. Hey, Mark. I'm always extremely impressed with your column in the Escapees Magazine. I always learn valuable information. Have you ever considered writing and publishing a book for sale? I'd buy.

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