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  1. Off2YNP

    A Sad Announcement

    Oh my word! This is so heartbreaking. Sending our prayers to the Dixon’s. Alicia and Rick
  2. Yay! Congratulations, Dave! I know you’re jumping with joy!
  3. Off2YNP

    Need information concering, 3 pedal 18 speed Auto Shift

    Just come back to our shop and we'll get you set up with some more gadgets. HUGS to you and Newt! Alicia
  4. Off2YNP

    Why HDT + 5er vs Class A + Toad?

    Todd: we are not full timers so we travel, set up for a couple of weeks, move on and then back home. I think if we set up in one spot for more than three months a 5er would be a good option. We came to this realization this January when Rick had to set up and get the Jeep off the tuck in the rain near San Diego. Our knees were killing us from the weather and our cats and dog had enough of being transferred back and forth from the truck to the 5er over the few days of travel enroute to our stop. When we came home we immediately looked for and found our new home on wheels. (Atypical of our purchasing process - it was a 6 month research/study process for the HDT/5er.) We bought an Entegra Anthem and it is surprisingly not like a bus. If it had not been for this model I don't know we would be perfectly satisfied, but boy, do I LOVE it!! Climbing in and out is a lot easier for me even though Rick built SWS --- Short Wife Steps --- for the truck on the passenger side. (Which I highly recommend!! I felt so much safer climbing in and out.) We no longer have to transfer cats in and out with fear of dropping them; they stay in one home on overnight stops now. The dog doesn't have to jump from high heights to get out or climb vertical steps to get in. I always feared one of her nails would get caught and rip in the steps. What I miss about the HDT are the air ride seats and bigger fuel tanks (MH means more stops at the fuel pumps). Rick says he misses the mirrors and the power for hills. I don't miss watching Rick reversing the Jeep off the back of the HDT. I don't miss having to guide the pin of the trailer onto the hitch in the heat, cold or rain.... honestly, it's easy enough to do, it's just now I don't have to do it and I like that!! Like Phil said about the driver cockpit of an MH, we also didn't like the idea fearing we wouldn't have separation from driving and relaxing. Honestly, there has been no problem. We turn the captain chairs around to face the living room and they become our cat chairs. The one thing I miss in the 5er is the height of the ceilings. I love tall ceilings even though I'm short, lol. Other than that, I sure don't miss the steps leading to the bathroom, or the small stool closet. Of course, depending on the MH there may still be that issue. I was comfortable driving the HDT (three pedal auto-shift), but I prefer driving the MH more. Rick says it's because the steering wheel is tighter. And I do miss waving at HDT drivers and being the center of the attention at a campground. Just kidding on that last one, but I really did like giving a two-finger wave and talking to drivers who liked our set up. In the end, I am really glad we went the route of the HDT and 5er - it was the best option for us at the time. We both enjoyed that lifestyle and because of it I've made lifelong friends via the Rallies. Heck, even Jack likes me!!
  5. Off2YNP

    Need information concering, 3 pedal 18 speed Auto Shift

    I was going to say skip it if it doesn't have a WDW ----- Weiner Dog Window ----- but it looks like it does. BUY IT!!! Add a few more gauges. There aren't enough! Oh, and I like buttons and switches, you need a few more of those too...
  6. Off2YNP

    National Rally

    Howdy! You'll soon grow to like all of us - even the grumpy ones. It's a great cult... errr... I mean, CLUB to be a part of. And please start a new thread with your pics so we can all enjoy them! Happy and Safe Travels!
  7. Off2YNP

    National Rally

    11 hours ago, 13speed said: (I may need a security detail to protect me from Phill Sorry, Phil, but I thought that was funny. You might need a CASE of Dr Pepper! xoxo
  8. Off2YNP

    National Rally

    Now that’s funny! Sorry Greg, you know I adore you!
  9. Off2YNP

    National Rally

    Oh my! I actually DID read your post - twice! The written word can be so misunderstood. Please be assured I was NOT implying you said anything about Steve. I know YOU didn't say anything abut Steve. I was responding to this comment you made: "Someone started a "thank you" thread. Someone else asked for photos. A pile-on happened, and not in a nice way." Perhaps you should reread my post with this in mind. "I am sure you would defend your friend if placed in the same situation. etc"
  10. Off2YNP

    National Rally

    I really appreciate your honesty, 13speed. If this is in fact what happened to you, that is unfortunate. I know you believe it intentional, I believe it to be unintentional, and well, that's the end of that... The good news is there are over 150 people that attended the rally, not just Steve. Let's say you never get a hello from him, well, there are 149 other people who will say hello... err... um... 148 people who will say hello to you. (I'm taking Phil into account here...heehee.) Anyway, good luck with your truck and trailer and enjoy life as best as you can!
  11. Off2YNP

    National Rally

    Shifted: thank you for sharing. I understand what you're saying. But remember: people have had the great pleasure of befriending Steve. I think if you knew him, you would have a different perspective. I am sure you would defend your friend if placed in the same situation. Perhaps you can reply without putting your emotions into it, but I bet you would support your friend's integrity if you felt it was needed. I regret that my first post in this type of conversation wasn't my best, but it saddened me to seem the same behavior continue about my friend, especially when unwarranted. In fact, I started a new thread to thank Steve and everyone else who had a hand in a great rally! For those who attended and had a good time, please visit this thread:
  12. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who had a hand in the success of this years rally! Share your thanks to someone in your post below. Gail and Steve: once again you did an amazing job hosting and managing the rally. We know it’s hard work and we appreciate all that you put into it! Thank you to the kitchen staff and cooks for yummy breakfast and to the volunteers who cleaned up each night. We really appreciate the presenters and facilitators for leading informative and educational seminars and meetings. We learned lots! Thanks to our entertainers providing line dancing to music at happy hour or at the back of a trailer!! Lots of fun! And thank you to our sponsors for supporting the rally so we can teach others about this unique and fun lifestyle!
  13. Off2YNP

    National Rally

    I’m not sure why Phil referred to an earlier post, but I can understand why you got a beef with him. But what I don’t understand is your continued beef with Steve. Each post I’ve read of yours regarding Steve is filled with passive aggressive attacks against him even AFTER he apologized to you. The original poster thanked the Dixon’s for their hard work on this years rally and then you changed the topic. Couldn’t you have just thanked them as the original post intended? OR say nothing at all? I just don’t get it. So 13speed, I’m curious, is it even possible for you to accept Steve’s initial apology and move forward?
  14. Off2YNP

    National HDT Rally Group Photo

    Awesome!! I love these annual photos.
  15. Off2YNP

    "Tiny House" vs. Fiver?

    We currently live in a tiny house under 400 sq ft and I prefer the RV over tiny houe as far as living space goes. I feel I have a lot of wasted space in the tiny house and would probably spend more money making it as efficient as a 5th wheel bought new. And I can’t imagine the structure holding up as well. Just look at the windows alone. Inenvision cracking and gaps as time passes.