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  1. Happy New Year to you all...and now it's off to bed!
  2. It's not so bad Dave. Since I don't have to work in it or go out in it, it's rather pretty looking out my window at it!
  3. Ha, per usual, no matter how I respond, I'll be putting my foot in my mouth again! 😏 Ya got me Linda!
  4. And a "Merry Festivus" to you! J & T...Keep sendin' that "short weather" up this way. It was warmer in December than November...ya gotta love the four seasons. Lynn, not so much. Roger
  5. Hopefully, "change is good". As they say...you can't fire the whole team so, I guess the coach had to to go. Speaking as a Packer owner (yes, I own one share!) it looked to me that there was plenty of blame to go around. McCarthy had a good 13-year run but, his game plan was getting stale and predictable. Thinkin' that we should sit Rodgers and play for a high draft pick. GO BRONCOS (sorry Dave)!!
  6. I hear ya Steve...people always ask me "what's the best thing" in our full-timing travels. I always tell them it's the people I've met and the new friends I have! R
  7. I've been having trouble too Jeri. Every time that I want to reply to a message, I have to get my password reset...Pain ITA! R
  8. Sounds like Yuma is the place to be this Winter...party central! R
  9. Not sure yet. Would sure like to. Will let you know if we do. Right now I've got some doctor stuff to tend to before the end of the year. Hit that high deductible...yippee. Took out a cataract in the left eye last week. After reading about the great results from the group I thought I'd give it a try. Because I have glaucoma, they also put in a stint to relieve pressure. Boy, howdy it sure smarted that first day but got much better the next. R
  10. I heard that! 17 little degrees here in Iowa this a.m. November has been like January so far this month. Had to buy Willie a coat. At least no snow...so far. Roger
  11. Congratulations on the new family addition! Is this another "whoops baby"? Roger
  12. Another classic Steve...I feel your "pain"! 😜 R
  13. Yes, my long nightmare is over! Jeff, hopefully, we can drop down to Texas sometime and check out your new homestead. Dave, have you guys made it back West? Been enjoying your "suspense blogs"! Steve, it sounds like a sweet set up there in Yuma and no tornadoes. Also, happy birthday, fellow old fart! Go Pack!! R
  14. Well, the prodigal returns. Been out of the loop for a while and thought it's time to check in! Last year (July) we bought a condo here in the Iowa City area and as it happens, it was a good thing that we did. Many of you know the woes that we had with the Beaver. Two weeks in we were getting ready to put it on the market and downsize but keep moving around part-time. Going for some body work... turned the ignition and smoke came from the dash and all over. Not good. 12-volt system burned up and didn't get it back out of the shop till June 2018 and $20K poorer. Not a lot of motorhome buyers here in Iowa but was fortunate a few weeks ago to get a buyer to fly in from Washington. I no longer need anxiety meds. Although, I still get a bit nauseous when I see a MH! It took some getting used to the S&B lifestyle but, as Jeff was saying, we're finding things to do. The next step is to find a truck/trailer and "keep it simple". Glad to hear that the ol' gang is generally doing well and hope to see you all again down the road soon! Roger
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