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  1. Check the port on your phone as well
  2. Mine sags, and doesnt have tensioning rods to keep it locked out.
  3. A Roku TV or other Smart View enabled TV, and an android phone that supports it, would let you do screen mirroring. I think Samsung owns that name, but other brands may have the same tech under different names. i know my Win 10 laptop will connect to my tv the same way as my samsung phone will. The Roku app may have mirroring capabilities to the tv too, ill have to check.
  4. I ended up having to do the bypass install twice, because of defective parts and that the system and area wasn't designed for a bypass to begin with. The camco valves leaked upon installation, and the plastic check valve I found at the rv store made a horrible humming noise when activated. Also, the pipe going into inlet side has very little give to it and was a tight fit once the additional length of the 3 way valve and check valve were installed. I bought the Valterra bypass kit instead, and those 3 way valves are much beefier feeling and hopefully wont fail. Additionally, i bought a brass check valve and installed it on the inlet side, between the hose and the 3 way valve. Finally, i cut the pex going into the inlet side and put a flexible SS braided adapter and bridged the gap between the pex I cut and the check valve. Now, the pressure doesn't spike on the cold side when the water heater heats the water, and I cant drain the water heater using the cold side low point drain (which protects me from the off chance of a cold side leak, and water draining thru that leak, if city or pump are off)
  5. Hi, I am installing a bypass kit (rig did not come with one) and I noticed there is no check valve on the inlet side. This might explain why I occasionally would have hot water come out the cold side? Any harm if I put one on the inlet side, or choose to leave one out (there may not be enough room)? Thanks!
  6. Never had stepped into an rv or trailer prior to buying my first, at the age of 31, DW at 23. We bought it with the intention of full-timing, and I was very emotionally tied to that rig when we sold it, the memories we made in it were very special. Now on our 3rd rig, and the attachment is lesser and lesser, as I see that within the skin, they are all essentially the same. I will have trouble selling my tow vehicle though, if it ever comes to that: my daughter was born in the passenger seat, my wife delivered her on her own while I was driving to the hospital! If we hadn't left 3 minutes before, she would have been born in our rig!
  7. Ive done, it has worked for for me. Just get a carbon monoxide detector in the bedroom if you're concerned at all.
  8. The technology exists now, might be worthwhile to upgrade to a newer genny. Being a good neighbor isnt a requirement for life, but it makes it alot easier to go thru it if you try.
  9. This looks to be the newer model, as the display has been updated. But basically yes. I purchased more of the temp sensors and added the into the system.
  10. I have the LaCrosse 5 in 1 Weather Station. It was the one sold (and may still be selling) at Costco. Internet connected, so I can check in on the sensors when I'm away, and also get alerts on my phone. You can add more sensors to connect to the base station, though those sensors won't show up on the display, they will show on the app on the phone. So now I have temp/humidity sensors outside, inside (the base station), under the RV (used when I'm skirted for winter), and in the fridge. I also have a rain sensor and a wind sensor. I kind of wish I had a baro sensor and connected to wunderground, but not a huge deal, and the deal I got on the weather station at Costco when it was on sale was great. I think the deal at the time was $50 for the set, about 1.5 years ago.
  11. Public Lands is an app, which is nicer to use than a website when travelling IMO. Worth the few bucks just for that for some, i suppose.
  12. I have a mother bear and two cubs who routinely use our site to browse and pass thru, even with a 6 foot fence around it. Part of the reason I got the cameras.
  13. Good question, i did some research and it seems that local storage option wont be coming to blink. Someone did mention that Arlo's base station does have local storage capability. If local network access is impt, I'd look elsewhere. I've set up a few Foscam cameras in my time, and have had them connect to Blue Iris or other NVR software; the problem I had is those always required some sort of power, which I dont want to run in my current situation.
  14. Ive used a closed circuit system before but set up for cloud recording required opening up ports which isnt easy using hotspot internet. I currently use 5 blink xt cameras around the site we are parked on: they are relatively inexpensive, wireless and battery powered, only record when they are triggered, and have free cloud recording, so I can see recordings on my phone anywhere. They arent the perfect solution, but they meet most of the checkboxes of all the options currently out there.
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