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  1. I eat honey and cinnamon every morning for breakfast. Either on Italian bread or English muffin bread toasted. Much better than a cinnamon roll, might be slightly less calories. We by local honey by the gallon, honey doesn't spoil. We also buy Ceylon cinnamon, in my limited research it does more of the "good" things that cinnamon is supposed to do than that which comes from other countries. In my opinion the farmer/local honey tastes more like the honey I remembered as a kid. The imported/big chain/grocery store stuff doesn't really have much taste. I also think the Ceylon cinnamon tastes better. I really don't have any allergies so I can't speak to that. As with all, in my opinion, remedies, I don't see much difference but, maybe I would feel much worse it I didn't do it. I feel the same about pain killers, even the "good" ones. I just don't see any reduction in my pain.
  2. All very strange. I went to the above link about Boyd's and it showed a map. I thought, "that looks like the location where we lived". Did a little more searching and found a listing for Woodson's in the exact same location on a map as Boyd's. The Boyd's website says they started in 1963 we lived there in 1969. Neither wife or I remember anything like a campground there. At that time there wasn't really much on the north side of Stock island. Side note: Wife spent the night that hurricane Camille was supposed to hit in that trailer, me in a tin shack on the runway at the air base. History seems to have a way of not being quite right, or at least the way I remember it. I found two websites that said according to ships log the USS Constellation CVA64 was in Vietnam in late 70 early 71. It was in drydock in Bremerton WA during the time in question. I walked under it. Connie didn't leave for Vietnam until three days after I was discharged in August 1971.
  3. I was stationed at NAS Key West in the early 70's. We lived in Woodson's Trailer park, looks like it is now Boyd's campground. Woodson's was kind of a dump but, we were just married and it was cheap. Base housing was full.
  4. Many years ago, with a load of specialty vehicles at night in PA mountains, cell phone was a bag phone, I picked up a tail. I could tell there were more than one in the car. I couldn't shake it. It didn't matter how slow I went they wouldn't go around on a four lane interstate. I couldn't get a signal on the phone and didn't want to get off to look for police because I didn't know the area. I had just bought fuel so I figured if nothing else I could run them out of gas. Most truckstops were closed that time of night. , I wasn't about to stop. They followed for over 200 miles before finally dropping off. I can think of no good reason why someone in a car or light truck would follow a semi for very long, especially since most places cars travel faster.
  5. As a truck driver, retired, if you were close enough to keep people from getting between you , you were WAY to close. I also would have been trying to get rid of you WAY before 150 miles.
  6. I ran desktop PCs, dorm refrigerators and microwaves on cheap ms inverters in semi's for years with no ill effects on any of them. The microwave clocks weren't correct and power was down a bit. I had one fridge die but I think it was more from the rough ride than anything else. When I built the bus I went with a Xantrex Freedom 3000 all went well until I installed induction cooktops. They were noisy even when off, just being plugged in. I also wasn't sure the inverter mini splits would play well so I switched to PSW.
  7. One thing I didn't seem to make clear. I'm not talking about the wire to the inverter, it is 4/0 I'm talking about the battery connections from the stud/buss bar, to the individual batteries wired in parallel. Inverter is 3000 W. Using method #3 recommended here http://www.smartgauge.co.uk/batt_con.html All of my battery wiring is open air and copper, not copper clad. Are you talking about fusing each battery? I have a 300 A fuse between the battery bank and the inverter as recommended by Xantrex.
  8. I'm upgrading my house bank from 4, 6V lead acid golf cart to 4, 12V lithium batteries in parallel . My inverter has a max charge rate of 150 amps and each battery has a max continuous discharge rate of 150A. According to the various cable size charts I have looked at 4 gauge is good for 200A at 4 ft with 2% loss. My cables will be less that 2 ft. I can get a really good deal on some 4 gauge wire. Does that wire size sound right with a safety margin? __________________
  9. I don't really have a dog in this fight but, I have over 2 million miles hauling cars and trucks on a flatbed trailer. There are two pictures on this thread that do nothing to control fore/aft movement. The Audi with NJ plates and the Jeep on a Volvo. Using "Park" or leaving a manual in gear with E brake is not enough. I used chains to the outer suspension, hauled vehicles that sometimes were less than an inch apart, and could be loaded and gone in less time than the guys using basket straps took to untangle their straps. If I were setting up something like you are doing I would go with something like the car transports are using now. Something like this but, since you are only hauling one specific car, would't need the etrack. Tie down system. They do allow some movement but , since the strap is in the way, not much.
  10. Boondockers Welcome We are charter members and have used it as both hosts and guests. You can search for sites and get a general idea about location but, have to be a member and request a stay to see exact location. You don't have to have a host location to use the service but, you can earn free periods for being a guest somewhere. Each listing shows things like size of rig, electricity, pets welcome, etc.
  11. I'm not a paving person but, I would assume that the spec for a RV pad in a RV park would be different, anticipating that it would be used to park an RV on. As opposed to the spec for a parking lot intended to be driven on with no overnight heavy loads by things that don't have air in them. When using someones parking lot for a overnight is it that important to get perfectly level? Are there that many parking lots that aren't at least somewhat level. I drove a semi in 49 states, never found a parking lot I couldn't sleep on. Just sleep with your head at the highest end.
  12. It's only 11 days until the Bus Boys rally in Hibbing, MN. We're leaving in 8. Anyone else going?
  13. A doe with a fawn can/will be very aggressive. I used to work for a man that raised deer, we quite often moved them with trained Border Collie stock dogs. When the does had fawns they would rush to the gate when we approached and yes if we went in they would attack both man and dog.
  14. After retiring as long haul truck driver, it took me a couple of years before I could back the bus up without having to occasionally stop and think about it.
  15. My old Pioneer just isn't doing the job anymore. It's a double din cassette,cd,am/fm. I have a lot of books that are aiff format. i can convert to MP3 but it won't play them either. It's also getting so it don't want to spit out a cd. It did serve me faithfully for over a million miles in the semi. I can still use it to convert all of those cassette tapes to MP3. I want something that has a USB port on the front so I can load books onto a stick and just plug it in. I also want a aux jack at least on the front, one on the back would be nice too, to plug in my XM receiver. Is there anything that will play aiff files without a conversion? Something with front and rear speakers so I can use the speakers outside that are built into my awning arms. Single din is fine. I'm not looking to build the worlds finest audio system and don't want to spend much. Something under $100. Pioneer tends to play book chapters in the wrong order. You have to run them through another process which just tends to add more time at the computer. Don't know about other brands. Any suggestions?
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