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  1. My SXS trailer does not have its own brakes. I am under the weight requiring brakes for trailers with the trailer and the SXS. With a car on a dolly, I would want brakes because of the weight. When I double towed my Jeep, I used a braking system for the Jeep because of the weight.
  2. I got my notice in the mail today. I plan to take care of it this weekend.
  3. Your welcome Dave. I’m glad you guys are getting so much good use out of it. We too are looking forward to the WCR and are hopeful we can still have it. I am still planning it, but will monitor things and make decisions based on the circumstances as the rally gets closer. Unfortunately for me I am still going to work every day. I am in one of those “essential” classes and don’t have much choice in the matter. Not much of an option to work from home either. It’s not like I can get the bad guys to come to me. Luckily things are pretty calm and everyone is behaving themselves (mostly) so far. We have implemented some changes in how we do business, but we still have to do the “business “. At least on my days off I can retreat to my property and keep to myself (not much different than normal for me). I am getting some projects done. I installed some nice new parts on my RZR last weekend and I’ve got a few more to put on this weekend 😄. I’m not sure my wife is too happy about the money I am spending on the parts though. Hopefully this shelter in place doesn’t go too long or she might really get mad 😜.
  4. I am currently planning the rally to go on as scheduled. I am (hopefully) optimistic that things will have calmed down by June, but I am monitoring the situation. We are not full timers and the rally trip is our one big trip of the year so we are not in a hurry to cancel it, but also will not take unnecessary risks if things have not changed by then. Like I said, I am currently playing the optimist and hoping things will have calmed by then and will be back to, or at least closer to, normal by June. My current job in public safety keeps me up to date on the latest information. There is a lot of panic that isn't necessarily fueled by the facts, but the situation is still serious and I am not looking to put anyone at any unnecessary risk. As of this morning (3/16/20) there are 5 known cases of COVID-19 in the entire state of Idaho where the rally is being held, which is one of the lowest numbers for all of the US. There are only a couple of states that have fewer reported cases. (These numbers come direct from the CDC and individual state's public health websites.) All I can say is we are going forward with the rally as of now, but will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions based on the facts as they are known at the time.
  5. Then I definitely recommend the MorRyde rubber pin box. It is a nice set up and is well built.
  6. Do you want a standard extended pin box or do you want to switch to a straight down pin box (assuming you tow with an HDT with the 5er hitch at or near the back of the frame)? If you want a standard extended pin box, then I am partial to MorRyde. I have had several of their pin boxes and have been very happy with them. If you are looking to switch to a straight down pin box to shorten the gap between your HDT and trailer then Jack Mayer at RVHLifestyles has a very nice one. It is a direct replacement for DRV pin boxes and has a higher capacity than their stock MorRyde pin boxes. Assuming the bolt pattern on your Travel supreme is the same, it would be a nice upgrade. I have one of these on my current DRV and am very happy with it.
  7. That’s too bad. Hopefully next year works out.
  8. TX, SD and FL are the three main states for full timers because all three states allow a PMB to be used as a legal address. Most other states do not allow this.
  9. Rally Update. I have two things for everyone. 1. Proposed Group Dinner Out - At the last rally we discussed the possibility of having a dinner out with the group after the range day. This would allow people to not have to return home and prepare a full meal after being away from the park, out in the sun most of the day. One of our attendees is an Elk and contacted the local Elks Lodge (thank you Dave) and they are happy to host us for a dinner. It looks like the cost will be under $20 per person with a proposed choice of either Rib eye Steak, Salmon or a Vegetarian meal (there are other meal possibilities if these don't appeal to everyone, but we will need to settle on a choice ahead of time). The lodge has a large room that can accommodate our group, an on site bar and plenty of parking. We are in the process of setting this up as an option for all attendees. 2. Wine Tour - I have been in contact with our wine tour company. For those that weren't with us last year, they have a 25 seat van they use for their tours (the All Aboard Fun Bus). Last year we filled the bus, but I didn't sell the last seats until the first day of the rally. This year, I had 25 seats sold within a month of announcing the rally and I have quite a few more requests above that now. I initially thought the van was the limiting factor on how many people could go on the wine tour. Through my conversations with the tour company, I found the reason they use a 25 seat van is because that is at the upper limit of how many people the winery tasting rooms can handle at a time. With the knowledge the issue is a capacity limit at the wineries themselves and not a transportation limit, we discussed possible solutions. The one we have come up with is the tour company will provide a second 15 passenger van that will tour the same wineries, but in a different order so we don't overwhelm the wineries with too many people at once. This means we will have to break into two different tour groups, but I don't think that will be a big issue. This (now) 40 person transportation capacity should accommodate all the requests for wine tours I have received so far and is now at the limit of what the tour company can handle. I will be sending out emails to all the registered attendees in the next week or so with the rally schedule, your wine tour and T-shirt confirmations and some other miscellaneous information, including whether or not you would like to attend the dinner at the Elks Lodge. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please let me know. See you in June!
  10. Is the above just because of all the Californians moving there? 😉
  11. Excellent point. I did not mention that, but I do have a camera on the back of my 5er that allows me to constantly monitor the SXS trailer.
  12. It turned out my issue with my heater was that several of the blend doors and blend door servos were broken or inoperative. I ended up having my local dealer do the work on it. Once all the doors and servos were replaced, everything went back to working normally up front. It wasn’t a very difficult job and the parts were easily identified and replaced. Once the unit was removed, it was pretty obvious what was broken. The sleeper system works from a separate control and core, so it could easily continue to function properly when the front is not working.
  13. Congratulations Tom. I'm sorry to see you sell it, but I'm glad you got it sold.
  14. I tow my SXS trailer behind my 5th wheel. It is a 12 foot single axle trailer and the total weight of the trailer and cargo is less than 3000 lbs. (This is important in CA because then the trailer does not require its own brakes). The receiver hitch on the back of my 5th wheel was rated at 3000 lbs from the factory (DRV). I had the receiver hitch beefed up to handle more weight because I originally towed my Jeep 4 down behind the 5th wheel (the Jeep weighed about 5000 lbs). I tow my combination with a converted over the road truck tractor (HDT), so I am not worried about brake capacity. If I were towing with a 3500 class pick up, I would not double tow my rig without a second set of trailer brakes on the SXS trailer (regardless of how much it weighed). The things that I looked for when buying a SXS trailer were: 1. Capacity - It needed to be able to haul my SXS and all related gear and stay under GVWR (in my case I wanted the GVWR of 3000 lbs or less). 2. Turning - I wanted the a frame on the trailer to be long enough to allow the SXS trailer to be 90 degrees to the 5th wheel without the deck of the trailer coming in contact with the side/rear of the 5th wheel. This is important on a tight u-turn. 3. Unladen Weight - I wanted the trailer light enough (or balanced enough) for me to be able to move it around (unloaded) by hand if necessary when stopped somewhere. 4. Ramps - I wanted individual fold down ramps rather than a tail gate (this was personal preference) 5. Tie down points - I wanted multiple tie down points at many different locations 6. Width - I needed the deck of my trailer to be wide enough to handle a 72" wide SXS (the first trailer I looked at was about 2" to narrow - much to the chagrin of the dealer who tried to sell it to me) 7. Trailer height - I knew I could not use a drop hitch on the back of my 5th wheel to allow the second trailer to tow level. Because of the long overhang behind the axles of my 5th wheel, the rear of my trailer comes very close to dragging (or sometimes does drag) when entering or exiting steep driveways or road transitions. This meant the hitch coming out the back could not drop down below the framing. This was the main reason I stayed with a single axle SXS trailer because it allowed the trailer to be pulled at an angle. A two axle trailer would have taken weight off the front axle and added weight to the rear axle when pulled at an upward angle like I needed. I could not find a trailer that sat at a high enough height to keep the hitch and trailer level. I have since flipped the axle on my SXS trailer to raise it up to be more level with the fifth wheel receiver hitch and lessen the angle it rides at, but it still does not ride completely level. Other considerations when towing double are length restrictions and doubles restrictions. Every state sets its own individual length restrictions. Just because you are legal (lengthwise) in one state, does not mean you will be legal in the next state. Also, every state sets the rules on whether they will allow double towing or not. Again, just because it is legal in one state does not mean it will be legal in the next state. Some states allow doubles for commercial rigs, but do not allow them for recreational rigs. Some states do not allow doubles at all and some states set specific rules on what can be towed double. It is up to you to know the specific rules of the states you choose to travel in. Also, just because your home state licenses you to tow doubles does not mean that you can tow double in all states. Finally, towing doubles means you need to plan your routes pretty specifically. It is very difficult to back up a set of doubles (especially a long trailer doubling a short trailer behind it) for more than a few feet. If you drive into a location that you can't get turned around in you will have to unhitch and maneuver your second trailer by some other means to get out. There is more, but these are the basics that I thought of off the top of my head. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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