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  1. My trailer was not covered by the DRV recall, but I had a couple of bolts come loose (not out) that resulted in a loose rotor (also with MorRyde 9K IS). This caused the brake line to that rotor to sheer off and I lost brakes because all the fluid left my system. (Thank you HDT because I didn't even know I had lost my brakes until I got home and noticed the fluid on my rear jack.) DRV sent me out the recall kit. It included the same bolts and sleeves that were already present from OEM. It also included instructions that showed the use of red loctite instead of blue loctite that was used at the factory. The kit never mentioned red loctite specifically, but the instructions had detailed pictures that showed them using red loctite. When I installed the kit I used red loctite and then paint marked the bolts on the rotors so I could easily see if there was any movement on the bolt heads. This was a year or so ago and so far no movement. I did liberally use the red loctite though. It might be fun when I have to service the hubs later, but I will deal with that when it comes.
  2. There are several websites that allow you to create a map and highlight certain states. You then export the file to something that can be posted in your signature here on this forum. Here is one such website (the one I used), but there are quite a few more. A Google search for visited states maps will get you more.
  3. Congratulations Dave. I hope you have a speedy and relatively pain free recovery. I should be starting on your project down here in another couple of weeks.
  4. Chad Heiser

    Ipad Nav App?

    Mine has built in GPS and sits on an arm attached to the top of the dash. The iPad actually hangs down partially below the top of the dash and partially above the dash (just in front of the dash), near the center between the driver and passenger seats. It gets a good GPS signal and has worked well for me in that position.
  5. Chad Heiser

    Ipad Nav App?

    I use co-pilot on my iPad. It works very well and all the maps reside locally, so it works whether you have cell coverage or not. Your iPad does need to have GPS either built in or an external GPS puck installed. There are several versions of it with different options available. I am currently using the basic
  6. Unfortunately the local DMV and whomever they called in Sacramento gave you the wrong information. I know it is a moot point for you since you are no longer licensed in CA, but I want the correct information to be given here. The applicable CA vehicle code section is 12804.9. It is a long section that describes all the classes of licenses in CA. The 5th wheel endorsement for the Class C license is very specific as to weights in this section. Here is an excerpt specifically pertaining to Class C Licenses (I bolded, italicized and underlined the applicable sub-section for this discussion): (b)(3) Class C includes the following: (A) A two-axle vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle weight of 26,000 pounds or less, including when the vehicle is towing a trailer or semitrailer with a gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or less. (B) Notwithstanding subparagraph (A), a two-axle vehicle weighing 4,000 pounds or more unladen when towing a trailer coach not exceeding 9,000 pounds gross. (C) A house car of 40 feet in length or less. (D) A three-axle vehicle weighing 6,000 pounds gross or less. (E) A house car of 40 feet in length or less or a vehicle towing another vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less, including when a tow dolly is used. A person driving a vehicle may not tow another vehicle in violation of Section 21715. (F) (i) A two-axle vehicle weighing 4,000 pounds or more unladen when towing either a trailer coach or a fifth-wheel travel trailer not exceeding 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight rating, when the towing of the trailer is not for compensation. (ii) A two-axle vehicle weighing 4,000 pounds or more unladen when towing a fifth-wheel travel trailer exceeding 10,000 pounds, but not exceeding 15,000 pounds, gross vehicle weight rating, when the towing of the trailer is not for compensation, and if the person has passed a specialized written examination provided by the department relating to the knowledge of this code and other safety aspects governing the towing of recreational vehicles upon the highway. The authority to operate combinations of vehicles under this subparagraph may be granted by endorsement on a class C license upon completion of that written examination. (G) A vehicle or combination of vehicles with a gross combination weight rating or a gross vehicle weight rating, as those terms are defined in subdivisions (j) and (k), respectively, of Section 15210, of 26,000 pounds or less, if all of the following conditions are met: (i) Is operated by a farmer, an employee of a farmer, or an instructor credentialed in agriculture as part of an instructional program in agriculture at the high school, community college, or university level. (ii) Is used exclusively in the conduct of agricultural operations. (iii) Is not used in the capacity of a for-hire carrier or for compensation. (H) Firefighting equipment, provided that the equipment is operated by a person who holds a firefighter endorsement pursuant to Section 12804.11. (I) A motorized scooter. (J) A bus with a gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle weight of 26,000 pounds or less, except a trailer bus. (K) Class C does not include a two-wheel motorcycle or a two-wheel motor-driven cycle. If you are a licensed CA driver, you can tow a 5th wheel that has a GVWR of 10000 lbs or less on a Class C license with no endorsement. If you tow a 5th wheel with a GVWR between 10000 lbs and 15000 lbs, you need the above described endorsement on your Class C license. This endorsement is obtained through a simple written test. If you tow a 5th wheel with a GVWR greater than 15000 lbs, then you are outside the the Class C license restrictions and fall under a Class A license in CA. As long as you are towing the 5th wheel for recreational purposes only, then it would require a Class A non-commercial license. The testing for a Class A non-commercial license is basically the same as testing for a Class A commercial license in CA. The difference between the two licenses is the medical certificate required. The non-commercial medical certificate is a form you fill out self certifying your medical ability to obtain the license. The commercial medical certificate requires a properly licenses medical practitioner to examine you and certify you qualify. Most DMV and LEO personnel don't know this information (commonly) unless they have been educated on it specifically. I am a LEO in CA and have been educated on it specifically through trainings related to vehicle code enforcement. Above is the actual vehicle code to back that up. I do my best to educate others about this because I know it is not commonly known by even those responsible for issuing licenses or enforcing driving privileges. I know of many people who have gone into the DMV to attempt to get the 5th wheel endorsement on their Class C license and have been told there is no such thing or have been given incorrect information as Twotoes was. It is unfortunate, but it happens. The CA vehicle code is a massive document with many obscure sections that no one could know completely.
  7. This is incorrect. The written test only is for an endorsement on the Class C (regular driver license) to tow a 5th wheel RV between 10000 lbs GVWR and 15000 lbs GVWR. Any 5th wheel RV over 15000 lbs GVWR (and any regular trailer over 10000 lbs GVWR) require a non commercial class A license (at a minimum) in CA. The test only endorsement is very specific and only covers 5th wheels between 10000 lbs and 15000 lbs. I can provide the specific CA vehicle code if you would like.
  8. Legally you cannot, but some people have gotten around that and gotten them registered. It will work until it doesn't (usually because of an enforcement stop).
  9. Toyota Tacomas require modifications to tow. Nissan Frontiers manual transmission trucks are flat towable, but automatics are not. I recently bought a used Frontier and love it, but I couldn't find a manual transmission anywhere around me to flat tow so I ended up with an automatic. Ford Ranger manual transmissions are flat towable, I'm not sure about the autos.
  10. I bought mine directly from TST. They provided very good service and I would recommend them.
  11. Americana RV used to build Australian spec trailers (I’m assuming these would be similar or the same as New Zealand spec’s). I haven’t checked in a while to see if they still do. Check out their website or give them a call.
  12. I agree with oldjohn that a true deep cycle battery is much better than any RV/marine hybrid battery. If all you do is go from full hook up site to full hook up site then you could get by with an RV/marine hybrid battery, but if you do any dry camping at all then you should use a true deep cycle battery. Since you plan to upgrade to two batteries, then I would also recommend going with two 6 volt golf cart batteries wired in series to make 12 volts. Costco sells a pretty inexpensive 6 volt golf cart battery that is a good battery to learn with (because it is relatively inexpensive and you don’t have to worry so much if you kill it). If you intend to do some dry camping, then I also highly recommend you get a good battery monitor that calculates true state of charge of your batteries. This way there is no guess work and you always know what state your batteries are in. You do not want to take a typical lead acid or AGM battery below 50% state of charge because it will greatly diminish the battery life of the battery. For a stand alone battery monitor, I recommend the Victron BMV 712. It has Bluetooth built in and will let you connect your phone or tablet to it through an app to get all the pertinent information about your batteries.
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