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  1. Welcome. We are happy to have you. There are quite a few of us here who tow DRV’s with our rigs. The West Coast Rally a couple of weeks ago was also a mini DRV rally. If you can make one of the rallies, they are a great place to learn and see a lot of converted HDT’s in one place. You don’t have to have a rig to attend.
  2. I’m trying to take that word out of my vocabulary, but it is going to take me a couple more years.
  3. To all the attendees. I am working on compiling the information/pictures from the rally that I have. I will hopefully send out a link some time this weekend. (Work really gets in the way of stuff. 😧)
  4. I made it home last night. I stopped in Gardnerville to visit with friends for a couple of days a get one more day of SXS riding in. Now that I am home, I will start compiling everything to share with the attendees.
  5. Glad you could make it too. Good luck with the bed tweaks.
  6. I posted the legal answer with references on your other thread about this same topic. It is not legal to do in Oregon with your set up. See my other post for the reference link.
  7. Volvo now offers a 4dr model, but it means buying new as they haven’t been around long enough to exist on the used market.
  8. Also, a reminder to all attendees, if you have any pictures you want to share with the group get them to me and I will host them for all attendees.
  9. I will post a few pictures when I get home next week. It is too hard to do on the forum with just my phone.
  10. Where you plugged into shore power for your trip? I ask, because if you weren’t that beeping could have been a low battery warning.
  11. Here is the actual law in Oregon. It is section 818.110. It states: a)Drives or moves on a highway any combination of vehicles that consists of more than two vehicles. If you drive a combination of more than two vehicles (tow vehicle, 5th wheel, and utility or boat trailer) in Oregon you are in violation. In other words, you cannot legally do it. There are exceptions to the law in section 818.120, but none of those exceptions apply to a pickup towing a 5th wheel and another trailer. In other words, you cannot legally do it. It doesn’t matter what is legal in California. Oregon is a sovereign state that sets its own rules. The only vehicle specific rules that have reciprocity in other states are drivers licenses and vehicle registration. If you are properly licensed to drive your vehicle in your home state, then you can drive your vehicle in any state (not doubles though, just the vehicle) and if your vehicle is properly registered in your home state, it can legally be driven in any state. People can give you any opinion they want and say they or their friend or someone they saw did it with no issues. That doesn’t mean it is legal. The specific law in Oregon says it is not legal. You can choose to disregard the law and take your chances, but whether you get caught or not, know it is not legal to do.
  12. Congratulations Cory. I’m glad your getting everything taken care of.
  13. Oregon does not allow recreational doubles. I too live in California and tow doubles with the appropriate license. I do not tow doubles into Oregon or Washington because neither state allows it for non commercial vehicles. I would like to take my RZR up to the dunes behind my 5th wheel, but it isn’t allowed. I have a friend who used to live in Idaho were recreational doubles are allowed. He tried to cross the Oregon border with his 5er and a utility trailer behind it with his SXS. He was stopped shortly after crossing the border and told to turn around and go back to Idaho. He now lives in Washington so in order to bring his toys, he built a truck capable of hauling them on a flatbed and also tow his 5er (no more doubles for him).
  14. Hopefully you can find someone to come out and help you out. I wish I could be of more help, but not being able to see the system or how it is wired is making it difficult to give suggestions to fix your issues.
  15. The rally is officially underway. We had a nice meet and great session tonight. We have 30 + sites booked here at the RV park for our group with about 20 of those being first time attendees. A lot of new faces this year and we are looking forward to a great week of rally events.
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