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  1. Find out what converter you have in your rig (this is what charges the batteries when you are plugged into shore power along with supplying other 12 volt needs). Post the make and model and we can tell you if it will work with AGM batteries or not. Most will, but there are a few exceptions. It will also somewhat depend on the specific AGM battery you wish to use. Each battery manufacturer has a list of charging parameters for their specific batteries.
  2. Here is the itinerary for the wine tour for those who are interested: Hello!! We are SO very excited that you have chosen us here at All Aboard Fun Bus to host your wine tasting event. We will plan on picking you and your guests up at your location around 11 a.m. and returning to the same location around 5:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.. Our first stop on this trip will be Huston Vineyards, they have a wonderful variety of earthy toned wines, both reds and whites. Second stop will be Williamson Tasting Room. They have fabulous rich red wines, some sweets and some drys. A little bit of something for most everyone. They also have a cooler full of munchies to sale, local cheeses, meat sticks and other fun items such as Idaho Soaps, jelly & jams and more. Third on our trip will be Fujishin Family Cellars tasting room. Fujishin won 2018 winery awards for their bold and delicious wines! They have two labels, Old Sheds and their Fujishin labels, a great variety for all to choose from. Last but not least, the beautiful and historic Ste. Chapelle. They have bubbly wines, sweet wines, a fabulous assortment of reds and more! We will spend a bit more time here as they have a great appetizer menu for our guests that would like to order from meat & cheese platters, spinach/artichoke dip, cheese & pretzels & more! It's a great time to get some yummy and get ready for the ride home. We do allow food, drinks and snacks on the bus! If you purchase wine, bring beverages, etc., you can enjoy them during the rides between wineries. The wineries will not allow alcohol drinks from any other sources but their tasting rooms, it’s a liquor license issue. BUT, you can enjoy on the bus as much as you’d like. This should be a wonderful time for all!
  3. The wine tour is filling up, but there are still seats available. For those of you who have confirmed attendance at the rally, you should have an email from me asking about your desire to go on the wine tour and participate in the art project. Please respond to the email with your answers. If you did not receive an email from me, let me know and I will send it again.
  4. Good to hear. I just sent you an email with a couple of questions for you to answer. See you in June.
  5. OK, I have finalized the schedule for the 2019 WCR. It is attached below (hopefully) in PDF format. I will have a one page graphical representation of the schedule to hand out to everyone at the rally (per a suggestion from last year). I tried to fit in as many of the suggestions for seminars/classes as I could. It should be an informative and fun time. We will have a full day of firearms instruction and shooting. You do not need any prior knowledge or skills to participate in this. In fact, I encourage people who are new to firearms to participate. This day is meant for everyone and every skill level. For those of you who are experienced, I encourage you to bring what you want to shoot and enjoy the day. For those of you who are novices or maybe don't own a firearm, I encourage you to participate as well. We had a great time doing this last year and I will expand on that this year. I have also set up a wine tour with a local company. We will need a minimum of 10 participants for this (hopefully - to recoup my deposit ), but it will be limited to 25 participants total due to the size of the bus the tour company has available. This tour will cost $49.00 per person, which will be collected at the rally. I will be sending emails out to all the confirmed attendees and the first 25 to get back to me will be going, so check your emails if you are interested. We have the local artist who has been at the rally the last couple of years coming back to teach the art class again. This is a very fun class. It is open to everyone, regardless of your artistic ability. The artist will provide all the necessary supplies. There is a $20.00 per person fee for this class payable to the artist to cover the supplies and the artist's time. I will need a count on the number of people who wish to take part in this class ahead of time so the artist can have everything ready to go. I will include this in the email I send out to get an accurate count. I tried to also set up a day of SXS/ATV riding, but there really wasn't very good availability of rental units in the area to allow those of you that do not have your own units to be able to participate. There were some other logistical issues that were making this idea difficult to implement (like how to get the units to the trails for those of you who use toy haulers to haul them). If you happen to bring your unit with you and want to go out and ride on the wine tour day, that could work. The day will be a free day for anyone not going on the wine tour. There is going to be a very nice give away for a lucky rally participant due to the generosity of one of our presenters. I won't spoil the surprise here, but one randomly chosen attendee is going to be the envy of everyone else. If you have any questions about the rally, please let me know. If you have not signed up for the rally, we still have room and I hope you can make it. For those of you who have confirmed your attendance with me, look for my email and respond with your answers to my questions about the wine tour and the art project. See you in June. 2019 HDT West Coast Rally Schedule.pdf
  6. The handle has a pin in it that allows you to remove it at the base.
  7. I have this one. It is a 42 gallon Barker and I have been happy with it.
  8. Hopefully the timing works out for the WCR and our pre-WCR plans.
  9. Congratulations Dave.
  10. We always have room for someone who wants to come.
  11. Give Miller insurance a call. They are a broker that specializes in RV policies. I went through them and have been happy with their service. There are a few other brokers who specialize in the RV market and are recommended here regularly whose names escape me right now, but I’m sure someone will come along and have that information soon.
  12. Sounds like it is getting close to time to actually take a trip with the rig and the trailer. The WCR would be a good place to go. We’ve got space for you.
  13. Mr. Cob (Dave Hooker) lives in Washington and has had two different HDT’s hopefully he will be along soon to answer your question. You should also be able to talk with him in person at the WCR.
  14. True. I should have said I wish I had all those tools/equipment in my shop.
  15. I didn’t intend to imply this was not an issue with DP’s, it is an issue with all RV types. When comparing gas class A’s with DP’s specifically though, the gas versions tend to have less available capacity as a whole than DP’s. This shouldn’t stop people from buying gas class A’s, it just needs to be considered to make sure the unit purchased will work for the buyer and everything they intend to take with them. I own a fairly high end 5er that has decent carrying capacity, but I am still pushing up against its capacities when I travel because of all the extra stuff I added (specifically all of my solar, batteries, inverters, etc). If I had not added all that additional weight I wouldn’t be anywhere near my capacities, but because I did I am pushing the limits of my rig at times. I knew this going into the purchase of my rig and had many conversations with the manufacturer about it. I was able to get some concessions from the manufacturer that helped the overall ratings of my rig (a long story). It is important to be aware of weights and capacities for any rig you intend to buy.
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