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  1. We made it home late this afternoon. We took two days to get home with a stop over at a friend’s new place on the way. We had a great time at the rally and I really appreciate the comments and kind words. I also appreciate everyone who lent a hand setting up and breaking down and also those of you who put on a presentation. I couldn’t do it without you. We are already looking forward to next year. For those of you who want to mark your calendars early, the park has blocked out Monday June 15 through Monday June 22 2020. If we don’t see you on the road, then hopefully we will see you there next year. For those of you that attended the rally, if you have any pictures or anything else you would like to share with the rest of the group, email them to me. I will put everything together and send out links to all the attendees (hopefully this weekend).
  2. We regularly use 100 or more gigs a month through the Mobley it is our only source of connectivity for our equipment. It works great and we get nothing from AT&T other than our monthly bill.
  3. The rally kicked off today with some more arrivals and a very nice happy hour. Met some new friends and reacquainted myself with some old ones. Looking forward to the rest of the week. Guess I should get some sleep so I can enjoy it .
  4. We pulled in this afternoon. I didn’t have cell service or internet access for the last week. I’m trying to get caught up on everything electronic. We’ve already said hello to a few attendees. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.
  5. We’ll be in Winnemucca Sunday evening (June 2) for one night (along with another forum member). We will be at New Frontier RV Park on the east end of town. We head out Monday for a week of SXS riding before heading to the WCR. Maybe we can say hi.
  6. It is difficult to answer your question directly. I am not a fan of toy hauler interior layouts, so I don't stay up on which ones are good or bad. I do like their extra capacities though. My reason for posting here though is that in another thread you mentioned you are towing with a Dodge 2500. Most of the medium to large toy haulers are going to require a larger tow vehicle than that to tow them safely. I don't know if you considered this or not, but I wanted to at least point it out. I agree with rpsinc in that there are other ways to get around limited tank capacity. I have a 60 gallon water bladder sitting in my trailer right now. With an RV water pump mounted in a plastic tool box with some basic fittings and electrical connections, it is very easy to fill and transfer water to/from the bladder. It also gives you a back up water pump if anything ever happens to the one in your trailer. I will also add that it is very difficult to get kids to conserve water (depending on their age). When it is just my wife and I, we can go quite a while on our 100 gal fresh water capacity, 70 gal gray and 50 gal black. However, when we have our granddaughter along with us it is sometimes difficult to get a long weekend out of the same tanks.
  7. One of our attendees pointed out some information that I thought I would pass on to everyone. If you are into rodeos, there will be several in the area around the time of the rally. Maybe you can fit one into your travel plans if you would like. June 1st, WPRA 1000, Girls Breakaway in Star Idaho June 6-8, Eagle Rodeo, Eagle Idaho June 28-29, Meridian Lyons Rodeo, Meridian Idaho June 28-29, Daniel Dopps Rodeo, Mountain Home Idaho. Here is a complete listing of the events in the area (thanks Pat).
  8. Just a thought I wanted to add to this discussion. I listen to and read what people say about "RV Solar Systems" fairly closely. I have done a number of installs and assisted others with their installs. It is an area of the RV lifestyle that I am very interested in. In my opinion, some understand it very well and others, not so much. The major misconception that I see people have about these systems is what makes them up. Really they are four separate systems that interact to allow for off grid use of everything in the RV. One piece is the battery bank, one piece is the inverter, another piece is the solar array and the final piece is a generator. There are lots of other components within each of these groups, but these are the four main pieces. You do not have to have all four component groups to be a successful boondocker, but all four together do make things more convenient. The battery bank is the primary component of any system. It is what supplies reserve power when not connected to the grid or a generator. The larger the battery bank capacity, the longer you can run things in the RV when off the grid. The battery bank by itself though, will only allow 12 volt systems to continue to work in the RV when not connected to the grid or generator power. If you want to be able to use 120 volt appliances (like TV's, microwaves, hair dryers, residential refrigerator, etc.) when you don't have shore power or aren't using the generator, then you need to have an inverter. The inverter takes 12 volt power from the batteries and inverts it to 120 volts to power regular appliances. How long you can power these appliances is a function of how much power they draw and how much battery capacity you have. The battery bank does need to get recharged at some point and this is typically accomplished with a solar array or generator. The solar array will provide DC voltage directly to your battery bank to replenish/recharge it as long as the sun is shining. How fast a solar array will recharge the battery bank is a function of how large the array is, how depleted the battery bank is and how much sun is shining. The generator can be used as a means to recharge the battery bank or as a replacement for the grid/shore power or some combination of the two. You can run the generator when you wish to run 120 volt appliances in the rig and/or to recharge the batteries. How often you run the generator will be determined by what other components you have in your system. The generator is also handy to have to power high draw 120 volt appliances like an air conditioner (or two or three - depending on the size of your rig). You don't typically want to run these type of high draw appliance through an inverter because they deplete the batteries too quickly (although a large enough system can do it). You don't have to have all of these components, but some combination of them will make a boondocker's life more convenient. This is a very basic overview of the various components involved to make boondocking a possibility, but hopefully it gives you an idea of what you may need depending on your style of RV'ing. The system can be very large and expensive or it can be small and used for very specific needs or it may be somewhere in between. Only you and your budget and lifestyle choices can determine the best system for your needs. We can make suggestions but the decision will ultimately be yours. If you have any specific questions, I will be happy to answer them.
  9. We are happy to have you for all or part of the rally. Hopefully you can make it work. Send me an email so I can get some information from you if you decide to come. chadheiser at att.net
  10. I watched that this morning on my news feed. I'm glad that's not my motorhome.
  11. While I don't have either of the DRV models you are looking at, I do have a 40KSSB4. One of the things I like about our floor plan is having access to the fridge and bathroom with all the slides in. This is a must for us and the way we travel. We also still work full time and sometimes make long runs to get to a destination due to time restrictions. The only thing we can't access with the slides in is the bedroom. For us that isn't an issue because I have a sleeper on my HDT tow vehicle if we want to pull off and take a nap somewhere tight (like a rest stop or truck stop). I also live in northern CA (I work in Santa Rosa) and am happy to share any information with you about DRV. We ordered our trailer through Rolling Retreats in Oklahoma (even though we live in CA). I would highly recommend them as a dealer, especially if you are planning to order a trailer. They specialize in custom orders and we tweaked quite a few things on our rig during the order process. It was well worth the drive to OK to pick it up to get the stuff done we did during our order.
  12. You do not have to have an address in SD to register a vehicle in SD. So will do out of state resident vehicle registrations. I do not have a SD address, but I have a vehicle registered there. It was all handled over the phone and through the mail. It should be possible to register your vehicle in SD with your current NJ address. I don’t know if there will be any issues with the “skoolie” conversion though. NJ may also have an issue with you registering your skoolie in SD, but keeping it in NJ for a time. I don’t know the answer to that. There could be possible insurance ramifications as well. I would investigate all of this first before registering the vehicle in SD. Ultimately, when you move out of NJ, you can go to SD and get you drivers license there. I would consider setting up a mail service ahead of time to make sure you get everything you need moved over to your new mailing address and then it can be used as your domicile address when you actually move.
  13. Just about a month away. It will be here before you know it. Looks like we are going to have a good mix of new faces and old friends. The T-shirt order is in. Hopefully everyone who wanted one got there information to me. There is still one seat left on the Wine Tour bus if anyone is interested. The RV Park still has sites available for those procrastinators out there. 😉 We’d be happy to have you. See you in June.
  14. This looks like an awesome deal for someone. I wish something like this had been available when I was in the market years ago. Good luck with the sale. If you want to post pics without worrying about file size, use this site. Drag any picture you want onto the site and it will give you a URL you can paste here and the picture will show up without any modifications needed.
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