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  1. Chad Heiser

    Air Horns

    I don't have any help with the air horns, but you went pretty close by our place heading up into Eureka. I'm assuming you went up the 101 corridor and right through the town I work in (Santa Rosa). If I had known you were in the area, I would have shouted out sooner.
  2. Chad Heiser

    Short Trip

    Glad you got home safely. Hopefully you get a positive resolution from Mesa Ridge.
  3. Chad Heiser

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    Oh well. Maybe next year. I will be back in Vegas for NASCAR again next spring. See you then.
  4. Chad Heiser

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Hopefully they can squeeze you in. I will touch base with them in the morning to see if there is anything I can do.
  5. Chad Heiser

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    Is your truck going to be ready for a shake down run to the WCR in June????????
  6. Chad Heiser

    HDT vs LGT, reliable transportation or ongoing project?

    Hopefully you can make the WCR. You should be able to get a lot of good information there. If you do plan to attend, get in touch with me so I can add you to my list and get some additional information from you (I am coordinating the rally). I and I am sure many others will be happy to share our personal experience in buying/running an HDT in RV service. There will be people who bought new trucks and people who bought used trucks at the rally, as well as people still looking to purchase trucks, so you can get lots of different perspectives.
  7. Chad Heiser

    Project progress

    Nicely done.
  8. Chad Heiser

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Well, as an update, we now have 23 sites booked and two members coming in on a day to day basis for the rally. This is definitely our biggest turnout yet and I still have a couple of people lurking in the wings talking about possibly coming. I look forward to seeing/meeting everyone at the rally. The T-shirt order is in. If you want a T-shirt and haven't received a confirmation email about ordering T-shirts, let me know ASAP. I may be able to add some to the order over the next few days since I am using a local shop (but it will have to be soon).
  9. Chad Heiser

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Great, glad you guys can make it.
  10. Chad Heiser

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Yes, we hold it over Father's Day weekend every year. Its a good Father's Day gift to yourself.
  11. Chad Heiser

    What is the RV term for....

    Joel, I don’t think he is trying to create a category of full time RVer. From some other posts he has made, he is looking to hire a full time RVer that is constantly on the move for a particular job. He has mentioned he wants to place an add for this job (it has something to do with going to casinos around the country - I’m assuming for some type of sales) and was trying to cater that add to the right type of traveler. Thus he wanted to know if there was a specific term he should use for someone who travels constantly and lives full time in their RV. I could be wrong, but that is what I gleaned from reading his posts.
  12. Chad Heiser

    BInkley hitch head failing

    Your that close to Caldwell and your not coming to the WCR? 😧 You should come check it out. It’s going to be a good time.
  13. Chad Heiser

    Can I even own this in CA

    There were exemptions for specified use (RV Toter) and low mileage use in the CARB laws. I haven't looked in a while to see if those exemptions still exist. The problem comes in with weight ratings for truck registration in CA. if the vehicle has a GVWR greater than 26000 lbs, there is no exemption to register it privately. It must follow all commercial regulations, including DOT numbers and the like. That on top of the fees associated with that type of registration make it very expensive to register large trucks in CA unless you are making money (commercial use - which puts you back into the CARB cross hairs) to offset those expenses.
  14. Chad Heiser

    Weigh Stations

    Same in CA. Over a certain weight, they are required to stop. Even some pickups with a work bed on them are required to stop in CA.
  15. Chad Heiser

    OT: Followup Dish vs. Direct

    If it has an IR eye you can put in front of the 211z, it should. You could also switch to a Wally receiver (the newer version of the 211z). They come with RF remotes.