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  1. Audio system recommendation

    I agree the all in one systems have limited or no HDMI inputs, but there are ways around that. If the TV has digital audio (DA) out, then additional components can be connected directly to the TV through HDMI inputs and then run the sound out through a DA cable (basically a fiber optic cable) to the all in one unit (assuming it has a DA input) to allow surround sound for anything being played to the TV. If the TV doesn’t have DA out, you can pull the DA signal from the HDMI signal with the proper adapter. It all comes down to how much money is in the budget and what quality you require to meet your needs. There are lots of ways to accomplish the goal. Separate components properly matched to your needs will usually give you the best quality, but if cost is an issue an all in one will do the job too
  2. need a little help

    Find the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of your RV and subtract your gross weight (13820) from that number. This is the maximum weight your RV can tow. This doesn’t mean your RV can actually tow that much weight because it might be limited by some other factor (like rear axle rating, hitch capacity, etc), but it will give you the best case scenario max tow weight.
  3. Audio system recommendation

    For basic sound requirements in an RV and ease of installation, I have been happy with Samsung all in one Blu-ray surround sound systems. I had a couple of them in my last 5er and they worked quite well. If you are looking for more options and “tune ability” then a good Sony receiver with your choice of speakers and audio/video components is a good option. It is what I have at home and in my current 5er. Sony makes some good receivers and at various price points depending on capabilities.
  4. Motorcycle loader

    I wish you were a little closer to the West Coast. I’d be happy to take on the “little project”.
  5. Motorcycle loader

    No need to resize if you use this to get a link to post here. http://photoposting.is-great.net/?i=3
  6. Yellowstone travel tips

    We stayed in Buffalo Crossing RV Park in West Yellowstone. It is literally right outside the west entrance to Yellowstone. The sites were gravel with Trex type landings. They were plenty big for our HDT, 5er and Jeep. It is a relatively small park, but very convenient.
  7. Dish set up issue

    If the box has not been on the network (connected to the satellite) in a while, it will often need to be reinitialized by Dish. A simple call or chat with Dish with the receiver serial number (from the info splash screen) will allow then to reinitialize it on the network. I used to have to do this fairly regularly when I would let my trailer sit too long without hooking up the satellite dish. The receivers also receive updates periodically when connected to the satellite that need to be downloaded. If your box is not downloading properly it is probably because it needs to be reinitialized.
  8. 2018 West Coast Rally

    That’s too bad. Hopefully next year you can show off your new rig.
  9. 2018 West Coast Rally

  10. 2018 West Coast Rally

    Rally Update: I am up to 23 possible attendees for the rally. That is 23 people have either told me they were coming or told me they MIGHT be coming. This is just a friendly reminder that if you intend to come to the rally, you need to let me know via email (so I can get some additional information from you) AND you need to contact Ambassador RV Resort to make your own reservation (see first post in thread for all the relevant information). FYI - If you book the weekly rate, the 7th day is basically free compared to the daily rate. The park also has monthly rates for any of you who wish to stay in the area longer. I checked in with Ambassador RV Resort today and only 4 of the 23 of you have actually made reservations so far. I know the rally is still 4 months out, but it is better to make your reservations early and guarantee a spot than it is to wait and miss out because all the spots have been taken. We have 20 sites blocked off together. If more than 20 people end up trying to make reservations, they will probably be able to get you a spot, but you might not be with the rest of the group. The park does fill up, so don't wait too long. Also, let us know here whether you would like to attend the painting class so Rick and his DW can get an accurate count for that particular event. As always, if you have any questions, let me know. I hope to see you there.
  11. cali registration

    I wish. The California registration may be a moot point for me after I retire anyway. I'm not sure how long I'll stay in California after that. We'll see. I would at least like to get a more functional bed for my current truck if nothing else. It could really use some storage and I have some "ideas" for a Drom/Motorcycle storage box.
  12. First Time Hook-Up

    I have three airbags on my trailer saver. With my Montana Big Sky, it ran at about 40 psi to get the hitch at the proper level. With my DRV, it runs at about 60 psi to get the hitch at the proper level. The DRV has significantly more pin weight at just over 4800 lbs than the Montana did at just under 3800 lbs. With only two air bags in your hitch, they are getting pretty hard at 75-80 psi and probably aren’t providing as much cushion as they should. I would look into adding the third air bag.
  13. cali registration

    This was the one scenario that had not been done since Brakken Tax and License stopped acting as the conduit for HDT Motorhome title conversions in CA (at least no one would admit to doing it on the forum). I know of a couple of in state sales of previously converted titles since then, but this is the first out of state conversion brought into CA. I was hoping it would work as you described and I am glad it did for you. There is a lot going on with CA HDT/Motorhome registrations that throws kinks into the works.
  14. New to Dark Side

    Welcome. We’d be happy to have you at the WCR in June and I’m sure the other rallies would be happy to have you as well.
  15. cali registration

    Congratulations. I’m sure there will be some people asking questions on how you accomplished this, so they can follow suit.