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  1. What type of receptacle are you plugged into? It sounds like a standard 15 amp (or possibly 20 amp) garage GFCI outlet? If so, then at 23 amps you are trying to pull too many amps through the outlet and that is why it is tripping. When plugged into a standard outlet like that, you need to be very conservative on the power usage in the rig. Set the refrigerator and water heater to propane instead of electricity for starters. Electric heaters are high draw power users also. You would be better off using your forced air propane heater in the rig instead. Your batteries will have nothing to do with tripping a 120 volt outlet. The batteries are part of the 12 volt system and the shore power cord is part of the 120 volt system. The only place where the two systems interact is the battery charger powered by 120 volts charging the 12 volt batteries (in a standard set up).
  2. Truma Aquago Comfort https://www.truma.net/water-systems
  3. When I extended the WCR to a week long event last year, I added a wine tour to the agenda. It was a big hit and will be on the agenda again this year. Thanks for the suggestion though. I am always looking for new ideas.
  4. That’s too bad. Hopefully you’ll be back out this way next year.
  5. Truma makes an on demand water heater that is (in my opinion) much better than the standard tank RV water heaters. We put one in our current 5th wheel when we ordered it and have been extremely happy with it. I won’t go back to a standard RV water heater again. It is propane only and will give you an unlimited supply of hot water (assuming you don’t run out of water or propane).
  6. Excellent. See you in June.
  7. I gave an explanation of the wiring in your other topic.
  8. I installed a rear bench seat out of a medium duty truck. It was slightly narrower than my sleeper so I built end tables with cup holders and hidden storage on either side of the bench. The framing for the seat was installed with four bolts (drilled holes through the floor of the sleeper). The bolts have large fender washers to keep everything in place. This worked with my rear AC equipment that was under the old bed. I have also mounted an AGM battery bank and inverter under the seat. The seat has three integrated lap belts. It works very well and was easy to do. I have pictures of it in the truck link in my signature below.
  9. I just helped Mr. Cob install a winch on his truck. (We just finished it tonight.). He built a single arm that mounts into a receiver on the side of the bed. The winch then mounts to the top of the arm with another receiver. The winch sits up on the arm high enough that it is even with the smart bumper when the car is on the deck. It is a simple and effective design. I wired everything up for him. I ran 2 gauge wire (bigger than came with the winch) from battery lugs to a storage box under the front of the bed. The wires come in through the side of the storage box with rubber grommets for protection. The winch Mr. Cob bought came with a set of resettable breakers. I mounted the resettable breakers in a plastic box because the breakers were mounted to some bare metal. I mounted the plastic box on the inside wall of the storage box up high next to where the wires come into the box. I then mounted the winch solenoid next the the plastic box. The positive battery cable comes into the storage box then into the plastic box and connects to the breakers. It then comes out the other side of the plastic box and connects to the appropriate terminal on the solenoid. The negative battery cable comes into the storage box and goes directly to the appropriate terminal on the solenoid. I came off the solenoid to an Anderson connector with two more more 2 gauge wires. Mr. Cob and I built a control panel out of some 4” by 2” angle I had laying around. I mounted the winch rocker switch and the connector for the wired winch remote to the front of the control panel. I mounted the Anderson connector to the back of the control panel. I mounted the control panel to the top of the box just inside the door in the upper left corner. The rocker switch and wire remote connector are wired back to the solenoid. All the wiring is up out of the way. I then ran cables from the winch to another Anderson connector with enough length to reach the Anderson connector in the box. It is very simple to connect the winch to power with the Anderson connectors. It takes less than a minute to install the winch arm, winch and connect it to power (not including getting the parts out from were ever they are stored). Mr. Cob has some pictures he can post of the set up. It came out pretty good and is very functional and easy to set up and break down (just two pieces and one wire connection).
  10. Bummer. We won’t arrive until Thursday. Looking forward to our first trip to Q.
  11. 2020 West Coast HDT Rally Monday June 15th, 2020 (arrival day) Monday June 22nd, 2020 (departure day) Ambassador RV Resort Caldwell Idaho. http://www.g7rvresorts.com/idaho/ambassador/ Please call the office at Ambassador RV Resort (888) 877-8307 between 8:00 am & 5:00 p.m. MST to make your reservations. When making your reservations, please mention that you are a member of the WCR HDT group. Ambassador has weekly and monthly rates if you wish to stay at the park longer. 26 sites have been set aside for our group (more can be made available if we need them) Sites will be released back to the campground in May so please make your reservations early. After you make your reservations please email me at chadheiser@att.net so I can get you on the attendees list. There will be a Rally Fee of $20.00 per rig payable at the rally to help cover some expenses. Rally T-shirts will also be available for $20.00 each. When you email me, let me know how many people will be in your party, their names (for name tags) and whether or not you would like T-shirts (and what sizes). The agenda is under development so if you have any ideas or suggestions please pass them along. I will put out an official agenda once I have it all nailed down. If any of you would like to volunteer for a presentation, I am happy to have you. We are looking forward to seeing lots of folks!
  12. Looking forward to seeing you when you get here. Hope it isn’t too difficult to get out of your place. Safe travels.
  13. I have a set of wheels off a previous 5er that are just taking up space in my shop. Maybe we could work something out.
  14. Batteries can be very heavy (depending on the size and composition of them). I only have four batteries in my rig, but they are 8D AGM batteries and weigh approximately 170 pounds each. That is a lot of weight to lug around and I am not looking forward to pulling them out when it comes time to replace them. Hopefully that will be a few more years down the road. 😉
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