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  1. Reese "Elite RE18" 18K 5th Wheel Hitch: This is a sliding model suitable for use in a short bed truck. This model is for Ford F-series pickups with factory installed 5th wheel prep package. It DOES NOT come with the mounting carriage because Ford pre-installed that at the factory. This hitch can be used in 2013 and later F-250, F-350 SRW trucks. Located in Franklin NC. Will consider delivery within 200 miles. Nvdeasy@gmail.com More photos at https://asheville.craigslist.org/tro/d/reese-hitch-5th-wheel-elite/6236962054.html
  2. I quilt and crochet and would enjoy doing either with others if there is adequate room. I was disappointed last year in the small, cramped space. There was some confusion on when the area would be available to just come and sew. The 2-3 times I came, no one seemed to know when classes would have the space and whether there were others that just wanted to sew together. I didn't want to take the time to bring all my stuff (including machine), if no one else would be there. Now that I've complained about last year . . . If there is anything I can do to make this work better, please let me know.
  3. A nice place to stay that isn't far from Greenfield Village and the Ford Museum is the Wayne County Fair Grounds in Bellville. You don't need a reservation but check their web site or call to make sure there isn't a major event when you will be there. http://www.waynecountyfairgrounds.net/Camping.html I think others have said this but the Traverse Bay area is expensive. Any of the state parks in that area will likely be full. We will be in Michigan in August and early September. We have reservations at Wells State Park (west of Escanaba). One of my favorite parks.
  4. At the Kentucky/Ohio border, try South Cincinnati RV park. Lovely, large park but close to very active railroads (every 45 min during the day) and I-75. Too noisy for a long stay but fine for an over night.
  5. We were in Hurricane UT on our way to Bryce Canyon NP last year (camp hosts) at Easter. We had to leave the KOA we were at (didn't like it anyway) right before the Easter weekend. When we went looking in the Hurricane area for another site for over the Easter weekend, we were told that it was a major weekend for folks to get out in their RVs. We traveled north to Cedar City and didn't have a problem finding a spot.
  6. sdeasy

    RV Oven

    Since I started this topic I thought an update was in order. In March we traded in our 5th wheel for another model with a lay out we liked. It has a counter that was perfect for the Breville Oven. Just love it! The RV oven is perfect for storing pans.
  7. Selling tools was hard for my husband but he did it. As a matter of fact, he sold some he "shouldn't have". Nothing major but he had to buy some when we got on the road and he needed something he didn't have. You just need to get to a peaceful place with all of this. You will have great times, see wonderful things, meet wonderful people and have a simpler life. If you have sold something you find you really need, you grumble a bit and buy it again.
  8. We've been accepted as volunteer camp hosts at Bryce Canyon National Park. We are thrilled and really looking forward to being there. If there are any other Escapees volunteering and/or visiting there from April 15-July 15, do let us know.
  9. We lived in Atlanta for 9 years and went back for holidays to visit our son. I would second the fact that I-285 is a wild ride. My recommendation is to stay on I-20. Stay in a right lane but not the far right as sometimes it is "exit only". Anytime should be fine but at rush hour there will be back-ups near intersections with other interstates. Shirley
  10. sdeasy

    RV Oven

    Thanks for joining the thread and reporting your wonderful results. I agree that a pizza stone does help a lot. Seems to even out the heat. I use the middle position for most things or I get burning on the bottom and undone on the top. But having made bread in the past, I understand about rising loafs. Wish I was there to sample your results! I'm still unhappy with RV ovens and we will are thinking of solutions as mentioned in this thread. Shirley
  11. For the last 3 years we have met my brother for a week of "camping". The first year he said we weren't camping - he was right! We were living in our RV and he was camping in his tent. Now he says the best way to tent camp is near his sister's 5th wheel. It has morning coffee, breakfast and nice place to hang out in when it rains.
  12. sdeasy

    RV Oven

    Thanks for this idea. My husband is going to look into this. I really would like a better oven. We love homemade cookies and pizza!
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. Take your time on trip to Florida and be kind to yourselves.
  14. sdeasy

    RV Oven

    I'm sending cake to all of you for your help. Check your mail in a few days....
  15. sdeasy

    RV Oven

    Thanks to all for your thoughts. I tried the pizza stone in the bottom yesterday and that did give me more even cooking. At some point we may replace it with an induction stove top unit and just use the convection feature if the microwave. Ours only goes to 425 degrees so it doesn't cook pizza well. And it is too small for a turkey. But that is why we will have Thanksgiving at my nieces house!
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