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  1. Hopefully you'll be placing those Barringtons on hard surfaces or they'll sink into the ground , until they hit the cross bars .
  2. You can get whole house filters at any big box home improvement store like Home Depot and the like .
  3. Fighting my way to the egg ? I do that almost every morning , But , I like toast along side . LOL
  4. I'm guessing you didn't like what that pro had to say , so you're looking for a different answer from the masses . Best of luck .
  5. Better a bit too much than not enough . I'm in about the same boat . I carry a 100' heavy duty garden type and and extra 25' white and some spare hose for what ever use comes to being .
  6. Pat & Pete


    So , that's my problem .
  7. You probably did that on purpose . Duly noted . LOL
  8. Be absolutely sure it's DirecTV you'll be giving your information to .
  9. Maybe turn your camera down ? Sorry , I can't speak to your drain problem .
  10. Agreed . 15 year acrylic is nearing miracle status .
  11. Maybe : https://www.homedepot.com/p/Xtreme-Dash-Cam-XDC6-1003-BLK/206632954?cm_mmc=Shopping|G|HC|D25T|25-31_GARAGE/AUTOMOTIVE|NA|NA|RLSA|71700000037147753|58700004141485307|92700034088528807&gclid=Cj0KCQjw-tXlBRDWARIsAGYQAmejim0ysl2zY6_Dzm_6Re2BUh98HDLuFI4fleZ3nhKZqRQqKqaMhgUaAtb0EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  12. They don't allow camping , no matter how much you spend . But , yeah , it costs us to park there , too .
  13. As far as I know , Walmart does not allow free camping . They do , for the most part , allow overnight parking .
  14. Sorry , I thought that was a given ( plug one side while plunging the other ). Didn't mean for any messes to be made .
  15. A plunger would have been my first step and likely solved the problem in record time . Nothing I've read in this thread tells me it's a vent problem .
  16. Have you tried soaking the latch with silicone spray and working the mechanism ? That usually does the trick for me .
  17. We were 'there' , too . Tons of stuff donated and a few garage sales took care of most of what had been accumulated over the previous couple decades . We really didn't need a lot of things 'required' , as most can be used in almost any lifestyle . We wait until we'll be sitting long enough for delivery to catch up to us before we order anything .
  18. We had none of those . We must be very fortunate to still be full time about 9 years later , with no end in sight and still not having any of those .
  19. It is for us . We have to make a personal appearance once every 5 years for drivers license renewal .
  20. Broken spring was the first possibility that came to mind .
  21. It shouldn't take much gas . Looks to be in decent condition . At least on the outside .
  22. The van does have some nice features and some not . To me , that 'bed' looks to be the biggest joke . That would be a deal breaker , for me .
  23. Welcome Pat . Read , read and read some more . When you have a question , just ask . As for that cliff thing , enjoy the flight . It's a great way to live .
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