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  1. The van does have some nice features and some not . To me , that 'bed' looks to be the biggest joke . That would be a deal breaker , for me .
  2. Welcome Pat . Read , read and read some more . When you have a question , just ask . As for that cliff thing , enjoy the flight . It's a great way to live .
  3. I was just kidding . We'll have to see if the free is as good as the paid . LOL Thanks for the heads up .
  4. So , will I have to pay for the ice cream in/on the cone ?
  5. We do our best to stay safe , but , if your # is up ...
  6. It sure did what it said it would . As for temporary , what on this earth isn't ? Snake oil turned a system that was doing no good into something that actually works . How long it will work is a story yet to be told .
  7. Sharing what I've done to stop severely leaking hydraulic leveling jacks . Our 2000 Monaco has Power Gear leveling jacks . They leaked a little over the last few years , but , the leaking reached the point of leaking fluid pretty bad . I had to readjust the level almost every day and , of course , the leaks left puddles of fluid . I thought I'd have to remove the jacks and replace the seals . Trying to avoid that task , I thought I'd try a transmission stop leak first . I bought Bar's Leak Automatic Transmission Repair ( pictured below ) . It is compatible with all automatic transmission fluids . Our system uses Dexron 3 . Being there was more than enough fluid on the ground , I wasn't too worried about over filling the system . Just to be sure , I retracted the jacks and applied the 'repair' . To better mix the 'repair' with the fluid in the system , I cycled ( extend and retract ) the jacks 3 or 4 times . That was a few days ago . The first day the rig settled a bit , but not as much as before . I readjusted . Since then , the rig has not sank a bit . And , no fresh fluid on the ground . So far , I'm a very happy camper . I'll give the fix a fair amount of time and report whether it held or not .
  8. This park outside of Deming , NM. is a singles park , but , all are welcome : https://lowhirvranch.com/index.html Decent , clean and friendly . We stayed there and would again .
  9. Seems you're making hurdles . There are folks of all ages in parks , like life everywhere . Relax and enjoy . Have fun .
  10. Just ask if you run into problems .
  11. Please post a short video of your parking experience with that Parkit .
  12. Guestiment , about 1 dollar per mile . But , it doesn't really matter . We're going until we can't .
  13. I've found that loose connections can cause 'headaches' . Here is a diagnostic manual for your fridge : https://www.fourwh.com/NewDometicRefrigeratorManual.pdf
  14. Most often we travel at speeds between 55 and 60 . We generally travel US highways and avoid interstates . We wouldn't want to get in the way of anyone wanting to hurry to their end . Mileage ends up being 9 - 10 MPG . Our Monaco Monarch has a 315 HP V10 .
  15. Thanks , I'll try .
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