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    Too many to list . But , pretty much what I feel like being interested in today . :)

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  1. Pat & Pete

    Control the Federal Dept?

    Al , you should have quit with that^ .
  2. Pat & Pete

    These Ain't No Holiday Lights

    I use this site for my image hosting : https://postimages.org Simple and quick .
  3. Pat & Pete

    These Ain't No Holiday Lights

    Just post the pic(s) so everyone can get an idea . And , looks to be a nice set up , Randy .
  4. Pat & Pete

    Control the Federal Dept?

    You're being ridiculous .
  5. Pat & Pete

    Control the Federal Dept?

    What a joke . Some have turned the main focus of this thread into whether or not the proposed subject is political . Like Oregon JIm states , there's virtually nothing that can be discussed as most everything is related , somehow , to government , at one level or another . Even our speech , for cryin' out loud . Oh , maybe the number of tp sheets each of us uses . I don't think there's a regulation on that , YET . As for our debt , I have no answer . Maybe simply declare bankruptcy and start over . Happens every day .
  6. Pat & Pete


    Ha . I probably should . Just to start getting acclimated for the late Spring , Summer and early Fall we'll be spending in mid/northern Michigan next year . We haven't spent much time there in the last 3 - 4 years . I'm gonna have to start wearing long pants .
  7. Pat & Pete


    I really am sorry for that . I can be so bad , sometimes . If it makes you feel any better , it's only suppose to get up to 79° today .
  8. Pat & Pete


    I guess a guy has to have something to do . I happen to like doing a 5 minute job of slipping foam insulation , along with heat tape inside , over the hose . That heat tape gets a wrap or two around the CG spigot and then plugged in . Done and never a worry , until it's time top spend another 5 minutes undoing what was just done .
  9. Pat & Pete

    Snow roads

    We haven't seen snow , but for a few pictures , in about 8 years . Thankfully . Good luck with your attempt at escape .
  10. Pat & Pete


    I gonna be mean here for a minute . TODAY NOV 6 Sunny H 82° L 53° 0% Precipitation SSW 6 mph 29% Humidity Nice day for a ride here in Queen Creek , Az .
  11. Pat & Pete

    How to attach photo

    I simply pasted the direct link for the pic below , with no tags , from my https://postimages.org account . I
  12. Pat & Pete

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    Definitely . We like being able to have the windows and door open . Specially with a slight breeze to keep things fresh .
  13. Pat & Pete

    Toilet paper...

    Of course , what you said is true . It was our choice to buy a large black tank so we wouldn't have 'worry' . I have to ask , exactly how much room does TP take in any black tank ? And , like Kirk suggests , this is a rather odoriferous thread . LOL
  14. Pat & Pete

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    Sunny and 71° here in Queen Creek , Az . Nice and comfy .