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  1. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Which model Watts regulator do you have now ? It's likely all you'll need . Watts has a very good reputation ... quality .
  2. Hmm , maybe they cheapened the unit to the point of needing a rain guard ? Our PI unit has been hanging on a pedestal in one place or another for almost 8 years without any protection from any weather .
  3. Has this stunt happen to you ?

    Not exactly an HDT story : A couple of nights ago , we slept in Las Cruces , NM . Got up the next morning to our MH door wide open . I did lock it before we went to bed , but evidently it wasn't latched good . Nothing else wrong or out of place . We stepped outside for a smoke and coffee and closed the door as always . Oops , the lock was still set and we had no keys . I got in through an unlocked window to save the day .
  4. Happy Thanksgiving

    Can I get in on this ? Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ! Yesterday afternoon , we arrived , safely , in Queen Creek , Az . We had a decent trip ( 2038 miles ) , but for a few 'bumps' . I think no more than any other 'road' . And , yes , it was/is fun . New scenery and people around every bend . Most of which have been pleasant . I've been told that a frozen turkey is thawing in preparation for what looks to be a festive couple of Thanksgiving days . We haven't seen most of these relatives in many years and the stories ... Anyway , good times .
  5. Michigan Winter Weather

    Grew up and lived In West Michigan ( Grand Rapids area ) 'til eight years ago . March is unpredictable , but for a short time frame . Honestly , I'd wait until after the salt has been washed off the roads . I'll simply wish you the best of luck .
  6. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Here's another one to consider : https://www.flowpur.com/html/rv-pro10000.html
  7. Best RV Park - Texas Gulf Coast

    Maybe check your PMs .
  8. Buying a cover

    There's a sucker born every minute .
  9. Buying a cover

    LOL... Have you EVER seen an RV covered at any dealer ?
  10. Best RV Park - Texas Gulf Coast

    Shouldda followed my suggestion . He's a man that does the wifi for some of the oil rigs and knows his business . Like I said excellent wifi .
  11. Buying a cover

    I don't sell blue tarps . I get them for free from Harbor Freight . That should tell you everything you need to know about blue tarps . And , I've seen more damage from covers than any of them are worth .
  12. What Happened to Forks

    I figured as much . Who knows the real reason for the 'change' ...
  13. So How Do We Pack When Moving

    Obviously you haven't heard of unbreakable dinner ware . Even between the glass items we never place anything . Sure sometimes they get moved around , but in close to 8 years full time , nothing has broken from travel trauma . We do drive only 55 - 60 MPH . Just keep in mind that you are directing an elephant through a china shop . That should keep you out of most trouble .
  14. What Happened to Forks

    If you can afford a quarter million dollar unit , you should be able to afford an on call fix it guy with a golden touch .