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  1. Exciting times last night ?
  2. We've been SD residents for the past 5 years . It's time to renew drivers licenses , which has to be done in person or at least a visit to SD within the last year and a receipt to prove it has to be 'shown' . We intended to make that^ happen on our way north this Spring , but ??? Maybe have to delay 'passage' . 😞
  3. I believe the DOT offices of SD will be closed until 5-2-2020 . Might want to wait for a bit after that to avoid any rush . 😉 https://dot.sd.gov
  4. You mean to say that you'd chance any of the candy in the aforementioned scenario ?
  5. Now might just be the best time to 'visit' a public restroom , as everyone feels exactly the same as you . LOL
  6. I found this LA Times article interesting : https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2020-03-22/coronavirus-outbreak-nobel-laureate
  7. I found that drying dishes actually burns a few of the calories taken in during dinner . Very few . LOL
  8. Looks like a piece of angle with a screw hole in it . Most any surface clamp should do as good or better . Depending on the subsurface , the 'clamp' may not even be needed . Simply drill through the framing and apply a screw .
  9. While that^ may be true , and , as much as I'd like to utilize the method , our coach doesn't have a lot of room to allow a dinners dishes and cookware to be air dried . Beside all that , the job getting totally done , in short order , helps keep 'everyone' happy .
  10. A little trick is to keep the humidity really low so they almost dry themselves . Then it only takes a quick swipe . LOL
  11. Does the dish dryer have any trouble keeping pace ?
  12. The right tool 'almost' makes a job fun .
  13. Just because a person happens to be homeless doesn't mean they are out of touch . Many are much more 'aware' than a lot of folks that are homed . I'd think that any shelters would be prepared ...
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