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  1. That^ really does work . I just tried it . But , I didn't use a dishpan or I'd have had to wash that , too . LOL I used about a gallon and a half . Rinse , included .
  2. Let us know how that works out for you .
  3. Might have a look at the battery connections . The small contact pins can get 'dirty' and cause all sorts of problems . Remember that things expand when heated . That includes connections . A little dirt could easily act as an insulator , either partially or fully . Caig Deoxit is a very good and effective contact cleaner .
  4. Hmm , most of the articles 13 'points' can also be applied to any other style of life , in varying degrees . Seems a waste of time , but , the writer might even have been paid for it . Maybe Kiplinger is running out of useful material ?
  5. I use the regular UV resistant roof repair tape from Menards . Applied around all fan/vents , sky lights and front and rear cap seams . I did most of that 10 years ago and it's holding just fine . You better know exactly where you want it , because once it's down , it isn't coming back up without a real good fight .
  6. Thanks for that , Larry .
  7. Michigan's governor just extended the stay home order until June 12 . There are supposed exceptions ... AFAIK , that affects all state and county parks .
  8. I don't recall , exactly . I think it was a good quality non-hardening RTV . I left the old seal in place and simply 'dressed' it with that RTV . I do remember the seal being somewhat supple , yet slightly dried . The dried part is likely part of the reason for moisture getting between the panes .
  9. I have , about 9 years ago . But , I must have done something wrong as it needs doing again . The glass has 'fogged' to the point that , if the sun hits it right , it's like a sheet of dull white paper . Otherwise , I can still see through , just not clearly . It's a rather easy job . Just time consuming and the weather has to cooperate . Lately , it hasn't been exactly perfect or maybe I haven't been .
  10. That's much better than sitting on your thumbs , waiting to get on .
  11. I use to run MalwareBytes , but haven't until this evening . Your post stoked my curiosity and I downloaded and ran MB . It found half a dozen threats . None serious , but , I quarantined them anyway . I have to think that I must be real lucky or I'm doing something right to have only 6 possible threats . But , maybe I'm just dreaming . Oh , and , I don't let Windows do any updates . I'm running a basic version of W7 Home Premium . Seems it's a lot smaller than the original version . That's fine by me as it is a lot faster . And , I never seem to have any problems .
  12. Kirk , I run no antivirus software other than any that might be built into my browser . And , haven't for a few years . No problems . I use Vivaldi browser . Definitely worth researching . It's quick and has features that minimize problematic intrusions . I also run Disconnect Basic ( free ) : https://disconnect.me . That , just for a bit of added 'protection . And , I see no ads , as Vivaldi has a builtin blocker that works .
  13. You're not going to share what the problem was ?
  14. Ha . You really hit right . Even at a higher price ( 303 , thanks to a nice discount ) , I didn't have to think about the switch for more than a second . LOL
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