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    Too many to list . But , pretty much what I feel like being interested in today . :)

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  1. Pat & Pete

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    BTDT . Both lifting the bed and cut a hole in the bed ( different trucks ) , using tools and blades that I bought at HF .
  2. Just fill the Jeep tires with helium .
  3. Pat & Pete

    Damnphool ideas

    North of the border , maybe .
  4. Pat & Pete

    Are You Still In?

    Probably the same people that are surprised when their nose runs in cold weather .
  5. Pat & Pete

    Change To Federal Reservation System

    Thanks for that^ , Ed . I think the move is a good thing .
  6. Pat & Pete

    Mobley/United Explore SIM error

    Have you tried resetting the Mobley ? This from the user guide : Reset the Mobile Hotspot You can reset the mobile hotspot to its factory settings on the mobile hotspot itself or on the full AT&T Wi-Fi Manager home page. (This is useful if you have lost your Administrator login for the AT&T Wi-Fi Manager home page.) Notes: • If you reset the modem to factory settings, all of your customizations will be lost. • When you reset the mobile hotspot, any currently connected devices will lose access and will have to be reconnected after the mobile hotspot restarts. On the mobile hotspot: Press and hold the Reset Key until the LED 1 indicator turns red (about 7 seconds). After the device has reset, reconnect Wi-Fi devices. On the full AT&T Wi-Fi Manager home page: Log in as Administrator. Click Settings on the navigation menu on the left side. Click Advanced Device Reset. Click Reset
  7. Pat & Pete

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Anyone remember Indestro tools ? My folks bought me a set ( 1/2" ratchet , sockets , extensions and a breaker bar ) for my 16th birthday back in 1966 . I still have and use them . I even have the original metal flip top box they came in . Engines , transmissions , suspensions ... nothing has broken any of it . And , I have never been easy on them , either . My dad bought tools from HF way back when they were mail order . He was a master wood worker . I still have some of his HF tools . So , they must have at least some stuff worth while .
  8. Pat & Pete

    Damnphool ideas

    Ha. Nothin' to it , but to do it . Prolly best leave right soon , as there'll be snow to contend with before too long .
  9. Pat & Pete

    Mobley Service

    Often , we'll have ATT Mobley internet and no phone service . That doesn't bother us much as we leave our phone off , but for once a month or so DW calls her mother and the once every couple years I might call some stray soul for whatever reason .
  10. Pat & Pete

    Class A with driver’s seat legroom

    I take it you are not mechanically inclined . I would think a dealer would do that , specially if it meant a sale . If you're looking at new from the factory , you could order a custom seat location .
  11. Pat & Pete

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    That's what's nice about the HF sockets , you can 'shape' them and not feel bad about it . Happen to need new ones , they're cheap enough . I have some that have absolutely no 'lip' anymore and some that have rather thin sidewalls .
  12. Pat & Pete

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Like everything else in life , Harbor Freight has it place . Yup , I have a bunch of their free stuff : flash lights and multi meters . I bought a set of deep well sockets from them way way back and they do take a beating . Still use them . I bought one of their cheap angle grinders . I can't abuse it enough and the dang thing just keeps ripping along . I use cutting and grinder discs from them . Also sanding belts . And , I use their cheap one time use latex type gloves . Saves a lot of hand washing . LOL
  13. Pat & Pete

    Class A with driver’s seat legroom

    How much more room do you need ? I'm about 6' w/ 32.5" inseam and I have way more room than I need . Our rig has a 6 way seat . I can adjust it so I can't comfortably touch the pedals or so I'm totally cramped to the point of making any driving a very foolish move . You might think about buying which ever one you like best and making it fit you . Possibly moving the seat mount back a bit ...
  14. Pat & Pete

    Fumoto Valve

    It only takes me about 20 minutes . But , I use a very high tech drainage device . I re-purpose a cereal box . Strip it to a single layer and fold it into a V . That's what takes so much time . And , it doesn't cost near as much as one of those fancy no need for a wrench valves . LOL