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  1. Pat & Pete

    Why can't DP owners learn the basics

    But , how many breaks do you take ? LOL
  2. Pat & Pete

    Local CG Needs To Change To Workcampers

    Right . Fire them . Then replace them with volunteers . Any paid employees will straighten up in a hurry or risk the same fate . Problem solved .
  3. Pat & Pete

    Convert manual landing gear to electric

    Might have to change that to 4 . Or , however many jacks are involved .
  4. Pat & Pete

    IRT canceled? a little off topic

    Some of you guys must really love(d) your job . Get done working . Get home and turn on a show about work . LOL
  5. Pat & Pete

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    Maybe you should have left all 5 woods , but for the buildings ? Here , it's currently 69° , on it's way to the upper 80s a bit later today . It's what the locals call monsoon season , so , scattered showers .
  6. Pat & Pete

    Convert manual landing gear to electric

    This might help : I know it's likely not exactly what you had in mind , but it definitely speeds the process . That Is one of the better ones , but they came in lesser qualities also . https://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DW059K-2-18-Volt-2-inch-Cordless/dp/B0001LQLE2
  7. Pat & Pete

    Water Tank Sanitization

    Oh , you pour soul . Glad you're made it through to be able to tell us about it . LOL
  8. Pat & Pete

    How-to Sharpen a Drill Bit

    So , the other 364 days you're stuck with dull bits ?
  9. Pat & Pete

    Maxx fan stopped working

    Have you tried eliminating the on/off switch with a jumper or taking the switch out of the circuit and making a direct connection ?
  10. We only use the OEM Winegard antenna plus a little addition in place of a Wingman . Works great .
  11. Pat & Pete

    How-to Sharpen a Drill Bit

    I did that for years . Probably way more than a decent set of bits and a Drill Doctor combined . Sure you won't use it every day , maybe . But , it'll likely never cost you a penny for another set of bits . I keep mine in a zip lock bag . The dang thing looks as good as the day I got it and does the very same job . It's one of those convenience tools . That's why you have to get it as a gift , so you won't feel so bad .
  12. Pat & Pete

    How-to Sharpen a Drill Bit

    Maybe you could interest someone in buying you a Drill Doctor for your birthday or Father's Day or Christmas or ... I have one . Way quick and easy .
  13. Pat & Pete

    Friendly Dog Repellent

    Maybe , but , do you really want be smelling vinegar all day ?
  14. Pat & Pete

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    Clouds and some much needed rain today , which escorted in a huge relief , temp wise . A comfortable 74°F with slight breeze feels just right .
  15. Pat & Pete

    Water Tank Sanitization

    That might do a good job on the tank , but , the hose from the spigot needs doing , as well as the plumbing from the hose to the tank , etc ... Nothing is as it seems .