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  1. Pat & Pete

    Measure Road Distance

    It does . Just scroll in close . The #s will show up on the roadway just before an exit . Just a plain # . Nothing else .
  2. Pat & Pete

    Measure Road Distance

    It has always worked for me . Whether it was crow miles or otherwise , it always seems to be well within reason . If it happens to be a couple miles off , so what ? No finite definition required .
  3. Pat & Pete

    Measure Road Distance

    I use that feature on Google maps all the time . Enter start and finish and drag their route to your preferred route . Done .
  4. Pat & Pete

    Service Dogs?

    Good . So am I . I was just trying to match his sarcastic inference . A lot of people are simply big kids . They are going to see just how far they can get away with most anything .
  5. Maybe put it in the Windows folder ?
  6. Pat & Pete

    The Ranch

    Normal ... very subjective . I use to do what you're describing , too . Not a chance it'd happen anymore . There are always things of interest , if you look close enough .
  7. Pat & Pete

    The Ranch

    There's a big part of your problem . Are you getting paid for that ? Or are you just trying to cram too much into a 5 pound bag ?
  8. Pat & Pete

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    Agreed . We're much the same^ . We even let Good Sam go as most often there's a choice of that or Passport America . PA always has the better 'deal' and not many times have we been to an GS only park .
  9. Pat & Pete

    Service Dogs?

    Good to see that you're compassionate .
  10. There are other operating systems available .
  11. Pat & Pete

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    CW is a laughable outfit , sorry to say .
  12. Pat & Pete

    Awning replacement

    It can be done alone , but, the hassles are way more 'intense' . I've done it . With a helper taking a slide awning/topper down or putting one up is a 15 minute job , taking your time . That includes winding and unwinding the spring(s) .
  13. Pat & Pete

    OH NO!!

    That would be interesting . Like a 60s Plymouth with Push Button transmission control on the dash . I recall driving on of those .