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  1. Buying a cover

    I don't sell blue tarps . I get them for free from Harbor Freight . That should tell you everything you need to know about blue tarps . And , I've seen more damage from covers than any of them are worth .
  2. What Happened to Forks

    I figured as much . Who knows the real reason for the 'change' ...
  3. So How Do We Pack When Moving

    Obviously you haven't heard of unbreakable dinner ware . Even between the glass items we never place anything . Sure sometimes they get moved around , but in close to 8 years full time , nothing has broken from travel trauma . We do drive only 55 - 60 MPH . Just keep in mind that you are directing an elephant through a china shop . That should keep you out of most trouble .
  4. What Happened to Forks

    If you can afford a quarter million dollar unit , you should be able to afford an on call fix it guy with a golden touch .
  5. What Happened to Forks

    This might help explain things : http://www.rvbusiness.com/2017/03/wednesdays-auction-signals-forks-rv-demise/
  6. Best RV Generator?

    But , Ray , some of us are not :
  7. Check Engine fault

    I don't know about HDT parts , but , I have done a fair share of dealing through Ebay and have never had a bad experience or part . I always look for the highest positive feedback ( about 98 % or higher ) before I buy and how many sales the seller has . In your case / example , I wouldn't hesitate to save a hundred bucks .
  8. Bird Poop

    The owl generally works fine , until they figure out that it isn't real . But , like you said , it's worth a try . At the very least it would help keep critters from enjoying the wiring on your truck and maybe even keep a few mice from wanting in your rig .
  9. Water Filtration

    Are planning on pulling a trailer to house all that^ ? There has to be a simpler way .
  10. Bird Poop

    No birds , this time of year is a tall order . Most migratory breeds are flocking for the journey . We passed some plowed fields along the highway today and the sky was patched black with birds . Thousands , easily . The reason an owl doesn't work for some is that they mount the decoy on a post and it never moves . Allow the decoy to move / turn or spin and the situation changes , quickly . Of course , then you might have to put up with a murder of crows attacking the owl , but ...
  11. Anybody here know New Mexico well?

    Ahh . I thought maybe that's what you might be talking about . The buffalo , I mean .
  12. Link to the story : http://woodtv.com/2017/11/07/netflix-warns-customers-of-membership-suspension-scam/
  13. Anybody here know New Mexico well?

    You saw hundreds of Ted Turners or acreage or ???
  14. Anode rod "tailings"(revisit)

    I know better than to think things are absolute . I was simply addressing the rod as it was basically the only concern . I've looked at softeners and that sounds like the best way to go . We are on the road in the morning with a SW heading . So , I suspect we'll find out pretty soon just how accurate your water description is .
  15. Lowering the exhaust stack yourself

    I can see that . Diesel fumes are perfume compared to welding fumes .