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  1. The switches pass 13.6 volts with the doors closed ( switches depressed ) and nothing when the door(s) are open . And , the bulb is new and tested . Works fine . The switches are open when the door(s) is/are open . That leads me to think that the light is acting as a ground path for an unknown , at this point , circuit . And , Yes , I'm using a good Multi-meter . The switches are opposite that^ . They are conductive only when they are depressed ( door(s) closed ) . And , Yes , I have the manual . It does not have a full wiring diagram . Only a pictorial and a basic wire path diagram . Once the meter is set correctly , it's just as simple as a jumper wire and it provides details as to what and how much .
  2. Finally got around to messing with the fridge . Disconnected all power for close to an hour and connected the board positive to ground to try evacuating any leftover power in any circuits . I even disconnected the eyebrow board to check for any corrosion . None to be found and connections seem clean and tight . Checked voltages : almost 13 on the twelve volt input and 126 on the 120 input . Reconnected everything as it should be and restarted the fridge . Still no light . I'm thinking there must be a bad something on one of the boards , but ??? Everything else works as it should . Maybe I should install a couple magnetic switches and rewire the light separate from the main board . That would likely be a lot cheaper than a new board .
  3. It's been a week , but , I haven't abandoned this , yet . ;) Rain day here tomorrow , so , I plan to get after this problem while trapped inside anyway . I'll let you know just what I come up with , good or bad . Thanks , again . :)
  4. Thank You guys . I had the switches out . They gave way reluctantly , likely from being seated for 20 years without any disturbance . Both had continuity in the depressed ( door closed ) position . If that's correct , I'll have to keep looking for another cause .
  5. Hmm , No one has ever pulled a light switch from a Norcold fridge ? How are they held in place ? I'd think it a fairly simply affair . Maybe I'm not applying enough pressure , but ???
  6. Door switch ... I thought about pulling them and checking the actual contacts . Don't know why I haven't done that yet . I've checked everything else . I thought that maybe it was something with the main circuit board . I just tried to pull them , but , they aren't moving . Is there a special method for removing those switches ? Multiple flicking does nothing .
  7. Norcold 1200 ... The Interior light doesn't come on . The old bulb is still good , but , I replaced it anyway . There's no power to the bulb at the joint connection for the thermistor / light . The thermistor has power . I've disconnected all power to the main circuit board for a few minutes . Maybe not enough time for a total reset ? It should be noted that the light was working prior to a defrost with the fridge turned off . Restarted the fridge and the light doesn't come on . I'm wondering what might cause that^ ? I've searched without finding a single answer .
  8. Hopefully you'll be placing those Barringtons on hard surfaces or they'll sink into the ground , until they hit the cross bars .
  9. You can get whole house filters at any big box home improvement store like Home Depot and the like .
  10. Fighting my way to the egg ? I do that almost every morning , But , I like toast along side . LOL
  11. I'm guessing you didn't like what that pro had to say , so you're looking for a different answer from the masses . Best of luck .
  12. Better a bit too much than not enough . I'm in about the same boat . I carry a 100' heavy duty garden type and and extra 25' white and some spare hose for what ever use comes to being .
  13. Pat & Pete


    So , that's my problem .
  14. You probably did that on purpose . Duly noted . LOL
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