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  1. DonCoyote

    DRV water intrusion poll

    Seems only fair......... 100% of people polled reported having water intrusion issues.......that's how the letter to the attorney starts.
  2. DonCoyote

    Tioga George is gone

    Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed his blog.
  3. DonCoyote

    DRV Full House JX450 and Ram 5500

    Tried to send you an email but the address isn't valid. Please PM me the address.
  4. DonCoyote

    residential fridge, French door locks

    YES!!!! Many thanks.
  5. I saw a gadget recently that was a lock for residential refrigerators, specifically those with French doors. It looked interesting but now I can't remember the what it was called and searches aren't turning anything up. Does anyone use such a monster and if so what brand? Thanks
  6. DonCoyote

    Multi Year Escapees Membership Renewal?

    James Hendrix, The OP had mentioned a multi year discount. If we call in and renew for multiple years is there a discount or is it at the one year rate?
  7. Not at all, Kirk. Thanks for letting me clarify. I simply mean what I stated and no more. The program, as it stands today as a club benefit, "leaves a lot to be desired". I think the OPs choice of words were a little strong. People who have motorhomes desire a program that covers motorhome tires. People who who have trailers desire a program that covers truck tires. People who have medium duty and class 8 trucks desire those tires. People with larger 5th wheels desire a program that covers higher rated tires. Thus my opinion that the program leaves a lot to be desired. There are other programs out there offered by other clubs which provide exactly what most people desire. Now where it gets interesting, and what we're not able to quantify. A lot of the clubs today offer overlapping benefits and a lot of people get their needs met perfectly well by belonging to more than one club. I personally have no problem belonging to multiple clubs to maximize the benefits that I can receive as long as the cost of membership provides a greater reward. The club that gathers the most of these benefits into one package is the most viable going forward. The club that brings the most benefit to the manufacturer will also garner the greater benefit that they are able to offer their members. Since I use some of the stickier services within Escapees it is my hope that they will be able to convince Goodyear or Michelin that they can bring the same weight as the other clubs which appear to currently have a more favored status. I hope that Escapees/Xscapers is spending as much or more time on industry relations as they are on social media outreach. I feel there is far greater long term benefit in industry relations given the niche market that it is.
  8. The Escapees tire discount leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn't cover motorhome tires, medium duty truck tires or even most sizes of pickup tires. It is good for trailers and autos. That's about it. I've asked repeatedly about when they may include medium duty truck tires but Escapees just says "they're working on it". FMCA and Coach-Net have very good tire discount programs. FMCA's discount will more than cover the cost of a one year membership. FMCA's program is also very user friendly so you can see exactly what you pay. They send you to a dealer in your area after you get a price using their online tool.
  9. Well.....that's not really how it was answered at all. There were many opinions from this thread including someone who echoed the above comments. Here is a LINK to the recent question that I had posted. I got some good answers back from the group.
  10. DonCoyote

    Mexico travel

    I'd be interested to hear the details of how he does this. Which border crossing would be good info. Thanks
  11. Ok.......Can you help me with why you think that is what not to do? I know a lot of people who have done exactly these steps as they become full timers. Where do you see problems? It seems as though she has severed all ties with IL and established domicile in FL. Now I don't know whether she has established relationships with doctors, lawyers, churches, civic organizations, etc., but where has she gone wrong or where are the pitfalls? I think your insight would be valuable information to weigh.
  12. Is NDs PPO a national network ? I think when I was looking at that the other day I saw that they had a PPO but that it wasn’t a national network. Perhaps I just didn’t see it.
  13. I would agree with that. Especially if you are receiving a large subsidy.