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  1. FL recognizes classes taken in other states for CCW. They do not require a class dedicated to concealed carry like some states. You only need a hunting license or a basic pistol safety course with a certificate with the qualified instructor's credentials. Once you have FL domicile you can do this online or in person. They do require pictures and fingerprints.
  2. We are volunteering there beginning on 9/6 through the end of the event (Oct 15?) and they are still looking for volunteers for the parking crew. Parking spot w/ FHU for the first few weeks and then W/E site with honey wagon. Job includes clearing the parking area of debris, stuffing swag bags, prepping the area for parking pre-fiesta and of course the actual checking in and parking visitors. Pre-fiesta work hours are 3 or four hours weekdays before the sun gets hot. Fiesta time is AHOD. If you send me a message I can get you a contact so that you can research it further.
  3. Good info. Thanks.
  4. We've stayed at Spring Creek Park in Tomball, TX. It's a county run park that is really pretty. Best of all it is FREE for FHU 50 amp site. They have about 8 sites in a row that are level and fully paved. I think maximum stay is 7 days. SpringCreek Here's the reviews from spring-creek-park We're also a big rig and I wouldn't hesitate to suggest it to anyone.
  5. Our journey was similar. We had originally intended to pick SD and then changed to TX and eventually realized that FL was our best option being pre- medicare age. FL gives us the best health coverage and it has worked well.
  6. ACA coverage in FL varies by zip code. We found that the more rural the zip code the cheaper the ACA pricing. It is for this reason that we picked Escapees MFS. Sumter County has some of the lowest costs when it comes to ACA. When we were looking it was well below Brevard or Leon. I think you're looking at it wrong. Worry less about what the MFS costs and more at the ACA differences. It wasn't clear from your original post if you were planning to travel full-time. If so, which county you domicile in really doesn't matter. Of course, moot point if you plan to also stay in Tallahassee. Sumter County is also super easy to declare domicile and register vehicles. Think small town. They answer the phone with a real voice when you need it. BTW we have been very happy with our Florida Blue Plan off of the exchange. My wife is currently recuperating from a broken leg while we're in Oregon. She broke it in OR and we stayed to find an orthodox doc who could see her through her care for 6 weeks before we start heading south towards Albuquerque in September. The national coverage component of the plan has really helped. Just a few thoughts for you. Good luck in your search.
  7. Who is your insurance through? That would be helpful to know. If it's through the TX exchange, it does not provide national coverage. That is the biggest reason we picked FL for our state of residency.
  8. We'll be there volunteering at the Balloon Fiesta. We'd love to meet up when you get there!. As far as I know there isn't a convergence yet planned for ABQ but certainly doesn't prohibit folks from getting together.. The Escapees Boomers group also has a very large presence at the Fiesta. Dues for the group are very reasonable and they're a fun group.
  9. We have an inflatable tandem kayak by Advanced Elements. It's a really nice trackable kayak with rigid sides once inflated. They also have single paddler kayaks as well. They store really nicely in the belly of our 5er.
  10. Unused and never installed. Complete with instructions. $95 including shipping. General purpose electrical interface between HDT electrical system and the RV or 5th wheel electrical system. Email me at mhylbom at mac dot com. Located in the Hill Country of TX for the next month but will ship with PayPal payment.
  11. The call was simple. We used to live in a big city where going to or calling the motor vehicle dept involved losing a day of your life. With our domicile in Bushnell it is a pleasure to be able to call the tax collector's office and I was speaking to a live person immediately and I had a clear answer in under a minute. An unseen benefit of Escapees.
  12. I just talked to Sumter County tax collector's office in FL. They said that it's not a problem. The dealer just has some paperwork that they need to download and have us sign. They said the dealer can call and they will walk them through the process. Very helpful.
  13. We are domiciled in FL but only return once a year. We are currently in TX and we have found a car that we would like to buy and register in FL. CarMax is telling us that we would need to drive the car back to FL in order to register it and obtain FL tags. I was thinking we would buy the car and drive it on temporary tags until FL was able to mail out tags to the dealer. We will be here in TX until May. We would also pay FL taxes through the dealer. This seems like something that others must have experience with. We won't be returning to FL until early 2018. We also have no intention of using Livingston as a registration address. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks all! Many great suggestions. We stayed at Goose Island for a week and now at Devils Canyon, both BLM and $10/night. We'll be heading to Gooseneck SP and more locations @ Mexican Hat and then heading to Mesa Verde.