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  1. Well.....that's not really how it was answered at all. There were many opinions from this thread including someone who echoed the above comments. Here is a LINK to the recent question that I had posted. I got some good answers back from the group.
  2. DonCoyote

    Mexico travel

    I'd be interested to hear the details of how he does this. Which border crossing would be good info. Thanks
  3. Ok.......Can you help me with why you think that is what not to do? I know a lot of people who have done exactly these steps as they become full timers. Where do you see problems? It seems as though she has severed all ties with IL and established domicile in FL. Now I don't know whether she has established relationships with doctors, lawyers, churches, civic organizations, etc., but where has she gone wrong or where are the pitfalls? I think your insight would be valuable information to weigh.
  4. Is NDs PPO a national network ? I think when I was looking at that the other day I saw that they had a PPO but that it wasn’t a national network. Perhaps I just didn’t see it.
  5. I would agree with that. Especially if you are receiving a large subsidy.
  6. I don’t need info in becoming a Floridian. I was looking for you to elaborate on why full timers with FL ACA and who spend little time in the state might need to worry. Thanks
  7. Thanks, Kirk, Do you know what other states will accept a mail forwarding address for domicile? A list would be very helpful. Quite often I find in talking to people that zero income tax loses some of its priority once retired and living on more of a fixed income.
  8. From what I can gather in my brief investigating, it all comes down to how easily it is to establish domicile. A great example is WY. Perfect sate with no income tax and national BCBS PPO on the exchange but you pretty much have to own property there. They DO NOT accept a mail forwarding address as a permanent address for establishing domicile. It's still the reason most full timers choose FL, TX or SD.
  9. There is so much great information here. I didn't want to hijack a different thread so I'll start a new one. Besides FL, what states offer a nationwide PPO through their ACA exchanges for 2019? In the meantime I'll start doing my own homework by muddling through healthcare.gov.
  10. Is the pressure from your gas line properly regulated? Are you using a connection that was used previously for a different appliance with no problems? Gas flow is the first thing that comes to mind for me.
  11. DonCoyote

    What brand?

    I would also second Alpine to the list, made by now defunct Western RV. I'm surprised that it took until page two for them to get a mention. You'll have to weigh the cons of having an orphan coach but I was always very impressed with these when we were looking at DPs and the fact that they are orphans gets you some very good pricing. I believe 2008 was the last year that they were made.
  12. Thanks everyone for your replies. We’ll do some more research. Like most RVers we’re usually in places where we can hike and bike but we also occasionally volunteer in small towns for 8-12 weeks at a time. Our last gig was in a town out west of 10,000 people which had two national chains. We also visit family in places that have access to national chains. What I was looking for was opinions from folks who have had experience using places like that. Nothing more.
  13. We're interested in finding a health club that we can visit anywhere in the country. Some of the larger ones are YMCA, Planet Fitness, Gold's, Anytime Fitness, LA Fitness, etc.... Does anyone have experience with any of these or perhaps one that I didn't mention? Thanks