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  1. I hope your 3.4 mpg dash display is wrong. My display is usually within .1-.2 mpg of what my calculated number is. Our 2006 VNL 780 D12 465 hp with 2.86(?) gears, 579k miles, and a loaded towing weight of around 41k lbs gets between 6.3 and 7.5 mpg loaded when towing at 60 mph depending on wind and terrain and stops/starts. But I have seen as low as 5.3 mpg while towing and traversing steep roads. Bobtailing at 55-60 mph usually gets us 9.0-10.5 mpg....again depending on the conditions. Bobtailing with a strong tailwind on relatively flat land has put us over 11 mpg a couple of times.
  2. Sage advice and comments from ROUS. My background is in electro-mechanical engineering and project/production management. Most of my opportunities have come from within my network of colleagues, previous employers, and word of mouth. None have come from job boards, LinkedIn, or placement agencies. That being said, all of the companies have needed technical support in remote locations (Dakotas, Puerto Rico, Arkansas, Mexico, etc.) that needed a continuous support/presence (boots on the ground) for multiple months at a time......not just occasional visits from the parent company support personnel. I fully retired in February, but all my projects in the last 4 years fell along the border at various maquiladoras in Mexico. Of that, I had perhaps 6 months of remote, virtual support/monitoring and only traveling back when requested.
  3. Trailertraveler is correct. Those areas in New Mexico are not typical snowbird destinations but there are some that go there for the same reasons you mention. We stayed in Alpine, TX last winter and the weather was cool and mild (4500') with only one dusting, but nowhere near the snowy regions. Las Cruces and Deming are a little lower in altitude than here, but nearer to Cloudcroft and Ruidoso (7000'-8000') and the wintery weather.
  4. The lower fuel prices have still not arrived here in Alpine, TX. As of this morning, diesel is $2.59/gal and gas is $2.09/gal.
  5. JP70: I will have to take some pics of the bed and send them to you. The bed was put on 10 years ago by the previous owner. It was built and installed by B&G Truck Conversions in Argos, IN. They will build whatever you want, but mostly cater to the mobile home transport industry. The bed is not set up the way I would like it, but it has been functional and served us well so far. If we ever decide to carry a bike or car on the bed, we will make some changes. We are using a Hensley TSLB2H hitch. We added the 3rd airbag to bring the pin weight capacity up to 7500 lbs as our pin weight (with an empty garage) broke the 5000 lb threshhold. We were introduced to the HDT option by Henry back in 2010 at the Escapade in Goshen, IN when I asked him what he pulled his Royals International with. He showed me his truck and sold me on that being a less expensive and more capable option than the 1T dually I was preparing to buy. Thanks to Henry, we have the truck you see in the picture. Truck info: 2006 VNL 780 Volvo 12 L Eaton 10 spd automatic 2.36 rear 569,000 miles +/- Plated as an RV
  6. Very nice truck!!! How about some details/specs? The pics of Jon's truck gave me a bit of a start for just a second. My first impression was that it looked like ours.
  7. That is a simple solution that would work well also.
  8. I was working on making a "T" latch system to hold the fridge french doors and freezer drawer closed while in transit, when my wife said not to waste my time. She takes the belt off her robe and ties the doors together and then loops the end through the freezer drawer handle and ties it to the door above. I have to say it has worked well for the last 4 years of full-timing, doesn't chafe the finish, and the doors have never come open. Kudos to her for keeping it simple.
  9. We had a problem in our bed room closet (front of the 5'er) with the hangars coming off, but I made a pole (per SWharton) to support the center of the clothes rod and it fixed the issue. Evidently, the weight of the clothes made the rod bounce and flex and eventually throw the clothes off. We also have a rod across the very back of the garage that holds our coats/jackets. It too would throw them off on rough roads/expansion joints. The center rod concept helped but didn't completely solve the problem so we finally reversed every other hangar on the rod so the hooks went opposite ways and "interlocked". We then bungeed them all together. That solved the problem.
  10. mb36912


    X2. DW says a dishwasher is a waste of space and CCC. Of course, she said the same thing about the washer and dryer....and so they were removed and sold.
  11. Brewster County, TX has declared a state of disaster and pretty much shut all non-essential business down. Hotels, motels, BNB's, short term rentals, RV parks, and campgrounds are closed to any travelers with the exception of law enforcement and health professionals. The long term/permanent residents have been permitted to stay as long as they were registered prior to March 9.
  12. Welcome to the forum!! I hope travel has loosened up and parks and campgrounds have opened back up by then.
  13. We are in Brewster County, TX and the 3/23 amendment to the closure mandate allows anyone who signed a long term (monthly) contract and already here before March 9th to stay and continue on as long-term "residents". No new customers are allowed in motels, hotels, AirBNB's, or campgrounds. Exceptions are being made for law enforcement, health professionals, and other "essential" service personnel.
  14. That is not surprising...many of the popular places are scheduled a year ahead of time. Before people leave, they reserve the same space (or a better one if one comes available) for the following year. We ran into that a few years ago in Florida. We ended up a lot further north than we had planned.....but still enjoyed it.
  15. We are from Bremen, IN. We bought our 2006 Volvo VNL780 in 2011 and our 2008 K-Z Escalade 41CKS in 2012. We sold the house in 2013 and started full-timing in 2014. We carry two lightweight motorcycles (a Kymco Spade 150 and a Honda XR650R) in the back of the Escalade. My wife (call sign Scout) takes drag or point with the 1999 Suburban depending on whether we are leaving or arriving at our destination. When the paid-for 1999 Suburban finally gives up the ghost, we will consider replacing it with something that will fit on the bed of the Volvo.....or not. Driving two vehicles works out well for individual music and temp control preferences and also allows her to "scout" roads and questionable areas before committing to them with the tractor and 5'er. It costs a little more in fuel, but not enough to break the bank. Radios with headsets provide immediate communications/conversation capabilities. We are very happy that we followed a fellow Escapee's advice back in 2010 to consider an HDT for our TV.
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