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  1. mb36912


    X2. DW says a dishwasher is a waste of space and CCC. Of course, she said the same thing about the washer and dryer....and so they were removed and sold.
  2. Brewster County, TX has declared a state of disaster and pretty much shut all non-essential business down. Hotels, motels, BNB's, short term rentals, RV parks, and campgrounds are closed to any travelers with the exception of law enforcement and health professionals. The long term/permanent residents have been permitted to stay as long as they were registered prior to March 9.
  3. Welcome to the forum!! I hope travel has loosened up and parks and campgrounds have opened back up by then.
  4. We are in Brewster County, TX and the 3/23 amendment to the closure mandate allows anyone who signed a long term (monthly) contract and already here before March 9th to stay and continue on as long-term "residents". No new customers are allowed in motels, hotels, AirBNB's, or campgrounds. Exceptions are being made for law enforcement, health professionals, and other "essential" service personnel.
  5. That is not surprising...many of the popular places are scheduled a year ahead of time. Before people leave, they reserve the same space (or a better one if one comes available) for the following year. We ran into that a few years ago in Florida. We ended up a lot further north than we had planned.....but still enjoyed it.
  6. We are from Bremen, IN. We bought our 2006 Volvo VNL780 in 2011 and our 2008 K-Z Escalade 41CKS in 2012. We sold the house in 2013 and started full-timing in 2014. We carry two lightweight motorcycles (a Kymco Spade 150 and a Honda XR650R) in the back of the Escalade. My wife (call sign Scout) takes drag or point with the 1999 Suburban depending on whether we are leaving or arriving at our destination. When the paid-for 1999 Suburban finally gives up the ghost, we will consider replacing it with something that will fit on the bed of the Volvo.....or not. Driving two vehicles works out well for individual music and temp control preferences and also allows her to "scout" roads and questionable areas before committing to them with the tractor and 5'er. It costs a little more in fuel, but not enough to break the bank. Radios with headsets provide immediate communications/conversation capabilities. We are very happy that we followed a fellow Escapee's advice back in 2010 to consider an HDT for our TV.
  7. We gave great thought to the 5th wheel/MH decision and finally went with the 5th wheel. We tend to stay in an area for anywhere from a week to a couple of months depending on what we find to do in the area and felt the 5th wheel provided more usable space. That being said, we would have made a MH home work and probably would have been perfectly content with it. Much of this depends on your mindset. In the last 6 years, it has become increasingly difficult to find places to stay on the spur of the moment on weekends. Our trip from Cheboygan, MI to Waco, TX was a real challenge while passing through Michigan and Ohio. Even calling ahead, we frequently found the weekends reserved in the campgrounds. The problem is especially bad in late spring, summer, and early fall. We are also seeing many, many more long term/permanent campground residents than we did 10 years ago. While this gives the park owners guaranteed revenue, it substantially reduces the number of sites available to traveling/short term RV'ers. We now call ahead and confirm site availability whenever we are traveling in the more populated states.....Washington, California, and most states east of the Mississippi.
  8. Joan and I registered a while back and will be arriving on Saturday. I am not sure exactly where we will be coming from yet......probably somewhere in Colorado. Right now, we are in Alpine, TX.
  9. We currently have Kymco Spade 150, Honda XR650R, and Yamaha TW200 trailbikes. They have all been sprocketed up a notch or two to make them more useful on the street. The TW200 has been universally great as it is quiet, can ride two up if necessary, and there are so many options that can be added (racks, etc). I, too, came from larger bikes (Buell Ulysses XB1200X and Yamaha FJR1300), but have found that I really enjoy riding the lightweight trailbikes on short runs (<40 miles). All of ours are under 300 lbs and easy to load and unload in the trailer or on the truck. We just do not make any of the long, multi day rides since we went on the road full time. The smaller bikes have been great for exploring trails, smaller roads, and even towns, but have still been just fast enough (55-65mph) to go down the highway for a few miles.
  10. Thanks for the info, everybody. I have been considering a straight down pin box, but need to make some calculations to ensure clearance when swinging. I currently have a 5th Airborne extended pin box that I run flat on my TSLB2H 3 bag hitch. I understand, Jack, and am glad to hear that this unit is an RVH as that is one of the ones I was looking at. It has the advantage of the pin not being quite straight down, but a little ahead of the first row of bolts. The straight down ones were too tight without modifying my bed or moving my hitch. I think the link that DesertMiner sent will give me enough information. If more information is necessary, I will contact you directly. Thanks, again.
  11. Do you know if the dimensional configuration matches the Mor/Ryde or Lippert 1621 HD series? Who made the pinbox and what model is it?
  12. We have been using the On-The-Go double standard 16,000 grain manual softener from www.rvwaterfilterstore.com for the last 4 years with good results. We bought it while in southern Arizona for the same reason.
  13. In addition, the new FAA regs require you to have a sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft System) license/certificate of registration to operate a drone that weighs in excess of 8 oz ("stick of butter" reg). You can read about the regulations at the following FAA sites....pretty much the same as mptjelgin listed above. https://www.faa.gov/uas/getting_started/ https://www.faa.gov/uas/recreational_fliers/ I was flying at a field in Florida 2 years ago and had a local FWS Conservation Officer stop and watch me. He ended up asking me if I was trying to spot deer or wildlife with it (not allowed); I told him no and he asked if I had my FAA sUAS registration with me and if my model was labelled with it. I said I did and it was; I landed and showed him the label and my certificate and he was happy. He stayed around for a bit talking to me about flying and then left. I have flown in many places around the country; many flying fields ask to see my AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) card and ask if I have an FAA sUAS number but that is the only time I have ever had a law enforcement officer stop and check me out.
  14. X2 with NDBirdman for time to approve and his experience regarding interstate FFL transfer procedure. I live in IN and buying long guns in MI is no issue, but handguns worked the same way as with NDBirdman with me buying 15 miles away in MI. It was $35 cheaper in MI but I would have had to pay the IN dealer $25 for the transfer. I decided that was a PITA and went ahead and bought it in IN. Despite MI and IN having reciprocity regarding CCW, it does not extend to purchasing a handgun in another state. Regarding background check time, I just purchased a Ruger Precision in Plymouth, IN and it took almost 35 minutes to get the approval. The previous purchase at a different dealer a few months earlier only took a couple of minutes. They told me that it depends on the amount of traffic the federal site is experiencing.
  15. When we got our rig and took it to Mor/Ryde for inspection of the bearings and IS after 4 years, they said the bearings should be good for 100k miles, but they should be inspected for end play every year. They said a lot depends on how heavily each spindle is loaded and how much torsional loading they receive due to sharp turns, backing, tire scrubbing, etc. Our 7k axles run less than 80% loaded or between 2500 lbs and 2800 lbs per wheel position (3500 lbs/wheel rated). In 2018 (after 10 yrs), we had one bearing getting close to the max end play and had them all replaced ($1200). If we could have economically converted to standard wheel bearings, we would have done that.
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