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  1. Great questions and great backstory. Barb and others have provided excellent responses. Like you, albeit 9 years ago, we started out with zero RV experience, but were fortunate enough to have already discovered Escapees and this forum. With everyone’s help and advice, we attended a Boot Camp before ever buying our TV and fiver. Thank goodness we did or we would have been very unhappy with our first unit. That being said, we still managed to “forget” some things and had to learn them from the school of hard knocks. Thus, we now have inside and outside checklists for departure and arrival. When we hear newbie stories today, we can say: yep, been there; done that. Hang in there and enjoy the journey, it will get easier.
  2. “Rarely on the same wavelength”? Wow!! We have shared many a fireside chat, a beer, or dinner with RV Park owners and have found most of them engaging and considerate.......and conservative.
  3. Everything kb0zke said!!!! Start with the basics: Attend an RV Bootcamp or RV Dreams education rally Buy used Check out as many as you can If buying a trailer, make sure your tow vehicle can pull it safely. Make sure your rig has sufficient cargo carrying capacity (CCC) Make sure your tires are rated for the load and in good shape You don’t have to start off with everything. Start with the basics and grow from there. Each of us started pretty much the same and learned what we wanted/needed as we went along. Attending an RV Bootcamp or educational rally will broaden your knowledge base and help educate you tremendously while you are looking for a rig.
  4. Another vote for Sleep Number.....although we got rid of the king and went to a queen. It is comfortable and very light weight.
  5. 6 years with a Weber Q200 here. A great grill. Bought a spare ignitor and burner 4 years ago, but still have not needed them.
  6. We have been full timing and working wherever we go since 2014. At different times, I have defined myself as a migrant worker, a migrant engineer, and an itinerant engineer. My wife defines herself as a virtual analyst, a mobile analyst, or an analista gitana (gypsy analyst). A lot depends on who the audience is.
  7. We are first timers in the lower RGV (Bentsen Palm Village). It is pretty full but there are a few spots left. We have driven thru several other parks and they all seem to be fairly full but each had a few sites available.
  8. HERO Maker: I have been here since last June; first at Casa de Palmas and now at Bentsen Palm Village. I spent two years shutting down and disassembling two ignition wire plants in Nogales, SON and relocated them to an SMP operation just off 97 on the south side of Reynosa in the Parque Industrial Stiva Alcala. I was supposed to be finished the end of last May, but the Reynosa operation had issues and needed help resolving maintenance, repair, and operational issues. And so after heading north for cooler climes on June 1, we found ourselves once again turning south and heading back to the the border mid-June...albeit we were now about 1200 miles east of Nogales and in a much more humid environment. You are “In and out of Reynosa a lot”? Are you working there also?
  9. Lots of great roads in the Hill Country. We spent a winter volunteering at the Uvalde National Fish Hatchery west of Honda and found lots of roads....Most were paved. One of my favorite places for exploring was while staying in Amado/Tubac, AZ. Thousands of miles of gravel/dirt trails on public land in the desert and mountains to explore using the dual sports. Loved sitting on top of the mountains around Whipple Observatory or enroute to Patagonia and looking over the valley with a book, drink, a few snacks and hearing nothing but the wind....... There is nothing like that around McAllen, TX. We did ride the gravel part of Military Rd. out to 83 and then to Loma de la Cruz and on to Edinburg Airport. Other than that there is only shopping malls and restaurants to ride to.
  10. How do you fix them now? Do it the same way. I agree with previous responses. If you want to fix it yourself, ask a neighbor or the office. Almost all will be willing to help.
  11. Now in Bentsen Palm Village in Mission, TX. Will be working in Reynosa until June, 2019.
  12. That is close....they estimated 20+/- lbs. It depended on the design, number of colors, and coats of clear.
  13. If I had it to do all over again, I would absolutely get full body paint at the time of purchase. It would have been much cheaper and saved me a lot of effort in the long run. We have a 2008 42 ft KZ Escalade with partial paint (graphics only). After 5 years, the finish was oxidizing and chalking. Washing it twice/year took about 4 hours not including the roof. I would then have to hit everything but the graphics with the polisher. Depending on how bad the oxidation was, that would take me 12-16 hours and then about the same time to wax it again with the polisher. Last year, we started looking at new rigs but decided we really liked ours so we checked into painting it. We got quotes from Mike’s Custom Painting and Precision Paint in Bremen, IN and ended up getting the rig fully painted this past summer. As mentioned above, the quote started out at $12,500 but ended up around $16,000 by the time we selected our design, colors, number of coats of clear coat, and other options. Joan loves her “unique” paint design and colors.....I am just happy with how little work it takes to keep it looking nice. if your new rig will come from northern Indiana, there is a chance it may be painted at Precision or Mike’s .....or one of several other quality paint shops up there.
  14. I was fortunate to start with an HDT. I was also fortunate to have Henry counsel me at the 2011 Spring Escapee Rally held at the fairgrounds in Goshen, IN. We Had already decided on a new 2011 Dodge 3500 and a 42 ft Forest River XLR when we walked by Henry’s Royals International and stopped to talk (He was recruiting for the Heavy Hauler BOF). Henry took the time to review and discuss our decision and share some sage advice. His advice was to look very closely at the foundation and build of the Forest River XLR (or any rig we were considering) and to seriously consider an HDT along with a higher quality used 5’ver. We listened and ended up with what we are still full-timing in today. Thanks, Henry!!
  15. I worked 2 Peaks at Campbellsville and had a great time.....and will do it again. The work was not “easy”, but I did not find any of the jobs hard or tiring. Depending on what I did, I walked anywhere from 12,000 to 45,000 steps/day. The “stow” positions averaged in the 12-14,000 range; “pick” averaged 14-20,000; “water spider” ranged from 20-45,000; “gift wrap” was hard for me as it required standing and very little walking but some people loved it; “ICQG“ (inventory control) was easy (maybe 6000 steps/day) but boring for me, “receiving/unloading” trucks was fun but requires twisting/bending/stooping/carrying with some heavy boxes. The people were great and the work was .......work. My piece rate never measured up, but as a CamperForce, employee I was only required to attain 85% of what was required of full-time employees. I volunteered for any and all overtime and worked 60 hr weeks as often as possible, but 60 hours was never required. We stayed out at Green River RV Park across the street from the Green River State Park RC flying field and had a great time. The people I spoke with at Heartland, the Stables, and the State Park all seemed satisfied with their places. There were a few that decided they liked the idea of being across the street from the DC and walking to work that moved to Heartland but I think most people were content. I will not be a CamperForce worker this year as I have another commitment, but I would not hesitate to do it again.
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