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  1. Blood testing, PT/INR

    We just did this on our summer trip. Have your Doctor give you or fax the orders to you . look up cardiologist in the area they will ether do the test and send to your cariologist or tell you who in the area will. very easy
  2. RV Inspection Livingston TX

    As with most things governmental . It is more about revenue than safety . Good bad or indifferent . Follow the money and you can figure out why its been set up the way it has. Texas does not have any fewer wrecks than any other state per capita as far as I know due to the safety inspection
  3. A question for the electricians.

    Yes I agree with the outside 120 V plug , it needs to be GFCI . This circuit begins in the bath I will tap the circuit so that only the plug is protected . The next in line is the refrigerator it will be protected only by the breaker panel . The next is in the kitchen I will add a GFCI plug and leave the daisy chain that will cover the other kitchen plug and the outside .Again thank you all for your help
  4. A question for the electricians.

    Thank you Kirk and 57Becky you both helped to clarify what I'm needing to do . yes I do realize that the refrigerator plug Could , Maybe , possibly in the next 100 years get wet from the outside but its very doubtful due to the plug being high and away from the outside panel and it is a chance that I'm willing to take.
  5. A question for the electricians.

    Jim I agree it needs to be on its own . Its a matter of ease of access and not having to go to the north in order to get south so to speak. So I'm looking for a safe alterative , we don't use the plugs in the bathroom but someone might some day.
  6. A question for the electricians.

    My guess is that the reason it got wired the way it did was cost saving. This is a stand alone circuit and goes to a breaker marked GFCI in the panel the refrigerator is in line with the kitchen plugs from the bathroom plug. so they just put them all on one circuit. I think you just described what I was hoping for . let me see if I can describe for you what I think will work you tell me if I'm right. Remove the GFCI plug at the head of the line. tie the hot to hot with a short black lead Or in plumbing terms a Tee. ( in order to reinstall the GFCI plug) do the same with the white and the ground. Then reinstall the GFCI plug. I now have all the plugs down stream are not protected so in order to have GFCI protection I need to do the same to them. which would leave any plug that I did not change with only normal circuit breaker protection.IE...... the refrigerator only. Because I would add GFCI plugs at the wet locations
  7. I own a 5th wheel and of course it has a GFCI circuit. 4 plugs that are tripped anytime that the main GFCI plug trips. Is there a safe way to change this so that only the plug that senses a problem trips at a time? I ask this due to the refrigerator being on this circuit. If the power has a hick up the circuit trips and I may not be aware of it until the propane runs out and the food in the refrigerator is spoiled. This is happening at home so we don’t check it all the time. Can I rewire this circuit as a “home run” then install GFCI plugs from a pigtail and remain safe in a wet or possibly wet environment?
  8. Isla Blanca /SPI

    Its a dirty rotten job but somebody has to do it.
  9. May Go Class A DP to A 5th

    Check with the dealer about doing some custom ordering of the toy hauler. An RV show is most likely the best place to do this as factory reps are usually on hand . Something like leaving the drop down bed out and installing a regular Queen bed might work out well Maybe a window or 2.
  10. Isla Blanca /SPI

    I'm down on South Padre island for a few weeks and just thought I would let the Snowbirds that normally winter down here know that the park is planning some major improvements . So it is very possible that you may not get to park in the space that you normally reserve for the winter. From what I'm hearing the work will begin after January 1 2018. I'm here fishing with a friend until the end of Oct so if anyone would like me to check on anything just let me know. I will say that if you fish now is the time if you like to Redfish. I'll put in a shameless plug for my friend , at Tip-O-Texas guide service . We have been out total of 7 days and brought in a limit of Redfish in the 21-26 inch range every day while other guides have not. Trout fishing has been spotty but still very good. with 3-4 per day, but we have mainly been hunting the big Reds.
  11. May Go Class A DP to A 5th

    I agree with the folks that are saying 3500 DRW V 250/2500. I will make a suggestion that you look at some of the toy haulers ,with the idea of the rear becoming a MIL bedroom. by adding a second AC the "garage" could end up saving a marriage .
  12. Fresh Water Sanitation

  13. Is This A New Tire

    Just my opinion and its worth every penny you paid for it. But Westlake is made in China and should be considered Bombs . My thoughts are you will be much happier with ether Goodyear G614 or the Hankook ......I think the F-19 in 7.50 x 16. Regardless I would stay away from anything made china due to the quality
  14. Water Pump runs but doesn't pump water

    I am assuming a couple of things here. 1 that this is not a new or different unit and that you have gotten water from the pump before. 2 that you have all valves set correctly. 3 that you have a faucet open for air to escape if the above answers are yes then ether the pump is toast or there is some trash in the check balls