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  1. SKP099512

    Updating banking address issues

    Capital None, even a person couldn't do it. Fine like Discover better
  2. SKP099512

    Texas in Feruary....Where To Go??

    Spend a couple days at the WWII museum in Fredericksburg, The National Museum of the Pacific War. It is amazing!
  3. SKP099512

    Slideout Leak

    After multiple caulkings, sealing, taping, etc. we still had a leak so we had a slide topper installed and blogged about it here, http://bobandjotravelblog.blogspot.com/2018/06/we-got-slide-topper.html So far it has rained a couple of times and no leak but we haven't had a gully washer.
  4. I have had success and I guess the old adage that it depends on who you talk to and after jperry29 did a lot of work for us. The 2nd tier rep I got on my recent call was very knowledgeable, apparently the rep I talked to before thought I had a different type of account or was dealing with the account switchover. When I explained RV only I was able to change service address just like I have been able to do for 9 years now. I only do this 2-3 times a year but may hold off until the dust settles.
  5. Note: I searched on 'service address' and did not get any recent threads that matched my particular problem. For background purposes we started living fulltime in our RV in 2009 and traveling the country. We requested a waiver for Distant Network Services (DNS that includes ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, PBS) and received it so we now get channels 389-399 for both east coast and west coast feeds. Every once in a while if we were going to be in a place longer than a month we changed our 'service address' to our new location and got the local channels, especially for local weather. We are now going to be in the Kansas City area for a few months so I called recently. After 2 unsuccessful attempts the third phone call got me to a higher level customer service rep and I was told that as of January 1st if we change our 'service address' we are going to have to resubmit for our DNS waiver. Can someone with more knowledge of DirecTV advise us, we don't want to lose DNS but we would like to have things the way they were on December 31st.
  6. SKP099512

    Yellowstone travel tips

    We stayed about 4 blocks outside the west gate at Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park, https://grizzlyrv.com/
  7. SKP099512

    Slideout Leak

    Already had the leaking windows so all the tops of the windows have been sealed but it wouldn't hurt to check those again. Going to look over the sides of the slideout too in different light conditions hoping to see something we haven't seen yet. Yeah, we are worried about the floor since this problem may have been there from the beginning.
  8. SKP099512

    Slideout Leak

    I've got a weird one for you. We recently discovered a wet portion of the carpet under the dinette in our Lifestyle LS38RS. No water stains or trails on the walls of the slideout nor was their dampness near the walls. Traced the damp area by hand to the outside TV cabinet area that is part of the dinette. Went outside and lifted up the cabinet door and the carpet was wet in the corner where I traced the dampness inside. There was also no water stains or obvious tracks inside the TV area on the walls. Ripped out the carpet as best as I could in the corner where I traced the water from the inside but still some carpet there since carpet was laid then the cabinet placed on top. Set fan on the outside cabinet area and dehumidifier on the inside and then began searching. First noticed that the caulking around the outside TV door wasn't the best so recaulked that. Then I noticed a drip a water underneath the cabinet in the underbelly of the slideout. I punched a weep or drain hole in that and more water came out. Got up on the roof and looked at the top of the slideout and didn't see any obvious areas where water could get in. Dried it out and had a few rainy episodes and checked the carpet inside and the outside TV cabinet and the ground underneath the slideout and all was good. Thought we had the problem licked but after the last rainy episode I noticed some water underneath the slideout and water was dripping out the weep hole. i know water goes where water wants to go but this one has me stumped. No obvious water path anywhere yet the water is collecting in the bottom of the slideout underneath the outside TV. Any tips or suggestions, or sympathy, would be most welcome.
  9. In fulltiming one size does not fit all, While a longer fifth wheel may limit you in some parks we feel that the added length adds to the livability especially when it is raining for 2 or 3 days straight. With a 350 you probably have the truck to pull it but make sure before you buy. If you feel comfortable with the length then go for it. Rarely will you say you want something smaller if you are going to live in it fulltime. This is just our opinion and I am sure you will hear differing opinions. We just posted a blog entry, http://bobandjotravelblog.blogspot.com/2017/01/happy-new-year-2016-was-year-for.html, with other tips on beginning the fulltime lifestyle which we have been doing for 7+ years now and love it.
  10. SKP099512

    Rv Insurance Companies

    Check and see if Farm and City Insurance in Forest City Iowa handles that area. They represent a number of the big insurance companies and understand Full-time RV'ng. Ask for Trese.
  11. My wife's Medicare Supplement is with BCBSTX, plus I had a BCBSTX PPO in 2015, and we were happy with both. Still struggling with a spring or fall first visit to my new PCP, and also location. We will probably go with the hill country near Fredericksburg. Does anybody know a good primary care physician there?
  12. That is one thing, among many, that we are worried about. I think you have to select a doctor when you signup or one will be assigned to you. Don't know if that is enough?
  13. I went with United Health Care PPO last year instead of HMO but UHC dropped out and only HMO this year. Problem we have is we are already in Arizona for the winter. I want to wait until next November to establish a doctor.
  14. Anybody have experience with an HMO and traveling?
  15. 3 cats, 2 litter boxes, as long as you use a good multi cat litter and scoop daily, no smell.