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  1. Everything is better in Texas. Just had to show that we got mail delivery which we used our Escapees mail forwarding and we got a card. Was the same in Arizona where we used to winter.
  2. Not only are they doing the DNS reviews but I found out that are also doing an AT&T/DirecTV account unification right now. That sounds like it is fraught with peril. Anyway, I noticed some issues with my last bill and with my channels in early which at the time I wasn't sure if it was DNS related. We have been paying for the HD Extra Pack for a long time and suddenly early May it was gone. So the usual frustrating phone call and got that restored. Silver lining is that now I am on a promotion package where I get it free for 3 months. Then on the bill I see where my promotions for free HBO and $25 off DirecTV programming for bundling AT&T/DirecTV were discontinued for non-compliance. So another frustrating phone call and this time a couple of different reps and I gleaned that they were going through the account unification process and that is probably what happened. If I had looked more closely at the line by line invoice I would have found that the promotions were discontinued on the 7th but had been reinstated on the 10th invoice date. So I found out it was unification issues that caused these issues, not DNS. BTW I have not heard anything on DNS yet, and they received my info on April 28th.
  3. Would everyone report back here when and if you get a response on DNS? For us we mailed on 4/22 and they got it 4/28 and so far we have not heard a thing. I do keep checking the channels though 🙂
  4. I used to say 'when all else fails read the instructions' now I say 'when all else fails call DirecTV'. My advice for calling DirecTV is that if you can tell you know more than the person you are talking too fake a bad connection and hang up and try again. I think you have all you need to send back. There is an email address on the form and I sent them an email saying my paperwork has been submitted and received and asking for an update but so far have heard nothing. I do keep checking the channels periodically because I figure the only way we will know is if we lose DNS and the channels are no longer available.
  5. Thought I had replied to Dutch earlier and it will also apply to Barbaraok; we are sometimes in places where the OTA antenna doesn't bring in any channels or like where we are now, some channels but no local news/weather. Plus the sports packages are tied to your service address and you end up things blacked out that you should be able to watch.
  6. Have you done this recently? We tried to switch service address just after the ATT/DirecTV merger and was told that if that changed then we would lose DNS and have to reapply. Not wanting the hassle we have kept our same service address for about 2 years now.
  7. We have the "older" DNS that includes both East and West coasts.
  8. I see that possibility but that is shown on the current registration which they ask for.
  9. Got the notice recently in my email and am working on it today. Curious what everyone is putting in the from ____ until ____ fields.
  10. Capital None, even a person couldn't do it. Fine like Discover better
  11. Spend a couple days at the WWII museum in Fredericksburg, The National Museum of the Pacific War. It is amazing!
  12. After multiple caulkings, sealing, taping, etc. we still had a leak so we had a slide topper installed and blogged about it here, http://bobandjotravelblog.blogspot.com/2018/06/we-got-slide-topper.html So far it has rained a couple of times and no leak but we haven't had a gully washer.
  13. I have had success and I guess the old adage that it depends on who you talk to and after jperry29 did a lot of work for us. The 2nd tier rep I got on my recent call was very knowledgeable, apparently the rep I talked to before thought I had a different type of account or was dealing with the account switchover. When I explained RV only I was able to change service address just like I have been able to do for 9 years now. I only do this 2-3 times a year but may hold off until the dust settles.
  14. Note: I searched on 'service address' and did not get any recent threads that matched my particular problem. For background purposes we started living fulltime in our RV in 2009 and traveling the country. We requested a waiver for Distant Network Services (DNS that includes ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, PBS) and received it so we now get channels 389-399 for both east coast and west coast feeds. Every once in a while if we were going to be in a place longer than a month we changed our 'service address' to our new location and got the local channels, especially for local weather. We are now going to be in the Kansas City area for a few months so I called recently. After 2 unsuccessful attempts the third phone call got me to a higher level customer service rep and I was told that as of January 1st if we change our 'service address' we are going to have to resubmit for our DNS waiver. Can someone with more knowledge of DirecTV advise us, we don't want to lose DNS but we would like to have things the way they were on December 31st.
  15. We stayed about 4 blocks outside the west gate at Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park, https://grizzlyrv.com/
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