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  1. Thank you all for your prompt replies to my post. I am so glad we found the escapee club and forum. I have been a lurker here for the past few years but didn't have any experiences to share and that is going to be changing here soon and we can't wait we are so excited. Just need to get the last of the clean out done and we are out of here.
  2. It does not have a cold weather package. We plan on leaving here the first week of November and was thinking of heading to Raccoon Valley in Tennessee until Christmas but we are thinking even that is going to be too cold for us. My biggest concern is to not do any damage to our trailer. I figured we would be using a lot of propane we are also going to get some electric heaters. We do have pipes in the exterior walls and the tanks are not heated. We are hopefully get another trailer soon but can't until we sell the house and get some bills paid off.
  3. The DW and I are going to be starting our fulltime lifestyle here in a couple weeks. We are having and estate sate and putting the house up for sale on Sept 21. That is the day we are moving into our TT. We have been dreaming about the fulltime lifestyle but due to some things outside of our control we have the chance to do it now. We currently live in Western New York and plan on staying around here for as long as we can for doctors appointments and such. My question is we have a Jayco 245RLSW that we are starting out in and I am worried about freezing our water lines. If we keep the heat going in the trailer how long can we stay. I am thinking that temps overnight might drop into the high 20's but in the 50's during the day. Any help you guys with more experience have would be greatly appreciated
  4. I just looked into getting the VA to fill some outside scripts and the process is, I have to have to get the outside doctor write a paper script and bring to my primary care doctor at the VA and they will see what the VA equivalent is. When I talked to my Doctor about it she said that it was as quick and easy as they could make it but still a bit of a pain.
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