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  1. dblr

    Photos of the 2018 HDT rally.

    Dave, thanks for the pictures, I really need to make this rally one year!!!!!!
  2. dblr

    East Coast Rally Rumor

    Carl glad to hear your still in charge, you both do a great job and I know how much work is involved in pulling these things off, my wife and I do one for FROG and are also involved in their large one with close to 700 rigs attending. People have to learn to attend with open eyes and come with good attitudes, I know I really enjoyed both the 2 that I attended and hope to be able to start coming again soon.
  3. If your going to add the DRV to the list, which are very nice units, you also might want to look at the River Stone and their Legacy line as well, rated a full time unit and much less then a DRV. We have had ours now going on 3 years now and are very pleased with it, we are not full timers but do get to use it close to 150 nights a year. Good luck on your search.
  4. I think you will receive better customer service from Grand Design from what I have read on different forums.
  5. dblr

    Long units

    Backing up a set of doubles is a challenge, a co-worker used to be able to back up a set of pups ( 28" ) and put the back pup on the unload door
  6. dblr

    Long units

    I ran doubles for UPS when I worked there up and down 95 between New York and Richmond Va. and have seen the triples when we go west now with the camper. What caught my eye in that video were some of the different looking 5th wheels they were also towing.
  7. dblr

    Long units

    I am sure this is considered commercial, also this is in Europe but could you imagine something like this here in the states!!!!!!
  8. dblr

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    I am not sure exactly why either but the main storage bin always seems at least half the size, could just be because of the way the floorplans are, even on a front kitchen they seem smaller.
  9. dblr

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    Another thing no one has mentioned is that most front living room floorplans do not offer as much outside storage as the rear living ones. I did see at the Hershey show some now started raising the rear bedroom area for storage underneath but some folks did not like having steps inside at both ends, all comes down to choice. Good luck on your decision.
  10. dblr

    Old Coots Giving Advice

    This is great to see, I wish people nowadays would realize how much they could learn just from listening to some of our older folks. I worked with a gentleman that came from Ireland to the USA back in the day and loved to hear his stories, I even asked once how much his grandchildren would listen and was surprised to hear hardly ever, it's a shame as that is their heritage.
  11. dblr

    Maryland HDTers, Guidance (licensing and Registration)

    I agree that if you can find one already titled as a motorhome it might be easier, we did that about 5 years ago here in De. Truck in Ohio was titled as motorhome and in De. they gave us a RV registration. Good luck and nice to see a couple of other HDT owners nearby.
  12. dblr

    Park pricing on the way up

    We already are seeing $100 campsites here in the east, especially near the ocean.
  13. dblr

    Bar Harbor, ME to Savannah, GA

    if you take the 896 route in Delaware there is a state park called Lums Pond that is open all year with full hook ups but the sites are back ins. Bath house open all year as well. It is on Rt 71, Red Lion Road incase you need a overnight stop. Enjoy your trip
  14. dblr

    Best place to search

  15. dblr

    Engine Trouble Saga

    Chad as a fellow T2000 owner I found this tale very interesting. Glad all has turned out for the best and enjoy your ( new ) truck