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  1. Transmission problem

    Ok just got the truck back from the shop and all is well again, I think a few of you here were right on the money with your thoughts, Final result was a new shift solenoid and filter regulator ,parts and labor ran $635. Considering the shop told me they were 3 1/2 weeks out with repairs ( small shop with only 3 employees ) so I asked if I could just leave it incase they had a chance to get to it sooner, a week and half later it was ready, wife is happy with what we felt a bill not to bad and her favorite trip of the year still intact, all is good. Thanks for all the suggestions, this site is truly one of the most helpful one I use.
  2. Journey from NY to Florida . New to boondocking

    If going down 95 in Delaware there is Lums Pond state park in Bear De that is now open year round with full hook ups, they also have nice heated bath house if you don't want to de winterize yet. Warning tho all sites are back ins no pull thru sites at all for those not wanting to unhook their toad. Goos luck and enjoy
  3. Transmission problem

    Shifted & Rickeieio, thanks for all the info it is at the shop as we speak. Will report back when repaired.
  4. Hershey RV Show this week

    Went to the show opening day and it was PACKED!!!!! New security check area with the walk thru metal detectors so it really slows the entry process down, smart thing is they don't have it right at the entrance but where you enter from the parking lot. I can imagine Saturday will be crazy.
  5. Brakes in 35'-42' 5r

    River Stone Legacy is another brand that they are standard
  6. Transmission problem

    This is what happened the first time it happened would not go above 5th and as you said SLOW, disconnected the batteries and it reset and worked fine until we got off the turnpike then that is when it stayed in high range. Limped it home and it would act up in the high range then sometime decide to drop to low again so I am confused. The air dryer filter has not been changed since we owned it and this has been recommended to get done also but not sure if it would affect my issue. Thanks again for any help and info.
  7. Transmission problem

    Well I tried to pm but looks like he is not set up to receive pm's or maybe his pm's might be full.
  8. Transmission problem

  9. Transmission problem

    Still having issues and of course nothing acts up while the shop has it. When the service light flashes it appears to be sending a 25 code according to the flash sequence which means no faults, I feel it is the xy shifter so trying now to schedule to get changed. Thanks for all the suggestions of what to look for.
  10. Just a friendly reminder

    Thanks Big5er a scary but good reminder, stay safe everyone.
  11. Transmission problem

    Thanks all great suggestions, it is at my local shop and will relay all ideas if they hit a dead end to them, but I have more confidence with them then I did with the dealer.
  12. Canada Border Crossing Did Not Go Well

    Randy, Sorry to hear this were you the only one out of the group you were with get checked like this, I mean out of the three of you, you would have been the last one I expected to be stopped the other two look far more suspicious to me. Enjoy Maine and safe travels.
  13. Transmission problem

    Ok great info so far thanks for the help!!!!!!
  14. Transmission problem

    We have a 2001 Kenworth T2000 with the 3 pedal Eaton 10 speed trans. Started getting the red light that flashes service but was able to get it to a dealer for repair, or so I thought. They scanned and found all low voltage faults and we ended up replacing all 4 batteries but still having issues, when we start out for the day all is fine but when we get close to our destination it seems to stay in the high range. If it sits for a while it will reset enough to at least get in our site and after overnight all seems fine again. Any ideas??? Is it air or electrical to go from low to high range, we are at least close to home and our local guy but am I missing something simple? Thanks for any help.
  15. Faulty Fan Clutch Hack

    Glad to hear you figured out a fix, now come on into the FROG Rally I have a spot personally picked out with your name on it.