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  1. You might want to try the Forest River Forums for more info, they even have sub thread sections by brand.
  2. I never tried to go thru my insurance and it's been so long I even forget how much I paid, I only paid for the first job because I argued they didn't fix it right the first time, now the shop is out of business so maybe they were not that good to begin with. Good luck on your repair and keep us posted, hope it all works out the best for you.
  3. We had almost the same thing with our previous Open Road by Pilgrim the shop fixed and added some gussets to strengthen it but then they made a patch to repair the crack in the corner, guess what the patch cracked, they went back in deeper around the pin and found cracks around the pin box, repaired then traded in.
  4. I will second this advise, when we found our truck ( and Smart ready to go ) it inly took a week for us to buy it and I know they had another buyer standing by ready to take it if we didn't. Lucky for me it was within driving distance to us, went on a Sunday and drove it home that day. Good luck on the sale you have a very nice looking setup.
  5. Went to buy my first popup in 1979 ended up leaving the dealer with a Dodge 3/4 truck with a 30' Terry 5th wheel, no slide out and even had twin beds. That was 10 campers ago.
  6. Our shower drained very slow when we first picked up our 5th wheel, it turned out that the Hep valve was sucked up backwards plus filled with sawdust, rinsed it out and made sure the rubber boot in it was correct been fine since. I would try to check first before using any chemicals.
  7. Wolf Creek is one of my son's favorite ski area's, mostly because they are usually one of the first to open, sounds like they are getting close.
  8. Another vote for Techno RV that's where we got ours from.
  9. Randy glad to hear your on the road to recovery hope all goes well. maybe some of your old friends from the Cedar Creek club could send you pictures from the upcoming FROG Rally, I will relay this to Torben as he always takes great pictures
  10. I know exactly what bridge you are talking about in fact I had to turn around because of it, the 1st weight sign was at the stop sign right before the bridge I was glad I saw it so I just pulled over towards the barber shop and was able to turn around in the mill across the street after calling my friends for the way around it. I guess they don't put the warning back at the light because of all the trucks heading to the mill.
  11. We visited The Golden Spike and it was very interesting we stayed at Holiday RV Park near the highway, there is also a city park that had w/e sites available and also while we were there the town band played on Sat. night in the park, there was also a nice ice cream stand there as well.
  12. There is a neat old family amusement park called Knoebels, it is free to enter and free to park, they do have a campground on site with just electric and another not far away called Lake Glory with full hook ups that would fit you. If your not into rides the park is neat to see for the old style of parks, you can still grab the brass ring on the merry go round and they have a nice long train ride out thru the woods. Steamtown near Scranton would be another nice stop, sorry but can not recommend a camping spot there. .
  13. I have a question for you, you mention your tow capacity and you know the ballpark figure on the camper you wan,t now with the ASH is the weight of that unit figured into your tow capacity as well? So the ASH and the camper equals your combined total weight being towed, I just don't know and am curios. Good luck on your choice and hope it all works out for you.
  14. Yes they are a friend just used them a couple of weeks ago.
  15. We just used Shipsweanna RV Service located near the flea market, in Shipsweanna IN. we were extremely pleased with the work they preformed and everyone was very helpful, plus having the campground there was a plus as well.
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