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  1. Yes they are a friend just used them a couple of weeks ago.
  2. We just used Shipsweanna RV Service located near the flea market, in Shipsweanna IN. we were extremely pleased with the work they preformed and everyone was very helpful, plus having the campground there was a plus as well.
  3. dblr


    I got warned on one of their other sites I use about telling someone about a Facebook page, they called it fishing, trying to lure people away from their site. I thought it was being helpful telling where to find info....silly me
  4. I looked at that but the dates will not work for us, we are running a rally in Pa for Forest River then, maybe another time.
  5. Bummer, leaving here Sunday to head home to Delaware
  6. We are at Little Farm on the River in Rising Sun In. lot's of room with nice long pull thru sites.
  7. dblr

    ECR Starts Today

    Have a great rally and looking forward to the next time I can make it, maybe when the wife finally retires. Looking forward to the pictures!!!
  8. dblr

    ET question for Henry

    Thank you Henry, appreciate the help
  9. dblr

    ET question for Henry

    Thank you I ended up sending Henry a email, DUH why I didn't think of that at first?????? I guess a brain fart.
  10. For what it's worth the Cameo and the Redwood line are built in the same factory in Topeka In. We looked at the Carriage line when they were making both the Carriage and Cameo but decided against a purchase, then they dropped the Carriage and only kept the Cameo, why I don't know. I always thought it seemed strange they built the Redwood and Carriage Cameo line in the same factory, to me it seemed they were competing against each other. Good luck on your choice.
  11. dblr

    ET question for Henry

    Henry are the springs that hold the head from flopping around anything special? Also the pin that goes thru to hold the spring in place can you get them anywhere or is that something special to the hitch? I had the front spring break and the right rear pin came out and is missing in action, the head flops around hitting the dog bones. Thanks for any info.
  12. Ok thanks Jack sorry do not want to make trouble didn't think about the commercial part. Henry I am sure you are correct on Jack being able to bless my set up and possible upgrade it some how, so if your still out that way just leave him a signed blank check for the upgrades he might suggest and I would be more then glad to accept the generous donation, lol
  13. Good info to have about upgrades, will that be a service you will be providing? Just wondering, then on our next trip west there might be a stop to see what can or should be done, thanks Jack.
  14. I think your doing this to make current owners want to upgrade their ET's to the new and improved ones
  15. Henry thanks for digging up the old photos and to this date there are no regrets no matter how long it took or how many miles the poor old Smart put on back n forth to Crossville. The hitch is wonderful and our new camper a River Stone Legacy which was built in the old Carriage facility is enjoying the nice comfortable ride the ET provides!!! A special thanks to Charlie who kept me off the ledge from jumping by reminding me everyday that the wait will be worth it. Once again thanks to Henry and Tom for the great job.
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