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  1. dblr

    Progressive insurance cancellation

    When I tired to insure mine in De. they would only do it under commercial, I guess you were lucky for awhile.
  2. We were lucky and ours was done by the manufacture at a rally but the cost of the Truma I believe is around $1,800 then the labor, ours did fit in the original space with no issue. They replaced 8 units from the Girard to the Truma in 2 days with our factory warranty prepping and removing the original units then the Truma installer did the rest.
  3. We had a Girard 2 and it worked fine with the pump, our manufacture upgraded us at a rally to the Truma which also works fine with the pump. Between the two we like the Truma the best.
  4. dblr

    Looking for guidance...Registration/Insurance in NJ

    In our case we found a HDT already registered as a rv ( motorhome ) so when we registered in our state ( De. ) they accepted and tagged it as rv, now not sure if NJ will be the same. Good luck in your search.
  5. dblr


    We also use a Credit Union and they have what's called shared branching, just search their site for where your at to find locations, so far we have always been able to find one if needed but I am sure one day we might not.
  6. dblr

    DW been on Chromeworld website

    Sounds like a keeper for sure, my wife griped about stopping at the Iowa 80 truck stop a couple of years ago...….guess who was hard to get out of the chrome shop there???? Wasn't me
  7. dblr

    No longer for sale

    Good luck with your sale, I know some folks ( like myself ) came to this site looking for a turn key truck and titled as a RV is a major plus, ours was and just sailed thru our home DMV.
  8. dblr


    Ok was not sure if they charged a fee or not, I know at our CU it is free but thought for members only. Good to know
  9. dblr


    So they let you use the notary which I'm sure you PAID for their service maybe you should have asked that person about getting quarters. I am thinking at that point you were a customer. Just thinking out loud.
  10. dblr

    Totally off topic - What a great month!

    Well said Phil, always nice to be able to meet folks with similar likes and put faces to names, hope some day I have the pleasure of meeting you as well.
  11. dblr

    50th wedding anniversary

    Henry congratulations to you both and being near Philadelphia at a wind chill of -15 I don't feel bad you had to wear a flannel.
  12. Nope but probably should, lol
  13. We have one and it does work great
  14. dblr

    who manufactures RV in WAshington and Oregon

    I know Forest River also has some plants out there just not sure what brands or exactly where, sorry not much help but maybe do a search on Google
  15. dblr

    2019 West Coast Rally

    Have to agree with you, it does look very nice!!!!!