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  1. Both our sons have the Green Mountain and love them, small enough to be portable but in my opinion a little awkward to carry, and you can set it up to use on your phone
  2. Sounds like you have a great shop and one that seems very trust worthy, I agree with Jim on your truck being used as fill in work, that's how mine was and it works out to be a win win for both of you. Keep us posted on your updates.
  3. We have already did a small trip to Indiana with friends to pick up their new River Stone Legacy 5th wheel, now at home but plan on leaving Wed to head to New Mexico, making it a 6 night trip then in Taos for 2 weeks then still looking for places to go from there, we do try our best to practice distance and wear masks when shopping and washing our hands a lot, just like we do at home. Stay safe and happy traveling!!!!
  4. I drove trucks for UPS for over 32 years and after I retired they started getting automatics, yes my HDT is a auto and it does make getting there a lot nicer but I too miss shifting gears, I drove the little brown trucks for 7 years and can remember loosing my clutch towards the end of day on a Friday, there was no way I was waiting Lord knows how long for a mechanic or tow truck to show up to get me home , I drove that puppy home praying for as few traffic lights as possible. When I moved up to the tractor trailers they mostly had trucks with a wet clutch air assisted, talk about learning all over again, really glad I learned how to float the gears. Hope you find the truck you are looking for, good luck and enjoy
  5. I was lucky and found a truck and Smart Car all set to go here on these forums plus a few folks reached out that knew the truck which built up my courage to jump at the opportunity, yes things will need fixed some small some not so small, my biggest upgrade so far was my ET Hitch which I am very glad I did, now the small stuff falls into place. Good luck and you will receive great info here.
  6. Glad to hear you found a decent shop to work with, I know the feeling, I used a shop that worked on my 6.0 Ford truck because they treated me well with it and they work on everything even construction equipment. They did a DOT inspection type on mine and also listed what needed done right away and what could wait, they even let me leave it over the winter and repaired things when they needed work in the shop and seeing I did not need it all worked out great for both of us, that was over 5 years ago and still use the same shop. Good luck on the repairs and hope your out enjoying the truck again soon.
  7. dblr

    Big 5er

    Phil, glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying let's say a semi-retirement, I once had someone tell me NOT to look for work after I retired....it will find you and IF you want it it's yours. Enjoy building the oh crap fund!!!! Let us know where in the east as plenty of HDT folks here as well
  8. Always nice to bump into other hdt's on the road
  9. dblr

    To get a newer truck?

    Just to add a thought and I agree with others on not making a lot of money but have you considered delivering new rv's with a newer truck? I was just out in Elkhart area and the rv business is on a boom with a shortage of drivers, I know a lot that do it say the money isn't the greatest but there is a butt load of people doing it. Just a thought if yours would be set up for rv's and it wouldn't put a strain on the truck but sure the millage would rack up fast. Good luck on your decision.
  10. I was able to read it without subscribing.
  11. Very nice !!!! Looks great
  12. Would there be a possibility to have it registered as a antique or classic in NJ? Only issue I would think of could be restrictions on when you can drive it or how many miles a year, I know Pa. has some, just a thought. Nice looking truck, good luck.
  13. Maine and almost anywhere near the coast is great but from a lot of things I have seen they might have a very short season. I saw one article that the Amusement & Waterpark in one area will not even open this year, now of course that is I am sure not what your looking for but not sure what else might be affected by all this mess.
  14. Yes that is probably us there under the wife's name
  15. We are still tandem and we were lucky and found a truck already to go WITH the Smart car, length is right around 65' and change, we really like the River Stone and have been involved with them from almost the start, for the money I felt it was a good unit and fits our needs right now. They have come out with a lot of new floorplans since we bought and we even helped them with the design when they were doing the front kitchen. Look into joining the Forest River Owners Group, I know they are planning a rally in Florida for Sept. https://forestriverfrog.com/
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