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  1. Mastercraft

    Air Hitch leveling valve?

    Hi Henry - I'm a "non-dumper" but with a twist. I would like to dump the sled so it clears the Mini Cooper (with margin) when I get it down off the truck. With the sled aired up, I need a spotter to make sure the head doesn't snag on something under the car. With the sled dumped, no spotter required. I while back I sent you a cut sheet for a three way ball valve that would allow for said dumpage and undumpage by venting the bags while blocking the signal from the leveling valve. Have you designed a dumpage system with a ball valve? thx Rich
  2. Mastercraft

    Filled That Space

    Greetings - Post summer adventure update. The spare tire didn't move a bit in 3000 miles. Yes, there is a cheap ratchet strap to keep it snug against the frame, but the paint isn't chewed up on the wheel or the round tube. Every time I checked it with the IR gun, it was 110 deg F or less. During my one parked regen, with the fairing open, it was only slightly above ambient. After that, I quit checking it. Note to self - this is the last year for the Michelin XPS ribs.....they will be 8 yrs old, look fine, but not going to push it any more. (had great luck, #15,000 on the axles) New ones is the spring, best two become spares. Anyone want a D load range, 0 miles tire with a 2006 born on date, made in China? 😄
  3. Mastercraft

    Teton Parts

    Greetings - I need to replace the seal below the curved shower door. It appears to be some sort of clear material, like Tygon tubing, extruded to a particular shape. Is there an RV seal source that anyone would recommend? thanks Rich
  4. Mastercraft

    Teton Owners Questiom

    You may consider a MTTP solar charge controller. With these, you can use the less expensive (in most cases) higher OCV panels....just be sure to isolate that line to the roof from the 12V system first.
  5. Mastercraft

    Teton Owners Questiom

    I have the same fuse provision. In the roof is a connector for the solar panel hookup. Its about right above the 12V fuse panel
  6. Mastercraft

    Teton Wire Path

    Don't all our trucks have oil bath bearings on the front axles? My truck may sit for 10 months.....starts right up ....APU starts right up too. .....should I be rolling the front tires every month?
  7. Mastercraft

    Teton Wire Path

    Air Lines? Good point, as some day, a BluDot system may find its way onto the unit. So, if I can "see the light", I'll try and get two 1/2" air lines and two #0 welding cables through there. Seems like that street side front compartment would be a great place to put the air over hydraulic stuff......so I don't loose any storage in the belly area. I have to find the recipe for dexter oil bath disc hubs, that fit my axles, that work with wheels that are rated for 120psi and 4500 lbs (hub centered vs stud centered). I remember something about having to go with two hydraulic actuators with a triple axle dexter system .....something about not enough hydraulic volume capability to push six dexter calipers. thanks Rich
  8. Mastercraft

    Teton Wire Path

    I did some snooping and feeling around at the front of the belly area where it meets the overhang.....that sheetmetal interface mentioned is like 3/16" c channel and the overhang is filled with insulation making for some bad fishing. Next I'll have to get out the Harbor Freight borescope with a flashlight in the pin box area....see if I can "see the light"
  9. Mastercraft

    Teton Wire Path

    Our Teton has the residential refrigerator requiring an inverter to operate on the road. The Magnum 2812 does well, driven by 4 Trojan group 16 batteries 740 Ahr worth. The charge line that comes through the 7 way trailer interface is not able to keep up with the refrigerator load...... almost, as the battery monitor says the bank is at 97% after 10 hrs on the road. I have a second power interface on the back of the truck, a two pin lift gate interface good for 200 amps. I want to run these lines to the battery bank so I can keep it at 13.6 or 13.8v going down the road, even it the frig is drawing 35 amps at 12V. So, how can I get a couple welding cables routed from the pin box to the street side compartment (where the fuses for the trailer lights etc are located). Any suggestions? thanks
  10. Mastercraft

    DPF Cleaning Results

    Update - 3000 mile trip, one regen. I'm thinking the heat shields I put on the post turbo pipe my have provided some extra heat for passive regen.
  11. Mastercraft

    Which way is up?

    On the Gen II Volvo, which way do you turn the adjustment screw to raise the low beams? Also, the screw will also raise the high beams right? I saw something on the net about filing a shutter on the low beams to raise just the low beams. Anyone with experience with this?
  12. Mastercraft


    Early detection of fire in the aircraft industry is taken very seriously and is considered a requirement. A detected fire is responded to with a surpression method and raising the cabin altitude to a max safe level to take O2 away from the fire.....but typically there is only one shot or limited volume of extinguisher material.....for example, Halon. The detection method on aircraft involves a material called firewire....no not the 1394 data link. It's advantage is reliability.....it can be statigically located, it is easy to test each loop before flight and it doesn't false alarm. Also, firewire loops can be installed and taped or wallpapered over inside a cavity that contains a frig, water heater, furnace, a wheel well, around an engine in a class A, etc. Firewire would be my choice for doing a early warning system.
  13. Mastercraft

    Indianapolis IN sucky roads.

    Another place to never go is Denver I25. It's fine for cars but the road woops are just right to get the natural resonant frequency of the truck to buck like a wild horse. And get this, there is a route to the east around the Denver crappy road and traffic....no problem right. WRONG....it a toll road and it will cost you more than $80 for one trip....E470....don't go there.
  14. Mastercraft

    Tires Hot?

    According to the IR thermometer, all four of the inside duals are at 10 or 15 deg hotter than the outside tires. The outsides are all the same temp and the insides are the same. Outsides and fronts at about 100 deg. Air pressure at 110 on the fronts and 100 for the rears. Anyone else seeing this?
  15. Mastercraft

    DPF Cleaning Results

    Every 50 miles🤔. A couple things could cause this in addition to it being plugged. There is a pressure sensor tap above and below the DPF....maybe that sensor is bad. Also, maybe the doser is plugged or dead. Instructions? I just did the net thing....YouTube, etc.