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  1. Mastercraft

    DPF DIY Service on D16

  2. Mastercraft

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    I got the rest of the *^%&$$ bolt out. Did the "weld a nut on" three times....got maybe a 1/2 turn out of it total. At the point where the bolt was flush or below the surface of the cast pipe, drilling became my next step. So, $35 for a Harbor Freight right angle air drill and off I went. Did everything right, no broken bits. I will have to put a Heli-Coil in as my drilling got into the minor thread diameter a little. I used this thing call a screw remover to get the last bit of the ^%$^&^&*^ bolt out. first time I used one of these but it worked good. Never gave me the feeling that is was going to get itself stuck in the hole. I see this as a win since there are no broken off tools in the hole right now.
  3. Mastercraft

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    I think this is a blind hole for these two bolts. That is they don't break into the exhaust path.....seems like if they did, you could never get these out, even on a good day. This is my weld plan Smashed a penny pretty thin on the anvil. Drill hole to match bolt diameter (this is if I get carried away with the MIG so I don't weld the bolt to the cast) This copper washer goes on first. ( i know...ain't much copper in a penny any more) Next a steel washer and small tack Next a little thicker/bigger steel washer with a tack and puddle weld the whole deal Next a nut, little tack outside and puddle the inside full I like the quench idea for the next step Hit it with a hammer Then get a box wrench on it and do the tighten loosen thing and hope it cooperates. So, looking forward, when I put the new bolts in....anti seize or is there something that will take the heat better......Teflon tape, or ???
  4. Mastercraft

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    These are the P/Ns I got Doser kit https://www.ebay.com/itm/DPF-INJECTOR-SERVICE-KIT-Gasket-Bolts-For-ISX-ISM-CUMMINS/272010514808?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 DPF and exhaust pipe gaskets From www.dpfgasketsupply.com 21371339 crosses to CGI-71339 21095726 crosses to FSS-95726
  5. Mastercraft

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    I took apart the DPF and had it cleaned since I don't know how long its been since it was done and it seemed like the regens were happening more often. After it was baked out, contacted Volvo for gaskets to put it back together. Volvo really likes the stuff they put their name on, so got aftermarket on line for 20% of what Volvo wanted. Now the fun starts. I talked to the mechanic types at Inland Kenworth where I had the DPF baked out. They said to check the doser (7th injector) and clean the carbon off to insure the regen process works and get as hot as it should. Ok, no problem. Again Volvo wants $85 for the doser gasket kit......aftermarket $20. It seems the doser had never been taken off and the two metric bolts (less than 1/4" diameter) that hold the doser on had made themselves one with the cast iron pipe that is Vband clamped to the outlet of the turbo. So, I do my 50/50 trans fluid and acetone to attempt to penetrate the threads. Didn''t really work too well. You can't get to the bolt to add any heat. So, one bolt came out after doing the loosen tighten dance all the way out. The other one, well, most of it stayed with the cast pipe, but I got the rest of it. By the way, a mule skinner would have taken notice of my descriptors when it was obvious the bolt had been twisted past its material elasticity limit. Unless there are suggestions, my path is to weld a nut onto the 3/16" of exposed bolt. If that doesn't work, drill it out and don't break off an easy out in there. Or maybe drill out both of them and put a more substantial diameter bolt in there. Progress pictures to follow
  6. Mastercraft

    Shock Removal

    My issue was the shock bushing had "Michigan Loctited" itself to the bolt on all 4 lower mounts. I put an air chisel on the bushing next to the rubber part for a minute or two, the Loctite turned to powder and I was able to get the bolts out. New shocks made a big difference, not in the ride but in the side to side sway, especially in corners. Doesn't feel like it needs a rear sway bar any more.
  7. Mastercraft

    Stopping distance question

    Greetings - For me in that situation with our setup, 50,000#, hitch 6' behind the rear axle, I would be conservative with hammering the brake on a curve so tight that I couldn't see the issue with plenty of time to react. It seems like I would be going slower than 45 mph if there was a curve coming up that I couldn't see if it was one of those decreasing radius deals as well. The 65 mph scenario is undefined for me. Two reasons, usually I go 63ish max, when I can see for a mile ahead. On a 6% downgrade, even at low altitude, the truck would probably be in 10th, so that speed would be too high for that gear. I know if I were singled in that situation, I would be wishing I still had my other rear axle...... for the next 10 seconds anyway.
  8. Mastercraft

    truck brakes

    I did an experiment on my truck a couple years ago, to investigate if there was any difference in braking with the trailer air system charged. I put my gladhand / air chuck female on the red line, plugged gladhand on the blue. Road test with trailer on (~50K lbs total) showed no difference in brake feel. On the trailer brakes not working thing, I do the tug test after every hitch up and would notice a trailer brake problem before I took off. Also, after a stop where I was away from the truck, or shut it down, I do the normal walk around inspection before returning to the road, then when I take off, I hit the trailer brake lever to verify brakes working. I still got the big 3" wide electric drums on the Teton. They work great but get very little use. I keep them adjusted. Real easy to do after I installed two more hydraulic cylinders that gives me 6 point leveling and the ability to lift the whole trailer off the tires. If you still got 3 axles on your truck, you should be good on braking. Just make sure the trailer is straight behind you when you do that panic stop
  9. Mastercraft

    What Happened to Forks

    I went to look at the Forks RV web site the other day and I got the Google 404 message Looks like they went the way of Teton, Travel Supreme, Alpha and all the other non custom "high end" RV manufacturers. Any scoop on what happened or if they will spring back up under new management?
  10. Mastercraft

    Walkie talkie

    We use walkie talkies. The key is get ones that have a beep when the other person releases the talk button. This is important cause walkie talkies aren't full duplex. (you both can't talk at the same time) Also, the beep, without hearing any talking means you missed something...... like "STOP". Ours are Motorola T5710 .....proly 20+ years old, but, when all the cameras come out at the campground, YouTube moments are avoided.
  11. Mastercraft

    Generator noise

    Generator noise is one of my pet peeves, my generator or someone else's. That being said, I considered the big 12Kw Onan diesel for mounting on the truck. Then I got to the price tag and started looking for options. Found this Generac unit at about 1/3 the Onan cost, intended for off the grid cabins. Generac claims a 52db at 7 meters noise level. For comparison, Honda suitcase units are 59db. This Generac runs on propane and has a 500hr oil drain interval on synthetic. With propane fuel, I have let it sit for a year or more, hook up propane, hit the start button, and it lights and runs perfect. A sequence I have tested a couple times not really expecting those results. The Generac I set up to provide two 25amp legs (got a 240V cloths drier) so it will run both a/c units and have spare capacity. The two times I have used it in the last 5 years, it was just to charge the batteries. With that load, it uses about a gallon of propane an hr. I set up the upper deck to hold two 100lb propane tanks (the white pizza pans near the bottom of the stacks in the pic) to be lifted by the motorcycle / propane crane. The crane has never been used, no motorcycle yet and 20lb tanks work fine.
  12. Mastercraft

    Still in Repair Mode or TLC

    Well, if your project is anything like mine, you will never be done. My deck and rear bumper has been in primer for like 4 years. Maybe this winter it will get finished. Haven't got my rear cameras working yet. The power wires/coax is all run, maybe this winter. Seems like there are unplanned opportunities that pop up, like, maybe I need to drop my DPF and have it baked out ($130 at Inland Kenworth) since I can't tell if its ever been done and I get a regen about every 400 gallons. The TCS light just came on before this summers 5 week adventure, still on after swapping out the pressure sensor for the rear bags. When I did my rear shocks, all the top bolts broke loose. All the bottom bolts had become one with the shock spacer bushing. I took a bunch of extra time to save the nice shoulder bolts and locking nuts that were on there. (ya, I know, those deformed thread locking nuts are a one time use) But they all seemed fine so I put em back on. I didn't take tires off. Three factors lead to that decision - first, the bolts were all installed from the inboard, it would have tripled the time it took to do the job, and I don't have a torque wrench (yet) that goes to 500 ft lbs. Best of luck Be safe
  13. Mastercraft

    How do you know when shocks are shot?

    Greetings - This is the Gabriel catalog link. They cross the Volvo part number to a couple of their products. http://gabriel.com/catalog/ Best of Luck Rich
  14. Mastercraft

    How do you know when shocks are shot?

    Can't say that shocks need to be changed if " this is happening " but, this is what I noticed after replacing 4 in the rear and the cab shocks. 530K on the truck, looked like originals Side to side motion was reduced making it so I could feel feedback from a steering command that wasn't masked by the normal side to side sway. Cab didn't bottom out any more at all as it did coming off bridges on the freeway occasionally. A note about the install. All bolts were fully treated with Michigan Loctite. Since I am cheap, I intended to salvage all bolts. The rear shock bolts were Michigan Loctited to the shock bushing, the nut came off fine. The fix - parked the air chisel on the shock bushing for 30 sec or so and poof, in a cloud of rust, the bolt was free from the shock. The cab shocks had to be twisted off by hand to break those metric bolts. Both bottoms were solid Michigan Loctite. I put Gabriel adjustable shocks on the rear set to the mid setting. Seems like they were less that $50 each delivered to my door.
  15. Mastercraft

    Length of 5th wheel

    We are 73' and have never failed to get into a spot we attempted. A lot of times, the cameras come out hoping for a YouTube moment but, so far, I have disappointed the cameras. Best thing is to do pre-arrival research to verify your path is doable. Also, I walk the route to the spot once we get there making flight plans in my head for my landing.