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  1. We're in Mesa, AZ. We're full-time (since 2012) and don't HAVE to be anywhere. Our plan this summer was to slowly get to a campground in Massachusetts after visiting family in CO, TX, FL, and SC. We were supposed to leave here in April, yet we're still here. There was (and maybe still is) way too much uncertainty for traveling across the country. Our daughter, in CT, is married to a nurse who works in a COVID ward. She has MS and said we wouldn't be visiting even if we were there. My 72 YO sister and 99 YO mother are kinda the same way. In order to keep our site in Mesa, we have to pay for it year-round, even though we normally only use it for the winter season. With our savings and investments taking a hit, staying here also cuts down expenses. Since the site is paid for, all it costs is electricity (a LOT when the temps are more than 100°!). For the past couple of days, we have talked about going directly to MA, but maybe not. There is still way too much uncertainty.
  2. I do have an unlimited phone with Visible. Would I need to upgrade to 5G for this speed?😁
  3. I have been using Defender as long as I have been using Windows 10. Recently, I installed Adguard Home on my network and found some blocked sites that I don't think the PC should have tried to access. I thought it might be some sort of adware or spyware that got on the PC. I downloaded the free version of Malwarebytes and scanned the computer. The only thing it found was a program that I had written. I assume it's because there was nothing in the database about it. We practice safe computing. The only protection I use is Windows defender and Windows firewall. While Adguard Home claims to prevent malware/phishing sites, that's not its primary purpose.
  4. If there is little to no discount for DEF, there will be a 10% of the little to no discount. If there is no discount, there is no fee. If there is a penny discount per gallon, the fee would be $0.001 per gallon.
  5. Visible removed their speed restrictions months ago. I have both the grandfathered Verizon postpaid plan and the Visible prepaid plan. From a performance perspective, they are the same. There are routers that accept a USB tethered connection for not a lot of money. Combined with a Visible phone, you get great unlimited service.
  6. I don't think we'll be using the ACA. We aren't entitled to any subsidy, so there is no reason unless the insurance company requires it. We do plan to change residence and domicile so I don't think the ACA's definition of residence will be a problem. According to Kyle from the RVer insurance exchange, all I need is an address in Florida. We plan to apply tomorrow (11/1), but aren't planning to go to Florida until the beginning of December to do the license and vehicle thing. I hope they don't require a copy of a drivers license!
  7. I have read other articles like this. They have a pre-conceived notion and cherry-pick the facts to support it. You know, like everyone who gets a health insurance subsidy has 12 kids and is married to 15 prisoners.
  8. That's what the insurance guy told me. Thanks for the link. I hadn't seen it before. Based on my age, zip code, etc., I can actually save about $10 per year moving to Florida. I am using Escapees:Home for mailing and I will be changing all addresses to Livingston, except for Florida government and BCBS mail. He also said that when I do that, they will recalculate my rates based on Texas, which will be lower than Florida. My wife's insurance through BCBS in Florida will be about $21 per month less expensive than her premium this year in Washington. I believe the deductible is a little higher this year, but it's so high now, that it will only matter if something bad happens. The real surprise came with auto insurance. We had our policy for the coach and toad with The Hartford through AARP. No one could touch the rates we were paying. When I spoke with them about moving to Florida, the rates went up by more than 125%! By shopping, I found another carrier where it will only cost us about 50% more. This insurance is the real cost of moving to Florida.
  9. I had the previous model. No, it's not upgradable. It's glued shut when it's made. Most likely the screen breaks if you try to open it. I had two models. The first one was about 6 months old when it took a small spill from the couch to the floor. It landed on it's corner and the touch screen stopped working. Luckily, I had a Square Trade extended warranty and I got a refund from them. I bought a second one (actually saved a couple of bucks) and bought another Square Trade warranty. After about a year and a half, the screen went dead. I sent it back to them and got another refund. That's when I decided to go in another direction. I bought a conventional laptop and have been happy with it for the past year.
  10. We pay for checks, but we're still using the checks we got 4 addresses ago. They still work. We write a half dozen checks or so per year. I like the 1% or more on my credit card and pay that off directly.
  11. Thanks for the response. Did you apply for coverage using an Escapees address in Bushnell? Did you have Florida residence before that? What were the residency requirements that BCBS imposed?
  12. We have been residents of Washington state for the past couple of years. I am on Medicare, but my child-bride is only turning 60 this year so she has a few more years to go before she can qualify. She has been on a PPO there, but we were notified that the insurance company won't be renewing the policy for 2018. Since that was the only PPO available to us, we are looking for coverage. An HMO is pretty dicey for full-time RVers due to emergency coverage outside of our home area, where we are pretty much all the time. We are currently looking to change residence to Florida so we can take advantage of the BSBC EPO that is available in Bushnell, FL. Does anyone have experience 'moving' to the Escapees park, getting set up as residences and obtaining insurance from BCBS? Do you have any experience using the insurance out of state? I know the deductibles and co-pays double when out of network, but at least there is still coverage. When we moved to Washington from Texas, getting established as residents was easy, as far as the state was concerned and getting auto insurance. Blue Cross was more difficult for someone who doesn't have utilities or property. Will we be running into the same thing in Florida?
  13. To call this park a dump is unfair to the well kept sanitary landfills around. We stayed there once. Power was on one side of the site and water was on the other. Since we were only there for the night, we lined up with the power connection on the driver side. Someone complained about us facing the wrong direction (for apparently no reason since it didn't matter what direction we faced). They quieted down when I pointed out the power and water connections and asked them to help me determine which direction was 'right'. We'll stay anywhere else before staying there again.
  14. I am in the same group that thinks, "If I do all this work and make all these changes, I can get it to be the same as it was before." Why do I have to work so hard to get back to something that works? There are lots of other RV forums out there that don't make it so difficult. Later...
  15. By turning the Hopper off, do you mean putting it in standby or unplugging it?
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