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  1. Keelandb

    LED lights... not there yet

    I buy my led lights from M4. They are RV people.
  2. Keelandb

    Stuck lens on recessed lights

    I have the same problem with one lens that I cannot remove from a ceiling light. Thanks to all who have answered the original post.
  3. Keelandb

    Coach Battery Wiring

    I have obviously been remiss in checking this thread that I started. When I say that I have several wires running from the positive post of the old coach battery I mean that I have 1) a relatively heavy wire that goes to the ONAN GenSet for starting the generator and providing any needed 12volt "operations" voltage. Yes, the generator provides 120 volt power that goes to the automatic transfer switch. 2) One slightly smaller wire that carries 12 volt power to the 12 volt system. That is the wire that has blue tape around it near the coach battery and where it connects to the 12 volt distribution system. 3) One of the smaller wires that originally went to the Converter, 4) One of the smaller wires that originally went to the original inverter. Somewhere in this mass of wires is one of the smaller wires coming from the alternator (on the engine). It does provide some charging of the coach battery while driving, but it is not much. Some of this I figured out by looking at the TriMetric 2025 BMS. The "Rube Goldberg" of the wiring at the old coach battery location comes from still having wires from/to the old converter and inverter. I'm not sure which wire is which so I've just left them all connected together. That may not help in any way, but it will not hurt as long as the ends of the wires are covered to prevent sparks/discharge of the batteires. The new Magnum inverter is back where the new coach batteries are located, so the old inverter wires are no longer needed. My solar panels are now connected and so I get much more charging from them than from the alternator, when the sun is shining. Two more solar panels to install and that is done.
  4. Keelandb

    Coach Battery Wiring

    Thanks for the reply Kirk, but a friend who is an electrician on an offshore oil rig stopped by to help me. I was right in that the blue tape identified the wiring from the battery to the 12V system of the RV. What I did not know was that all of the wires that were originally connected to the positive post on the original battery had to be connected together to have power from the generator and alternator going to the batteries/coach. Everything seems to be working now, even though I now have a rube goldberg of wiring going from the old coach battery location (about halfway down the length of the RV) to the rear of the RV where the new batteries are located.
  5. My Greyhawk 31FK needs a new and larger coach battery so that I don't have to run the generator so much while boondocking. A larger or additional battery will not fit in the original Jayco location so I placed two Lifeline GPL 8DL 12 volt AGM batteries in the basement compartment at the back of the RV. Hooking the AC system was easy, but I'm not so sure about the 12 volt system. At the original battery location a wire with blue tape leads from the positive post of the battery to some type of fuse/breaker, then to some type of electric canister. Could that be part of the coach battery shutoff that is switched just inside the RV, by the front door? From the electric canister a wire with blue tape seems to go to the 12 volt fuse box, again indicated by blue tape near that end of the wire. If this wire at the 12V fuse box is indeed the lead to the 12V system that is fine, but where/how do I hook the negative wire to the 12V system?
  6. Keelandb

    Dead cell in Coach Battery

    Actually the battery in question is a Marine/RV battery. I knew when I bought it that it was not really what I wanted, but the previous OEM coach battery had died while we were on the road. It was a weekend and only Wally World was open. We usually do NOT shop at Wally World anymore even though I grew up in NW Arkansas where WalMart headquarters is located. No, the inverter was never used with just this one little battery. The Magnum inverter was used to replace the OEM Xantrax inverter that never worked right. It did, after all have only one little battery. We also used the Magnum to replace the converter. The only loads placed on the battery over the past year that we have had it was mostly to run the interior LED lights. Most of the time the RV was parked and plugged in at a park or at home. The battery is just faulty. The Jayco Greyhawk does NOT have enough room to place a larger battery let alone a second battery. To solve this faulty battery problem I have made a new battery box in the large basement compartment under the bed at the rear of the RV. I have placed two Lifeline GPL-8DL AGM batteries (recommended by Jack Mayer) in that compartment. They are large, heavy and very expensive but have 255 amp/hours each. A MorningStar TS-60 MPPT charge controller is now installed and four solar panels are next. I just have to clean and recoat the rubber roof first. Thanks to all for the replies.
  7. My RV (Jayco Greyhawk 31 FK) is usually plugged into a 30 amp outlet while parked at our house. i recently unplugged it for a couple of days due to extensive flooding in our area. At the RV the water level was about six inches deep so not too bad. During that time I noticed that the coach battery was not holding charge as the coach lights (all LED) began to dim rather quickly. This battery is an Everstart brand, just over a year old, purchased at WalMart in Arkansas. Using a Greenlee AM-6 voltmeter I got a voltage of less than 11 volts on the coach battery. The rig was plugged back into the 30 amp outlet and the coach battery charged through the Magnum MS-2012 inverter/charger. After the charger showed that it had switched to float mode I disconnected the 30 amp cord, waited until the next day and then checked the voltage at the coach battery. It was again down to below 11 volts. I again plugged it into the 30 amp outlet and waited until the charger showed that it was in float mode. Then I used a hydrometer to check the specific gravity and found that while most cells showed specific gravity of 1.3 or more, one cell was less than 1.1. In other words the specific gravity in one cell was not even on the scale. I have been using the equalization cycle of the MS-2012 for three hours now and there has been no increase in the specific gravity of the subject cell. Any ideas of why this would happen on such a new battery? If the equalization cycle does not fix the problem is there any way to save this battery?
  8. Keelandb

    Toad wont start

    I recently had a very similar problem with a Dodge RAM pickup toad. We drove to a grocery store with everything working fine. Upon leaving the store the pickup would not start. A PepBoys was across the street so we had it towed over there.This pickup was a standard shift, but apparently a neutral safety switch had to be replaced. It then ran find until the motor died at only 272,000 miles.
  9. Keelandb

    Magnadyne Radio/DVD/GPS problems

    Newt, Sorry about the long time in my getting back to this. The Magnadyne radio/gps/cd/dvd unit was factory installed in the dash. I've not replaced it yet, but am still very dissatisfied with it. I'll check out the like that you provided. Thanks.
  10. Keelandb

    Rubber Roof Repair

    In my experience duct tape is useful for many things, but DUCK brand tape is not worth buying. I tends to come loose if you look at it too long. Gorilla brand is quite strong and sticks very well. I'm not sure that I would use either duct tape or gorilla for fixing a rubber roof problem. I have several places where the rubber is coming loose in spots anywhere from an inch to four inches long. I think that I'll use dicor. I guess that I'll need to cut the rubber material, insert whatever kind of glue or tape that comes with the repair kit and then press the rubber roof material down tight against the roof. I hate the idea of cutting the roof material to fix a bubble that does not have an tear, but oh well.
  11. For what it's worth, on my 2014 Nissan Frontier we had problems with the key in the acc position, both to unlock the steering lock and to provide power for the Blue Ox Patriot automatic brake. None of the Nissan people that we talked with had the same answer for the problem. Our solution was to run a new wire from the RV coach battery to the back of the RV. Into that we plug a new wire that runs to a new cigarette lighter power outlet in the cab to run the automatic brake. The key is placed in the "push" position which is just before you push on the key to remove it. That unlocks the steering wheel lock. Then we disconnect the starting battery of the Nissan. Yes, that cancels all of the presets on the radio but after we have driven a couple hundred miles the presets no longer work anyway. There have been no other problems that we have seen after towing the pickup this way for many miles. We towed a Dodge RAM before the Nissan with the key in the acc position with absolutely no problems. That Dodge motor died with only 272,000 miles on it. Oh well.
  12. Keelandb

    LED conversion report

    I replaced all of the lights in my RV using LED lights from M4LED (M4Products.com) and have been very happy with the new bulbs. M4 bulbs are made for RVs so I guess that they do fine with the variable voltage from the coach battery.
  13. Keelandb

    Wickenburg Flooding

    Similar floods affected places in mid Texas this year. Pecan Park RV (near San Marcos - between Austin and San Antonio) was hit pretty hard. Many of the state parks were also hit pretty hard. Sometimes these floods come up with NO warning. It's hard to be careful when it is raining upstream. Many people think that upstream will not affect where they are located. They call a floodplain a "floodplain" for a very good reason.
  14. If you ride a bike: How long have you ridden a bike? I started riding bikes when I was six year old (about 1959) and have ridden bikes ever since. For many years I rode a mountain bike. Where do you ride? Mostly on city streets and country roads. My son and I used to ride around at Whitman College in Walla Walla Washington (but I nor he were students there - I went to Walla Walla Community College). I've also ridden a lot on trails in National Forests. What brand or model do you have? My wife and I both have CATRIKE recumbent tricycles. Mine a TRAIL and hers a DASH. We have recently added BionX motor and battery to assist in our rides. Neither the CATRIKE or BionX addon are cheap. You will not find them at WalMart or most bike shops, but they are worth the cost. We carry the trikes in the large basement or we could carry them in the back of our pickup toad. If carrying them in the back of the pickup I need a better way of securing them. Perhaps a camper shell would work. Of course most camper shells unlock with the same CH751 lock/key that most RVs use for the basement compartments. After an article in Escapees magazine I switched all of my basement compartment locks to something better than CH751. Why did you chose the one you have? I did not plan on it, but it was just too much fun. My wife got one because of back neck problems. On an ordinary bicycle she could not hold her head up to look forward. If I were to do it differently what would I do? (I accidently hit some key that erased the line I was working on). I would get the trikes much sooner. Do you find groups in your RV park that go riding? Not yet. How long are your bike rides? minutes, hours or days etc. Our longest ride on the trikes was about 30 miles. Some time after that my wife fell and broke her back (compressions fracture) so our riding had diminished a lot. Now that we have electric motors we plan to ride more. If traveling with a partner; do you both ride? Yes. Do you follow any bicycle forums? If so what is the link? Not yet. Do you rent bikes? Never have.