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  1. Watching TV

    Ours also came with the overhead tv mount in a box. We took it out and use the box for storage. We don't watch much tv but when we do we like to lounge in bed so we put a larger flat screen in the back bedroom and enjoy it there.
  2. Dalhart,TX to Raton,NM or to Springer, NM

    We always go the straight, simplest way from Dalhart to Raton on 87 where we get on i-25. I noticed that the little campground in Capulin has enlarged and upgraded their facilities. We always talk about driving up the Capulin dormant volcano but never get around to it!! Have a safe trip!
  3. I would echo the sentiments above...great place to visit and the volunteers do a great job. I would also add that the Texas State Aquarium is also a great place to visit and is close by. They have just completed a large renovation project and should be fun!
  4. Got an e-mail this morning that several of the Texas State Parks have up-graded to 50 amp service so I thought I would pass it along if anybody is looking for a place to winter and needs the 50 amp service. We are big fans of the Texas State Park system and have volunteered at several. If you are looking for a place to volunteer we would highly recommend the Texas Sate Park system. We have always found the staff to be extremely grateful for the volunteers and fun to work with. Along with the 50 amp upgrades I know that the State Park in Livingston spent several million dollars repairing sites and roads in their park. Here is a list of the ones that have upgraded their service: Davis Mountains Lake Livingston Lake Whitney Ft. Richardson Abilene
  5. But we have found some CHEAP and easy insulation!!!! I know this is going to sound crazy but we put bubble wrap (big bubbles) on the inside of our windows and it has made a big difference!!! We got a roll of it for around 20 bucks and it covered every window and the windshield in our 36 foot Discovery. Now the really crazy thing is the way to put it on the windows...all you have to do is moisten the smooth side of the bubble wrap and it sticks to the window!!! Really, it does!!! Super easy to put up and take down!! It is supposed to be down in the 20's with some ice and snow tonight and in the teens tomorrow night so it will be a great test...but so far we can already tell a big difference!! Just thought I would pass this along! Hope it helps you stay warm!!
  6. Need Ideas or opinions!!!

    Definitely need the thinnest wood product available. I'm not familiar with the "ceiling trim" but I plan on going to our Hone Depot and Loews stores after Christmas and see what is available. Thanks!
  7. The problem: Water stains along the edge of the carpet on the ceiling from a roof leak that existed when we bought the RV. Leak is fixed but stain on the ceiling carpet is extremely ugly. Solutions tried: 1. Clean with several different types of cleaners with minimal success. New idea: Install wood flooring slats that match the wood of the cabinets that cover up the stain and also dress up the ceiling. We are talking about an area of about 10 inches in width and length would be from one end of the bedroom ceiling to the other end. Ok, here's where I need your help...do you think it will work or is it a dumb idea??!!!! and what are the problems that I might encounter. Thanks in advance for any ideas you might have!!!
  8. Full Body Paint

    Good advice! I'm not sure I would ever do it but the pics and reviews that I have read have been good. I'm sure there are good and bad places down there just like here in the states.
  9. Amazon Lockers

    We must be in a special area!! LOL!! We couldn't believe the packages arrived in two days!! For us the lockers are a great option because we go right by them when we go to town shopping or out to eat.
  10. Amazon Lockers

    We were having some trouble with our Amazon shipments (wouldn't ship to a PO Box, didn't recognize the address of the RV park we are in) so we decided to give the Amazon lockers a try. We were a little hesitant at first but now we probably won't use anything else. Three times now our shipments have gotten to us in two days, very easy access and very secure spot. Just wanted to post this for any full timers that were looking for an option and weren't sure about this service, we absolutely love it!!
  11. Full Body Paint

    We are members of the Discovery Owners group and there has been lots of talk on the discussion groups lately about folks who have gone down to Mexico to have this done. The cost is about half of what it is in the states and just judging by the pics the owners have posted, it looks like the work is top quality...of course there is the added benefit of staying the winter on the beach in Mexico too!!!
  12. Dolly Vs Toad

    Same here, we are very new to the RV towing scene so we have limited experience but on our first long (1200 miles) trip we definitely did not like using the tow dolly at all. Many of same the reasons mentioned above but we also had problems with the straps that went around the tires. One of them came completely off and was a pain in the rear to get it untangled and back around the wheel. From that point on I never trusted it and would stop periodically and check it...we were pretty sure before we took the trip that we wanted to tow four down but that definitely made our decision for us...there are some relatively cheap options out there if you decide to look for a car that you can tow four down...I had seen lots of Jeeps being towed behind RV's and thought I wanted one, but I found out there is a huge price difference between the popular CJ-7's and Wranglers and the Liberty's and Compass...we found a very nice four wheeled drive Liberty for a fraction of the cost of the more popular models so that is what we are using now. Best of luck in your travels!
  13. Atwood water heater won't light

    The final chapter to our hot water saga...I hope!! I took the control board out and began searching for a replacement. To my shock the one that I needed ranged in price from 220 to 250 bucks!!!! The biggest problem I had with that(besides the money) was that I was dealing with a 16 year old water heater and all the parts that I DON'T replace are still old and I'm not 100 percent sure this part would fix it...I looked at just replacing the whole water heater and the cost was around 400 bucks, so no savings there, and then I remembered that the previous owners had installed a Camco Hot Rod to make the water heater electric also. They told me that it just worked for a short while and then started throwing a breaker...so I got a wiring diagram from Camco and started checking their install...sure enough they had not wired it properly and fried the element in the tank which was causing a direct short and throwing the breaker!! 12 bucks for a new element, about 20 minutes of re-wiring and it worked like a charm!!!! ANDDDDD the best part of the story is my wife bought me tickets to the NASCAR race in Ft. Worth with the money we saved!!!!! WIN/WIN for me!!!! Thanks so much for all the ideas and assistance from everybody!! This is a great forum!!
  14. Upset wife / need help

    LOLOL!!! Now that's funny!!!!
  15. Atwood water heater won't light

    John, definitely was not the gas valve and no gas smell...it was more of just a click and it was at the board...nothing down stream from there...and it would do it once every time I plugged the board back in...but nothing down at the gas valve.