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  1. Jeep Liberty Trail Rated Model: four wheel drive, already set up for towing with Blue Ox set up, 150,000 miles, very good condition. I ran a Car Fax report when we bought it a year ago and it was clear of any accidents or damage. It won't be available till first week of Aug. when we get back from our road trip. We were going to use it as a toad but decided to get a new SUV instead. N, o dents or paint damage...I will add pictures Wednesday. New equipment we have installed: Tires (5), radiator, thermostat, serpentine belt. Asking price: $4,400.00 Contact info: you can send me a message on this site or by e-mail at coachmac9@excite.com I am located about an hour east of Dallas Tx but wouldn't mind a road trip to deliver!
  2. coachmac9

    Best Place to Purchase an Awning??

    Great idea jblscooper!! I hadn't thought about them!!! Thanks again for all the replies!!
  3. coachmac9

    Owners forums

    For us the owners forum has been invaluable!! It is an extremely active forum and extremely helpful on just about every problem anybody has put forth.
  4. coachmac9

    Best Place to Purchase an Awning??

    That's what I thought too Big5er but so far the places I have found that sells the complete awning with all hardware ships free!! I was shocked because I know those things are heavy!! We are about an hour east from Dallas.
  5. coachmac9

    Best Place to Purchase an Awning??

    Wow!! This has to be a first!! No opinions on where to buy an awning????
  6. coachmac9

    Best Place to Purchase an Awning??

    They cut us a check and we are doing the install.
  7. Our large 22' awning got damaged during a wind storm and we are going to replace it ourselves. Was wondering if anybody has bought one recently and if so where is the best place to buy it. We need the complete set up. Support arms, braces, canvas...everything. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!
  8. coachmac9

    Used RV Models to stay away from

    We also decided on a Discovery (older than yours) and we have been very happy with ours...I would recommend you join the DOA or Discovery Owners Association. They have a great forum with tons of folks that have answers to lots of problems you might run into that are specific to Discovery's! Good luck and safe travels!!
  9. Just wanted to report back that I decided to go with the Blackstone griddle top grill listed in the link below and it has turned out great. Just happened to catch it on sale at an Ace Hardware store and was able to get the hose and connection that adapts it to the larger tank and also the carrying bag for it, all for about the price I was going to pay for just the grill!! Thanks again for the input! https://www.amazon.com/Blackstone-Table-Top-Grill-Tailgating/dp/B0195MZHBK/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1525184948&sr=8-4&keywords=blackstone+grills&dpID=416XZuFBLlL&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  10. Looking for the griddle...I actually bought one of the small Coleman grills two summers ago and wasn't happy with it at all.
  11. Thanks for the input! Sounds great because I love to cook breakfast on the grill and the solid surface would be wonderful!!
  12. I would like to have a "table top" grill to set outside on a picnic table to grill a couple of burgers or a couple of steaks. Don't want anything big, bulky or heavy. Saw this one on Amazon and it looks like what we are looking for. Anybody familiar with this brand or another like it that might be better? All suggestions appreciated. Thanks!! https://www.amazon.com/Blackstone-Table-Top-Grill-Tailgating/dp/B0195MZHBK/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1525184948&sr=8-4&keywords=blackstone+grills&dpID=416XZuFBLlL&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  13. coachmac9

    RV Coach House in the Rio Grande Valley

    Cost? Monthly fees? Any other appropriate costs would be very beneficial to anyone that is in the market.
  14. coachmac9

    Question about joining Excapees club.

    Welcome aboard Worth!! My vehicle of choice is approaching 20 years old and have never felt like anyone is "looking down" on us because of its age. My advice is to enjoy every minute and mile of the journey and don't give a thought about what anybody else thinks about your ride!!!