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  1. RV Coach House in the Rio Grande Valley

    Cost? Monthly fees? Any other appropriate costs would be very beneficial to anyone that is in the market.
  2. Question about joining Excapees club.

    Welcome aboard Worth!! My vehicle of choice is approaching 20 years old and have never felt like anyone is "looking down" on us because of its age. My advice is to enjoy every minute and mile of the journey and don't give a thought about what anybody else thinks about your ride!!!
  3. New Escapee Web Site

    The new site looks great!!

    Now that's funny!!!!
  5. Motor home inspection in Livingston

    I've known three generations of the Harrison's had many dealings with them at their body shop. They have always been very helpful, courteous folks. You don't stay in any type of business dealing with the public for close to 70 years by being "arrogant" or "stupid concerning laws"...maybe they were having a bad day!!
  6. LED Lights

    Thanks, that must be what happened...got some LED's at a great price and as usual, you get what you pay for!! Should have known!!
  7. LED Lights

    Not trying to hi-jack the thread but aren't the LED lights supposed to last a lot longer than normal bulbs??
  8. Couple of Questions for Experienced Boondockers

    Thanks Vladimer! All help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Couple of Questions for Experienced Boondockers

    My wife and I would love the peace and quiet (maybe that is a direct result of teaching high school kids!!) that boondocking offers and to find a camp host position that offers this would be a dream come true...we had the opportunity to camp host at a state park that was shut down due to flooding and we were the only ones there for almost three months and absolutely loved it...lack of phone service or internet would be no problem what so ever...just have to get the solar power going so we cold power a few items and we would be good to go!!!
  10. Couple of Questions for Experienced Boondockers

    Thanks for all the responses guys! As bad as I hate to admit it, I guess we are a year away from being able to take a position that doesn't have an electric hook-up. Definitely will be a top priority for next year.
  11. Remote CCC Guard Station - Central Utah

    Woodsy, are they looking for one couple or person to take the whole time period (May through September)?
  12. Remote CCC Guard Station - Central Utah

    Here's some information I found on it..I was wondering the same thing...If we could make it without the AC!! Here's a link, hope it helps. https://weatherspark.com/y/2886/Average-Weather-in-Huntington-Utah-United-States-Year-Round
  13. There is an ad for a volunteer/camp host position but one of the drawbacks is "no electricity"...just water and sewer. So I have two questions for those of you who might have more experience in that area that myself. 1. How long will it take the fridge to use up my gas? I realize this isn't a question with a specific answer but was just trying to get an idea if running it on gas is feasible. Would I be running to fill up the tanks every week or could I make it longer...I have two tanks, 25 and 40 gallon. Does the fridge use gas like a 454 big block Chevy with a four barrel carb or is it somewhat frugal with the usage. 2. Can I get by with one of the portable solar panels if I only use electricity for lights only ? How large of a solar panel would I need for this to work? All suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. Roof leak

    Need to give that dealer a little free advertising for going beyond what most dealers would have done!! What is the name and location so that others who might be in the market to buy a used RV know about this reputable dealer!!