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  1. Dolly Vs Toad

    Same here, we are very new to the RV towing scene so we have limited experience but on our first long (1200 miles) trip we definitely did not like using the tow dolly at all. Many of same the reasons mentioned above but we also had problems with the straps that went around the tires. One of them came completely off and was a pain in the rear to get it untangled and back around the wheel. From that point on I never trusted it and would stop periodically and check it...we were pretty sure before we took the trip that we wanted to tow four down but that definitely made our decision for us...there are some relatively cheap options out there if you decide to look for a car that you can tow four down...I had seen lots of Jeeps being towed behind RV's and thought I wanted one, but I found out there is a huge price difference between the popular CJ-7's and Wranglers and the Liberty's and Compass...we found a very nice four wheeled drive Liberty for a fraction of the cost of the more popular models so that is what we are using now. Best of luck in your travels!
  2. Atwood water heater won't light

    The final chapter to our hot water saga...I hope!! I took the control board out and began searching for a replacement. To my shock the one that I needed ranged in price from 220 to 250 bucks!!!! The biggest problem I had with that(besides the money) was that I was dealing with a 16 year old water heater and all the parts that I DON'T replace are still old and I'm not 100 percent sure this part would fix it...I looked at just replacing the whole water heater and the cost was around 400 bucks, so no savings there, and then I remembered that the previous owners had installed a Camco Hot Rod to make the water heater electric also. They told me that it just worked for a short while and then started throwing a breaker...so I got a wiring diagram from Camco and started checking their install...sure enough they had not wired it properly and fried the element in the tank which was causing a direct short and throwing the breaker!! 12 bucks for a new element, about 20 minutes of re-wiring and it worked like a charm!!!! ANDDDDD the best part of the story is my wife bought me tickets to the NASCAR race in Ft. Worth with the money we saved!!!!! WIN/WIN for me!!!! Thanks so much for all the ideas and assistance from everybody!! This is a great forum!!
  3. Upset wife / need help

    LOLOL!!! Now that's funny!!!!
  4. Atwood water heater won't light

    John, definitely was not the gas valve and no gas smell...it was more of just a click and it was at the board...nothing down stream from there...and it would do it once every time I plugged the board back in...but nothing down at the gas valve.
  5. Atwood water heater won't light

    Thanks for all the great info guys, I'm sure thete will be others that will be helped with this info!!! And congrats on selling the house and your adventure that wil soon start!!! Here's a small update...I worked late yesterday but got home early enough to do some poking around today. I wanted to make sure I was getting the correct voltage coming in to the circuit board so I checked it at a junction before it gets to the board and all is good. Then I unplugged the connector (3 wire connector) at the board and checked, same thing, 12 volts coming in...then when I plugged the connector back in to the board it made a clunk...no spark down stream at the igniter and no more clunks from the board...also no voltage below the board...then the rains came so my detective work stopped there...I did have time to unplug the connection and plug it back in several times...same thing...on click or clunk and that was it.
  6. Atwood water heater won't light

    Thanks Kirk, I will print out the correct service manual and study it for a while...usually, as you mentioned there are very audible snaps that are easy to hear but there isn't any noise whatsoever now...I checked the voltage at the lead going out to the ignitor and there was nothing but that was expected since there was no "click" to hear or spark to see...I will do some more checking with the meter when I get home this afternoon and report back.
  7. Atwood water heater won't light

    Well shoot, mine decided to quit lighting Friday...when you flip the little switch on the control panel the orange "ignition failure" light stays on...went outside and opened the compartment door and listened while the wife flipped the switch and nothing, no click or little spark or anything...checked the voltage and no juice coming in...couple of questions...is the "sparker" or lighter powered by 12 volt or 110? I checked all the 12 volt fuses and 110 breakers in the main box and all was good...I'm wondering if there isn't another fuse/breaker somewhere that I can't locate...what am I missing???
  8. Gas Buddy??

    Just got an e-mail from Gasbuddy and from what I could gather they now have a service that you use a "Gasbuddy card" (I think) and you save money every time you gas up, regardless of what type of station you use...anybody else have this or know more about it??
  9. Route 66

    I also wanted to say thanks for the info!! We are planning on re-tracing the historic route next year.
  10. Good read, but man, how sad is it to work all your life for a huge corporation that is worth billions and end up with nothing...bummer.
  11. Atwood water heater won't light

    oldjohnt, we are a little farther north than kirk (Lake Tawakoni) area, if you ever need anything while passing through let me know!
  12. Atwood water heater won't light

    I have the same problem that just started Saturday night Thanks for all the suggestions! One more question, might there be a fuse blown that controls the 12 volts going to the water heater or do they usually not have a fuse??
  13. Major Data Breach - Equifax

    Here's another "bad timing" event that doesn't exactly shine a great light on Equifax...seems they were "fighting to kill a rule that would allow victims to sue"!! http://www.latimes.com/business/hiltzik/la-fi-hiltzik-equifax-arbitration-20170911-story.html
  14. Just a friendly reminder

    Great information in these posts, I would like to add something that has literally saved me from many accidents. When I was much younger I drove an ambulance for many years and while we never had to pass any special test to do this we had several "driving lessons" from others that had been driving ambulances and other emergency vehicles for years. Their number one tip or habit that they taught us to develop was "driving ahead" the faster you go the farther ahead you look and always assume they are going to do the worst possible thing. Change lanes in front of you, pull out from a stop sign, driveway or business as you are approaching ect ect. and always believe they aren't paying attention and don't hear your siren or see your lights...I know of three situations that by doing this I was able to take defensive action and avoid what would have been a very bad accident. I did it for many years and it just became so ingrained in my mind that I do it in any vehicle I drive. Checking mirrors constantly and checking side traffic constantly...it will save your life!