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  1. rls7201

    Roadtrek group?

    FMCA has Roadtrek chapters. Richard
  2. I cleaned and resealed some windows in my Bounder. First, get a magic marker and mark the outside of both panes. I.E. in & out. Measure how far the spacer is from the edge of the glass. Use a handy knife to cut the seal. Separate and clean off all the old seal. Make a square corner from some scrap lumber to reassemble the window in. Get in the sunlight and spend the necessary time to get the inside of both panes perfectly clean. Now you know why the magic marker. Stick the new foam/desiccant spacer to the inside of one pane. (I left 2, 1/8" spaces in my new spacer to flood the window with argon.) Put the pane in the square and place the second pain over it. Press firmly around the edges to form the seal. I then applied 3M Window Weld to the gap, leaving 2 small spaces to flood the the window with argon. Flooded the window with argon and filled the 2 small spaces with the Window Weld. Run finger around the edge of glass to form a U in the sealer and let cure. After the sealer cures, remove the excess sealer from the edges of the glass. Reinstall the glass, clean off the magic marker marks and all your gooey finger prints. Take deep breath, have a cold one and grab the next bad window. Richard
  3. We got rained on at a rally in Columbia, MO and our 17,000 lb MH was pulled out of the mud by its 3,500 lb receiver. Other larger coaches were pulled out by their 5,000/10,000 receivers. No problem. Richard
  4. Does your controller have seperate battery voltage sensing leads? If so, run appropriate size wires from the controller to battery and don't worry about the length. My controller is about 25 ft from the batteries and works just fine.
  5. How long will this social distancing last? The wife keeps trying to get in the front door. I put some food on the front porch every day, for her. Richard
  6. It takes the enjoyment out of RVing worrying about fuel prices. We fuel when we need to. Somewhere down the road will be fuel at a lower price. Don't worry mon, be happy. Richard
  7. Like Jim, I've not seen any discoloration or yellowing on my old Bounder. I'm on my second application as I failed to prep the surface correctly the first time. What I failed to do the first time was wipe the TSP off the surface with a clean rag and water. Just rinsing with the hose left a film.
  8. While you have the plug off the circuit board, take a dental pick and re-arch the connectors on the plug. Richard
  9. I started doing the coating process back when Lowes marketed Red Max Pro. Sure makes clean up simple. Richard
  10. Before you start working on those valves, raise the right side and dump. Then before you remove the valves, raise the left side and any drips that are left in the tank will be away from the valve. No Mess......... Richard
  11. The DW and I travel in a 1995 33', 8' wide Bounder.The ol Boundeer has owned us since 2002. It treats us very well. Provides a comfortable ride and stays on the road. We feed it well with one gallon of 87 octane every 7 miles. Last Year the ol Bouncer stood still long enough for me to feed it some paint to replace the stripes. Then I gave it a bath with some Zep Wet Look. The Dometic absorption frig keeps the ice cream hard and the lower portion at 32-34ยบ at all times. The bed is toasty warm at night when the ol Bounder turns on the 12 volt electric blanket a few minutes before bedtime. We have a magic switch by the sink, that when flipped puts hot water in the shower. Sure hope it keeps working until I can figure it out. When driving down the road, the ol Bounder keeps the batteries charged, so we can watch the 12 volt TVs, play on the internet an be toasty when we run the furnace. Sometimes when we stop for a few days, the ol Bounder will flip the switch to the solar panel lifts and we can watch the panels rise up into the air to collect that stuff from the sun. Boy! That makes the Bounder's batteries happy. And the batteries do need to be kept happy to spin over that 528 stroker, high compression engine. I did rectify the ol Bounder's cataracts with new LED headlight bulbs that are aimed correctly and don't point in your eyes unless I want the high beams to. OH yeah, the tail lights are LED panels from Bargman, that you can actually see in the day too. One of the ol Bounder's downfalls is the 100 gallon fresh water tank. It takes forever to fill. And then those two pesky 50 gallon waste water tanks take a long time to empty. I guess that's the price we have to pay every 7-10 days to sit off grid. The RVing life is tough but I guess we are learning to adapt to it. Richard
  12. There are some of us that have had great results with an absorption unit. My ice cream is always hard. (don't go there GRIN) But my 25 year old Dometic was built before lesser materials were used in the boiler unit. It hasn't burned us down yet. And my refrig was installed properly, so that all the air flows through the tubing and coils. We spend a lot of time off line and don't need the extra electrical drain of a home unit. While home units are cheaper to purchase, there is still the expense of extra batteries on a rotating time frame and inverters. Richard
  13. I'm one of those that have no need for a residential fridge. The wife and I live out of a 8 cu ft Dometic fridge. There is always a store close by. The first cooling unit lasted 18 years and the second one also works as designed. Fridge stays at 32-36 degrees and the freezer stays between -5 to -15. But.........the fridge was installed properly and all the clearances are at or better than Dometic's specs. We spend most of the winter off grid with 500 watts of solar and 4 GC2 batteries. Never a worry about 12 volt power.
  14. While snow birding in SoCal we had transmission failure. While the MH was at the shop for 10 days our solar kept the batteries charged and the food in the refrigerator fresh. It was really nice not having to empty the refrigerator.
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