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  1. w6pea

    M2 Headlight Upgrade

    I don't drive at night either. I try to get off the highway before dark in the RV.
  2. w6pea

    M2 Headlight Upgrade

    I replaced the headlight in my Fleetwood RV. There was a link on theRV Geeks. If you use their web page and buy the LED Headlights they give you a discount .http://www.thervgeeks.com/discounts/ And being as it's the Christmas Season they are raising the amount of the discount.
  3. Where I live there is a Home Depot and a Walmart in the same shopping center . They used to allow over night parking, now thanks to several people taking up permanent residence in their shopping center, they now have signs posted all over the lot not overnight parking. In the area between the Home Depot and the Wall Mart, they have put a beam across driveway that are 9ft 6in. high. it really makes it fun for the semi trucks to deliver to the grocery store, and the Way Mart and the Home Depot.
  4. I am getting ready to instal a Road Master Night Hawk Tow Bar, and a Road Mast EZ5 Base Plate on my 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee . I have heard many "Horror Stories" about the Road Master Invisa Brake. So I have decided to go with the SMI Stay in Play Duo Brake System. I am going to install this on a 2005 Jamboree 26Q Class-C, we were looking at buying a new Class-C with the Ram 5500 and Cummins Diesel , But decide to keep what we have because it's paid for and has only 35k miles on it. Have any of you had any problems with the SMI Stay in Play Duo Brake system? Thank You for your answers. Pat
  5. We went to Pismo Beach,CA. There is or was at the time an RV Park and we got there before 4 pm. the place was packed full not even enough room to put out our awning. We canceled our reservation, (Called them on the cellphone) didn't even pill in the place. They charged our credit card I believe it was $65.00 bucks. $45.00 for the spot and a cancelation fee of $20.00 because we didn't cancel 48hrs. in advance. I can't remember the name of the place, but we fund a really nice place across the street from them for $45.00 a day, and got a discount for being "Old Farts" (AARP members) and then we got a discount at a restaurant up by HWY 101 because we were staying at that campground. That was almost 9 years ago.
  6. Interesting topic. I was going to purchase one their Powertank system-tanks but at the time thought it was a little pricey. I have a 12vdc 150lbs. Viair-400P compressors. it costs about $275.00 to $300.00, depending nowhere you buy it. I bought mine at a 4Wheel Warehouse location. They sell them on Amazon and they now have a 400p-RV compressor. I think the only difference between the two models is the hose length. I was not trying to hijack the thread , but thought that might help. "I woke up again not dead today."
  7. My Father in Law lived there, in the late 1980's until he passed in 2003. My wife and I went back there once on our way back from Quartzite in 2008 it was really a dump.(IMO), but I never was that impressed with the place to begin with. My Father in Law was happy with the place because he loved to fish. I can say this "He and I caught more than our limit of Strippers there, when he passed away we gave away several pounds from hid freezer he had on his porch. Have not been back there since. It could have been cleaned up since but when we were there there wasn't a camp site to be had.
  8. What do you expect from AT&T. I would cancel my service with them on AT&T U-Verse but the other local Cable company sucks just as bad as they do in the field of Cuss Some More Service. aka Customer Service. I had Direct TV at home and it was great when the trees weren't in the way. And then my HOA made so bad to have Satellite service. It wasn't worth the hassle. Now AT&T is trying to force us back to having Directv it kinda stinks.
  9. I don't know about Costco, but WalMart and Sam's Club allow overnight parking. But a lot of cities do not allow it! So basically it's not Costco, Sam's Club WalMart. It's the city municipal codes.
  10. Have any of you done business with 619 Battery Inc? Click here I need to replace all of the batteries in my coach and chassis. Due to my getting ill and the last time we went to our RV in the Storage Lot was in I believe it was New Years Day. The coach started the generator started but I didn't need to put water in the batteries.These folks will deliver and install according to their web site for $75.00.I can't say anything bad about the Interstate Batteries I have we got almost 10 years out of them. We put them installed them in Aug 2007, shortly before I installed my Solar System from Click hereI really think that because of all the heat we had the batteries boiled dry.
  11. So I now have to use Oxygen, I was diagnosed with COPD, I was also told I had Emphysema Any way I am looking to get a Respironics Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator. So my question is do any of you have any experience with this machine? Can you head any light on this unit? Thank You.
  12. My wife and I have Emergency Road Service thru a program at FMCA. It works great we had a tire blow out on I-15 a couple of years ago on a Saturday night outside of Barstow. It took them about 3 hours to get out there, but (because they tried to get us a new tire) they got us back on the road. It's only $106.00 a year they cover all of our vehicles we also have it thru our Vehicle insurance company, but we have to pay for the service and submit for a refund. With the FMCA Road service no money, has to be paid at time of service and I believe they will tow up to 200 miles. I don't have the paperwork here to be sure.
  13. I sure as heck would love to see the increase. I was looking at the paperwork they sent me about my Soc Sec benefits, I have been getting the same amount for the past 5 yrs. And my wife is supposed to get 98% of 55% of my benefit. She doesn't even get half of my benefit. I am told I get the Max amount but my SS is offset by my FECA Benefits. Which I have been receiving since I was 49 years old. I am now 65. I was forced onto Medicare when I was 51.
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