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  1. We are back to the Houston area where we had lived. We see all the Doctors and relatives and our stationary friends in November and December. After that hit the road. When on the road, and need basic medical care while on the road, we look for an urgent care facility in the area. I look on line at the ratings for near by places and pick one. We are on Medicare and a Supplement G plan so we only need a place that takes Medicare. Ken
  2. It will severely limit the appliances you can run. Add up the amperage on each appliance and when you hit 30 amps, that is all. One A/C and the microwave will max you out. If you want to run the coffee maker or a hair drier, yo will need to shut off the microwave or A/C unit. We have a 40 ft 5th wheel and 50 amps. I will only go to 30 amp sites in the spring or fall when I can get by minimal A/C. WE turn down 30 amp positions. Ken
  3. Stick on gutter. Try these Ken
  4. I do not understand why the idiots can't slow down in limited visibility conditions. No excuse except just plain old stupidity. Ken
  5. Before we changed to electronic statements, we received paper statements from our bank and brokerage to our Escapees address. We never had an issue. Make sure that they have the correct address, box number and zip code. If they have an isse with the term BOX or the use of the # symbol, tell them it is an Apartment and use APT. In 7 years, Escapees mail has been great. Our issue is that the mail must first come through Houston's North Central distribution center for the USPS and they are not the best by a long shot. Ken
  6. We are full time for 6.5 years now and have a 2013 HitcHiker Champagne ,,,one of the last ones built. We bought it from Kansas RV Center, owned by NuWa in Chanute, KS. They are no longer manufacturer, but have a sales for other brands and a great service center. The delivery and sale of the unit was great. I sure hated to see them stop manufacturing. We have had very few issues with the trailer. We lover the build quality and comfort. The Splindide washer-dries, convection microwave, dishwasher and satellite antenna are wonderful. It is a heavy tri-axle with Mor/Ryde IS suspension. Looks like the last RV we will have to buy. Ken
  7. Last winter we spent 3 months on the Texas coast in a city surrounded on 3 sides by salt water and salt marshes. We rinsed and washed the RV every week or two and still had corrosion issues. Key locks corroded and took lots of oil, some other aluminum and chrome suffered some minor pitting. We had to replace the Winegard antenna at it suffered corrosion on the internal circuit board. We have stayed south of Houston several winter and no issues as we were far enough from the salt air. We are not spending any more time on the coast again. My RV cost too much and suffered damage due to just 3 months. You get to looking at other RVs that are on the coast often or long term and you will not like the damage. Ken
  8. We strongly recommend the Progressive Ind, unit. It has saved us from power problems more than once. PI will provide surge protection as well as monitor power for low or high voltage, open neutral, open ground and power frequency. We have the hard wired unit mounted in the RV with the remote monitor panel. PI provides great warranty service and are very helpful answering questions. Ken
  9. The salt in the softener is used to regenerate the resin bed and release the minerals that they have captured. You then flush the salt out and there is NO MORE salt in the water softener. You do not get salt on the shin or corrosion in the shower. There is another problem here. I have found that you have to modify the manufacturers instructions.. First, I drain about 1/2 of the water out of the softener. Remove the top. Next, add the requires table salt Every other regeneration I also add Iron Out. Fill almost to the top with water ans attach top. Lay the unit over on it's side and slosh the water to mix the salt. Let set for about an hour or more. Attach the water hose and flush very slowly. Set hose flow to lust barely dribble out the out let for 15 minutes. Now put full flow on the softener and flush for 5 or a bit more minutes. Check to see that the salt taste is gone. Reinstall and enjoy the reduced mineral water. In front of our softener, I run a whole house 5 micron sediment filter and next a 10 micron whole house carbon filter. Depending on the water hardness, out On the Go Double will go 2 to 3 weeks and we have a washer drier and dishwasher in the rig. Great water. With the softener, I replace the water heater anode less often and the sinks and shower get less water spots. Ken
  10. Photos help a bunch or a link to photos. Ken
  11. If you manage to break or damage one, two or more wires, you will be forcing the other wires to carry more load than they are rated to carry. Don't Disney Land engineer it....do it right. Ken
  12. You need to be aware that Federal parks and most state parks prohibit drone operation within the park. Ken
  13. I had two Kobalt 12 volt compressors from Lowe's and both died after a few uses. Now have a ViAir 400PRV and it is still going over a year later. You pay your money and take your chances. Ken
  14. The Marceli is cell phone based, As said you choose AT&T or Verizon when you order it. The unit has a cell connection. And as I said, it monitors power, temperature and humidity. How it works... Ken
  15. Inspections in Texas are no big deal. The yearly tag registration is tied to the vehicles being inspected. If you are out of state, you simply go online and pay with a credit card and check the box that you are out of state. The state mails the new stickers. You then have 72 hours to get it inspected once you get the vehicle back in the state. Ken
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