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  1. We like The Corral in Tomball ...northwest of Houston. Ken
  2. We had a 1978 SilverStreak a few years back that we restored. They were well built trailers for their time and were basically a three season trailer. The thing to watch for are water intrusion and corrosion. With the enclosed belly on them, you do not know the condition of the frame. They were prone to rust where the front A frame went into the belly. Additionally, the water leaks were an issue at the front rock guard hinge and at the outside light by the door. The rivets on the bottom are prone to corrosion at the aluminum and may need to be repaired. A big issue was the leaf type door hinges were prone to breaking and the door falling off. I replaced ours with stainless steel hinges. Tom Patterson has a website for the SS trailers and I believe Eddie Huffstetter had a second batches of replacement hinges made. The door locks and dead bolts are no longer manufactured and if you find one on EBay, it will be expensive. Ken
  3. Only 5er I'd consider pulling with a 1/2 ton is the one made by Escapee in Canada. And the truck would need a big engine or the Ford EcoBoost and 4.10 gears. ken
  4. I don't think seeing a bunch or old wrinkled people would be my thing. Ken
  5. Get a convection microwave. The best one we had, also had a broiling element. Ken
  6. It is getting harder and harder finding any park that will let you wash the rig. Some that used to charge a $10 or so fee to let you wash have stopped that practice. A few have a deal set up with a local that comes in with his water in a tank and pressure wash the RV. Talked to one and he had to pay a kick back to the park. Problem is I do not use any pressure washer on my rig and no one else is allowed to as well. It has been 6 months since a scrubbing and it is looking dirty. The Dri-wash only works so good and then it needs a scrubbing and wax.
  7. First thing I offer is that this is an indoor floor product. We have seen several RVs that looked great for the first couple of years. Then the surface starts to craze and even flake. At this point it looks horrible. The solution is to strip the finish and reapply. Final conclusion is I will not use it on my RV. Ken
  8. Some folks coming in late do not have any concern for neighbors. We have run across this issue both as campers and as host. As a host, if after 10 PM, we call the Ranger on duty to address the issue. If we are just a camper, I have no issue opening the door and telling them to reduce the noise level and be considerate of other campers. If it continues, I get in touch with the host or call the park after hours number. Ken
  9. I have had to replace my RhinoFlex more often now than the older ones I had. Seems the material quality has gone down and they do not last as long. Ken
  10. Big5er, it is plenty easy to lean the walking stick against your shoulder, pull out a bag and pick up the poop. I love dogs and seldom have an issue with a dog. The problem is irresponsible dog owners that do not feel the leash requirement applies to them. In short, the problem lies solely with the dog owner not properly restraining his dog, so look elsewhere to place blame. Ken
  11. 491 from Gallup to Shiprock has a bit of construction and down to one lane st s few spots, Biggest problem is some of the sections are really a roller coaster ride, Down to 40 mph at times and still shook up things a bunch. Ken
  12. We are west of Albuquerque off of I40. My wife want to see Four COrners anyway, so we head west and then to Shiprock and up to Moab then to Grand Junction and Rifle. This is the route the Garmin RV GPS pcks as an alternate. We are hosting at Rifle Gap for the Summer in the Lakeview unit. Stop by for a visit and a Howdy. Ken
  13. We are headed to Rifle. Thanks folks. Since we are towing heavy and getting near the ratings on the truck, I think the extra 100 miles or so it wil be worth it to go to Gallup and then north to Moab then Grand Junction and back east to Rifle. Ken
  14. Thanks for the heads up. Ken
  15. Is the better route to pick up Hwy 550 north of Albuquerque to Grand Junction or to go to Santa Fe and pick up 285 to 24 to I 70? First time through this area and looking for the easier route. Thanks, Ken