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  1. TXiceman

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    RJHill, I agree with Big5er. From your rambling mish-mash comment, I have no idea if you are stating a fact or asking for help. You might want to rethink your post and try cleaning up the thought process. You won't find more helpful people or better people than on this site. Ken
  2. Looking at some of the RVs at dealerships and the horror stories of new RVs, I am sure glad that I have my 2013 HitchHiker Champagne. The OP needs to look at the used inventory at Kansas RV in Chanute, KS. This where the HitchHikers were built. They love to get used HitchHikers and refurbish them. Just check them out. The service department is A number 1 first class. Ken
  3. TXiceman


    Mice love to hide out in the straw for the winter. I would not use it for this reason, plus the fire hazard. Your best bet is the foil backed foam board. Ken
  4. We parked next to some friends with the King Jack antenna. WE had the Wineguard Sensar IV. We got more channels than they did. To see if the RV or the slight difference in location made a difference, we swapped TVs. The one on the Sensar iv still did better. This was in a pretty remote area. We have noticed for distant stations, the Sensar Iv out performs the King Jack every time. I areas with close stations, they are pretty well equal. Ken
  5. Winguard Sensar IV, with antennas,,,two things, more metal in the air and height,. Ken
  6. TXiceman

    Traffic report, do I need a raft?

    Most states have a DOT or DPS site that you can check the conditions of roads. This would be my primary information source. Ken
  7. It all boils down to WalMart is not a campground. The intended use was to come in late, get a few hours sleep and back on the road. Because so many have abused the use of WalMart parking over the years, many stores no longer allow RV parking more than a few hours. Many cities under the pressure of local campground owners have passed legislation prohibiting RV and truck parking for more than an hour or two. I never feel safe just dropping anchor over night in a strange parking lot. You never know what kind of folks wander through during the night. But always check with the store manager and get their name if you want to use a parking lot. You did say you were there in excess of 12 hours. Ken
  8. TXiceman

    Teflon pad

    Diameter does not matter much. The problem is thicker ones may or may not work. Ken
  9. Photos always help to sell. Ken
  10. TXiceman

    No longer available

    How big is the RV cover? Maximum height? Ken
  11. Mark, there may be fewer showing up, but winter sites are still hard to find on shorter notice. Ken
  12. South Texas fills up with Snow Birds every winter. Waiting this late may present some problems in finding a site. Good luck hunting. Ken
  13. Check Adventure RV as well. Ken
  14. Have you looked at the HitchHiker NuWa forum and listed there. Plus you need a lot more info to generate interest, full description, model and photos. Ken
  15. TXiceman

    Thousand Trails - champaign taste beer budget

    There is always a negative review or tow for most campgrounds. It is usually something minor such as: They arrived 10 minutes after the office closed and they are upset no one was there to escort them to the site. Or the laundry only had 2 machines and both were in use. Or the showers were wet or the campsite was covered in leaves in October. or the campground had puddles after a monster rain. So you have to dismiss a couple of the poor ratings and look at the people that were happy with the site. Happy camping. Ken