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  1. The teal cabinets look fine. Ray, you do have to live there. Decorate it the trailer to suit your life. Ken
  2. Packman, do you have a carry permit? and what states will reciprocate? Maryland is one of the stinker states as in NY and NJ and makes it difficult to transport a fire arm. By federal law you should have the ability to travel across the state with the firearm locked in a secure safe with the ammo locked in a separate location neither accessible from the drivers compartment.. I don;t believe that they will allow it to be locked in a glove box or center console. Sort of makes carrying a firearm totally useless. If you have a carry permit, I 'd consider joining US Law Shield and contact their program attorney for advice on transporting a firearm. Ken
  3. All you have to do is fill out the title, sign it and the necessary sales transfer for your state. The buyer has to pay taxes and register in his state of choice. Ken
  4. We have stayed at the state park in San Angelo and never had an issue with water quality. In west Texas water tends to have more minerals, so you will get some mineral deposits. Ken
  5. Like noted, use the trailer GVWR, not dry weight. Also, do not use the brochure tongue weight. A properly loaded travel trailer will have a tongue weight of about 10 to 15% of the trailer GVWR. Lighter than 10% and the trailer will tend to porpoise and sway. I do not like short wheelbase and high center of gravity vehicles for towing much weight or longer trailers. Get a good sway control hitch, set it up properly so that the truck and trailer are level when loaded. You will get a push/pull effect every time you pass or are passed by a larger vehicle. Keep you speed below 65 mph and take it easy. Most ST trailer tires are rated for a maximum speed of 65 mph....stamped on trailer side wall. Ken
  6. Like Kirk said, the 30 or 50 amp circuit breaker will limit the load at the pedestal to the breaker limit. The NFPA is blowing smoke to appease the under designed campgrounds. Rather than attack the root problem, they are trying to limit a temporary solution to the problem. The simple solution is to mount the Hughes in the basement, What they cannot see will be on no concern. Ken
  7. Loosing a pet is a tragic event in your life. Remember her for the good times you had. Ken
  8. ms60ocb, the fog line is the strip down the right edge of the outside lane. Ken
  9. TXiceman

    Mt Rushmore area

    We were at Custer about 3 years ago and we had hail 5 out of 7 days there. nothing large enough to damage the RV. Ken
  10. True, but the park or what ever should make you feel wanted and appreciated. We are seeing to many up the hours to 24 to 30 hours per person for a simple campsite. When you look at the value for a site and utilities you find a couple putting in 48 to 60 hours per week and they are appreciating you to the tune of $3.00 per hour or less. If they had to hire an employee, it would be for a heck of lot more plus benefits. Then they expect you to clean up filthy bathrooms as well. No thanks, we go to where we are appreciated. Ken
  11. If your trailer weight is such that you have to have an F350 or a Dually, do not try to prop up a F250 to do the work of a heavier rated truck. The cost of owning a bigger trailer is a bigger truck and all of the tagging requirements. Ken
  12. TXiceman


    I agree with Kirk on storage space. But we do not have an oven other than the convection microwave and it serves us well. We have a Vesta dishwasher and would not be without it for full time living. Where we refuse an add on was a fireplace, It kills too much storage space. We carry 2 small quartz heaters that store under the bed when not in use and take up far less room than the fireplace. Ken
  13. While on leash, my standard schnauzer has been attacked 3 times over the years, by a larger dog off leash. She has now gotten to where she is immediately a more aggressive with a strange dog. I cannot blame her. For protection, I now carry a 5 foot long maple hiking stick and have had to fend off a few dogs that were off leash. I one area, the loose dogs were so bad, that I started carrying pepper spray. Most dogs will stop with a loud ... STOP command. A few won't. The big problem is not so much with bad dogs as bad dog owners. Ken
  14. If it is a smog county, it has to be in a smog county.
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