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  1. TXiceman

    Dish washer machine

    No to the drawer type. Too much trouble to load and unload. If you drop something you have to unload the unit to gain access to the bottom. Look at the Vesta units with the drop front door and rack more like a home unit. Using on for over 3 years full time now and not a problem. Ken
  2. TXiceman

    Some folks you know?

    Sounds like my wife.... Ken
  3. TXiceman

    Video: RV camping with a drone

    Be aware that Federal Parks and most State parks prohibit the flying of drones within their property. Some will grant special permission for educational purposes. Ask before you fly. Ken
  4. TXiceman

    Costco vs Sams Club

    We first went to NewSound at first and had the audiologist check my ears. Them we went to Costco and the audiologist ran the EXACT same test for my ears. The Costco hearing aids were less than 1/2 the price of NewSound. NewSound is a rip off. Ken
  5. TXiceman

    Majority RV & Retirement

    Sure sounds like some folks have not even been to Texas. Fort Davis is high desert and over 5000 ft elevation. Then there are the Guadalupe Mountains and the High plains in The Panhandle, and the piney woods of East Texas and the coastal plains. Which Eco system do you want? Ken
  6. TXiceman

    RV for commercial use

    I think once you start running a commercial business out of your RV, you will become a commercial vehicle and now looking at a commercial drivers license and insurance. Ken
  7. TXiceman

    Majority RV & Retirement

    Happy, humidity in Abilene, TX....are you serious. Houston has humidity, it i dry in Abilene. Ken
  8. TXiceman

    Majority RV & Retirement

    Property values and property taxes have gone insane in the Hill Country. East Texas still has reasonable property values, but west Texas is the cheapest. Ken
  9. TXiceman

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    Personally, I'd go with the Honda EU series of any others due to the wide availability of service for them if you ever need service. Yes you pay more, but you get peace of mind. Ken
  10. TXiceman

    Best Cell Booster

    Been happy with our WeBoost RV cell booster. Check our TechnoRV for offerings and articles. Ken
  11. TXiceman

    Stuck waste tank valve

    I certainly hope you never leave the black valve open all of the time....major disaster. Ken
  12. TXiceman

    Boondocking Etiquette

    It burns me up to see the trash the slobs leave behind. One place I fish is covered with trash, cans, bottle, bait boxes, old wads of fishing line, etc. It does no good to pick it up as it is about in the same shape a week later. Ken
  13. TXiceman

    Updating banking address issues

    Hey, don't mess with Texas. So far it works, so let's just be quiet. Ken
  14. TXiceman

    Golf Cart a must or not for Fulltime

    Six years full time and never had a need for a golf cart. We ride bikes or walk. If you need a mobility scooter, that is what you get. Many parks will not allow a golf cart unless it is street legal and licensed and only operated by licensed drivers. A mobility scooter will generally be allowed if you have a handicap permit. Ken
  15. TXiceman

    Austin in May

    April is better for all the wild flowers in the Hill Country. Ken