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  1. You could just threaten to move everything to another broker. Ken
  2. So far, Wells Fargo has not given us any problems with the Escapees address. Ken
  3. WIFI booster

    Park WiFi is not intended for streaming. WE have found several with a note to not stream and be considerate of others on the network. Streaming gobbles up bandwith. Ken
  4. No power to rangetop or washer

    Did you reset both the breakers in the trailer and the power pedestal outside? Also, what is your voltage from L1 to L2 and also L1 and L2 to G and N. ALso the voltage between G and N. Ken.
  5. We have lived long term in both a 5er and a class A. When we were going to go full time, we evaluated the pros and cons of both snd decided the 5er had many more pros than cons/ Ken
  6. Hello

    Looks like you get a passing grade on the TEST. Merry Christmas Ken
  7. RV Sales -- Good News / Bad News

    So glad that the RV industry is doing good, however, they do need to do a better job an construction and quality control. They are taking advantage of the new people and selling many units that are border line junk and will start to fall apart in a couple of years. The other problem is the limited RV parks and the volume of long term residents. Our RV club is loosing one park that we use a couple of times annually for rallies. The park was purchased by investors from California that have decided that the park will no longer accept rallies. It will become a full time or long term park. It is all about the money. They would rather have a full park with a steady income of monthly users rather than having 30 or 40 sites for rallies, plus the upkeep of a rally building. They do say they will have a FEW sites held open for overnight stays. We have run across several places that no longer accepts rallies. With all of the Millennials and the up swing in weekend use, it is very hard to get sites in the state parks and corp parks on any weekend unless you book 6 months out. So the spontaneity of a trip and stopping where ever you want, is pretty much gone. Campground rates are going up and more never places are taking the RESORT approach. They have amenities that are not of interest to me or my wife. We have no interest in swimming pools, hot tubs, exercise rooms, golf courses, media rooms, concrete pads and roads with grass and manicured lawns. The industry and the RV lifestyle is changing and not necessarily for the better in my opinion. Ken
  8. Domicile Question

    The Class A or B is not a CDL and is not that hard to pass. A written test over a bit of the CDL book...mostly length, weight and lighting restrictions on the larger rigs and where to place cones when on the shoulder. The driving portion is not bad and very frankly, if you cannot pass the exam, you need to park the rig. Not being harsh, just realistic. We run across a lot of Texas RVers that are ignorant of the license requirements. The RV and truck dealers are not going to tell you and risk a sale. If you get stopped or in an accident, most of the local LEOs do not even know of the requirement for the license based on weight. But a state trooper will most likely know and you will receive a citation for the wrong class of license. The biggest hassle is taking the test and getting scheduled for a driving test. The best place to do this is at the DPS office in Livingston. The understand the RV requirements. So, welcome to Texas and learn the Texas life style. Ken
  9. Goose box?

    Met a fellow with a Goose Box on his 5er. Horrible ride and he took it off and put on a Mor/Ryde pin box and a conventional 5th wheel hitch. Ken
  10. Slideout died

    Check the solenoid at the pump that operates that slide. the coils can burn out. You can swap an operating solenoid for the suspected bad one. Ken
  11. Firefox Quatum

    Use FF for years and the last update was a disaster. If would not load and gave an error message that the profile was not available, I tried to reload FF from scratch...same message. Luckily I had IE with my bookmarks. I do not care for IE. I loaded on Chrome and pulled my bookmarks over from IE and been using Chrome. Ken
  12. Pulled over in TX by state patrol

    DAn, sorry about the inconvenience with the uninformed officer. Hope the rest of your trip goes OK. Ken
  13. Seeking 5er Recommendations

    Another vote for used higher end units. Ken
  14. Best thing to do is to download the Traveler manual from the Wineguard site. It has the clearance requirements for the antenna. The get up top and see what fits where. Ken
  15. Seeking 5er Recommendations

    I strongly suggest you look a gently used higher end units over new lower end units. A true full time, 4 season RV is more costly and heavier than the normal 3 season RVs. Adding some tank heaters and aluminum wrap in the basement does not make it a true 4 season RV. A real 4 season trailer will even be better in the summer, being able to keep it cooler. There are lots if RVs out there that have lots of flash, bling and glitz, but you need to look at the foundation or bones. To find one that suits you and your life style, sit in the trailer and pretend you live there. See how you would go about getting ready for bed, getting up in the morning or fixing a meal. See where clothes fit, linens fit, storage of pots and pan, food, etc. Is the TV set for comfortable viewing, you do not look at it sideways. For full time living, I want better furniture, carpet, Sleep number bed, residential refrigerator, Mor/Ryde IS suspension, oversized brakes or disc brakes, Wineguard Travler satellite antenna, washer/drier and dishwasher. If i were in the market for another 5er, Id be looking at Mobile Suites or Arctic Fox. Ken