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  1. Sounds like you mean your brake light has been broken. Some of the lens just pops off. Look for an indentation that you can use with a flat blade screw driver to pop it loose without breaking it. Ken
  2. TXiceman

    Sewer hatch seal

    You can get bronze wool at most marine supply places. It won't rust like the steel wool. Ken
  3. It all boils down to following the manufacturers instructions. What do they say about mounting and piping. Ken
  4. I personally do not like spending that much time that close to salt water. The salt in the air is hard on the RV...anything metal will corrode or rust. Ken
  5. We have run into a few campgrounds running voltage to the high ens of the range. If they have a weal Neutral, with the Hughes, you can put higher voltage on one leg than the other. This will cause the EMS to shut down on high voltage on one leg. I do not recommend that it stay wired in all of the time. Even when there is no low voltage, the Hughes will boost voltage 2 or 3 volts which may put you over the EMS high limit. Ken
  6. If you are towing it, it is part of your gross combined towing weight....loaded truck plus loaded trailer plus safety hitch.
  7. The hitch platform looks like more trouble than it is worth. It is a solution to a problem that does not exist. Ken
  8. We have camp hosted and volunteered around the country and seen plenty of rental units on the road. The way some folks treat stuff that they do not own is horrible. No way would I ever rent my RV out. Ken
  9. While not a true RV accessory, I have used it for several years full time. A folding recumbent trike. A HP Velotechnik, Gekko FX 20. Includes touring bag and basic cycle computer (speedometer) and two spare tubes. Tires were replaced last year with upgraded tires. Mechanically great, but some paint damage due to transporting when folded. We will be in the Knoxville, TN area July 2nd through July 8th. Asking $1200. KE5DFR at Gmail dot com Photos available on request. Ken
  10. Northeast LA is 80 degrees at 8:25 PM. Time to look for cooler climates. Ken
  11. Check PPL Motorhomes site in Texas. It is a consignment place and has a number of class B's, Ken
  12. I use a quad shielded low loss cable and can use 100 feet on my Wineguard Carryout. Ken
  13. Our standard schnauzer has been attacked 3 times by off leash aggressive dogs. I now carry a 5 foot long maple walking stick and a pepper spray. Keep you animals on leash and away from me or suffer the pain. Ken
  14. I agree with Kirk. Ken
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