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  1. Before we got the washer/drier in the RV, washerterias were a crap-shoot. Some were good, some were OK and a few were horrible. But for now, I'll stick to my laundry facilities in the RV. Ken
  2. I grew up camping under the trees on a cot and no tent. After getting married, we camped in a borrowed tent and finally bought our own tent. In 1984 we bought our FIRST RV. A small Starcraft pop up camper. No A/C, no heat, and ice box, hand pump water tank and we were at the top of the mountain in our eyes. A lot has changed and several RVs later, we are full time in our 40 foot 5th wheel. I cannot imagine life with out an RV. Ken
  3. Already sent in my absentee ballot for more funding for the parks. Ken
  4. I cannot understand the thought process that they buy a $100K plus motorhome and an expensive towed vehicle and then can't justify the $$$ to safety connect and control the towed car. If the auxiliary bakes in the car can stop you 6 inches shorter, it can be the difference between a safe stop and a wreck. Ken
  5. Guy, irregardless of your reasoning about GVWR and such, a state law will supersede that. As noted, many states require brakes on a towed load over 1500#. And as an RVer you are required to follow the laws of the states you travel through for such items as speed, length and weight. Ken
  6. I have heard the argument that it is a towed vehicle and not a trailer. Most motorhomes have a max towed weight that is unbraked. The motorhome has no way to determine if the 4000# load is a car or a load of bricks on a utility trailer. It is a towed load and thus all the states laws apply. Some states have unbraked load limit as low as 1500#. Ken
  7. 32 hours each or total for the site. In either case, that is a part time job. no thanks. Ken
  8. Most parks prohibit wireless fences and require the dog to be on a leash and only tied out when you are out. Some prohibit any dog fences. You need to check each park. Ken
  9. OK Hams, this is not right in so many ways. Wait until they need help when the fancy fixed communications go down. Ken Ke5dfr
  10. You need to check the electric heater element for the fridge. You will need a volt-Ohm meter to check the resistance or open circuit on the heater element. An alternate method, if you can work safely with electricity, is to disconnect the electric heater element and wire it directly to 120 Volt cord and plug it in and let it operate overnight. If the fridge cools in this by pass mode, the heater element is OK. If good. If there is no cooling, the element is bad. Ken
  11. DocJ, to pick up the meds at Walgreen triples out cost out of pocket. So we fight the idiots at Optum RX Ken
  12. I don't how the G614 is inferior? That is such a broad statement. GY had some issues with the tires series the first couple of years. GY stood behind the tires and made good on the repairs. Since then, they have enjoyed a pretty good rating . In a single application, they are rated for 3750# at 110 psig inflation pressure. Our trailer has three 7000# axles and the tires are rated to carry a total of 7500# per axle. The pin weight is close to 4000#, for a trailer total of 19,000#. This leaves 15000# for the three axles, so there is not much chance to overload the axles and chance.
  13. Carlos, I agree. People spread false information and create fear in order to farther their own fears. Ken
  14. Randy, after the latest problem, I called Medicare to file a formal complaint against Optum. UHC and Optum have investigated and only provide empathy and no real solution to their stupidity. I talking to UHC, the supervisor admitted they get a number on complaints on Optum. Ken
  15. A friend just had their 40 ft DRV totaled by a farmer hauling a large tractor on a goose neck trailer. The farmer was ticketed for no trailer brakes, excessive speed, and over weight. Whether the police can pull you over and ticket you for weight should not be your concern. Your concern should be that you are operating within the design limits of your tow vehicle not only for your safety, but the safety of others. Ken
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