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  1. This is very disturbing that a health professional would be so careless. We were scheduled to be in Livingston for April, but we cancelled and decided to stay put in the RGV, Texas. Ken
  2. I understand,...hen I yawn or sneeze, bubbles come out. Ken
  3. So, I am dishonest. Many times ordering something online, the ordering system will not accept and address such as 123 Rainbow Dr., #12345. You have to break it down to two lines and often the 2nd line says Apt. So on those I put in 123 Rainbow Dr. 12345 Do what you have to do. Ken
  4. I considered a Chromebook to replace my 6 year old laptop, but after looking at them, I went with a HP with 8GB ram and 256GB SSD. For my use, it is plenty of computer and I can used an external thumb drive or HDD for additional storage. I like the added flexibility of the MS operating system, and I run Chrome for a browser. Ken
  5. Sometimes, their software will not let you put on the address line,,,, 123 Rainbow Dr., #12345. Just list it on the second line as Apt, 12345 and all are happy. Ken
  6. If they ask if that is an apartment, I just tell them ....yes. No additional questions. Ken
  7. SWharton. that is the way things are done in Texas. You want confusion, go to Louisiana, They call the county commissioners the police jury. Ken
  8. TXiceman


    Vidu just wanted to vent. These are very trying times for all. We cannot control things that we could control in the past, We need to just try to help each other out and do our best. Ken
  9. 4x4 is 99% i=of what the dealers are ordering for stock, You have to order a 2 wheel drive. Ken
  10. Personally, I would put vacation plans on hold and stay put. Why chance getting COVID19 or spreading it? Ken
  11. I use my Rainbow Dr, address as well. Ken
  12. The towed car and dolly are subject to trailer brake requirements like ant trailer. What will you do if the trailer comes loose and there is not a trailer break away set up. Yes it needs brakes, Ken
  13. Streaming will not work unless you have a decent cell signal and loads of data. Ken
  14. We hosted there a few years back and enjoyed the area and the people. Janice was great. We did work in the visitors center on Sundays but I got to do a lot of grass mowing. Hopefully they have obtained a zero turn mower by now. We were there most of the summer as the only host as the other couple cancelled. Ken
  15. Rather than pick an ethnic designation, I put in Anglo and it was accepted. Our families have been here for decades and are a mix of German, English, Swedish, Irish, a little Native American....that we know of. I guess I could have seen if it would would have taken "Mutt". American Heinz 57 Ken
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