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  1. Anyone can add a sticker or note in a brochure that calls a camper a 4-Season unit. They are not all created equally for insulation. Also be very leary of any so-called 1/2 ton towables. The ratings are often based on a base weight trailer and a stripped base model truck. Ken
  2. Don't you love it when a plan comes together. Ken
  3. Twotoes, you cam mount the antenna on a painter pole and extend it and use Velcro straps to strap it to the ladder at two places that you can reach. Or get it permanently mounted to the top of the ladder. Another option if you have a crank up TV antenna mount it to the antenna and raise the antenna. Ken
  4. You only get the discount on the camping fee...none of the add ons. Ken
  5. This is a temporary fix. All it does is swell the old elastomer seals. Ken
  6. It just takes one or two idiots to ruin it for everyone. Ken
  7. I suggest that you look at Grand Design or VanLeigh. Both seem to have pretty happy owners unlike Forest River and Thor. As for finding a floorplan, tell the sales person to get lost and you will find him if you have any questions. Sit in the RV, check to see if you fit in the bathroom, see if you have room to store your clothes in closets and drawers, Check for kitchen space and pantry. Basically play house and see how you would get ready in the morning, get ready for bed at night, prepare a meal, where do you store your outdoor equipment and fishing gear. Ken
  8. I did not see any bore and stroke information. Probably an "over square" or long stroke which generally tend to develop torque at a lower RPM. People were always complaining about the V-10 having to rev so high to get the power they needed, maybe they will be happier with a lower reving engine. Ken
  9. MrTrux...we had to call Austin and talk to a fellow and he said no way we needed CDLs for our RV. He gave me his direct line and said to have the testing office call him and he would explain it to the clerk. They had to call and we got the plain Class A test. Ken
  10. Like others have said, too many get into RVing with starry eyes, minimum down payment, long term loan and lowest payments. They never look at the total cost of the loan. Inexperience or lack of education" I do't know. The 5er we now have is financed for a very simple reason. We got a loan for less interest than the investments are making. We could have easily moved some funds and paid for it, but it is cheaper to finance. Plus our credit score went up for having a hard money load. Without any owed money, our credit score dropped and as a result our insurance rated went up. Better credit score, rates went down. Another issue is people do not plan for repairs on the RV...tires, brakes, roof repairs, engine, transmission, etc. I know of one fellow that I have lost touch with now had a nice diesel pusher. He was traveling and having a great time and while out west, had a major engine problem and no funds for an expensive repair. So there he sat in an RV park and no way to move or repair the motorhome. Another snowbird we met, had to go back to work for 6 months to make enough to cover an engine replacement in his diesel truck. So a lot of issues are lack of money handling or finance experience and lack of planning for the life. Full timing in an RV can be less expensive, but you need to plan around a depreciating assets and its repairs. Ken
  11. We have reservations at Cagle and the fee is based on 6 nights and the Senior access pass. Standard fee is $20 for camping plus $10 for Electricity plus an $8 reservation fee. With the Senior Access you get a $10 discount. Last year it was $19 to camp with the Senior Access....a few years ago, it was like $11 a night with the Senior Access....no added fees. So it is costing more. I guess they have to pay for all of the fancy website upgrades, because they have not spent much on the park. Ken
  12. If you do not use the tow bar pin locks, you do need to check the pins after every stop that you were away from the RV and dinghy. You have some less than intelligent folks that like to pull the pins as they think it is funny. I agree with Kirk in that you do want to be able to get the dinghy unhitch and back in an emergency. Ken Ken\\
  13. Really simple...Either too much trailer or too little truck. Ken
  14. We are passed by some on the highway that think the term RV means RACE Vehicle. Ken
  15. For an RV used only for the RV and no commercial use, you get the Class A or B Exempt. There is a thread on here that details the Class A and Class B requirements. Ken
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