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  1. We had a 31' Minnie Winnie DL and had to have Winnebago step in to get warranty which Winnebago wound up paying for. Winnebago extends the chassis and driveline according to Ford specs. The center carrier bearing on the drive line was misaligned and ruined a U-joint. In any case Winnebago paid Ford to fix the problem. Ken
  2. The corner bed is referred to as the First-timers bed. Had one and never again. Getting into bed is a chore and never mind trying to put sheets on. Ken
  3. Will B., The Flat Rate by FedEx was suggested by Escapees. For $6.99 it is a 2 day delivery for as much as will fit in the one envelope. If it is over the size for the envelope, It is a lot more $$$$. Shirley at the mail center just scheduled our next FedEx shipment for next week. It works great. Ken
  4. Escapees Mail Service always does a great job. The problem is USPS. Priority Mail, only provides a tracking number and not much else. The USPS can still screw it up. To guarantee decent service I use the FedEx $6,99, 2 day envelope. Works great. Ken
  5. Some of the mechanical compressor refrigerators will require PS, some will run on MSW. The heater on an RV fridge does not matter. Ken
  6. You need to check the states laws for towing and abide by the laws of the states you travel through. Some require auxiliary brakes and a break away system on towed loads as low as 1500#. Some are at 3500#. But no matter what your class A is, you will require brakes on the towed load. Ken
  7. Corrie, you have to come to the realization of just what your truck can tow may not give you the size trailer you want and have to either down size or up size the truck. I would not want to try full timing in a $10000 trailer and smaller tow vehicle. However, we have found people full timing in a class B and also an A-frame trailer. Have yo looked for a used Avion from the 1980's? These are affordable, but will require some TLC to get then up to travel and full time. We sold our restored 1989 35' Avion 7 years ago fro $16500. Last time we saw it, 2 years ago, they had paid the same for it and it was not nearly as good of shape as when we sold it. Good luck, Ken
  8. I cannot believe the number of people wanting to bury their heads in the sand and go back to life as usual. I think we will be seeing a prime example of Darwin's Theory. The weak and stupid will be the first to go and thin the herd. Why do these people think nothing will happen to them? I sure don't want their sickness and I sure do not want to be responsible for getting some one else sick. Use some common sense and social distance. My wife and I will be wearing the mask, keeping our distance, forgoing any travel and wash our hands a lot. We are over 70 and reasonably good health and want to stay that way. Ken
  9. Very sound advice is to educate yourself on the towing nomenclature and tow ratings. 99% of the truck and RV dealers sales people know nothing about towing. Their idea of towing is heading to the lake with the bass boat loaded with a cooler full of beer. There is lots of truth in the old adage....you can tell when a salesman is not telling the truth......His lips are moving. His job is to sell, not educate you. Do not listen to the folks telling you that I pull my 44 ft toyhauler with my F250 just fine. All you need is to add air bags....ha ha ha.
  10. This is spot on. Why sacrifice quality for the sake of a floor plan. Buy a quality unit and you will love to enjoy the floor plan when it is not falling apart around you. Also, very difficult to enjoy your perfect floorplan when it is setting in the dealers shop for repairs most of the year. Ken
  11. 15 amps X 120 volts = 1800 Watts. You need to look at the continuous duty rating of the generator. Ken
  12. The Tahoe is really a passenger vehicle in stature. It is a high center of gravity and a short wheelbase vehicle, It will be more prone to sway than a longer and lower vehicle. My personal opinion is I would not tow anything over about 26 feet with that if you want to be comfortable on longer drives. With these type vehicles, length is an important factor as is weight. Also, look at the GM towing guide and see what the maximum frontal area is for the ratings. 8 ft high and say 9 ft tall is 72 sq.ft. frontal area. Ken
  13. It also has to have 12 VDC to power the controls. Ken
  14. Waiting in Mission, TX until we can travel again. Sure wish it was not so hot....100 degF, 102 DegF and 100 degF the past few days. Ken
  15. Dish and Internet is only for stationary installations. You might look at Hughes, but it is pricey. Streaming is not an option for us as we are often in areas with poor to no cell service. Ken
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