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  1. First off 18 DO is killing you, if your running in 18th gear. People think OD gets you the best MPG. It will not do it in any truck. Now you can take that 18OD and run it in direct. That is where your going to do best on Fuel. Not sure the model # of your trans, but 14th should be direct for you. With your gears you should be turning around 1350 at 65 +/- 2 or 3 MPH. But that can depend on if the truck is still running the factory tire size. As some change tire sizes to do a poor man's gear change. But your driving a brick, and not going to get the MPH the better air stream trucks can get. Used to run a 1989 379. 18 DO top gear was back to the dash. 24.5 tall rubber, 3.36 rears. Fuel was turned up beyond hot. I had to drive by the Exhaust temps even empty. That truck was a triple digit truck. And had it running those numbers a lot back in the late 80's early 90's. Got a unreal 3.1 MPG. But fuel was cheap, speed make money. Left lane truck it was, fuel sipper it was not. Went into a T600 right after that truck. Set up the same way, run it the same way for 6 months. That truck would bet 5 MPG running hard all the time never shut off while on the road. But run it normal and seen 7 out of it easy. But when fuel is no though. And we all ran outlaw, it was fun. But no way would I run a brick today. If I wanted to get great MPG. My 1995 T600 11.1 Detroit series 60, 400HP, 10 speed direct, 2.93 rearend along with 295/22.5 tires. 65 MPH is only cruising. And gets unreal MPG, but it was set up that way in 1995. By a company that wanted to save on fuel.
  2. Old man here told me Pam keeps his brakes from sticking. But Pam caught him with a young gal. Left him and he can't get his 19 year old to work on his brakes.
  3. 1985 going north on I-81. Flatbed had a wheel and tire on the trailer floor. Snowing like crazy and we could only run single file. Seen that tire coming at me. It jumped up and hit right above the windshield of the Cabover I was driving. Almost crapped myself. But seeing a tire coming at you. Sure gives one a rush for a while.
  4. Can someone update the big rig RV site for Benton Ar? http://www.hhrvcampgrounds.com/cg_ARC_i13tra.php Review shows it was shut down the end of April 2019. Being cleared for a car dealership.
  5. I agree, our trucks parts that day or the next. And most laying on the shelf's of almost every truck parts place. Uncle of mine years ago, New Class A. He was lucky had made it to our place. Rearend went out after only 2300 miles. Took 39 days to get the unit back up and running. But We fished 30 of those days.😀 As that was one reason he made the trip. But 99% of the time, that never happens. Its always in the middle of nowhere. Next to nothing ville.
  6. Thanks that's good to know. I wanted a new sports car. Until I tried to get out of one. That was the end of that. Sold one in 2003, only had 30K in 4 years. And hated it when it was time to get in or out.
  7. If that's the case, If I buy one. Tires should not have that issue for sure. But then again I'm a small guy. 240 lbs 6'1" so may wear.
  8. Just one more item, that was used wrong. Gliders were started to allow a person. That wrecked there truck, to buy a new unit. But save there running gear. Years ago most that did this. Had a newer tractor, that was wrecked. Or had just rebuilt the engine Then these companys jumped in making big $$. Thus destroying the Glider kits. This is not the end of the Gliders. Its just not a big Profit for the Big builders. Thus they will not build a few. Fitzgerals had started moving away from this 3 years ago. That's why they own a bunch of Peterbilt dealerships now. Plus slatted to build the new Super Trucks ( Nikola One electric-powered trucks ) In the start. Loop holes allowed the over use of Gliders. Loop holes now kills most of the market. Sad how much news shows the dirty trucks. When most Gliders with older engines. Burn way less fuel (not all) and way less downtime for years. I see a day when we will no longer be able to use a Diesel engine. Well I will not live to see it. But our Grand kids I fear will. May be the best of times then also.
  9. COME on Guys not again..... 80 MPH in a smart. Man and my wife calls me Dumb. OOOhh wait that was for not being smart. Thanks guys and all great info. Going to check into this one more this weekend. It looks clean, doors were locked. But looks like leather seats? Body is in great shape, new tires. And may be my run around car. At home also, love the 1989 Ford Bronco. But fighting the AC in it. So if I don't get that sorted out. Will just save it for the other 1.5 months I don't need the AC. But will depend on how much of an issue getting in and out of it. My back does not like low to the ground seats.
  10. Thanks I was asking more along the model. As I was thinking it may be longer then the older ones.
  11. Pete Kildow

    Smart car help?

    Being I know nothing about a smart car. Looked at a clean 2013 Passion today. I have no ideal if this is what most use? So what should I look for in a smart? Will be redoing the rear of the Kenworth bed to haul one. Will the above one work? Or do I need to look for a different model?
  12. I grew up on a poor dirt farm. But dad did not save $$ on Oil or grease. 2 stroke outboard double oil. He told me plugs are cheaper then the engine. Commercial Fisherman also. All farm tractors and combine. You got it if it called for grease every 20 hours. We did it every am. Did not matter if the combine only ran 4 hours the day before. When we sold all the old stuff. Every bearing was still good. Nasty looking but sure greased. Today I grease everything more then needed. But keep it clean also. Ran up on a guy 3 years ago. Same Trailer saver hitch as mine. He was bragging it had been maintenance free for the last 6 years.🤬
  13. Agree when we bought our Truck camper. That was in 2005, Did not have to do anything in the State of Tn. We made a trip to Denver Co. Paid cash for the Okanagan 8-11SL. Got back and was told being we paid cash. They did not need to see us. Used it up until 2012, then sold it to a guy. Told him I have no title. Only a Bill of sale, and the paper work showing where we bought it. But they sure made up on it when titling the 2012 Heartland Landmark Key largo. Then tried to sell me a Semi Trailer tag for it. And told me with it I never had to renew it. Good for the life of the trailer. 😱
  14. Only lock we have with the CH751, cover over the electrical cord reel. Basement doors and others are different keys. That's on a 2012 Heartland.
  15. If your out of items to do. Will run my T600 over, and drop it off for a while. Be happy to pick it up when your done. 😀 Sounds like you have done a lot in a short time for sure. Plus think of all the rest you can get now while on the road. I have to get my shop finished. Get the AC going in it. Can't handle the hot these days. So anything like this, does not get done when its hot.
  16. Man that would be tough for sure. Guess were lucky here in Tn. Truck weight was not even an issue. And lots of people have Class A's that push the scales at 40K, so never give it any thought. Same for our 5th wheel, nothing on the weight. Just a $14.00 per year I think renewal on the tag.
  17. I just spray mine, with white Lithium grease from a can. Worked for years, and easy to do.
  18. See one big issue, that cat will need a litter box. When it hits 198! Plus those would cause the trailer to lift off. Thus lift the rear of the TRUCK. Then your just well how would I say. Spinning in the 18liter box. Be sure to contact Ground control before liftoff.
  19. Been through 2 back Surgery's. First one lasted a couple of years. Then back to where it was before. Second one did not work at all. Put up with leg pain for years, that would make you want to cut both legs off. 2 years ago give up and bought a bottle of CBD oil. Been 20 months now with no leg pain. And was told by 3 different DR's. It was Nerve damage, noting we can do. But the CBD oil has worked for me. Sad part is only took 2 days to have the leg pain go away. I take 1200MG bottle with 30 ML in it. Takes one per month. Best $150.00 per month I have ever given up. If you need to cough after Surgery. Hold your Stomach with a pillow. Not near the pain, but without holding pressure. Man its like ripping your guts out. Also when getting up when they allow you to get out of bed. Sit your self up with the Hospital bed. Sure beats trying to get up from a flat bed. Last thing, make sure you have a good straight back chair when sitting up at home. Good luck and may this take care of your leg pain. Anyone that has not put up with the leg pain. Has no ideal what it does to you. Back pain is a walk in the park compared to the leg pain.
  20. So these people with 40K Class A motor homes would need there ratings at under 26K also? When I had my T600 Registered at a Motor home. There's no weight on the title. And was not asked that question. Was told the under 26,001 rating had nothing to do with me. Unless I was commercial, that was by a DOT cop last week. Grossing 45K with my dump trailer.
  21. Pete Kildow

    Purchasing Fuel

    It will sure save $$ fast. And always finds the smaller stations. I for one will not buy fuel at the Flying J or Pilot. There prices are jacked up around here. Sad station across the road is .40 cents cheaper. But then again the Big trucking company's gets around .65 cents per gallon off there.
  22. That's not rust, just new metal forming. I have the air jack. And always keep it wiped down with Fluid film. I sure don't need any new metal forming on mine.
  23. Pete Kildow

    Tinker Week?

    What if we just show up this fall. 50 Cal along with a can of rounds and offer to play farmer? That would be fun for sure.
  24. Looks like the black part is the spacer. You can see it more in the bottom of the hub to wheel section.
  25. That was one question I was asked in Tn. Does it still have the commercial 5th wheel on it? Told the lady no, it has a bed and rv 5th wheel on it. After that 5 minutes and was heading out the door. But she did say, they would not tag it with the factory 5th wheel on it.
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