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  1. Pete Kildow

    And so it ENDS, the Smart Car, deck on the Pete, is finished.

    This ladder may just work for your build. Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder $38.. and free shipping at Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003VDX5D2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Fold up and flat on the bed. And flips down when you need it. IF you need to it, I can see how long the ladder will extend on the one we have.
  2. Pete Kildow

    New gear ratio

    Thats where a 13 or 18 shines. Allowing you to drop half a gear, or go up a half gear. My 2.93 gears and 295/22.5's and direct 10 speed trans. Gives me 70 MPH and engine is ok. But a 18 speed OD would allow me to turn in Direct and do the same. Or go up or down as needed. My truck being a 1995 was built when the company was running 65 MAX and most times 55. AS it was a factory Single axle built to pull doubles. Pete
  3. Pete Kildow

    New gear ratio

    I think a lot of people look at changing the gears. When a tire swap can for most. Change the ratio enough to get those RPM's down or up. My old truck set up with this tire. 500 rev/mi, , R197 295/80R22.5 Customer Gearing Input Intended Cruise Speed 65 mph Engine Turning 1578-RPMS with the R197 tire that is 500 Rev per mile. Transmission Top Gear Ratio 1, Eaton, RT-13710B Low Gear Ratio Gear Down Ratio 14.78 Number Of Gears 1.34 Tire Size Rear 500 rev/mi, , R197 295/80R22.5 Axle Ratio 2.93 So if I wanted my RPM's around 1350, I could swap to 2.78 gears. Or just find a tire that has 430 Revs per mile. Both would do it. Tire change or Gears, both will get you there. So many people will not take in account the rounds that tire makes in a mile. Or I could swap to a Over Drive trans with a 0.87 top gear. Get the R's down 200 RPMS. Plus give me the best of both worlds. IF I were to go with a 13 or 18 Speed. I Can run in Direct 16th gear at slower speed. Or run in Over Drive 18th and run faster with less RPM's. This is all with a manual trans. The auto's, Gear change or tire change only.
  4. Pete Kildow

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    Those lug nuts, there job is to hold the short between the seat and steering wheel in place? Log Books if your not hauling logs. You don't need no stinking log books.. But best ? is where does that yellow wire go? Red stop, Green go, but Yellow I fear gets me hit OOOHHH Dear...
  5. Pete Kildow

    Got shoes shined today

    That's Exit 182 Fairview Tn or Dickson Tn. That old Truckstop for years, had the best food for miles. Also north side of I-40 north of the Flying J. I have everything to do my own. But if it were not 2 hours from me. Would for sure pay there price,and save my body. LOL IF you did a color buffing. Those would be super nice then.
  6. Pete Kildow

    Weigh Stations

    I agree 100%, back when I got Grandfathered in on the Class A from my old commercial License. They told us all, anything over 26001 lbs is going to have to follow the new Guidelines. And if pulling a trailer over this and the truck is this. But then got swapped where some can do what ever. And not be classed as Commercial. Still thinking it would have been better if we all had too play on the same field. Take the same test to drive the same class of Auto or truck. Sad so many driving big Giant Class A's, or our class 8 tractors. And don't have an ideal how to do a pretrip. OR check there truck. Don't get me wrong some do a better job then commercial drivers. But so many jump in and never read the info to pass the test. Its online and can give you a big view of what is needed. And if you go over the truck before a trip. You may well find something that could save your life. As others around you.
  7. Pete Kildow

    My DIY 3rd air bag TrailerSaver hitch

    Do you know what thickness the ball mount is made out of? Keep looking for one to use on my hitch. And buddy of mine tole me he could build for a little of nothing. I would guess 1/2" but would rather know for sure.
  8. Pete Kildow

    My DIY 3rd air bag TrailerSaver hitch

    I'm going to research this more. But found where these show to be the same bag. GoodYear 1B 8-1 579-913-532 is the same as the Air Lift 58124. And the Air Lift is a Single Industrial Air Suspension Spring bag. That Air Lift uses. Also my hitch has the outside shocks, one each side. Pete
  9. Pete Kildow

    HDT vs LGT, reliable transportation or ongoing project?

    One other thing. Used trucks for the most part, take less time to get back on the road. New trucks you have to wait for someone to tell the dealer. Yes fix it we will warranty that part. Been there and done that many many days. Also new truck, your going to pay more then most pay. Just in Excise taxes on the new ride.
  10. Pete Kildow

    Attention HD Truck enthusiasts

    Bet that KTA is turning 1000+ HP easy. Had one in a old peterbilt in 1986 pass me in Tx. I was running around 90 MPH. Seen a set of dancing headlights coming up on me. Old man told me to hold it would not hurt long. Not sure how fast he was running. But He has a loaded bull wagon. And I had on 6000 lbs of bathtubs. He pulled away from in within 5 miles was gone. Not many of the KTA600's in trucks. But when you put a 5&4 trans behind one. Or a Double OD 18 speed. Top end is where your nerves stop. Not the truck.
  11. Pete Kildow

    Truck Drivers save a man

    I agree, around a dozen times. I was asked to help block in a 4 wheeler. Few time's I would have rather not been involved. But always felt. IF a person can help do it.
  12. Pete Kildow

    Price of Diesel fuel

    If you have not tired it. Gas Guru app I put on my phone. Gives you all the prices of fuel. Allows you to chose Diesel, or gas. And has saved me $60.00 on a single fuel up.. Also Truck stops jack the prices up. That way they can offer the Big discounts to fleets. That could buy at local places. For less then the Flying J, Pilot, Petro and others. Call there Big Discount. Local Love's here is $3.13 per gallon. Across the road its $2.79 Unreal for sure. And 7 miles south its $2.66
  13. Pete Kildow

    Debit card compromised

    Everytime our CC was hacked. Was outside Diesel pumps, at WalMart. The end pumps there most times. Will for sure get your card number. Figure the Sorry bums think, most RV's are traveling. And they can get more time before its found. Last time our CC# was stolen. $900.oo worth of drinks at a 5 STAR Resort in Fl. But the guy that used the #. Got his that evening. He ran into a ICC Bumper staggering drunk. Report was his car had hundreds of CC numbers in it.
  14. Pete Kildow

    Filter and more Filters today.

    Needed new Filters for my Kubota M4700. And also all Filters for the Kenworth T600. So after checking local, and online. Ordered 15 filters at https://www.fleetfilter.com/ Was the best price I found on them. The Hydraulic filters for my Kubota was $60 each it has 2 of them. AT FleetFilter $24. each. Then both air filters for the same Tractor. Here $100. for the pair there $47.00 for both of them. Total was $297.29 with Tax. But got $50.88 off the order. 20% off over $200. order. And shipping charges of $42.91 shipped in 2 big boxes. As the Air Filter for the T600 took one big box its self. Unreal that for me to wait 4 days. I could save around $190.00 on Filters. Local parts places and dealers. Sure mark up stuff a lot. Wish I could get the same markup on our Products. The air dryer cartridge was a great price there also. But man those things are heavy. I did mess up and order 2 water filters. So guess i will have one for the next change. So tomorrow get to change out 27 Gallons of oil and fluids. And then change out the Antifreeze later in the week.
  15. Pete Kildow

    Davco 380 Fuel Filter Change

    I may have missed it. But you did replace both O-Rings? And did not forget and leave one of the old ones on there? Or leave the black plastic piece at the bottom from the old filter? Make sure when you drain the fuel. You did not drain it all out, leave it where you can see it in the bottom. Then when you fill it back up. All is well then.