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  1. Pete Kildow

    2006 Volvo going up for sale.

    Guys the truck was taken care of. AS for Location Selmer Tn is a small Town. And I'm sure it will be in the guys yard tomorrow. Thus I have no ideal where in Town the owner lives. But can get the info if anyone wanted to know. As for a Inspection, its at the best shop around. Guy know's these trucks, and can work on any of them. Coopers Diesel Service. Also don't think 2 years is going to hurt the hoses. I bougth one years ago, it had sat 9 years. Owner would start it up every few months. Run around the block, then park it. I bought that old truck. Put new fluids in, and it was still running 5 years later. And that was working hard 7 days per week.
  2. Pete Kildow

    2006 Volvo going up for sale.

    Seen a clean 2006 Volvo today. Owner Operator parked it 2 years ago. Has the D12 and auto trans with controls on the side of the seat. Guy let it set 2 years without running at all. Last week he was going to get it serviced. Then put it up for sale, but it was running rough. Buddy of mine, had to pull the #5 injector out today. It was bad, and leaking fuel like crazy. If anyone is looking for a truck. Not sure what the guy is going to ask for it. But it would make someone a nice truck. Has the Dinnet and upper bunk. Its red in color, looks like new tires all around on it. Its in West Tn, near Selmer Tn.
  3. Pete Kildow

    Why use a HDT to haul your smart ......

    Seen a 1/2 ton ford last year. It has a VW on the wooden flatbed. Wish I had gotten a pic of it. I'm sure at night he was blinding planes.
  4. Pete Kildow

    So, if you absolutely positively need to get on the roof of a Volvo

    Seen a guy a few years ago. Pulled under a overpass. It was on a gravel road. Guy was hanging by a cable from the beams. Swinging around working on his Reefer unit. He had a few spots needed patching. I parked and watched him for almost 30 minutes. Sure was fun watching a 5'6" x 350 lb guy. Flying around like that. Sad I never did figure out how he got the cable up there. Then the harness hooked up. Wish I had taken a video of it.
  5. Pete Kildow

    Its a marathon

    I had 4 places that I rented out. Lots of hard work, getting those places. To only turn into a bad dream for sure. last one called at 5am, his wife smelled smoke. Rush 13 miles to the house. Find a Breaker hot as can be. Started to the second bedroom. Was told not to go in there. I did and found Grow lights, that bedroom had been turned in to a a Grow room for Pot. Short story, told both of them as soon as I got back home. I was waiting 1 hour, then calling the cops. They had that 1.5 hours to be gone. When the cops got there both were sleeping. Guess they did not believe me. But both served time over that one. Sold all 4 places the following week. That was 1996, never wanted a rental property again. Let one house fall in. I could have rented the old place. But felt I was better off letting it fall in. Will burn it this summer. And I feel I will be way ahead. Over renting it out.
  6. Pete Kildow

    Hmm.........Old Goat again.

    Over engendered bottle opener. Plus new Fifth wheel jaw.
  7. Pete Kildow


    Sounds like a bad wire on the injector. Being it runs good until engine is getting warm.
  8. Pete Kildow

    Note to self.

    Rebuilding a Loader Cylinder today. Have not let a cuss word out yet. But man it would make a preacher cry. I may have to use Ducktape in a few weeks. New Pinion seal, along with new air bags,shocks. And then the fun starts for sure. Air bags and shocks on the sleeper. If the bed was not on the truck, all this would be a walk in the park. But no can't get my Donut build gut in most of the spots.
  9. Pete Kildow

    Remote Battery Terminal wire size?

    Its less then 3ft to the box. There right behind the front steer. Tanks are behind the battery box. Thought about putting a jumper to the battery, and starter. But will just run to the battery box. This will be mounted right to the cab outside frame mount. It has holes in it from the factory. Just bold my bracket to that. And 3ft or less to battery's. And yes those T600 Stacked Batteries are fun for sure. Picture of where mine are mounted. I know scrap knows where there at. But most don't know. Click For Full-Size Image.
  10. Pete Kildow

    Ant carrying a french fry

    Almost bet, he's moving empty trailers. Truck is not going to last long though.
  11. Pete Kildow

    Remote Battery Terminal wire size?

    Bought Remote Battery Terminal's,To mount on my T600. Takes way to long to get to the Battery's. remove step, side panel, 2 covers over battery's. So adding these Remote Post. That way if I need to charge the battery's. Its easy to get to the terminal's. If for some reason I had to jump it off, again easy to get to the terminals. Now I'm stuck on the size wire to use? I have some 2 gauge Tinned OFG I could use. Will only be 3ft long on both Positive and Negative. But fear it may be small and take longer to move the power? I also have some HD 2/0 welding cable left over also. But man its a hand full to route. What size would be good? And transfer power the best?
  12. Pete Kildow

    Hitch Leveling Valve for TSLB

    I think if you were to do this to my hitch. Then you would know for sure if you need to change anything. Nice job for sure.
  13. Pete Kildow

    Friendly Dog Repellent

    Had a lady walking her dog. She would lead him over to our spot. Let him do his job, and walk off. I was a nice Neighbor, Took his present back to her in a bag. Left it on her step, without the bag. I know people have gone crazy over pets. And that's there choice. But I have a choice of not having one. Nor do I care to have one doing there Business around me. As for jumping on me. I'm sorry, but have no issues making sure it does not happen again.
  14. Pete Kildow

    Coolant Sensor

    I have the shutdown turned off on my Detroit. Still have the alarms and lights. But not hard to see if the engine temp is good. If so allows me to get off the road. Then fix what is wrong. Had one shut down, coming off Elk Mountain one night. That gives a new meaning to wide awake. I was lucky, and no load on. If it had been the week before. Grossing 78950 lbs. I think I may have been taking a dirt nap.
  15. Pete Kildow

    Saw a F450 puffing white smoke......

    Never seen the 7.3's with many issues. Buddy of mine has a 3/4 and 1 ton. Both are over 1/2 Million miles. Auto trans in the 3/4 has been rebuild. The 1 ton still all factory, other then a starter. Along with a few Sensors and stuff like that. The one puffing white smoke that I know of. Is a 2015 F450, and does it when doing a regen. Same a 75% of the Semi's so when doing a regen. Seen a International yesterday, Puffing white smoke. Did it 6 miles, then cleared up. I was behind him and smiled. As my old 95, no issues with that stuff.