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  1. Pete Kildow

    What I found on sidewalk when I got home from work

    How deep is that box? I'm thinking about building one deep enough. To put my Smokin-Tex 1500 smoker inside.
  2. Pete Kildow

    Snow roads

    Would trade you our 78 degrees for a high today. Fan going and Ac on, still hot.
  3. Pete Kildow

    Totally Off Topic - Just Need Some Smart Ideas

    https://www.harborfreight.com/automotive-motorcycle/lifts-stands/500-lbs-capacity-hydraulic-table-cart-60730.html Or https://www.harborfreight.com/automotive-motorcycle/lifts-stands/1000-lbs-steel-motorcycle-lift-69904.html This table or the motorcycle table. Would make a good start.
  4. Pete Kildow

    Best Penetrating Oil?????

    If Kroil does not do the job. Blue Wrench is next in line.
  5. Pete Kildow

    What a hoot!!

    Told one it was for all my Gold in the trailer. Its heavy, and hard to pull.
  6. Pete Kildow

    snake oil?

    Its unreal my tractors plastic tank. Never has these issues. Thinking the plastic keeps it from growing. And that tank sits for months half full or less.
  7. Pete Kildow

    East Coast Rally Rumor

    Thanks for all you do for sure. Marilyn and I hope to make it this spring. You have to watch those rumors for sure. Couple of weeks ago, while my pickup was burning. The local City cop pulled up. Asked me ( Do you know Rhonda) I told him yes sister in law, cousin and others. He told me no that was not it. He was told a couple of minutes before. I had been cheating on Rhonda, she had burned my truck. 🔥 Not sure who she is, but wrong truck. Wrong person, but it was all over town in 15 minutes. Then later some were saying I was missing. As they could not find me, and was in the truck when it burned. Sad when I had been driving the truck 35 minutes before it caught on Fire. And it burst into flames when I got out of it. Even made the front page of our local paper.. Headline HOT WHEEl'S..
  8. Pete Kildow

    Truck wanders on road

    How long has the steer tires been on it? I have had new steer tires, wonder everywhere. Then after say 30,000 start holding a line. IF not tires it has to be aliment. Spec's show one thing. But if the rears are off just a bit. Can and will make it hunt its own line down the road. But most times it comes down to Caster. Will drive a person mad, and be in spec. But until you find what fits that truck. Its a tough job to fix.
  9. Pete Kildow

    Full Paint ? On 5th yes/no Regrets???

    Full body paint all the way. With the clear-coat on ours. its 6 years old and still looks new. Camper before this one, within a year. It was showing age, even stored under a building when not being used.
  10. Pete Kildow


    We looked at a 2011 unit in Memphis tn in Dec 2010. After looking it over for 35 minutes. Salesman walked up asked if we found how well build the DRV was. 😡 After showing him a dozen or more issues. He had the nerve to tell me, I was way to picky. And everyone else that had looked at this unit. Fell in love with it, and noting but good to say about it. I was nice, and told him the others fell for the lipstick. Owner of the lot called us the next morning. Asking if we wanted the unit. I told him if and when everything on it was fixed. And then and only then would we come back to look at it again. Well 4 days later he called us. and everything was fixed. Our grandson was in St Jude, and we were going to be there anyway. Almost every issue was still a issue. Drivers side rear slide, I could still see daylight around most of it. Flooring was ripped from slide. And so on. Never did look at DRV again. But I did like the units. Just not the lack of QC in building the units.
  11. Pete Kildow

    Diesel is $2.77 at Walmart in Hutchinson

    And I thought the $2.89 per gallon in Savannah Tn was good.
  12. Pete Kildow

    Lesson learned today.

    1998-2002 Ranger included.
  13. Pete Kildow

    Professional Soldering

  14. Pete Kildow

    Nose Low Solutions

    If you have to, fix spacers for the SXS wheels to run on. That would raise you back up on that issue.
  15. Pete Kildow

    Camera wiring

    What plug is everyone using when hard wired? To make the Connection from the trailer, to the truck? My old camera is wireless, = junk unless used on truck only. So will be adding a wired camera to the rear of the camper. With 3 other camera's on the tractor. Pete