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  1. I have that 8 track somewhere of Mr George Carlin
  2. Pete Kildow

    Speed parts!

    Had to use the locker in my single axle Sat. Was spinning and sliding sideways. Flipped the locker switch. Idled right out and nice to have 4 rear wheels pulling rather then only 2 on one side.😁 Mine came factory with the locker and single axle. Along with 2.93 gears.
  3. Buy a set of these https://www.wheelerfleet.com/product/blue-service-gladhand/27615 Mount where you want to keep the gladhands.
  4. I'm going back with Goodyear 614's, made in the USA. Cost more but worth it to me. Plus Goodyear stands behind these, or always have in the past if you had issue's.
  5. Fixed my Cruise today. Yes filled up all 4 fuel tanks. So with all 470 gallons of tanks full. The stinking cruise went to working perfect. LOL So guess it was just mad to only have 65 gallons of fuel.
  6. Thanks guys lots of info, and we had planned to spending time in Cody. Plus a week in Sheridan during the rodeo on our way back. Plans are to see Yellowstone. then go up to I84 over to Ontario Or. From there take take 26 and 20 to Burns OR then to Bend OR. Then turn south to Klamath Falls. From K Falls take 97 down to Weed CA. Then work our way over to The Redwoods. But then again may just skip K falls and run west to I-5 and then South to the Redwoods. For anyone that has never ran from Ontario over to Bend on 20. Its one of my favorite roads. Unless there's a ft of snow, then its not fun. 🎲 But man to run down that river, and the views. I love it. Same as 97 from K-Falls to Weed. That is a great ride also. We used to run to K-Falls then up to and over to Ontario each week. And SuiteSuccess that road is going on the books also. That's the only reason I'm taking the jeep. Those and the the roads that show no buses and RV's. Fun Fun for sure.
  7. Chad thanks, that's the one I was looking at. But was not sure, on how tough it made seeing all the park from. We plan on spending 7 to 10 days around there. We would come in from the north side. As we also plan on going to Cody for a few days also. Again Thanks and enjoying the planning stages now. Pete
  8. I sure hope not, don't want to even think I would be an expert on it. LOL Now I have hand built log trailers. Extended the frame on a few semi's. Build gravel washers, and welded better then the Certified guys weld's. Welded Steam pipes in a paper mill. But just a dumb country boy. And enjoy building stuff. I did see one guy, bragging about his bed build a few weeks ago. I was at the fuel pumps with mine. He pulled up, and was so happy with his bed. Until I pointed out how he has built is bed around the tires. Looked good, but no way to get a tire and wheel off.😱
  9. Pete Kildow

    Bed build

    Could not do without my Kubota and loader. But wish I had not sold my Excavator. That was for sure handy also.
  10. Starting to process of planning a YellowStone trip next year. Where is the best spot or spots to stay with a HDT and 41ft 5th wheel? Plan is to have a jeep behind the 5th wheel. AS I'm not sure about getting around in the park with the Kenworth? Also may go from there to the West Coast and the Red woods. Any help there would help also. Would be running I84 to Hwy 20 over through Burns and down hwy 395. Love that drive on 20 and 395. Used to run it 2 or 3 times per month coming from Klamath falls back east each week
  11. I agree its for sure low. Sure beats back when we paid $4.00 per gallon for farm fuel. Its down to $1.78 today at one station. Local guy just filled his tanks up. 25,000 gallons. He was laughing and telling his guys. They might get a bonus this season.
  12. The axle shafts are a bigger diameter on a dsp41. The dsp41 is rated a little heavier duty then the dsp40 . And I think the dsp41's are ordered with wide base tires also.
  13. Thanks for all your group does. Dr's, Cops First transponder's, Nurses and fireman have it rough for the next month or more. I fear that by the end of this ordeal. We will find out how many people had the wrong ideal about this. So many places have shut down and your only to get out if you have to. But we have whole family's going into a store to buy cloths. Or shopping for a car. I can see getting out for Food or medical items. But come on clothes and the whole family. My Granddaughter works in Retail. She's a manager and has family's show up. To shop for toys, fishing supply's, and cd's.. They open the first 1.5 hrs for people 65 and older. She had a young lady cuss her out Wed am. She shows up with 5 kids from new born to 6 years old. Screaming because she can't get in the store. To buy what? You got it candy and bathing suits. I have people everyday telling me how the normal flu is killing more then this will. I pray there right, but we have over 6000 dead now. And we have double the cases other country's have with less cases but more deaths.. Italy has less then half of the cases we have. But have over 14,500+ deaths. I can see us running out of beds before May 1st. Some states are making ICU's out of basketball gyms. And any of the Arenas around. We al want this over and to be way less then what is expected. If it were not for people that know virus's. I would not put much faith in this. If it were our leaders telling us only how bad it was. I would go along with normal life. But have a lot of friends that are DR's and scared of what's coming.
  14. Good to know and will check mine again to make sure. But don't care what they catch or don't catch. Makes the air in each room smell just like it does when cleaned by a HEPA filter. Just looked and the ones I use are 16's. Our AC guy told me to not use those in our central unit. I can hear it trying to suck the filter in with a 13. While a 11 does not Make the same sound. Friend of mine was the one that told me to use the filters behind a fan. He's a Dr and over the hospital near us. And when I read up on it, yes a 13 to 16 MARV is what hospital's & general surgery use. They catch Bacteria, droplet nuclei (sneeze), cooking oil, most smoke, and insecticide dust, most face powder, most paint pigments. I also run a whole house filtering system. That filters anything larger than 1 micron. I have to change that filter out every 6 months. Thanks for posting the into. Always learn something everyday. Also check with the brand of Central unit you have. It may tell you to never use above a MARV 11 because it will make the blower work harder. Our unit is 29 years old this month. Still running so far.
  15. Just buy a few MERV 13 furnace filters. Cut them into small pieces. Ducktape over a motorcycle helmet. Your set until your not. You can also stick one of those filters 20x20 behind a box fan. And make a room HEPA filter. Cleans the air so good, smells like our Roomba with HEPA filters had cleaned it.
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