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  1. Pete Kildow

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    Guy from Fl, Married one of my Aunts. He moved up to West Tn. And was happy as can be. Until June, July, August, Sept and part of Oct. He left mid Oct, told her. She could move to Fl or he would get a Divorce. Never seen him again. He did not believe how bad the heat was here, Heat index over 100 most times. And Humid when its that. Today 101 and head index 108 at 2:30pm. I did finish up the hitch. It came out to 50", same as on my Kodiak. Does look high with my dump trailer hooked up. But it's always high in front. Click For Full-Size Image. Going to dump 2 sets of stairs, and 2 landings. We build new ones 2 months ago. I took the tractor loader, put all the old stuff in the dump trailer. Been sitting there so will get it dumped tomorrow. Be the first pull with the truck. Then will try it out with 10 tons of Base for a few trips. Gravel the RV shed where I can get in and out this winter.
  2. Pete Kildow

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    Only 96 here today, not sure what the heat index was. But with the cutting torch running for a while. It was sure HOT. Got the 5th wheel sitting on the rails. Did that where I could make 100% sure it was where I wanted it. Before drilling the frame started. Not much room under the bed to drill the holes. Almost wished I had done what I though of first. Set the bed off the truck , then do all this work. As it has 8 bolts in back, then 6 from the bed to the commercial 5th wheel rails. Would have saved time, along with letting me change out cab airbags the easy way. 5th wheel is within 1/4" of the height the Kodiak is. So that part is all good also. Click For Full-Size Image.
  3. Pete Kildow

    A tale of Chicken Trucks, NARROW roads and CB antennas.

    I had to run that road in the 80's. One trip was good for me, went a high school. Thinking it was Orak High school. Then from there to Cass. Looked at the map and headed that way. Man it was rough, Cold and snowing. Pulling a 42ft Reefer with a White/Freightliner cabover. I always run the Antenna that is being used. On the Drivers side, as the pass side always takes the hits.. Also lost a mirror crossing the old bridge on Hwy 62 at Ciaro IL. If you ever cross it, be warned it has room. But when you meet a Orange truck hugging the center line. Glass will be broken.
  4. Pete Kildow

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    I'm thinking after July 2020. Were going where the summer temps are nicer. Winters not so bad for me. But hot weather, not good. I'm west of you, near Pickwick dam Tn.
  5. Pete Kildow

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    I agree and even own arctic Armor gear for fishing. But like my ice in the cooler. 😎 Plus have fished in Dec and Jan here. And have a T shirt and shorts on by noon.
  6. Pete Kildow

    Gen use at truck stop

    As yourself this question. How many people die from APU's running? Then how many people die from a Generator running? APU's are safer for sure. Run on diesel and that helps. If I have the slides out, and our Propane Generator running. The carbon Monoxide detector is going off. Also most Truck stops, are not campgrounds. Thinking unless like you have the slide over a curb. Its going to be taken out with someone backing into the site by you. 2 years ago, seen one motorhome. Taking up 3 parking spots. All slides out and even had the grill set up. And parking lot was packed. As we were leaving the fuel island. That person was packing up. Cops were there. carbon monoxide detector
  7. Pete Kildow

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    I can only dream of cool weather. Here in West Tn, we have days all winter that shorts and the windows down. Is a normal day, or running the heater wide open. And bundled up like a bear. I fish all winter long. Some days it may be in the teens. But ice on our water is rare. Does happen in the dead water for a few days. But main rivers never freeze. Green grass 10 months of the year.✂️
  8. Pete Kildow

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    Sounds good to me. I sweat in the winter time. So cold weather works for sure. But could only make it 1699 miles North of Flagstaff. ⛰️
  9. Pete Kildow

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    Bed is cut out, all the braces are almost out of the way. Will take about an hour with the big side grinder to finish it out. Would have finished it up today. But Heat index at 11am was 101. And I had to take a break. Still have to notch the side rail up front. To slide the rails through. Then drill my holes for mounting brackets. Set the TS3 in the hole. And hook the camper up. 😎
  10. Pete Kildow

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    Need 5 gallons of that for sure. Almost got he gooseneck hitch cut out this evening. My back told me it was time to quite. And was getting dark, So Tractor and loader is still hooked to that part. Will get back to it tomorrow.
  11. Pete Kildow

    Changing Power Steering Fluid Reservoir

    Last one I did was the same. But that was a 1987 9370 eagle. Have the filter to replace the fluid and filter on my KW. Sure don't look forward to it.
  12. Pete Kildow

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    New 8" saw blades came in at noon today. And burned through both of those. I got the outside and ends cut. Also got the skin off a few spots. So now I can get my fireproof blanket over everything. Will fire up the Torch in a few. Both side cuts made. Click For Full-Size Image. End cuts and skin cut out of spots. Would have been done, if not for the weld in Gooseneck hitch. They had it built to hold a tank. And its causing extra work for sure. Guess I'm getting old, should have taken me an hour. Took 3 hours to get this done.
  13. Pete Kildow

    Feeling a little "low" what happened now................

    Those rods wear out the rubber part fast. Should be put on a replacement rotation. We used to keep one in the truck. You can find them online for $8.00. And if your truck starts riding rougher then normal. That is a sign the rubber is giving out. Also in a pinch, I have used a stick. Wire tied to the rod. And made it to the next place to get a part. That or rubber line, that fits the rod.And 2 hose clamps.
  14. Pete Kildow

    We lost the Bandit

    Always enjoyed his movies. And Smokey and the Bandit was it. Hot Rod I remember when young and dumb. 4 of us made a run to Texarkana got 12 cases of coors. And back to Pickwick lake Tn. Why do that, Because we were told it could not be done in the set time. Would not do it again for sure. Btu young and dumb we did.
  15. Pete Kildow

    Engine Trouble Saga

    Sounds like your set for a long time now for sure. Talked with my Mechanic this week. Going to get my T600 in his shop. Do it this winter when he should be slower. And let him pull the oil pan. Check main and rod bearings. Then if everything looks good, Put new bearing back in. And run it. If there in sad shape. Will just have a in-frame done. That way the next 10 years will be good on the engine. And like you went with a older truck. To not have to deal with EGR and other stuff. Plus got one o the older Detroit Series 60's. That burn less fuel, and pull well.