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  1. That's not rust, just new metal forming. I have the air jack. And always keep it wiped down with Fluid film. I sure don't need any new metal forming on mine.
  2. Pete Kildow

    Tinker Week?

    What if we just show up this fall. 50 Cal along with a can of rounds and offer to play farmer? That would be fun for sure.
  3. Looks like the black part is the spacer. You can see it more in the bottom of the hub to wheel section.
  4. That was one question I was asked in Tn. Does it still have the commercial 5th wheel on it? Told the lady no, it has a bed and rv 5th wheel on it. After that 5 minutes and was heading out the door. But she did say, they would not tag it with the factory 5th wheel on it.
  5. Pete Kildow

    Window Vents

    Thanks sure allows the heat out of the cab. While sitting out, and if it ever rains again. Should keep that out also.
  6. Pete Kildow

    Window Vents

    Yes that is also a nice item also. Without the window cracked, the door is not shutting for sure. Unreal how tight a a 25 year old truck can be.
  7. I agree we all need to thank everyone that has served. But most these days, Its just a reason to party. No though for what was Given. To this country, thus the reason for Today.
  8. Pete Kildow

    Window Vents

    Was thinking about buying Window Vents for my KW. But did not care for most made for it. Thought I will just make my own. Had a some scrap Lexan in the shop. so dug it out and 45 minutes later. Had these made up, and ready to mount. Used cheap double side tape for now. As these are just to try out. There's scratches and stuff on these. Will get clean Lexan 1/4" to make them up. If I like these, and thinking I will like them a lot. Allows me to let fresh air in, while the truck is sitting.
  9. Pete Kildow

    Tire size question

    When I was driving over the road years ago. A 11R 22.5 would match up with some 295/75R22.5 . But anymore each maker will have different ratio's. Sad but true in this day and time.
  10. Have a friend that does that work. But he says in hotels. Or rents a place for the length of the job. He hits the air, lands in AK for a few weeks. Then home a day or so. Heads out ND or SD or somewhere like that . His wife does the same deal. There retiring next year at 58.
  11. Same as with our 9ft slidein truck camper. Had 8ft 11" floor space, then the overhead bed. Even had a 8ft slideout. Loved it for trips and fishing where I could take the boat along. But sucked when it rained 3 days or so. And no where to relax. But could drop it and be gone in the pickup within 15 minutes of backing into a parking spot. Thought about going back to the big truck camper. The one with 3 slide outs, and dual recliners. But enjoy room and all the comforts of home we have now.
  12. Pete Kildow

    Fuel issues

    I think your 99.999 right, we used to buy from a different dealer. And had issues, but the one we have used the last 20+ years. Not an issue, and everyone else is the same. While buddy of mine had his 5000 gallon tank filled last fall. At a great price, has changed more filters over the winter. Then all the rest of us.😱
  13. Pete Kildow

    Fuel issues

    Mine was clean, and the bottom of the tanks are clean. I did put Bio Bore in it last year. As it had 375 gallons of fuel in it. Holds around 470 gallons 4 tanks in mine. And would rather stay ahead of Algae then fight it after it starts. We also still have 2 500 gallon farm tanks. Never figured out why they never had issues? Even when mine sat for a year half full. But never any issues with it.
  14. My Kenworth is 22" longer then a Crew Cab dually. And I will bet you, It will fit anywhere that Dually and 40ft camper will fit. But best of all, the Kenworth is in control of the camper. Not the camper in control of the pickup. And Yes I pulled ours with a crewcab pickup, then a Crewcab Kodiak C5500. And the Kenworth is better around. I get somewhere, I'm rested. Not beat to death by a pickup. Your little Sprinter is great, but would not want to spend a few months in it. While seeing a part of the country for weeks at a time. Been there done that also. Slide-in truck camper. Loved it, but man its cramped after a couple of days. Enjoy your camping and we will enjoy ours. Always people that know there way is better. But as we get older, room and comfort is king.
  15. I got in trouble a few years ago over that. Wife and I got out, lady shouted. I needed to park somewhere else. As I was way too big. I was nice and told her, she was Ugly. But they still allowed her to park here.
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