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  1. On removing the smoke. #1 issue 99% of the people overlook. Vents every vent in that truck needs to be cleaned. Because think of how many Billions of CF of air has been though those vents.
  2. My headlight does not come on. Until the engine starts up. Then it will come on, chased that down one day. Because the light was not coming on when I turned the key on. All that work and still could not figure it out. Started it up and it came back on.
  3. Working on a harness for my old bike now. 1998 Kwaskaki Voyager XII, headlight is good. But we always want better. Went for a short ride yesterday. We had a heatwave, 40 degrees and windchill in standing still 34 degrees. Windchill on the bike, who cares. I was riding that's the only thing that matters. Need to give her a cleaning and waxing.
  4. You might want to look into your lights now. See if there getting anywhere the power they need. Unreal how many headlights are under powered. I know A lot of trucks, are only getting 11 volts or less to the bulbs. Adding a Headlight Relay conversion harness uses the factory wiring. But only trips the relay, and gives you full power to each bulb. Did this to my Toy 1989 Ford Bronco Full size. Made my headlights go from sad to WOW. Will be making a harness up for my Kenworth next. Well worth the $25. to $40 to make one up. You would need a the plugs that fit your bulbs. Along with a male plug to plug back into one of your factory light plugs. And water proofing the other, as only one is needed High and low to work the relay. Just google headlight relay diagram. Lots of info on doing it. Not sure about your truck, but seen it done a lot of the big trucks.
  5. Sure brings back memory's. So good most bad for sure. Had to run one like that back in the mid 80's. It was a step up from the White/Freightliner before it. But not by much.
  6. Something else that might work. If you know anyone that works around a gravel pit,Coal,grain. I have used old belts off conveyors. These belts are thick like a mudflap. And some I have gotten. Can be 3 ft wide,and I put these down after removing the topsoil. Then rock on top of those. Never has settled and its been 15 years.
  7. Guy below us (were 100+ft above his house) took his pressure gauge out at the meter. Then when he turned the water on. His kitchen faucet went through the ceiling. All the air in the lines, and 100+ lbs of water pressure.
  8. I removed the top 6" of top soil here. Then put down 33C or limestone base. Wet it down, and it set up about like concrete. I have so far put down 275 ton's. It was like your talking about, but now its solid. Backed the kenworth back to the camper last week. And did not leave any tracks. Before the Kubota would about get stuck. I did have to wait until last summer to put the rock down. Also you can out down a fabric then rock over that. But need to remove the top layer first. We have put new hwy's trough swamps. Using that fabric, then rock.
  9. After our departmentn fixed all the water leaks. We got to turn our water pump off. We went from 7psi here at the house to 31 PSI now. But have 100 lbs at the road. They first told us we used 1/2" pipe on the run. I told them sorry its 1" the whole 600ft.
  10. And here I thought only in West Tn. Did anyone have to use a well pump to boost there water pressure. Were on the highest point around. About 30ft above the water tower. So had a booster pump in the basement for years. Turn a shower on and water did not spray out. So had to boost the pressure. Sad part we have 90 PSI at the road. But does not make it to the top of the hill.
  11. Told my wife to hit it. But she hit me rather then the tire. Used to have a short handled Bead hammer. Used a dead blow hammer to hit it, thus popping the bead. Worked perfect, plus never messed up a wheel. Way to many people take the long handled hammer and swing it. And there goes a wheel. Also found a pair of rear wheels and tires today. Buddy had them, He is going to get them off the truck there on. And let me know the price. Also going to let me try them out before I have to pay for them. Michelin 31535 X One Xdn2 455/55r22.5 Wide base tires and wheels. 2 years old and 90% thread left. Truck has 4 like this one it, but i told him I only needed 2. Pete
  12. I used to do that all the time. Outside drives, Drop axle or steer. But did not have a hammer to pop the bead this time. But we all used to do a lot. That is beyond what we can do these days.
  13. Put new steer tires on yesterday. Little over an hour, both were mounted. Son helped out or it would have been 3+ hours. That wrench is worth keeping in the truck. Also bought a set of tire tools. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tire-changer-Tire-Mount-Demount-Tool-tubeless-truck-EXTRA-BEAD-KEEPER-New/273461151449?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Makes taking a tire off the wheel easy for sure. But there heavy. The 3 pieces weight around 55 lbs. Does take a little use to get right. Had to use the Kubota loader to bust the bead on the tire. And I did pick up a gallon of the bead lube. Man its slick. Told my Son I had gotten a gallon of Smerff Sweat being its blue. HAHA Ideal is keeping this stuff in the truck in case we need it. But thinking a set of tire irons is better. And would not take much longer to remove and install the tire. Along with less weight and space taken up also. Went back with Toyo 295/75R22.5 M170 steer tires. Local Dealer looked at what was left of the other one. And told me it had indeed hit something. Took his word for it. I ordered the tires online, showed in in 2 days. Saved $275.oo over getting them local. Free shipping also that does not hurt. Tires Direct will be getting one more order soon also.
  14. Mine has the fold down sofa out of a 2000's Chevy Kodiak.
  15. That was the first thing I looked at. Thinking I'm going to swap out those springs. Never did like the ideal of using fiberglass springs on anything. But they do ride good for sure. Have not even thought of the 660 hood. Did not know if it would work? But I do need one headlight bucket, turn and marker lights all 3 on the drivers side. So may well look into doing that. May be one within 8 miles of me on a truck. Was there today, but will look it over Friday when I'm back there.
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