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  1. Florida Hurricane Assistance Needed

    I fear she made a bad move staying. Our Nephew left Friday night from Sarasota Fl. And made it to to Birmingham Al 16 hours later. And on to Tn sat am. He talked with one of there guards at work at 2pm. He was told not to look at getting back to work for a few weeks. Guy told Rob, it was looking like most of that part of Fl. Was not going to be left standing. And the Guard was praying he made it out alive. This guy had stayed through 5 others. But Sounds like he may know his luck has ran out. Praying he along with anyone else still there come through ok.
  2. Never do a 90 degree angle

    Yes theres a lot of them around. Not all parks have all pull through sites. And also most that I go to in the south east. Your going to be at 89.7 degrees at some point if your not careful. One site north of Chattanooga Tn. And one of the best sites for us. Your 90 degrees getting into and out of it. But coming out the trailer tires are on gravel. So no issues and I make it happen 2 times per year. But that's with the Kodiak, it turns shorter then anything I have ever driven. Now the Kenworth. I don't think we will ever use that spot with it. Shoot when I was running OTR. I had to do 90's every week, and sometimes 4 or 5 times per week. Never any issues there. My triple axle tilt car trailer. It does not and will not do 90's. That front set of tires are coming off the axle on it for sure. My Heartland Land Mark never any issues with it though.
  3. Overheating issue

    Not sure on that, as it depends on HP of the engine. But should be max around 30+.
  4. Overheating issue

    Next time you have the truck up to temps. Check the lower radiator hose temps? See if its hot or cool, if its hot you know its flowing water. Sounds like the cooling system is clogged somewhere. That or you have a leak on the air to air somewhere. That will make low boost, and can make a truck run hot. Also you may think the cooling fan is working. But some just kick on, but slip enough to not cool right. Also some of the volvo D12 and D13's had issues with the water pumps. The impeller will spin and do OK. But at a load, spin on the shalt. Thus not cool, most have issues even on flat ground with temps though. Pete
  5. Diners-Drive Ins- Dives and Buccee's

    He has the hair to pull it off. Guess we need to use gel, then were in like Finn. Pete
  6. Mag Drill

    Just like mine, and we have the same bench designer. LOL I have 3 sheets of 3/8" stock to cut soon. Replacing 2 ft of the floor on 33ft tilt gooseneck trailer. And metal place wants way to much to shear the 3 sheets in half. I think it was $42.50 per sheet. I can cut all three in half and only be out what they want for one sheet. Pete
  7. Mag Drill

    You can buy metal cutting blades for a normal skill saw. I get mine at Lowe's. They do a good job on thin stuff. But the saw does not last long. Plus that one in my post. Catches almost all the flying stuff. And metal is not that hot when done. I can pick up 1/4" metal after cutting it . And no gloves on for that. Also be sure to dump the blade trap often. As it will fill with metal shavings fast. Buddy of mine had a 1/2" plate to cut. He was telling me how it wised there was a better faster way to cut it. I told him to give me a $100.oo and would take care of it. Ordered a new blade, And when we got done with the job. He was going to find his own saw. He had a sheet of 3/4" 8ft wide and 40ft long to cut up in to small pieces. He cut every cut with that same blade I give him back after the first cuttings. Pete
  8. Mag Drill

    I use those also. But bought the saw, to cut 2 sheets of 1/4" steel. That has 2" of Soft lead inside it. Have 48,000 lbs of lead. It encased inside 1/4" steel, and 1/4" SS plate. They weight from 3300 lbs to 4200 lbs each. Would take way to long to cut through with a metabo blade. Plus I got the saw for $125.00 delivered off ebay.
  9. We have a lot of people doing this in Tn. Most parts as long as your not in the city's. Could care less, as long as they get the property taxes. And our taxes are low compared to most others. Power cost is some of the lowest in the nation. Climate is ever changing. But not ad as long as you enjoy change. Because if you don't like it. Wait an hour it will for sure change. last week in the 90's this week in the 70's. Most of West Tn, you can buy 1/2 Acre to what ever. The county will tell you if it will perk for sewer systems. And what has to be done. But we have a lot of people that have built a pole barn over there RV. Concrete slab for it to sit on. Full hookup's. And use it when here, and its waiting on them when they get back. Lots of river lots along the Tn river. And thousands of RV's on those. But you have to watch for flooding. On most of those. Pete
  10. Ran it a few times around 1995, from Burns to the big road. This was in a Freightliner condo and 53ft trailer. Had a smile on my face each trip. And have it on our to run list when we get out that way. If a person takes the time to smell the roses. That road is special to drive on. Same on Hwy 26 from Bend to Baker City. Love that drive unless it has ice on the curves. Then its pucker factor warp 9.
  11. Big5er and Other Folks in Texas

    Better get those signs up. Seen a video, lady truck driver had gotten stuck. And was crying because there was no signs telling her to not drive through. Sad when our nation needs signs to tell them when to drive. Be safe and try to stay damp. That beats soaking wet.Its hitting us here in West Tn again this evening and tomorrow. Some spots here can get a foot of rain. Some Monday got 10" Pete
  12. Air Dryer

    X2 and not changing out the filter is #1 cause of the air dryer going bad. Don't believe because you don't put 125,000 miles per year. That yours will last 10 15 years without a new filter. Seen a lot of them go bad in 2 or 3 years. Low use but no filter change.
  13. Any idea how much AC repairs might run on a Volvo HDT?

    Buddy of mine that does these jobs all the time. Told me to figure $1200. on average. That was if you needed a new compressor, dryer and other stuff. Tim told me a long time ago. You can get a system up and running for less. But it will keep having issues. Most time he will flush the lines, replace the dryer and stuff. And get them back up and working right for way less. He used to do This type of work for one of the Giant trucking company's years ago. And worked for 50 truck fleet up until 18 months ago. Pete
  14. Mag Drill

    I keep looking for a used Mag Drill. One of those would sure be nice for a lot of things. But you need to get one of these to cut steel. https://www.milwaukeetool.com/power-tools/corded/6370-20 This saw cuts through 1/2" Steel plate like butter. I used it to cut 1/4" Plate and its more like cutting plywood. 1/2" cuts faster then anything I have ever used. And its smooth when your done cutting also. I did cut some 1" stock with it, and it did the job doing that also. Pete
  15. Just a friendly reminder

    Its unreal what a person can spot. Just looking at the truck while walking back to it. But most are talking, never think about looking over the truck and trailer. And go jump in the seat, taking off down the road. This is Commercial drivers and RV's. I for one care about the lifes of people around me. And don't know how I could live my with my self. If something happened. And I did not check the truck before hand. Be bad enough for something to happen after checking it out. And agree with you. When time allows, we will get up early and get through city's. Then lay back down, or take a nap. When we start traveling soon. Our driving times will work around traffic. Were in no rush to get there or back home. So sure not going to hit Dallas at 7 am or 4 pm. Pete