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  1. Wheel Torque Indicators

  2. Laptop replacement

    There are tablets with screens larger than 10". I've seen 12" screens on both Android OS and iOS (Apple) tablets that you can get with cellular capabilities (as opposed to WiFi ONLY). If your phones are Android-based, I'd recommend that you stay with an Android tablet and, if possible, get the same make as your phone (Samsung, LG etc). That way you're less likely to have vastly different Android versions to deal with. If one of your phones runs Android and the other runs iOS, it's your choice; you could get an Android or an iPad (if you don't mind the added cost). A wireless keyboard makes using a tablet easier (more computer-like). As already mentioned, you should adjust your settings and turn off automatic software/App updates. That way YOU get to decide when to add updates that are likely to use up large amounts of data. Most Denny's locations have free WiFi (ask if a password is required when you're seated). I always bring my laptop into Denny's and use their internet connection rather than data I have to pay for (and Denny's offers discounts to AARP members and makes a nice Banana Split as added bonuses!). I recently switched from Sprint to T-Mobile. T-Mo's "Senior Plan" (55 and older) gets you TWO phone lines EACH with unlimited EVERYTHING (talk, text, data & tethering) for $60 with NO additional taxes/fees/surcharges! If you look at T-Mo's coverage map, they now rival Verizon!
  3. Pulled the triger

    For a 10-year-old rig, it looks very nice. I look forward to seeing interior pictures once you're finished. Good luck with it!
  4. On Board Diagnostics

    I spoke with two very experienced auto mechanics I've known for 10+ years re inexpensive scan tools. BOTH were of the opinion that such commonly available OBD readers were a waste of money. Such a unit may or may not be able to read a vehicle's error and, may or may not be able to clear said error. In 2016, on my way back east from the National HDT Rally, I got a non-specific error code (yellow light but NO alpha-numeric information. The manual indicated a "non-specific emissions" problem). I got to a Pilot Truck Stop and paid ~ $90 for a mechanic to use a scan tool. He could NOT pinpoint the problem (he guessed it was an O2 sensor) but, he was able to reset it. About 200 miles later, the light came back on (I just kept driving). When I got home, I went to a Freightliner shop the next day and was told that, if the error code had not been tripped again, they would NOT have been able to determine exactly what happened (they said it was a nitrous oxide sensor which they replaced under warranty). Bottom line, the "scan tool" used at the Pilot Truck Stop FAILED to identify the true problem and, resetting an error code might prevent a shop that has more advanced equipment from being able to locate the actual problem. As HDT owners, we LOVE tools and gizmos and, spending $100 or so, is not likely to break us. How useful the information we get from an inexpensive scan tool is questionable though and, may cause as many problems as it solves. So, I have to say that the answer is a DEFINITE maybe.
  5. I hope it's better than you expect. Good luck!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving

    Well said, Carl. Happy Thanksgiving & Safe Travels All!
  7. Difference between Torque and Clamp

    Very interesting & informative. Thanks for posting that video!
  8. REAL ....HDT

    Looks like Peterbuilt and Airstream had a bastard child......
  9. Past time to leave Montana

    I hope the surgery goes well and wish your DW a full recovery. May the early snowfall melt and give you a window to leave safely!
  10. Compressed Air

    Just add a T somewhere near the business end. Install a 1/4 turn valve on the T. You can then easily open the valve to dump enough air to cause the compressor to come on and quickly get back to 130psi. The RVGeeks have a video on this. http://www.thervgeeks.com/product-recommendations/special-alert-absurd-sale-on-our-favorite-air-compressor/
  11. Wire Sizing App

    Thanks, Jim! I added this app to my AppShopper.com wishlist. AppShopper shows it's a new app that was released on 9/23/17. AppShopper will notify me when this app goes on sale and I'll get it then.
  12. Gaining Weight with a bit of balance.

    Sounds like you're on a roll. I think you should run it all the way.....
  13. Thank You National Rally Hosts, Presenters, Sponsors, etc.

    YES! Thank you Gail & Steve. Thanks also to all the volunteers who helped to make this the best HDT Rally yet. Safe travels to all.
  14. National Rally

    You're absolutely right. Gail & Steve have (and are) doing an AMAZING job! I always learn lots of interesting things at these rallies; well worth the 1500 mile drive.
  15. Can't believe this was available!

    Sweet! I just hope law enforcement doesn't think you're doing commercial RV hauling work because of it.
  16. Just saying hi

    X 2 on the welcome and attending an HDT Rally advice.
  17. New National HDT Rally Seminar

    Excellent; I've been wanting more information on those Centramatic units and the Crossfire system!
  18. Good Deal on a starter kit

    I'm seeing a price of ~ $54,390. Where are you seeing a price of LESS than $50k?
  19. Cummins Electric

    No solar panels........ Just a really looooooong extension cord...........
  20. RV Trip Wizard

    I've paid for RV Trip Wizard but, have found that it is NOT "intuitive" and has a steep learning curve. It has supposedly been "improved" recently (but I haven't had time to study it). In my opinion, the map is small and too cluttered, especially if you'd be using it on a small screen device. Right now, I don't think RV Trip Wizard is worth its' $40 price tag.
  21. Our travel days have ended

    Yes, sorry to see you go. Best wishes for your future.
  22. Weigh Station video

    GREAT information! Thanks for posting it. States are broke and looking for ways to bring in revenue. I can see the day where RVs will be targeted. I have already seen signs directing vehicles (any/all vehicles) over a particular weight (say 10,000# GVW which many RVs would be over) to pull into that weigh station. It's good to know in advance, that ALL the vehicles dimensions can be quickly and accurately checked. I don't believe RVs have been gone after yet but, I can see that happening in the future; especially now that RV sales are again booming. With all of the new, inexperienced RV drivers on the road, an uptick in serious accidents involving RVs could be the catalyst that "tips the scale" (pun intended) in mandating that RVs stop and get checked at weigh stations. Makes me happy that, driving a Super-C, I know I'm well below my 33,000# GVWR (thanks, Trey & Susan!).
  23. We made it! Started our full time life this weekend.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Hope to see you at an HDT Rally soon.
  24. Going from F350 Dually to HDT, question

    There are advantages and disadvantages to both so, RVers do it both ways. As Trey mentioned, the HDT Rallies and the HDT Resource Guide are gold mines of good information about HDTs. Understand the downsides of each. The downsides are what will cause ulcers.