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  1. jkoenig24

    Tunnel Heights

    Carl, there is a LowClearances app that you can buy. Once you've downloaded their database, it can be installed on your GPS device. http://www.lowclearances.com/
  2. jkoenig24

    Interesting Conversation About DEF

    I was in a Pilot Truck Stop earlier this week. A 2.5 gallon box of BueDEF was almost $16! I get the poly jugs of DEF at Walmart for ~ $9 per 2.5 gallon jug.
  3. jkoenig24

    US 20/26 Idaho

    I've been on I-80 West from NY. LOTS of construction! I'm in Casper, WY and, expect to arrive in Caldwell, ID tomorrow PM GPS and traffic willing.
  4. jkoenig24


    I finally got my "Stick & Brick" sold and am now an OFFICIAL Full-Timer. YeeeeeeHaaaaaaa! I left Long Island, NY yesterday and am en route to the WCR in Caldwell, ID. This will be my first WCR. I did have to miss this year's ECR but, from the emails Carl sent out, if I had to miss an ECR, this was the year to do it. Looking forward to seeing everybody at the National this October. Safe travels to all!
  5. jkoenig24

    C C S system

    Is that anything like the "Deer Horns" folks used decades ago? I had a pair of deer horns that worked great.
  6. jkoenig24

    Counting my blessings: Hook, line, and big HP.

    Glad you're all safe!
  7. jkoenig24

    You run into the most interesting people.

    Did he say WHY it was the "saddest" Escapees Rally he'd ever attended?
  8. jkoenig24

    Battery interconnect cables, where to purchase?

    Welding shops can usually fabricate custom heavy duty cables.
  9. jkoenig24

    Short ratchet strap

    Ummmmmm, cut off the excess and seal the cut end?
  10. jkoenig24

    Ambidextrous Smart Winch Mount

  11. jkoenig24

    My DIY 3rd air bag TrailerSaver hitch

    You do nice work!
  12. jkoenig24

    Class of 2018

    I believe I'm in the home stretch now. Unless there's a major SNAFU, I should close on the sale of my stick & brick on Thursday, May 31st, 2018 at which time I graduate from an Extended-Time RVer to a Full-Time RVer. Pray for me! 😃
  13. jkoenig24

    Directv vs. Dish

    Back in 2014, when I got my Super-C, I signed up with Dish. Back then, the sales reps had a different playbook than billing had. I got screwed over after billing jumped my rate with no notice. When I called, I was given a runaround. I just canceled and, have never gone back. Get EVERYTHING in writing, even if only in an email so you might have recourse. Dish can get regular and HiDef channels on the same satellite dish. I believe Direct TV requires a special satellite dish to pull in HiDef.
  14. jkoenig24

    Garmin RV770LMTS vs. Garmin dezl770LMTHD

    Years ago, I pre-ordered a Rand McNally 7710RVND. Once it arrived (months later than promised) it was CRAP. Bad hardware, bad software (especially for Mac OS users) and, on multiple occasions, tried to route me onto PARKWAYS in NY (where clearances can be LESS THAN 8'). My Super-C "infotainment system" came preloaded with RM720 software (which IS an improvement BUT, I still would NOT buy or recommend RM). I have a Garmin dezl560 too. I like that better than the RM offerings BUT, as an RVer, I can NOT enter the amount of propane I have (I can only enter "Hazardous Gasses"). I have Copilot Truck HD hardware on my iPad. Again, like the Garmin, Copilot is targeted towards commercial trucks. Copilot has come out with an RV GPS but, LARGE RVs (length and/or weight) are NOT covered. Bottom line; still NO "ideal" GPS for RVs, especially large RVs.