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  1. jkoenig24

    OT: Table Saws

    Is there a craigslist (or Let Go or Facebook Marketplace) for your area? If so, old tools are often listed for sale. When I sold my house, my realtor listed a bunch of Craftsman (and other stuff) for me and, almost all of it sold. I like the suggestion re: new motor or, new brushes for you old motor.
  2. jkoenig24

    Good service from DirecLink

    X2, I've been working with DirectLink and agree; the people at DirectLink are concerned about their customers needs and work to provide a GOOD solution for their customers. DL accepts returns if their product doesn't perform.
  3. jkoenig24

    Cleaning Windshield Safely

    BEFORE you grab the long handle squeegee at any truck stop, GLOVE UP! I've yet to see one long handle that didn't have grease smeared on it. PS: after fueling at a truck stop, you DO know to pull your rig forward enough so the next trucker can get to the pump, right? Once you've done that, then you can go inside to finish up.
  4. CONGRATULATIONS! I have ZERO regrets since I retired; I don't miss work at all. Wishing you both MANY YEARS of safe and happy travels!
  5. jkoenig24

    In dash radio, for 98 VNL, replcement

    Crutchfield is a good resource for cars electronics and, I understand that Crutchfield's tech desk is staffed by knowledgable people. . You might want to check with them to see if they have a solution you'd be happy with.
  6. jkoenig24

    Mexico travel

    I can't address HDTs entering Mexico but, I've heard and read too many horror stories of serious problems south of the border (things like rampant theft and crooked local authorities) . A few years back, I took a Carnival cruise to Mexico. On the two shore excursions I took, when I walked more about 6' ~ 8' away from the tour guide, I'd be swamped by locals trying to part me from my money. It was unsettling. For me, travel to / in Mexico with or without my RV, is NOT something I would ever have an interest in. If you choose to go, do your homework BEFORE you head south or, you could find yourself in dire straits.
  7. jkoenig24

    Florida licensing idea???

    I believe TN is making a BIG effort to attract retirees. I've been told that RV registration fees are capped at about $30 ~ $35 a year. Several HDT forum members reside in TN so, HDT registrations in TN are doable. I-40 runs pretty much through the middle of TN so, it's easy to get into and out of TN and travel to other parts of the country.
  8. jkoenig24

    State and National Park Max RV/HDT height

    Many Class-A diesel pushers are as high as our HDTs and they generally fit. I've found if I call the actual campground I'm interested in and, speak with a Park Ranger or volunteer at that campground, they're VERY familiar with their campsites and can intelligently answer questions on height, length or other issues you may have. I forget which campground in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park I was interested in but, with one phone call, I learned that said campground had ~ six sites that would easily accommodate me. Just calling the NP general phone number might connect you to an employee who's NOT familiar with details of the various campgrounds that NP has and the particulars of those different campgrounds .
  9. jkoenig24

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! I'm in Fredericksburg, TX and just finished a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Cathy & Jim Gell and Gail Dixon. SOOOOOO much good food! I wish you all good health and safe travels.
  10. jkoenig24

    SW Florida HDT Owners

    I forgot to mention; at the ECR, Deer Run RV Resort has several camping cabins so, you can attend even if you don't yet have an RV (that's what I did in 2014. It turned out to be a VERY wise on my part!).
  11. jkoenig24

    SW Florida HDT Owners

    If you haven't "pulled the trigger" by April, bring wifey to the East Coast Rally in Crossville, TN. There, she'll be able to see dozens of HDTs which most owners are happy to show off and talk about. LOTS of educational seminars too! Add in numerous social events and, you'll both have a GREAT week!
  12. jkoenig24

    Veterans Day

    America is truly blessed by the service and sacrifice given by the men and women (and their families) who serve in our Armed Forces. God bless them all!
  13. jkoenig24

    Totally Off Topic - Just Need Some Smart Ideas

    Carl, I expect you've see adjustable plastic tables. They usually have a VERY basic adjusting system. You could swap the plastic for say two pieces of 1" x whatever with groves (dadoes?) cut every inch or so. For the legs, a center pivot so that the table has a range of motion suitable to DWs needs. Just a thought.
  14. jkoenig24

    Any recommended RV parks in or near Quartzite.

    Thank you pj!
  15. jkoenig24

    Any recommended RV parks in or near Quartzite.

    Great question! I'll be following this thread as I expect to get to Quartzite for the first time this winter myself. I understand that there are many "camps" (Winnebago, Airstream, Boomers, Casitas etc, etc). Is there an HDT camp? I understand that there are various events (gem show, RV show etc) at Quartzite over the camping season; is there a calendar of events published anywhere? I'm also looking for a ONE STOP SOLUTION for getting solar for my Super-C. I've heard of "Solar Bill". Can anyone recommend other competent sources? Thanks in advance!