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  1. More of our fiver fire Photos

    That night, your Guardian Angels were working overtime. I'm so happy you all made it out. Property can be replaced.
  2. Pilot/Flying J Credit Card

    I've had that card for a few years now. YES, the card WILL activate the pump without needing anyone to go inside. A Good Sam membership gets an additional discount too. Once a month, you'll receive a bill for whatever you charge on your card (fuel, DEF, purchases inside the store etc). If you have not charged anything, you won't get a bill that month. I set everything up to work electronically. If I remember correctly, initial set up involved actually mailing some paperwork in but, once that was done, I do everything online now.
  3. Can I get it out with this HDT?

    Low gear, ignore any crunching noises
  4. Giraffe G4

    The last time I got an Escapees Smart Weigh done, a height measurement was included. My Super-C is 12'5".
  5. East Coast Rally Email- All Registrants

    I got SOME email re Gregg Shields retirement and his NOT being at the ECR so, if THAT was the email you're referring to, I DID get it, opened it, read it and, deleted it. Whewwwww. I expect to see you all at the ECR unless the closing on my house gets pushed up. By the end of May, I should be home-free!
  6. 1 year of ownership

    Corey, CONGRATULATIONS on your first anniversary being an HDT owner! I'm glad you're here. Wishing MANY more happy years and miles. Your DW will be driving too, won't she?
  7. Trailer Fire - need some help please.

    Glad to hear you're both safe and, will be able to make the ECR.
  8. A Sad Announcement

    Such terrible news. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
  9. OT: 5er Refrigerator

    Just watch for voltage drop. Don't use a 16 or 14 gauge extension cord unless the run is VERY short. I bought a 10ga cord for my Super-C.
  10. Stopping distance question

    Put head between legs and..........
  11. Can you rig a bungee cord to hold the pedal up? If you can, you should still be able to depress said pedal and, when you take your foot off, the bungee cord would again lift the pedal. I realize this is a Rube Goldberg patch but, I don't expect you'll be driving much that way.
  12. My new hitch plate...

    You do nice work!
  13. Last East Coast Rally Update

    Thanks for the reminder Carl. I got my ticket and, there were still quite a few seats available (2/24/2018 4:00 PM)
  14. Fan clutch solenoid

    Have you tried spelling it "solenoid"?
  15. Forum acting up or is it just me.........

    Currently using Chrome browser on a Chromebook. NO problems.