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  1. Forget the drawings. Have a camera ready, wait until the sun is going down, splash a cupful of gasoline on the hood and light that sucker up! Be ready to snap that photo........... 😉 Goodness, gracious..........(you know the rest).
  2. I hope your surgery is wildly successful and frees you from a life of pain.
  3. I believe if you check Escapees HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) forums you'll find the information you're looking for in the HDT Resource Guide. Start with this link: \\https://hhrvresource.com/
  4. jkoenig24


    I don't think a "Truckla" will have much of a carrying capacity. Interesting concept, though.
  5. jkoenig24

    Rough roads

    Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do........... (Younger forum members will have NO clue where this quote came from.) Obviously, they don't build 'em like they used to.
  6. jkoenig24

    Purchasing Fuel

    I start at the pump if possible. Discover Card (my preferred card) customer service reps have told me that Discover Card does NOT put a limit on fuel purchases. IF the pump shuts off before my tanks are full, it's the station that has set a limit for at the pump purchases. In those cases, I usually switch to a Master Card or Visa (my tanks hold 100 gallons max). There have been times where I've found it necessary to go inside to get pumps started and again to finish the purchase. Store employees CAN allow "large quantities" to be pumped IF you go inside first. More trouble than I think there should be but, the only thing buyers can do is to buy elsewhere.
  7. jkoenig24

    Remember Today

    Americans (and others around the world) owe a HUGE debt to those who served in all the branches of our Armed Services. Far too many people take for granted the freedoms and life here in the United States and WHY we're able to enjoy said freedoms. May God bless ALL who have served and will serve in the future and, comfort families and friends who made the ultimate sacrifice.
  8. Ouch! I hope you get the little bugger before he does any more damage.
  9. There is NO "perfect" GPS system, ESPECIALLY for HDTs. I've used Garmin dezl, Rand McNally, TomTom, Google and Apple maps and Copilot. My experience is that they ALL have shortcomings. I especially dislike the Rand McNally electronic products (but I expect you'll find other users who are happy with them). Copilot HD Truck recently switched from a "one price with regular updates at no extra charge" to a subscription based product. NO new updates are being issued for the "old" software. Other then Copilot "support" being a kludge (email ONLY), their navigation has, in my opinion, been very good. Copilot is available for iOS (iPhones & iPads) and, I believe Win OS. I don't believe Copilot has an Android version. Of course, you should also have a "hard copy" solution at hand. Rand McNally's Motor Carrier's Atlas is hard to beat when you want / need to go "old school"
  10. Harbor Freight (and other auto supply stores) sell "automotive stethoscopes" and, they're not very expensive (MUCH less than a "Whisper" tool). Basically the ear pieces you'd see on a medical stethoscope with a rubber-like tube connected to a thin metal tube about 18" long.
  11. Isn't that what wives are for?
  12. jkoenig24

    ECR Weighing Setup

    The Escapees RV Club HQ in Livingston, TX used to have the SmartWeigh service available. You might give them a call if you'll be anywhere close (888-757-2582).
  13. jkoenig24

    Bumper Pull Hitch

    Are you going to be at the ECR? If so, check out Steve Dixon's rig. He a "bumper pull".
  14. The "AllStays Camp & RV App" on the iOS platform (iPhones & iPads) shows which Walmart locations DO and Don't allow overnight parking (as well as a wealth of other useful information). WELL worth the one time $9.99 cost! AllStays also has a "Pro" version which is browser based (can be used on Android and Windows OSes). The "Pro" version has even more information and costs $32.95 for one year (with discounts on multi-year purchases).
  15. jkoenig24

    ECR Weighing Setup

    You may have to attend one of the "major" rallies. The recent FMCA event in Perry, GA and the RVillage Rally2.0 in Live Oak, FL both had weighing services available. I expect it to be available at the FMCA 100th Conference in Minot, ND later this year.
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