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  1. jkoenig24

    Value of truck for replacement cost

    Just keep in mind, a "more realistic" (higher) appraised valuation, WILL result in higher insurance premiums. Owners need to stake a careful balance. Too little insurance and, the insurer can cut you a check and KEEP your rig (after declaring it a total loss). Too much insurance and the premiums can really hurt. An insurance seminar would be great.
  2. jkoenig24

    Fraternal Organizations

    I (and six others) joined the Elks Lodge in Gillette, WY a few months ago. The FMCA were doing a rally at Camplex and, the Elks Lodge was literally across the street from Camplex. Had the sign up and initiation been better advertised at the rally, I expect many more people would have signed up. My RV is, right now, secured at an Elks Lodge outside of Seattle, WA while I'm on an eight day Alaskan cruise! So far ALL of the Elks members I've met have been very friendly folks. I wish I'd joined years ago. You won't go wrong joining an Elks Lodge.
  3. jkoenig24

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    I've pretty much given up on Harbor Freight. Several years ago, all of the 18V Dewalt NiCad batteries I had were going to need replacing (which would be vey expensive). I sold off all the Dewalt and "graduated" to Milwaukee LiIon tools. Expensive initial buy in but, NO buyers remorse.
  4. jkoenig24


    Government and Law Enforcement have, to date, generally been uninterested in RVs (which is good for us). My fear is that with SO many "newbies" deciding to try RVing, many will not bother to get the training/information to RV safely (many simply won't know how much they don't know and NOT realize the potential peril they're in and, how much of a hazard they pose to others). If there were to be some SERIOUS accidents (especially in a short period of time), that disinterest among government/LEOs could change (and NOT to the advantage of those RVers who do have a clue). MOST LEOs are NOT familiar with the wide array of conditions the different States impose on RVers. It's been mentioned here before that a wise RVer driving a big RV have, readily available, the documentation showing that they are in full compliance with the state that registered and licensed THEM. Not antagonizing a LEO who stops you (for whatever reason) is also a wise course of action (as one of our members can attest to). My other fear is that with governments facing economic hardships and being desperate for money, they will see RVs as an untapped source of potential revenue and, start adding fees/taxes/surcharges/etc/etc/etc. I expect many here have noticed that, at more and more weigh stations, a weight is specified; NOT whether a vehicle is commercial or not. Many (most?) of us would fall under said weight "gotchas" (even though many of us would not be overweight).
  5. jkoenig24

    2018 National HDT Rally, who is going to be there?

    I'll be there.
  6. jkoenig24


    I believe the RV Copilot version also has a length limit as well as the weight limit (26,000#). Copilot Truck will NOT allow me to specify propane; only "Hazardous Gasses"'. old I have a 5" Garmin dezl and two Rand McNally units (old RM RVND7710 and, installed as OEM software in my rig's infotainment system, RM 720. Rand McNally is, in my opinion, the worst of the GPS lot. Coplot and Garmin dezl are my preferred GPS solutions.
  7. jkoenig24

    Time for insurance renewal

    I switched from National Interstate to Progressive ~ 2 years ago. Progressive gave me a 12 month policy on my RV (Class-7 HDT Super-C) but only six months on my Toyota Prius. I went through Josh Pagel at FCIS Insurance (800-331-1520).
  8. jkoenig24

    LDT weigh ins with travel trailer - HDT immanent

    I think the amount of weight transfer is determined by the spring bars used on a WDH. I'd check with the manufacturer of whatever WDH you choose to use and, follow their recommendation. You are right in that so many RVers, especially newbies, are overloading their systems. Truck salesmen just want to sell whatever truck is currently on their lot and tell buyers "of course this truck will pull your trailer". Pulling is the easy part. Controlling a heavy trailer, especially under less than ideal circumstances is a whole other story and then, you say you want to stop all that weight..... Chad Heiser recently posted about a recent experience he had with a LGT.
  9. jkoenig24

    We lost the Bandit

    I really enjoyed the outlandish shootout scene Burt and Clint Eastwood had in "City Heat". Burt Reynolds was a very talented actor. R.I.P. Mr. Reynolds.
  10. jkoenig24

    Special option on our truck.

    Feed 'em dinner and then toss 'em out; wow.
  11. jkoenig24

    OT - Coronary Artery Disease

    As for skydiving, don't worry about it........ After the first step, it's all downhill! Glad your problem was caught in time. I'm 66 and, last year, my MD sent me to a cardiac specialist to get a baseline (I have good insurance). I got a clean bill of health with the instructions to call for a follow up in five years. Your post might just be the nudge that some folks need to take action so, you've done your good deed today!
  12. jkoenig24

    Hot Skin

    I have "No Shock Zone" and, you're right, it IS a GREAT book for anything and everything related to RVing and electricity! The author, Mike Sokol is a regular contributor to Chuck Woodbury's RVTravel.com website. Mike has the ability to take technical/arcane topics and present them so the average man (or RVer) can understand them.
  13. jkoenig24

    Hot Skin

    Glad to hear 1: you're safe and 2: your rig is OK. Your noticing (and reporting) this problem may have saved a life! Good job.
  14. jkoenig24

    Hot Skin

    PS: Have you checked the CORD connecting the source to your rig? Cords can fail and, they're easy to check. You do know to keep one hand OFF anything that might be energized and, only touch anything that's suspect with the BACK of the other hand, right?
  15. jkoenig24

    Hot Skin

    You DID check the pedestal (or outlet) first, right? If that's OK, then check whatever panel, master junction box(es) you have. If everything is good there, continue downstream paying particular attention to GROUND connections. Good luck, a bad ground can be a challenge to locate.