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  1. I have an ATT plan with 50G per month and I almost always use it.
  2. That is $150 per month! What do you think you will get for that? It is my understanding that you can get 25% or more discount for cash almost anywhere? I get 30% cash discount for lab work in the UP of MI during the summer when I am there. I still believe that you get what you paid for. I have obtained health insurance for more then 500 employees for many years, for profit and non-profit providers, you get what you paid for.
  3. I have an alarm clock that all you do is plug in, it takes an 9 volt backup battery also, and it goes to the right time and also does daylight savings time both ways. You can't even set the time if you wanted to and it didn't even cost very much.
  4. There is really no average per month cost for an RV park. I couldn't find one in the Ft. Myers, FL area for the month of March 2019 for less then $1,500 but I can rent one of several in SE Texas for $300 per month. They are full hookups with 50AMP service. I am sure that you could boondock for a few dollars or even free if that is how you want to live.
  5. It would not be my desire to pay $200 for cancellation fees. I started in August 2018 so it will end in August 2019 and I currently pay less then $70 per month.
  6. This is the very reason that I continued to work until Medicare age. I would be very careful with any type of share plan and be sure that you understand what you get in that plan. It is not health insurance. I hear people say that I am healthy but that can change fast. Plans with deductibles of $10,000 or more are not something that I would want to try. If you have your deductibles, for you and spouse, you could try it. Good Luck
  7. When people sign up for a plan they are generally required to live up to that agreement. When I signed up with ATT internet it is to run for 12 months under the terms at that time. The agreement I entered into gave me the option of when and if I go over the 50G limit they can slow it down, if they want or need to, or if I agree they will charge for 10Gs additional.
  8. I often wonder if the repair shops complain about an insurance company because they, the repair shops try, to overcharge the insurance company?
  9. Kirk, the fighting stance is almost never the best approach. I can well understand why people think that you should not be able to vote someplace where you are not of the community, have no stake in the community and don't even travel there. Example: Polk County, Texas was or may still be alcohol free, should someone who is not of the community have input on that issue?
  10. I would be concerned about the almost 400 miles per day for eight days. I could never enjoy a trip like that in an RV. We almost never travel like that. We take at least 7 or 8 days for our trip to the UP of MI for the 1400 miles. Be safe and have a good trip.
  11. whj469

    mail theft?

    Those seals on the magazine are almost always broken when I get them for the past 10 years.
  12. Even if you have unlimited on calls and texts it still cost as you are paying for it.
  13. I would say 2,500 to 3,000 lbs and a used one is a good choice. Good Luck
  14. I don't think that I would have an RV if I couldn't park it at home.
  15. If you don't finance the RV purchase you can go without coverage on your RV. Unless it was not worth much I wouldn't go without insurance. I get replacement coverage.
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