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  1. whj469


    How can our Escapees RV Parks take more guests then they have room for? There are waiting lists for RV lots.
  2. When I go to the doctors, labs or anything medical I must show my drivers license and insurance card. I am not sure what they would say if I had an out of state license?
  3. That has been my experience also, not many listings and the ones that are there are expensive.
  4. I have not been able to find long term stays in South Florida during the winter. At lease not where I wanted to be or even close by where I want to be.
  5. I have a summer place in Cedarville, UP, MI, where we spend our summers. I have two RV lots on Lake Huron in a RV co-op. We own the land. We try to get there mid-May and leave by mid-October or a little before. Question: who would want to be in MI in late fall or winter? By mid October our RV park is closed, water lines emptied and no one there.
  6. An Advantage plan can be at no cost where as they, AARP/United Health Care, want $600 per month for both of us for a supplemental policy. My Advantage Plan is the best health care that I have ever had! They only pay for emergency care if out of area, four counties in SE Texas. So should I pay $7,200 per year for a supplemental policy in case I need to see a doctor while I am on the road? In many places I can see a doctor for less the $100.
  7. And opinions is all you get here. So many false things about Good Sam written above. Oh, I am still looking for a Good Same store?
  8. A friend of mine's wife has been a GP or PCP in Houston for many years when she moved to medical research she sold her practice and the doctor who was buying it told her that she had to many Medicare patience and that you get more money from other insurance. She replied that she was a doctor and took whatever patience that need her care.
  9. I would think that it would be difficult to obtain insurance unless you told then where it is parked/garaged?
  10. Best to buy after you move to Texas as stated above. It is my understanding that AZ has high registration fees? My 2018 42 foot fiver is about $125 per year and 2019 F350 about $75 per year in Texas. Good luck and welcome to Texas.
  11. We buy re-insurance that covers large claims and caps our liability at 125% of our premiums. When I setup the self-funding, I was told that 200 employees were enough if you got the re-insurance. I don't think that it should be done without the re-insurance? We had been expending about 60% of premiums on claims and United Health Care got 40%. That is where the savings come from. Ninety seven percent of employees are female and most young, child bearing age.
  12. I have never found what you are looking for, low cost medical insurance, for under 65. Therefore I had to wait until I received Medicare at 65. I find Medicare to be the very best Medical Insurance that I have ever had, by far! Before I retired in September 2016 I was the CEO for a company with more then 500 employees and we were paying more then $900 per month per employee thru United Healthcare. I had wanted to retire when I got Medicare but I stayed on for two more years to get rid of United Healthcare and implement a self funded plan which saved a little more then $250 per month per employee or a total of $950,000 during those two years. The self funded plan is better then what United Healthcare offered and they, the self funded plan, decide what is covered and what is not covered. When we had United Healthcare they decided one day that they will not cover weight reduction surgery. We had no input regarding that and I very much resented that. Good luck, you will need it.
  13. I am cheap and will not pay ATM fees to get MY money. I keep Chase accounts in Texas that I have had for many years but because I spend summers in the UP of MI, I had to open and account at a credit union there. They have a system where you can use your ATM card at any credit union in the country without fees.
  14. It depends on the type of insurance. Does they policy have replacement cost? Full timing will cost more. If you financed the RV and it was totaled they may only pay ACV and you could owe the difference. People have told me that their RV insurance is some low price and I shop around and I can't get good RV insurance for the price. The numbers stated above by the OP seem about right for a real RV policy and not an auto policy add on. Good Luck
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