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  1. Not only do they accept Mastercard and Visa but they are the best cards to use because you receive the true exchange rate without any fees. The exchange rate is about .73 cents US for a Canadian dollar.
  2. Nor are they more patriotic because they joined. They did so as a career path.
  3. The military has been a career path for many years. It is for those who couldn't get into college or pay for college. It is a way to go to college later. When they did away with the draft how where they to get people to join? Lots of women join now. Those who remember the draft during the Vietnam war know that divided the country.
  4. When you have a volunteer military you have to do what you must to fill the ranks. They say when the economy is doing well it gets harder to recruit?
  5. I have two RV spots in Cedarville, MI UP. We try to spend summers there but this year we have not made it there yet due to health issues. Have a great time.
  6. whj469


    I have had National General, Good Sam, for eight years. Renewal with National General $2,722 per year for a 2018 Cardinal 3925 FL. Not full time. Progressive for same coverage $1,820.
  7. whj469


    I once saw an RV TV program about a couple that wanted to buy an RV and set it up for home brewing. They got a fiver toy hauler and set it up for brewing beer.
  8. A big factor for towing fivers is overloading the truck. My 2011 F250, CC, long bed, diesel, was rated for 10,000 lbs and my 2019 F350, CC, long bed, diesel, for 14,000 lbs. It can handle a good amount of pin weight from the fiver where as the F250 was almost overloaded.
  9. My current fiver, 2018 Cardinal 3825 FL, was acquired in September of 2018 so I still have CoachNet. I wonder who the new provider is?
  10. Camping World, Good Sam, gives you one year and Forest River gives you CoachNet of a year at no cost.
  11. I have both CoachNet and Good Sam roadside assistance. I have been an Escapee member for 10 years and very much value my membership. I have only used Good Sam roadside assistance with good results and have been told that they use the same tow companies?
  12. I have had banks tell me it was because of the "know your customer" rule.
  13. Not related to full time insurance but my auto policy with Elephant is expiring on July 31st so I thought I would give AARP Hartford a try because they say that they will not cancel you but they where a lot more then Elephant almost $400 more on a one year policy.
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