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  1. I would go to the Forest River Owners Group on their forum. I have had three Forest River fivers and currently have a 2018 Cardinal.
  2. My DirecTV, ATT, is now over $200 per month!
  3. I have done that for a few years now because I am usually still up north when mine is due in October.
  4. Welcome and Florida, southern, has a very nice weather that time of year.
  5. Is the AC on all of the time? Plastic bins will hold moisture. I also have very little clothes. All I ever wear is cargo shorts, tee shirts and good flip flops. If I need more then that I stayed to long up north!
  6. Sorry, but I did read that those cheep bottles can have issues if they get hot? How could they not get hot in the back of a tractor trailer?
  7. If you go to the Forest River Owner's Group Forum on line you will be able to post in the Canadian section and I am sure that you will get good advice. After all we all know that Canadian's are the nicest people anywhere! Good Luck
  8. I sure hope that the bottled water doesn't come from China! Some come from a Swiss Company but I have not seen any from China, yet.
  9. We have a filter on incoming water and a filter in the refrigerator for the ice and water on front of refrigerator. We do drink the water but I prefer bottled water or water from one of my deep wells that we take with us but when we spend the summer in the UP of MI we drink the water from the RV park. It is well water from a well near Lake Huron, also good water. When someone told me that some of those water tanks were made in China I really didn't want to drink water from the tanks.
  10. If you are good with a 19 year old unit?
  11. I am with Progressive because they were the cheapest I could find and I have read very good reviews on their claims process.
  12. If the Goodyears have served you well stay with them. That is what I use in the same size for my 2018 Cardinal fiver at 42 feet long.
  13. I think the Dish is lower in cost then DirecTV and that may be the reason that they are more popular? I had been "hot spotting" my cell phone for internet but last summer, 2018, I got an ATT internet device for internet but of late the price is way to much! Hundreds of dollars! When I call they tell me that is all I can get, 50 Gigs per month! I need to get rid of ATT for internet.
  14. I have never had issues with crossing the Canadian Border. Lots of times! I have never had problems with crossing into Mexico, mostly in the sixties and seventies, lots of times. I would travel to Baja today probably not other parts of Mexico. They only issues where with the US Border Patrol coming back to the US. Issues in El Paso, TX and the Texas Lower Rio Grande Valley. Yes, in my many years of crossing the US Borders the only assholes were US Border Patrol. Sad to say that!
  15. For me it is how they are used. I was once told that you buy a motor home to drive and a trailer to park. I go to the UP of MI for the summers, about four months, we have two RV lots there and my fiver stays parked for the four months. I do have an F350, CC, long bed as transportation when there and yes they are a little harder to maneuver then a small auto but not much. It would seem that the fiver and truck would cost less? My 2019 F350, CC, diesel, long bed was $64,000 and my 2018 Cardinal 3825 was $68,200.
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