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  1. whj469

    Explain network management please???

    Some providers, ATT, will keep up your speed and just charge you more. It happened to me last summer when my granddaughter was visiting me in the UP of MI for a few weeks. You have to set that up prior and they send you an email if they provide extra data and charge you more.
  2. whj469

    rv trailer values.

    Kirk is 100% correct. That is the best way to get your moneys worth.
  3. whj469

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    With a 10% Good Sam discount at many parks it does pay for it self. I miss the Highways magazine.
  4. whj469


    Thanks Kirk: I have been to that area many years ago to visit with some sugar beet growers.
  5. whj469

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    Weather not good enough in SE Texas. I would rather be in south Florida!
  6. We have yet to find one that includes all or most all of the RV parks. We use Good Sam, Escapees, RV Parky and several others. No matter which one I use I can't find an RV spot in SW Florida for a month during February and/or March.
  7. whj469

    The Ranch

    There are many RV parks that will not honor specific spot reservations. Most of the ones that I use will give you a pull thru if you reserve one but not the one you may have wanted.
  8. whj469

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    I have bought three fivers from Camping World over the years with no problem. My current fiver's was in stock at Camping World and they gave me a great deal. Service has been problematic. They have you bring in and they don't look at it for a week or so and it may take two months to get it back. As for items in their stores or online with an Elite membership shipping is free and they can have good prices some times.
  9. whj469

    Spacecraft Ownership

    The standard warranty in the RV business is one year. There are some companies that do 2 years and I recently read an ad for three years. I don't remember which one but even Forest River who used to let you buy a second year warranty for most towables for from $150 to $250 stopped that last year.
  10. whj469


    I don't know what or where Sidney is but you would think that there would be layoffs. Economy of scale.
  11. whj469

    The Ranch

    I never used Escapees RV parks prior to reservations because I like to know where I am going to stay well in advance. I always thought that it was a bit primitive to not accept reservations. Taking and tracking reservation is part of the RV park business. I need to know where we will stay before we leave because we don't do boondocking, have a large fiver and don't want to drive much more the 300 miles per day.
  12. whj469

    Rose Colored Glasses

    There are several RV parks near me in SE Texas were you can rent a site for $250 to $300 per month plus electricity. Working people live in old RVs, even old Katrina housing, there and I call that cheap living.
  13. whj469


    I used to shop at the Owatonna, MN store and it was a very nice store. First time I shopped they gave me $20 off my order if I applied for their Master Card. It was my understanding that it was family owned but one of the owners made some political comments that didn't go over well with the other political side and that they were going to boycott the stores and that was a contributing factor in the sale to Bass Pro? Only read that once and I don't know if that is true.
  14. whj469

    Taxation w/o representation

    Why would an RV park have to do the tax collector's work? I know two people who own RV parks and I will ask them but I, knowing those people, don't think that they would do the tax collector's work? One of the RV parks is in MI where they have a state income tax and the other is in Texas and we don't have state income tax so I can't imagine the tax collector asking?
  15. whj469

    Electric Baseboard in our 5th wheel

    We use electric heater(s) to take the chill out but we also keep going to warmer climates and don't stay in cool/cold places.