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  1. Is $240 a month for one person? In my case United Health Care AARP wanted $640 per month for two of us. That is $7,680 per year.
  2. My Advantage Plan provides meds in 90 day supply for $7.50, I have five and they are refillable four times or for one year. They will mail to a Texas address only so I have them sent to one of my four Texas children and they send them to me in the UP of MI or elsewhere.
  3. I have a PCP thru Kelsey Advantage Plan, Medicare. I don't have a supplement policy for BH or myself. This saves $600 per month. I had a bad year during 2019, skin cancer on chest, surgery in throat from outside after three attempts going down the throat didn't work and a new pacemaker. My cost for the three issues, $200, $300 and $200 or $700 total. PCP visit doesn't have a copay and specialist $35. I see a specialist two or less times per year. Kelsey is the only 5 star advantage plan in Texas but they only take patience from the few counties in and around Houston. I don't pay extra for the Advantage plan and it, like most Advantage plans, includes things like drug plan, membership in YMCA, eye doctor visit once per year and transportation to and from doctor's office if needed and a few others. Total out of pocket for the year $3,000. I have never had better health care or cheaper meds, if thru Kelsey, $7.50 for 90 day supply. The down side is that you only get emergency care if you are out of the coverage area. Many who travel most of the time don't like that. I spend 4 months during the summer in the UP of MI and last year my neighbor had a heart attack there and they took him to a hospital about 35 miles away, he has an Advantage Plan from South Florida with emergency care only if out of area and they keep him over night and then sent him down state because they said that they couldn't do any more for him? They keep him for two days down state and then released him. He had bypass surgery in South Florida during the winter. He told me that he was pleased with the health care he received when out of his Advantage plan area. I am interested in what others think regarding this issue and what else I could be missing? I have done this for more then three years. $600 dollars per month for the two of us would be $7,200 per year thru United Healthcare AARP. Even if both of us maxed out the out of pocket for the year it would only be $6,000.
  4. Just paid $2.059 for regular and last diesel fill up at $2.509 in southeast Texas.
  5. Spring Texas Postal Distribution Center is the largest USPS distribution center in the US. During the last flood in the Houston area the roof fell in on the distribution center. That is the center were my mail comes thru and it has been a mess for months. Mail not delivered and sent to Dallas for routing and it is still not right yet!
  6. The UP of MI, Cedarville on Lake Huron, from mid-May thru September. We love it there, quiet, rural with the Amish nearby and Walmart 35miles away.
  7. Escapees RV Park is nice and very reasonable. Why would you stay anywhere else?
  8. I don't drive more then one tank of diesel per day. When I stop for the night I use Gas Buddy to find the lowest cost diesel fuel near me and then go fill up, 48 gallons. F350 and fiver.
  9. Yes there are I have had a few in my last two fivers.
  10. If I was going full time, I would move up to a higher level RV. There is nothing wrong with Jayco and they have been very good RV's for lots of years and they do have some upscale RV's but in my opinion, even the upscale Jayco's, are not what I would want to full time in. Good Luck
  11. I would go to the Forest River Owners Group on their forum. I have had three Forest River fivers and currently have a 2018 Cardinal.
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