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  1. whj469

    Control the Federal Dept?

    No, WW II brought us out of the depression and look again, debt is at highest level ever. Ignorant just means that you don't know. Everyone is entitled to there opinion but not their own facts!
  2. whj469

    Control the Federal Dept?

    That is the very reason that they usually don't allow this type of discussion on the forum! "I am paying less taxes on my checks now" what does that mean? No one has filed a tax return since the income tax cut. The tax planner that I use indicates no difference in my income tax liability. More then 80% of this tax cut went to companies and the richest 2% of tax payers. I will not argue facts with ignorant people and topics like this sure bring them out!
  3. whj469

    Control the Federal Dept?

    There is no way that this will not be political! But while this is still open I will have my say. Didn't we just have the largest income tax cut ever with most of it going to companies and not individuals? Are they not now talking about a new income tax cut to help the middle class? If they where worried about the highest debt level in US History they wouldn't have passed a cut at all. Oh, I see we are going to grow out of the deficit with and expanding economy! It has never happened before but maybe this time!
  4. whj469

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    Just read today that the Winter Texans in 2017/18 were 104,000 and that was the best year of the past ten. Apparently the number had been declining from a high of almost 150,000 ten years ago to 96,000 in 2016/17. That would also put downward pressor on the price of RV lots and RV lot rentals.
  5. whj469

    5th Wheel AC and furnace system noise

    I have a 2018 Cardinal 3825 fiver with three AC units that are all ducked together and they are not nosey. My last fiver, a 2012 Wildcat 327 CK, had two ducked ACs and they where not nosey. I did have a 2011 V-Cross fiver that had a stand alone AC unit in the bedroom and it was nosey and it had to run all the time to cool. In the living area the AC was ducked and not nosey. They were all Dometic ACs. As for the furnace we don't run it a lot because we head to warn weather.
  6. I have also stayed in Summerdale during the winter but only for a few days on my way to SW FL.
  7. whj469

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    Property insurance was included but not on the contents of your unit. They paid $40,000 for the condo, two bedroom, two bath etc. in 1978 and they sold it in 1999 for $60,000. They also had to pay for their electricity. This was a very nice condo, 36 total units, five floors with a nice elevator and large balcony for each unit, swimming pool. I remember being suprised that was all it cost.
  8. whj469

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    My father retired at age 67 and bought a Condo in Hollywood, FL and my parents spent 20 winters there. The cost for their condo was less then $100 per month because of the senior tax exemption. That included real estate taxes, maintenance cost with a small part of that going into a large project reserve fund, garbage, and water. They were responsible for their AC, which was on the roof, and everything in there unit. I remember being impressed with how FL treats its seniors.
  9. This past summer I went from Hughes Net, after 17 years with them, to ATT Internet. I got a wifi box for $80 and 50 G for $80 per month. ATT says that it is unlimited but after the 50 G they slow in down unless you pay more. It is fast and we like it much better then Hughes NET.
  10. This discussion tells me that we need more space at certain parks and maybe some new ones!
  11. whj469

    FMCA PPO plan

    You can't compare share programs with ACA health insurance. Apples and oranges! My point is that you get what you pay for. There is no free ride or getting more then you paid for. It is my understanding that there are many non-profit health insurance companies, BCBS in many places is non-profit, not CA because the state made then go to a profit company because of the way they ran the company in CA. I feel sorry for those who had to, for one reason or another, get one of those high deductible plans! You had better have a good amount of savings!
  12. whj469

    FMCA PPO plan

    I just hope that people don't expect more health care then they pay for? No one will sell health insurance to lose money! For the most part you will get what you pay for! I have looked into the Christian Health schemes, several, and as stated above " they get back more then they pay in" I wonder how that works? Someone must have deep pockets?
  13. whj469

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    Homestead property may be important. The two RV lots that I own in the UP of MI are not my homestead so no homestead exemption. Lucky the annual real estate taxes are very low.
  14. whj469

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    Yes, school district taxes in Texas are capped if you apply for it at 65 years old or older. There are a few requirements, like it being your primary residence. The other taxes, state, county, fire district, MUD district are not capped where I live in Texas.
  15. whj469

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    The prices of the RV lots in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas (Valley) will be a good bit cheaper then say FL or AZ. The Valley is a lower cost of living area then most of rest of the US. They, for the most part, are deeded property. Most are run by a board of directors elected by the lot owners. They are required to have financial reports that you should be able to see. Good Luck