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  1. We don't travel with dogs or cats because we don't want to pick up after them. I live on a small ranch in SE Texas and I just let my dogs run free. It has never been a problem and that is what we are used to. I sometimes think that I would like a dog with us but then I remember about picking up their mess. I am lucky that I have two of my children and their children living on my ranch and thay take care of my dogs and barn cats when we are gone.
  2. As noted above why not use eternabond?
  3. We use a set of Correlle dishes that we have had for over thirty years and they will probably out live us!
  4. We are still using Correlle dishes that we have had for thirty years and I would bet that they will out live us Blog: http://sandcastle.sandsys.org/ Former Rigs: Liesure Travel van, Winnebago View 24H, Winnebago Journey 34Y, Sportsmobile Sprinter conversion van Size We are still using Correlle dishes that we have had for thirty years and I would bet that they will out live us!
  5. We use a Nook with e-books from Barnes & Nobel.
  6. Thanks, I have a fiver with three hydraulic slides and two electric with a hydraulic leveling system.
  7. What is a slide ram?
  8. Before I bought an RV I attended the Escapees Boot Camp. I went to Livingston, TX, about 40 miles from my small ranch in SE Texas, but they do them in other locations as well. They stated that they wanted to help you but your third RV first. Good Luck
  9. The internet is your friend.
  10. Sorry for the lack of information, I had to buy those two RV lots in the UP of MI, $13,000 for one and $5,000 for the other, and now it is about $60 per month for real estate taxes and POA fees combined. You also have to know that you would like it there and also it would help if you liked the other lot owners. Maybe we were lucky. I bought the first RV lot about four years before I retired, they financed it and I paid it off in two years. I had not been to the UP in over 40 years but you can see it on Google Earth. The population in Cedarville, MI had on changed much in those 40 years and I remembered how nice it was. After two summers we were able to buy the lot next to us. Escapees RV parks are also an alternative. Some have lease lots and some you can buy from owners. You can also try to get a part time job at an RV park that included lot rental. Good Luck
  11. What we did is to buy an RV lot, two lots side by side, in the UP of MI were we spend the summer, May thru September, then back to SE Texas for a month or so and then on to FL. It is very much like going for 70 degrees. As for cost for the two lots, property taxes and POA fees come to about $60 per month and because it is a co-op we are board members and have activities and people to do things with. It is a small RV park, 55 lots, on lake Huron. Maybe we lucked out but we have some very nice people who are lot owners mostly they are from MI, OH, IN and WI. We are from SE Texas. If we can't find a reasonable RV spot near Ft. Myers, FL, during the Winter, we park it at my sisters house in Ft. Myers.
  12. If I follow the thread correctly? You must go to SD, stay the night, get proof that you stayed for the night, both names on the receipt and then get insurance and register your vehicles?
  13. whj469


    Death and taxes none of us can get away from. While I don't pay the IRS quarterly I keep well ahead of what I owe at any point during the year. I remember when my father paid $1,500 quarterly and he forgot to send one or it was lost in the mail and before the IRS notified him it effective two tax years and he was fined and had to pay interest for both years. He never could understand why two years when he only missed one payment. The IRS took the first payment for the next year and applied it to the prior year so he was behind for the next year. He was 89 at the time and from then on I knew that I had to help him.
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