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  1. Yes, and I understand that people may be leery of Mexican Dentist, but I would not hesitate! There are many with reviews and some charge as little as 40% of US prices. I know people who have paid $49,000 for teeth in the US.
  2. Credit Cards offer the best protection. I try not to use the debit cards except to get cash.
  3. It is my understanding that the Canadian/ US border is closed until late July?
  4. I will have to check, I have an account with Chase and I will check with them regarding the ATM fees. Thank you
  5. Why would you want to pay a fee to get your money? I don't care if it is a small fee, I will not pay it.
  6. Good Sam is good and they all mostly use the same tow truck companies. My experience has been it depends on the employee they send.
  7. Sitting here in SE Texas waiting to go north.
  8. Please join the Forest River Owners Group, FROG, not just for the rallies but the online group will have a section on your trailer. Good Luck
  9. Of course I use the USPS and will continue to. They do an excellent job contrary to what some of you say. If you want to get rid of Post Offices can we get rid of yours and not mine.
  10. I own property in Texas and MI and have a fifth wheel. Domicile in Texas.
  11. There are those of us who sure welcomed DirecTV, 1995 in my case, very rural without any other option.
  12. I did it in about 5 minutes on line. That is the way to go.
  13. For me there was not really a choice, no Ram's because the 2500 and 3500 are made in Mexico by a foreign auto maker, when I was looking the Chev/GMC was way over priced and when I asked are you competing with Ford I was told that this was a good price, both in 2011 and 2019, The F350, CC, diesel, longbed, SRW, 4X4, was my choice by far. Good Luck
  14. Mine came with rubber like straps to hold it closed and the freezer below also. 20 cubic ft GL.
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