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  1. Torque Multiplier

    I bought one also for the same reason. We sat for many hours waiting for some one to remove the lug nuts. I did buy the more expensive tool as some of the reviews were not good on the cheaper unit. I was afraid of getting all but one lug nut lose and having the cheaper tool fail. It is great piece of mind to know that at least you can single out the duals or put a rear on the front to somewhere to get the tire fixed.
  2. A little bit early

    July is very nice. Lots of places to see in Montana. Lewis and Clark caverns, The Mining museum in Butte, Glacier National Park and Custer Battlefield [one of my favorite places]. Just to name a few. If you are coming from the east, The Black hills are not far away. Just don't be there during the Sturgis motorcycle rally.
  3. Interesting trip

    Jack I had the other side fail the same way last year, it only created a slow leak and I was able to fix it on my own time for $30.00. After the second one failed at the same point but with out the benefit of a slow leak I am a little more concerned. Maybe it was just bad luck.
  4. Interesting trip

    Well we are back in Maricopa for the winter season. The heat feels great. Not the usual uneventful trip I like to have. I left home with a cold and took a cold remedy [Cold FX] that did not agree with me and my blood pressure dropped to the point of passing out at the wheel. SO My wife had to drive the first day. She had not driven the Volvo with 38 ft of horse trailer. She did fine but it shows the importance of having a co-driver. Next was Las Vegas. I missed Vegas Teachers exit and ended up in a bumper to bumper 5 mile parking lot until I could get to the 215 exit. Now the fun part!! At 5PM the inside dual is flat 30 miles SE of Boulder city. Minimal to no cell service. I could not contact Good Sam but got one call to Us Rider road side assistance. They were sending a tire truck ASAP but 3 hours later no show. I was able to Text so I had a friend relay the location and clearly stated need of a tire service truck. They sent a massive tow truck that was not needed or of any use. The good part is the driver new who to call and his cell phone worked and a tire truck was on the way. He got here at 1:30 and I was good to go by 4:00 am. The valve extension I had on for my tire pressure monitor broke the tip off the vale stem. After a fight with US Rider on what they would cover I paid the $520.79. I am trying to get some of that back now. Lessons Learned on this trip: 1. Make sure your co-driver can take over. 2. Be prepared for traffic challenges. 3. Have a cheater wrench to get the lug nuts off 4. Do not have valves stem extensions on the inside dual wheel. Other than the above the trip was great. The Volvo purred the whole way and had no other issues.
  5. Semi / snow - Bob tail

    This is why they make airplanes.
  6. California 3 or more Axles

    Thank you. I have passed this info and advise to many of my friends who travel this route.
  7. California 3 or more Axles

    I am coming from Canada down the I 15. Leaving Thursday afternoon to the border. We cross about 7 am Friday and vet check the horses as soon as the federal Vet opens. it is about 8 hours to Pocatello for the 2nd night. Pocatello to either Boulder city or Kingman. That is the longest day. 11 hours to Kingman. I was thinking of Boulder City to shorten that day. Then into Maricopa. About 1900 miles total. I was going to take your advice and take the 215 to Henderson and depending on how I feel it will be Boulder City or Kingman. I assume that the 215 exit should not be hard to find but it likely has a #.
  8. California 3 or more Axles

    Thank you Cory. I will make this change in my route. Last trip around the Spaghetti Bowl I lost my trailer brakes as I made the big curve coming down on the 515. That is when you truly appreciate our trucks. Just added a little more air and then I fixed the trailer brakes at the first opportunity.
  9. California 3 or more Axles

    Hi Cory I will be on the south bound 15 passing through your city on Saturday on my way to Maricopa. I have always taken the 515 exit. Are you saying that it is better to continue on the 15 and take the 215 exit . It is always a bit of a stress to make the 515 exit and the loop over and down to the 515. Usually lots of traffic on the 515 and I have to get over 2 lanes or end up on Fremont street with 40 ft of trailer. It doesn't look to be much further distance to where the 215 and the 515 join. Your opinion as a local resident is very much appreciated. thanks Greg
  10. Upset wife / need help

    My HDT is part necessity, part want, part good economics, part safety, and part hobby.
  11. Upset wife / need help

    DT and JM are 100% correct. LOL!! Headed to Maricopa for the winter soon with 3 in tow.
  12. Rear Tire Pressure

    110 steers and 95 drives
  13. St. George Utah

    Should have asked the fruit inspector what kind of apple or orange Dolly was. I still think you should write a book about your adventures.
  14. St. George Utah

    Dollytrolley Do you stop at scales that say "All livestock"? When I am hauling our horses I stop at the scales that say "all Livestock". I was chased down in Idaho and got a 15 minute lecture on my reading and comprehension skills. So since then If the scale sign says "All Livestock" I pull in and roll over the scale. Only once [in Idaho] have we ever been called in and only to see to see the horse papers, not the truck papers. Normally we just pass through and on our way. Not having a front licence plate also helps with the confusion as we are just registered as a normal truck and their plate readers cannot see who or what we are.
  15. Volvo 670 Dip Stick

    Truck Wrecking yard Is were I would start.