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  1. Shallow Draft

    Donvel Products

    I put them on my 04 Volvo steering axel and I am very pleased. improved the handling and road feel.
  2. Shallow Draft

    Truck wanders on road

    This seemed to make a big difference for me
  3. Shallow Draft

    Truck wanders on road

    Mine also was like herding cats. Each thing that I have done has helped. previous owner (10 ponies) put on a very good steering stablizer Proper grease job helped, new shocks, new tires made a big difference and the latest was the valves on the front air bags. This truck finally steers like it should
  4. Shallow Draft

    Finally Did it! Dropped Fiver!

    Welcome to the Club.
  5. Shallow Draft

    Outside Door handle Issue

    Thanks to all. A little lube and all is good
  6. Shallow Draft

    Outside Door handle Issue

    thank you looks like something we should have
  7. Shallow Draft

    Outside Door handle Issue

    This may be the case if I pull on it any harder. So far it just seems stuck. I suspect that if it had the broken end then the handle would be free to move. I am trying to avoid taking the door apart. I will try the lube first then take the door panel off.
  8. Shallow Draft

    Outside Door handle Issue

    Thanks I will give that a try in the morning. It does feel like it is sticking.. I will try some silicone spray and see if that helps.
  9. Shallow Draft

    Outside Door handle Issue

    My 04 Volvo has a passenger door issue. I cannot open it from the outside. It works fine from the inside and the locks seem to work as they should with the remote and manually.. The door handle has tuck in the past but as soon as I opened it from the inside it returned to near normal. It has always seemed a bit stiff but worked. Looking for ideas thanks
  10. Shallow Draft

    Just statistics.........

    Yes..... I bought it in Phoenix and the next day I drove it back to Canada. 1800 miles. First time driving a HDT and first time importing a vehicle into Canada. I didn't have the air endorsement yet and I knew that could have been an issue in Alberta. That was 8 years ago and many air leaks and minor repairs.
  11. Shallow Draft

    Pahrump Power-Lunch

    Still waiting for DollyTrolley book of adventures!!!!!.
  12. Shallow Draft

    Locking Fuel cap

    What style of fuel cap do most of these trucks use? I just acquired some locking fuel caps that are a bayonet mount. They say Volvo on them so I thought they would fit. My truck [2004] has threaded fuel caps that are a little smaller than the bayonet mount. Just doing a little post purchase research that I should have done before I re purchase.
  13. Shallow Draft

    Facebook man pulled and fined for length

    81 feet,, that is a lot of truck and trailer!! I am 62 feet and 64 feet depending on the trailer I am hooked to. I cannot imagine getting around easily at 81 ft. As far as I know 75 ft is the longest allowed for RV's in the States that have the longest allowable length. Alberta is 20 meters or 66 ft.
  14. Shallow Draft

    OH S%!T moment

    This the best source of info. I knowhow to import to the USA but not into Canada.
  15. Shallow Draft

    OH S%!T moment

    Crossing the Canadian border is usually not a problem. I cross multiple times a year and I have not had my "turn" to get searched. Just the usual questions. I have carried my gun south with the proper paperwork. I do not think that having a CCW permit will show up on the Canadian border computer. They just assume that many Americans routinely travel with their firearms. Don't take your firearms to Canada without the proper paperwork. I have a friend who lost 4 nice guns and got a $5000.00 fine and can't visit Canada again. They gave him all the chance in the world to declare his guns and he chose to lie to them. They would have allowed him to return to the USA and put his guns in storage and then re-enter Canada. The same applies to entering the USA, a undeclared firearm will get you all kinds of legal problems and likely a latex allergy.