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  1. Hey! That could fit in the back of the smart and be the trail rider!!!
  2. HERO Maker


    Got it. Well in that case if you are looking for another campground to stay at before Hutch, try Sunflower loop at Hillsdale Lake State Park, south of Olathe, KS. Not sure of availability, since a lot of the other campground loops are closed, but this one is high and dry. At least that is where I have a reservation starting the end of next week!
  3. HERO Maker


    As you leave your dad's old area, further west is Lake Scott State Park, just north of Scott City. A little strange driving thru all the flat wheat fields and then suddenly dropping off into canyon with a spring fed lake. Take your car off the truck, or just use the truck to go to Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark. Interesting to see. I believe someone posted on FB that they were just there. I would take the car, easier to wash afterward!!! Larry may be in the little store/fishing place at the end of the rv area, and he can give you instructions on how to get there. Larry was the guy who was involved in the early years of the HTD Rally. Nice guy. I don't know Deer Park, UT, so you are on your own. You always have Diamond RV Park up in Woodland Park, CO for a stop on your way up, or back from Deer Valley. We are going to see Daniel on Wednesday. We are staying in Rye, CO until next week. That's about all the help I can be. See you in hutch.
  4. HERO Maker


    I'll be over that way next week. Where are you headed Carl?
  5. $75. to $78. seems to be the "for sale" price out there for what we all need for our trucks. Check all truck dealers for the best price. Nice post NeverEasy!
  6. Yeah, that kneeling down on the knee still feels weird to me.
  7. Way to go guys! Keep up the good work.
  8. OK! A little late for me, since I have won the 1st in prize before! But I least I will be there this year!
  9. Randy, Henry is back in NH. Hope the house stays safe.
  10. You guys are doing Great!
  11. Good to hear you are coming along. Don't get soft, but use the meds.
  12. Mine, like Roger and Dave's, will be a conformis knee, if in fact they will do conversion knees. I think the implant will "Conform" to the trucks we all have! Since I'm having to have them do a little more work (tear the leg apart a little farther), I'm trying to plan it so I have plenty of time to rehab and get it done right!
  13. I'm having my knee conversion put off until next year late summer. Nobody warned me about staying on those pleasant pain meds for as long as I did (23 days), so use this as your warning! You want to get weened off of them as soon as you can. You don't want to suffer what your body will do if you are on them too long. I don't know what the druggies of the world do when their body starts shutting down and begins to hurt major time? I guess they just take more pain meds!
  14. HERO Maker


    Roger, that guy does some nice work! Is it all by hand? Looked like it in one of the videos. I'm thinking he dismounts the wheels?
  15. Someone had one of these at the National Rally about 3 years ago. I think it might have been home built though. May not work on longer ones like Phil has?
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