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  1. For western Kansas, Lake Scott State Park. Just south of KC/Olathe is Hillsdale State Park. They should be reopening after the 4th. We should be at Hillsdale before the Rally. Ooops! I have to get signed up!!
  2. I thought this discussion was regarding an HDT (which a 1 Ton doesn't qualify as)?????
  3. Steve and Rick have said it pretty bluntly, and I agree, you have some homework to do! Like you are finding out with the builders that you are working with, until you figure out the weights of what will be on the points of your measurements, not many will be involved with giving you a plan (and if they do, well there is no liability). Sounds like you haven't been to a Rally yet (next one is in Oct), or read enough of the postings about bed builds, or looked in the Resource Guide. It's homework time. So how short is your trailer?????
  4. HERO Maker

    Ac problem

    Padraic, yours could be close to mine. 1 compressor feeds both. Yes, you could retire the one in the sleeper. I know I would not want to retire mine though. I have a lot larger sleeper (770) and we sometimes need to turn that a/c on to stay comfortable.
  5. Pete, getting in and out was the main reason I looked at these smart cars yeas ago. It does not sit low at all! Most sportier cars out there have real low seats in them, and that wasn't going to be for me. The smart works just fine and I'm 6'2" tall.
  6. As Phil asked, what county are you in? Polk county is real easy and everyone there knows what to do for our trucks to MH.
  7. I forgot the link for anyone interested. http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/134293-2006-40-travel-supreme-fifth-wheel-trailer/
  8. I agree with all comments above regarding NH over DRV. For quality and major $$ difference, Mark and Dale's Travel Supreme is still available and will also come with all new goodyear's and AGM bats.
  9. Glenn, that is kind of a confusing statement. If you didn't get clearance under it, it wasn't raised up enough. If you slammed it up, you still didn't have it raised up enough. For anyone reading this still, slow down the unhitch procedure and let your leveling valves do what they do. Watch for the gap between the pin plate and the hitch.
  10. Sir Lance, just engage your PTO (cruise) and set it a little higher. Truck should stay running.
  11. Better said by a farmer! Or would that be former farmer?
  12. Glenn, remember, your bags are under a certain pressure to hold your trailer weight at a certain height. Remove that weight and the pressure will push the hitch up.
  13. Randy, take it easy until the surgery bro. Best of luck to you, and we will be praying for you.
  14. Not that long, but it does take a little bit for it to rise.
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