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  1. Like Bill is saying, what is the address on your drivers license? That should be your residence address, and where you "garage" your rig.
  2. HERO Maker


    I'm still hoping my ride down into TX in the next 10 days will be one of comfort. The a/c system has been "repaired" for the 1st time in Laredo, TX back in July, then again in Gary, IN, and then once again last April in Pharr, TX. The one year is up this July and I will be pushing hard to have them find out why it is happening if, in fact, it happens again! I don't think any sealants have been involved at this point.
  3. HERO Maker

    Hdt air filter

    Check Amazon. No shipping fee if Prime Member.
  4. HERO Maker

    HDT insurance....Blue Sky is (Edit) NOT back in the game!

    RIS (while I was insured with Blue Sky) was the group that I had to deal with after being totaled by a hail storm. It took them a while (60 days), but we finally came to an agreement which benefited us well. My problem wasn't with RIS per say, but it was the appraisal company that many of the ins. companies use. When I challenged, in writing, the "so called" comparables (which weren't) and threatened to obtain my own representative to assist me, things turned around in about 12 hours and we were done. I took Randy's advise after talking with him more at the ECR and have gone with National General now. Ty, (216) 592-7444, is the guy we used and he and the company (underwriters) understood that my truck, although owed by a corporation, does not do any commercial business. Carriers in the past have all had a major problem with that and charged by a gazillion! National General saved us a little more than $1200 per year. And that is less then I was paying with Blue Sky! Thanks Randy!
  5. HERO Maker

    Who's rig? Near Hillsboro Or. 5-12-2018

    Looks like Micah ended up with a Herrin Bed.
  6. HERO Maker

    Pahrump Power-Lunch

    John, it sounds like you need to put the retirement time keeper on hold, and take an extra 2 or 3 weeks to be ready to hit the road! Of course, not getting any sleep is another way of doing it!
  7. HERO Maker

    Price of Diesel fuel

    I know what you feel like Dave. I remember when we were getting into this whole thing at the end of '08, and we were budgeting $5.00 per gal then. Glad it did come down, but who knows what's next.
  8. HERO Maker

    And so it begins, the Smart Car, deck build on the Pete.

    What!!! No pictures during the build!!! I guess your welder doesn't want the peanut gallery throwing comments each posting about a "better" way to do it????😁 Have fun with the build Dave.
  9. HERO Maker

    Price of Diesel fuel

    Mid 2008, fuel was just under $5.00 per gallon. +/- .20 cents.
  10. HERO Maker

    2015 Smart car Brabus question.

    OK, so I'm going to need to check and see what size I have to determine length of service, or look into the owners manual and see what it says to keep it covered under warranty. Thanks for the info Trey.
  11. HERO Maker

    2015 Smart car Brabus question.

    Like Darryl said. You must have just passed the 10k increment mark on the odometer, or your coming up on it. If not, then it just might need serviced for something else. Don't wait.
  12. Just thought I'd pass along the info for the auction if anybody is interested. Good source for auction equipment. A lot of long nose Petes are in this one, if those float your boats!
  13. HERO Maker

    Ved12 avu leak.

    And we appreciate it David!
  14. HERO Maker

    Heated Water Hose

    If you're talking just an overnight, or even a couple of days possible freeze temp, and you are on full hookups, just keep the water running real slow with your grey valve open, and your tank heat pads on.