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  1. HERO Maker

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Working in Reynosa??? What will you be doing? Where will it be? I am in and out of Reynosa a lot.
  2. HERO Maker

    2019 West Coast Rally

    Chad, it sounds like you are doing a great job planing everything. Keep it up bro. This helps a lot of folks out there.
  3. HERO Maker

    Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays

    Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas.
  4. HERO Maker

    Bling for my truck

    Yes Rick. That I know. I was just trying to get some clarification for others looking for the new trucks. I did purchase the other lights that David recommended and from a company that he suggested. Just installed them a couple of weeks ago, soon as I could turn a wrench! Not his, but will probably do his sometime in the future. Just waiting to pull the trigger with some $$.
  5. HERO Maker

    Bling for my truck

    OK guys. I'm getting confused now! That can be pretty easy. So these lights we are talking about are NOT the Deep Space Lighting lights sold be Davidat www.deepspacelighting.com? These are just the housing for a set of lights (bulbs) which could be the Deep space lighting bulbs. I thought maybe at first, someone else was now selling David's lights since his are pretty superior to what else is out there on the market. Maybe he expanded his dealer network? I probably just got cornfused!!!!
  6. HERO Maker

    Texas Hill Country w/ Motorcycles

    Wow! Makes me want to get my bikes back! Are these roads for street legals, or are we talking dirt?
  7. HERO Maker

    Terrible grinding noise in smart cooling fan

    Well, at 1st, Dallas MB was going to have to order the part, but they found it in the shop. They dropped me off for lunch and it will be done in a couple of hours. $634 total.
  8. HERO Maker

    Terrible grinding noise in smart cooling fan

    So, what was the cost of the fan?
  9. HERO Maker

    Over the Hump to Tecopa Part 2

    Teach, using your "rules for school" scenario, if a person had permission from your principal to come and monitor your class (just to watch) they would not fall under the same rules as the students! They are not trying to get a good grade, and you are not trying to teach them anything. They are not part of that professional process of delivering or receiving "Goods", education. Now I'm totally sold on you paying your very hard earned $$ to attend and learn from the pros, but remember, you're not one of them, and unless you change careers, you won't be. If it's a badge you want to put on your vest (like a scout), or another set of letters behind your name (like most of the education in America) then go for it. But now, like the people who might watch you teach your students, you fall under another whole set of rules! And you may not like those rules. Have a certificate of education doesn't mean a person is going to do a lot better in the job market. Having the training that you are talking about to know your truck and how you should operate it, is a great idea. Getting the little piece of paper that goes with that (and all the rules) is not really worth it. JMHO
  10. HERO Maker

    Upper console door repair/replacement

    My to go list looks like the trail of a snail as it creeps along on a hot surface! Just trying to get out of North Texas now. Maybe in a week or 2. You gave me parts!!!!
  11. HERO Maker

    Mexico travel

    This is a thread that should probably appear in the Resource Guide! Mark Bruss, what do you think?? Thanks for spending the time educating us Paul.
  12. HERO Maker

    Upper console door repair/replacement

  13. HERO Maker

    Turn Signal Cover

    Al, my Gen 1 has 4 screws making it real easy to replace. Sorry, no advice on the Gen 2's.
  14. HERO Maker

    Turn Signal Cover

    Al, wish I could help you. That was the only thing the 2" hail busted on the truck. But it was already busted apart and don't remember how I put the new one on. I'm thinking the cover snapped on, so it should snap out of there also. I'll look at mine.
  15. HERO Maker

    Need help on coolant loss

    Good info Phil.