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  1. Rick, it was probably that short trip to the Casino Buffet!!!!!
  2. Or his feet are real small for his "frame"!
  3. CHM is affordable and compassionate (we have the Gold Plan, $1800 per year, per person) An eligible option for individuals under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Generous maternity program Choose your own healthcare providers No application fee or annual fee (we are also members of the Brother's Keeper Program, no more than $50 per quarter) No one is dropped or denied membership due to medical conditions (this was important to us for pre existing conditions) Costs are not adjusted based on medical conditions or history (the cost adjusted only once since 2000) Bill discounts often eliminate out-of-pocket expenses (this was a surprise for us! Almost every Dr. or facility gave a 25 to 30% discount when submitting yourself as a cash paying patient. That "out of pocket" expense discount 1st helps you!) Longevity, integrity and accountability One free month for each new membership you bring to CHM Knowing that each financial gift goes to help a fellow Christian as fellow Christians stand by to help you! You have lots of reading to do so get started. This program has taken care of our medical expenses like knee replacements, triple by-pass surgery. Probably the big difference with CHM - it is not a for profit company. Lots of sources on their website. True, there is not a one size fits all plan out there. But this one was recommended to me by several individuals. Can't talk about the other share programs, but can give a big thumbs up for this one.
  4. Bob and Terry, What we have used and still do have is a health cost sharing program called https://www.chministries.org/. This is not insurance and shouldn't be relied on like insurance. But if you have the means and follow the instructions laid out for you, this works very well. Would be glad to speak with you about it anytime. I don't receive any compensation for telling you about it unless you use my member code if you sign up. (1 free month fee). You can share in the same program as you share with others once you come on board. Look it up and catch all the reviews. This is really ideal for us travelers out there. Don't have to worry about where I am in the country. Not forced to use anybody. Lots of tools to manage your care using this program. Good luck.
  5. HERO Maker

    Tinker Week?

    Rick, you do have about every tool, new and old, so that might be a good idea! If you could just keep that water away from the campground!!! Don't remember what month we were there, maybe Steve knows.
  6. HERO Maker


    Glad you pulled the trigger! Just make sure you hit the target date!!
  7. Dave, is your insurance covering the repairs, and if so, get it done elsewhere! Even if you are paying for the repairs yourself, I can't imagine your favorite repair shop saving you enough money to make it worthwhile to spend the fuel money to get back there and to possibly endanger yourself in the process of entering all that weather! Consider it just a touch of what full timing is! Flexibility!
  8. HERO Maker

    Road side Assistance

    On this account, beware the statement at the very bottom for HDTs: *Regarding heavy-duty trucks: If your HDT also has sleeping quarters, it will need an additional policy. Per SafeRide’s guidelines, a vehicle with sleeping quarters is considered an RV; only one RV may be covered per policy.
  9. Now you didn't hear this from me, and I've been out of the Real Estate business for a long time, but when you need to get someone out of a rental pretty quick, try this: If you happen to ride dirt bikes on the weekend with friends from all places (like I did), and you know they are sometimes involved with some bike "clubs" around your area (like I knew), then just ask your friends to ask their friends to drop by the rental in question and have them let the tenants know that they just rented the house and will be moving in Friday night!!!!! Tenants usually vacate within 24 hours! Now you didn't hear that from me, it's just a story that was used a few times when things got pretty bad.
  10. If you are going to continue renting it out, only do those things that get it ready for rent. Remember, when you go to sell it, you will need to replace everything anyway to get top $$ including the things you are going to do now. Good luck. Real Estate Investment is not a game for sissies. It can bring out the worst in you if you are not careful.
  11. Expect the worse Dave. It probably won't get to you much this time. At least I hope not. Bless you man,
  12. Just for clarification, you have a 770, not the newer 780. (2004 and above) Good luck.
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