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  1. JC, it would be a lot more helpful if your link went directly to your listing. Just a thought. Good luck.
  2. Rick, did you find a strap loose, or have your car shift on the bed when using them?
  3. Well, I'm glad Jack posted those pictures because I really wasn't wanting the reload my car to take some pics for y'all. That is exactly what mine look like when strapped down. Nice pics.
  4. I've been using mine since I picked up a set from Jack and Marc my last time up at their place. Much easier to use and I would imagine not any more stress on alignment than the baskets were. May need some jacking up if the strap happens to come right across the valve stem. But not really a problem. There is a softer shoulder type strap that comes in contact around the actual wheel. Sheri was surprised that I unloaded the car in about 20 minutes today!
  5. I did run the truck motor at our campsite on Monday (most campers had cleared out), and the fan was coming on and off as it should. Watched as a drip of water dropped to the ground while the motor was cold. Never increased when temps came up!! And was not hot!! Might have been coolant in the extra tank on top. I believe the temp normally runs with needle straight up (about 190) on the gauge, but it had been a lot more than that when coming west. Darrin is first going to spray both directions on the radiator and see what comes out. He is really looking for a fine silt, that is common for clogging these up.
  6. Interesting you would post that yesterday. I didn't see it until this morning. While having lunch yesterday with a childhood friend since 3rd grade, he admitted he was sorry for not telling me earlier about a golf buddy of his who has a truck repair business. Yes, it is Darrin, owner of Direct Truck & Auto Repair. I took the truck there late yesterday afternoon and had a great conversation with him. Will see what he finds today. So your post was great confirmation!!
  7. Wow Brad!!!! If I were there with you, I could actually help you do this because it's someplace where I don't have to crawl under the dash of my smart to get to!!!! Also check the door control button for some rust from any rain that might have dropped in there. Good luck. I'm probably going to need to replace my passenger mirror.
  8. Thanks guys. Thought I was looking at it today, but our plans have changed. Vern, that is a great write up for the N14 and guys that have it. Mine is Volvo.
  9. Jim, thanks for that reminder. I will check take a look at it tomorrow. Now that you mention it, I was in a pretty good sand storm, but sitting overnight, and it did get blown everywhere! Will let you know.
  10. Had a great conversation with Colton Truck Terminal Garage and he recommended not flushing the system unless it was contaminated. Flushing it could cause other problems by breaking something loose. Just a replacement of the coolant. Problem is he is 1 month out before they can look at it. $120 per hour. Might be 3 hours changing hoses. Talked with SOS (part of the TruckDown system) and he was not too sure about replacing the hoses or if they were available. MIght drive over to have them take a look, but then I can see what the operation looks like. $110 per hour. Anybody know the best way to test the thermostat to make sure it's working? I was having a tough time hearing if my fan was kicking on because of a head wind coming thru the pass on I 10. Left a message for Valley Volvo to talk with them since I will be there for about 3 weeks next month. Thanks again for any help.
  11. Heading West a week ago, I had the coolant temp raise high enough to give me a warning. Kept watching it and it would go away on flat or downhills, and then return going up minor grades. Could not see any leaks, or evidence of leaks, but the sensor on tank did look pretty bad. So I'm wondering if anybody knows of, or especially has had experience with a repair facility in or around the Riverside, CA. area? I would normally tear into this myself (unless I needed to replace the radiator) but I'm pretty busy and only here for a short time. I'm thinking a total flush and replacement (after checking for leaks) along with all rad hoses replaced. A little preventive maintenance since I haven't done it all since I've owned it (2009) and I did lose the fuel heater line about 8 yrs ago. Thanks if advance for the help guys.
  12. And no snow!!!!
  13. Yes Darryl, it always happens. Folks are way to busy at the rally to post a few pics for us wandering ones out there!
  14. Kevin, that would be a Volvo for Steve and Gail. Glad you had a chance to look around.
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