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  1. HERO Maker


    That is a real smart guy with the lit smoke in his mouth while spraying that spray!!!!
  2. HERO Maker

    Any recommended RV parks in or near Quartzite.

    Dave, found some of these sites for you to look at: http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/125654-quartzside-parking/ http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/126026-prospecting-in-quartzsite/ http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/123481-blm-closing-50-in-quartzsite/ http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/122729-where-best-to-boondock-in-quartzsite/ Just a few!
  3. HERO Maker

    Wire type

    That's the way we have laid wire to two different projects in Mexico. Just don't get too sloppy with the pipe cement.
  4. HERO Maker

    12v converter died, replace with?

    Nice Chad!
  5. HERO Maker

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    I'm trying to get my head around how one valve doesn't override the other valve, or vise versa!
  6. HERO Maker

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    I missed Brit's talk at the ECR this past year, and it would be wonderful is someone were to dial in what our spring rate should be and the dampening and rebound rates of the shocks should be. Obviously since all of us (with the exception of some special order trucks) are/were set up for heavy loads (a lot more than any of us are using now) a known spring rate would be great! Maybe Brit has figured it out and can share? I'm pretty sure the truck companies aren't interested in working out these facts for trucks they may never sell. When my Teton had 7K pin weight, the ride was fantastic! And I was no where close to exercising my truck suspension. But the newer DRV is really built for pickups and the light pin weights are not something any of us like.
  7. HERO Maker

    Smart Car 451 Tire and Rim Size

    I'm all for smartmadness for the purchase of the Cruise Control. But Jim, your memory is getting pretty foggy! 😟 My good friend BradπŸ˜‰ has all the skills (and body size) to install.😎 I won't be installing much for quite some time yet. Just started upper body exercises at rehab yesterday! 6 more weeks to go and then I'll be able to play football! That's kind of like "Will I be able to play the piano after hand surgery?"!!!!!!!
  8. HERO Maker

    Stopping TOO Fast /V. Teach Lesson #37.g(ee)

    Dave, I agree. You probably shouldn't respond to this thread anymore. You have paid your dues and a lot is owed you, and I too thank you for your service.
  9. HERO Maker

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    What Chad and Steve said. The other issue is that you want your truck to ride at the correct height, no matter what your pin weight is, and that is what the suspension of the truck will do. You cannot lower the pressure in the air bags and expect to hit the correct height. Maybe you can put different rated air bags in there expecting them to allow a softer ride, but you will still need the same amount of air to lift the rear of the truck, plus the weight of the pin of your trailer.
  10. HERO Maker

    National HDT Rally Lost and Found

    Thinking about Phil's comment (since he wasn't there) you might want to check with the Fairgrounds Office to see if someone reported a lost ring to them from the Good Sam's Rally. Just a thought.
  11. HERO Maker

    Suggestions for a dash cam

    Nice link Phil! Thanks.
  12. HERO Maker

    Photos of the 2018 HDT rally.

    Nice pics Dave. Thanks for posting.
  13. HERO Maker

    What I found on sidewalk when I got home from work

    Just remember, don't have anything in that drom that you may want to get to while traveling if you plan on having anything on that deck.
  14. HERO Maker

    HDT Rally

    Thanks for posting.
  15. HERO Maker


    OK. Here is the better question. Are you getting heat to your bathroom? We've been using ours a lot recently and it works fine.