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  1. He is a pretty famous guy! Really knows tires and individual wheel weights! Pretty humble guy too.
  2. HERO Maker

    Highway 50 Colorado

    I would trust what Rick said.
  3. Stay safe everyone. Enjoy this day and please remember the reason.
  4. Guys, don't forget that your limiting factor for our RV haulers will be your hitch! Doesn't matter if you're singled or tandem, it's always going to be the least amount of allowed weight as your limit! Our hitches tend to make the majority of us class 7.
  5. Jeff, excellent information!
  6. Congratulations Jim! Sounds like a huge job to tackle and you done did good! Way to go. Are you by the dam (just below it) or up at lake level somewhere?
  7. Is there a huge need to keep your current address as your permanent address? State income tax avoidance, healthcare ...? You can also get a 2nd home mortgage and keep your SD address as permanent. It would probably require more down payment, and maybe an uptick in rate! The other issue with a 2nd home could be your insurance on the home. It used to be null and void if the house has been vacant for maybe 30 days or more. Other ways around that though. Being homeless for 5+ years may even qualify you for 1st time home buyer programs! Don't give up. If you have found an area that you want to buy, then get a Realtor and use his resources. Good luck.
  8. I would also contact Polk County Tax office and let them help you with what forms you may need. Everything will be online.
  9. Same question Rod? I'm sure it would be a better ride. But those things become "personal creature comforts" and financial reasoning goes out the door.
  10. HERO Maker

    I'm back.

    I must have missed something? But that's normal these days!
  11. I 2nd that! Way to go Jim!
  12. This has been posted on one of the FB postings. Is this a real thing?????
  13. Hey Jim, good to see you're still around! I am in total agreement with Parrformance and what Billr said. My XY was changed out before I purchased the truck. We still ended up with electrical issue. Chase the wiring.
  14. Wow, looks great! I saw a posting from you and almost asked what had happened to the flames! GREAT JOB.
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