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  1. HERO Maker

    Red Flyer's Elevator

    I'm with Phil!!! Looking forward to meeting you two.
  2. HERO Maker

    Smart Sputter

    At this rate, I may have my coffee in the morning all by my self!!!! Sputter free!!!
  3. Dave, I'm really glad that you found the ideal toy for you and Donna! Sounds like you are going to have a blast and it only gets better from here. Have fun man,
  4. HERO Maker

    Got shoes shined today

    What!!!!! Then I'd have to clean them more often!!
  5. HERO Maker

    Jim and Valerie's Truck is now up for sale

    Congratulations Val. Take care of yourself.
  6. HERO Maker

    Red Flyer's Elevator

    Pretty Cool. You've built what you totally planned for.
  7. HERO Maker

    Vnl 610 cab shocks

    IIRC, if you are going to replace those yourself, open your hood before jacking up the rear of the cab to be able to do the work. There is a crunch point on the front.
  8. HERO Maker

    Red Flyer interior progress

    " More to come once the elevator is functional. How else did you think we were going to get up there?" So where is the elevator?
  9. HERO Maker

    Volvo Door Window Removal

    No rush. Thanks Jim.
  10. HERO Maker

    Forensic Rock Chip Analysis

    Carl, don't know that stiffness is a real problem! See many truckers with stiffening metal parts hanging down with their mudflaps.
  11. HERO Maker

    Forensic Rock Chip Analysis

    You medical guys!!!! Sounds like a great plan. Lot's of motorhome buses have that wide of mud flap across their rear as well. I think you guys sleuthed (sp) the issue! Good job.
  12. HERO Maker

    Computer battery

    Looking forward to what you find regarding this Tom. Just wondering if my 2001 might be the same. But showing no faults.
  13. HERO Maker

    Splitter woes

    Has Volvo, or other mechanic shops, taken on the concept of the "Lube and Tune" auto shops that don't make money doing oil changes, and up sale every customer they can, or create an "issue" so that their bonus amounts can be larger than their hourly wage. Plus it makes a whole lot of extra for the shop? It's time for a dirty, down and under investigation of these guys. I think that the midsize, and small trucking companies would be interested and it would shut down some of these practices of throwing parts and labor fees at everything.
  14. HERO Maker

    Volvo Door Window Removal

  15. Dave, as Chad mentioned regarding the seat belt, I believe you have the 4 or 6 point system in that one. I was watching a video of the opening of a 2018, and as he slid in the seat a little later, it was mentioned about the seat belt. Does yours have it?