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  1. 1 air leak fixed

    I wasn't going to go in that direction, but now that you mentioned it........
  2. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Roger, was that a 2015? Glad they took care of your landing legs. I would imagine there was no cost to you? Like I said at the Rally, they were taking care of a lot of people.
  3. 1 air leak fixed

    Is that just an air leak, or one of the many squeaky sounds on this forum!!!!!!
  4. D - Ring location

    Hopefully this link will work to show you how some of us are talking about not using a ratchet system because there is no room to ratchet. https://www.flickr.com/photos/heromakers/8917183714/in/album-72157633864902368/ Well, if you click on the link, you will see it placed on the chocks. Yes, we still like it that way. As Jack mentioned, a lot less clearance on the front of the car, and with the newer smarts, my chocks would have to be lowered. But you can do it and still that the lashing winch on it.
  5. Comfort Ride Hitch, how to mount, between rails or on top?

    Sorry if I missed it, did you have Trey and Susan weigh your rig this year at the National Rally? And if they did, were your axle weights pretty even front to back? If that was a level ride for your trailer while hitched, then 47" sounds like the target.
  6. D - Ring location

    You would have to mount those so the ratchets were towards the center of the bed. You are not going to like that! Especially up against your cab or drom.
  7. Traveling through Ontario Canada

    I was told in B.C. a long time ago, that they didn't want us in their scales. I asked if that was true for all of Canada, and he just answered "No".
  8. Comfort Ride Hitch, how to mount, between rails or on top?

    Dave, what is your height requirement on your trailer?
  9. This got pretty confusing here! (it could be me!) That last formula leaves off the 51". I'll measure mine again (from Drom) to pin, but as we remember, for drop down box, it was a little short.
  10. smart car ramps

    Man, they need to get rid of the music playing in the background!!! Doesn't make their video and more artsy-fartsy and actually takes away from their product presentation.
  11. My International has a new best friend...

    Tom's rig is really nice!!!! Got to meet him 1st at the ECR and then he was at the National Rally as well. Good guy!
  12. smart car ramps

    One thing I did forget to post was, based on the ramps that failed, I do a visual inspection each time the ramps get pulled out of my storage area. When I pull them out, they get placed on the ground and then I unfold them. This allows me to check out that hinge each time. I know some guys kinda rotate the ramps on a pivot point and then place the top end on the bed. I actually liked watching this way to open the ramps and thought it was pretty simple. But now I want to see the bottom of the hinge each time.
  13. smart car ramps

    Roger, he used to do that, but he hasn't in a long time. And remember, that rail will only be good for the rear tires on the 2015 and prior models. Like others have said, practice makes perfect! Make sure the ramps are perpendicular to the bed, parallel to each other, and winch or drive it up slowly. I would though, (unlike someone else) drop a pin thru a hole in the top of your ramps, or bolt on like I do. We have all seen those videos where the "redneck" loading of a bike caused the ramp to flex and spring away from the tailgate, or just drop. Of course any and everything drops with it. I'm like Phil and winch it up backwards, and drive off. I'm using the 12" wide ramps. And making any adjustments at the top, or near to it, really isn't a problem. Sometimes I'm a little off on the load and I know it because I have a tough time getting the chocks set and bolts dropped into the holes. A little wiggle here and there then presto! Now my 12" ramps have a separation at the top of 40.25". No need to remeasure that every time because my ramp holes never move! I just make sure the bottom is the same. And yes, even with bolting your ramps to your bed, you can still not be parallel at the bottom. I can have the bottom of ramp move 2 inches either direction. Use the tape.
  14. Refused inspection

    Sounds like they were trying to give you commercial truck inspection.