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  1. My Build

    Rick, I don't think there is any room since it is almost right over the axle. I was thinking the same thing, not hanging it but putting some stock below it like the ETs, but that wouldn't work in that location either.
  2. Forum acting up or is it just me.........

    Your's and mine Dave. By the time I finally learn something.....it all changes!!!! I've had to learn way too much stuff the last couple of years. The cpu in my head is overloaded! Take care.
  3. Forum acting up or is it just me.........

    Dave, I don't use a mac, but I do use Firefox. I believe there was a 2 stage update when firefox did the update. On my computer (even while I have the forum up) I just click on the 3 horizontal bars at the upper right of the screen and then scroll down to options. After clicking on it, I have several choices, but you can see when the last update was completed. I'm sure you've already shut down firefox at least once since your update...that is usually what is required to complete the update. But again, I don't use mac, and mine is working very well.
  4. 1st Volvo Dealer Service Experience - Tucson

    Sorry, I'm posting this late. I think I posted on your other thread regarding the fuel system. I'm getting real concerned with these companies that charge you a lot ($264) to "check and advise" you on problems that you are having, when during part of the so called "check" there should be discovery about what the culprit really is. It sounds like they are just throwing parts at it, and that really sucks! Don't know the dealer you have, but my experience with the dealer in the Kansas City area, was horrible! Charging me for "checking it out" and spent all of 20 minutes and claiming it was an A/C expansion valve and that it and all the lines going to it needed to be replaced! Of course during all of this replacement, they would end up replacing the o-ring that was the real problem! I didn't have them do the work and waited until I got to a dealer I could trust. I actually stood there while he was working on it, and we had a great conversation. This is an ideal place to have one of those "investigative reporters" do something on these dealers. Way too easy for them to actually fix the issue, while they are replacing all the unneeded expensive parts, just to be able to charge their labor rates. After my Kansas issue, I now ask what they are going to check and in what order to solve my problem. Through this forum we get enough suggestions as to what the problem might be, that we can dictate to them what to check for. The only "tool" that was used in Kansas to check my problem was a flashlight, so they could see where the leak was. These are high profit centers for these dealers, and the bs that is shoveled gets pretty high sometimes. We sometimes need to just say, no way! I hope your issues are done after you get it back.

    Avoid grease on that hitch. Use the 1/8th or 1/4" plate for lube on the pin. There are better spray products out there that will lube the working parts of the hitch without collecting dirt and the buildup that you experienced. See you down the road.
  6. Now the fun part starts!

    It would have to Ron. But most of us are avoiding the cost of the hydraulics, or air bags, by getting the correct ramps for our higher beds.
  7. Now the fun part starts!

    So what are those bed plans? With those ramps it had better be a very low bed, or maybe you're going to use an old plan of tilting the bed so that the break over is gone?
  8. Thinking of moving to dark side ...

    Those are nice sites there! Don't leave your blinds up with the rig lights on! Hope you have some clear nights.

    You can call Dave @ TrailerSaver (if he is still there) 270-756-0284. The most common problem hooding up and locking that jaw is that the hitch height might have been moved just an 1/8 of an inch. If you say that you slipped out, then you need to reset the release arm so that the jaws will lock. If the jaws are hung up on the lower part (collar) of the pin, or the upper part, raise or lower the trailer to try again from the start. I know it sounds very obvious, but sometimes it happens and we need to start over as if you were backing into the pin for the first time.

    Are you sure you're above the collar of the pin?
  11. Air ride hitch

    Teton had Air Suspension. Would raise the ride height about 7 inches. Was real nice for clearing everything.
  12. POR-15 Magic

    Great plan John. That bed is going to last forever!
  13. POR-15 Magic

    It doesn't really degrade, it just turns a grayish color when exposed. It is still protecting your steel. So John, you're not talking about using it on the top of your bed, but underneath? If you use it on top, it can be painted whatever color you want, but if left exposed, it will gray out. Maybe they have changed to formula?
  14. Tracking Electrical Problems - a Saga

    There are lots of good videos out there explaining how to use the multimeter. And I don't like electric!!! But not really too hard. But Chad is the man!
  15. Air ride hitch

    I missed what trailer you have. But the newer DRVs are coming out with 50" hitch height. My old Teton with air suspension was 49.5". My hitch is also mounted on top of frame rails. The Comfort hitch looks like it may fit your needs.