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  1. Wow! That is almost exactly what we use down in Mexico on our projects. Are you sure it's the threads? That pex fitting looks more like the ones they use in our trailers! i would use the crimp on ones, either type.
  2. Brian sounds like a prince of a guy!
  3. And I guess you're not done with this forum yet! 😄
  4. So I take it you have already made it south and replaced the tires. What was your manufacture dates on the old ones? My wear was not an issue on the good tires, but that is all that shop offered. Yes, if they can get close to the price you mentioned, than I would stay with them because of the damage warranty. Thanks,
  5. Where are you getting GYs for close to $170? Even when they offered me $100 off, they were still $315 each.
  6. We were just talking about this yesterday with a few of us "old timers", so yes pretty sloppy work for the guy who drilled the hole. I wonder how many tanks are out there with the cutout in the tank just waiting to create a problem?
  7. Can you remove the pump and gain more access to the valve that way. You had said," My hose from the flojet is clear and other than dark spots in the stream from coffee, not grounds just coffee." That clear water was from the short time the pump ran? Jim's trick might work. Not sure if reversing the wires will reverse the motor, but worth a try. But I'm thinking if that pump goes quiet, then something is wrong at the pump, not the valve. Remove the pump.
  8. Are you talking about the fresh water pump? Or a macerator pump, which I don't think they had them back then. If you've opened up the area around the valve, just have someone else work on the cable while you work directly on the valve. Is this Teton settin in your shop in Hutch, and could it be frozen?
  9. If no go, you will have to cut your valve out. That won't be fun! At least it is grey water, but that can be pretty putrid if it has been setting awhile. You can't snake it from the kitchen sink, that would be real lucky to exactly hit the drain from there, but you can snake it from the outlet, if your valve is partially open. Have you tried the walmart chems? Good luck.
  10. Steve, you have washing machine hook ups in that Teton, I suppose. That means you can not just close your black tank valve and pressurize your grey line from the dump valve. You will push that water into your laundry area. After re-reading your post, it sounds like you have a separate drain line for the kitchen? So separate tank? If so, you can pressurize that system until you unclog it. But stop short of filling up your grey tank or you will push it up into the kitchen sink. (or your vent pipe under your sink if it has one, and it doesn't seal real well.
  11. HERO Maker

    Brakes Frozen

    Looks like a good looking Herrin bed!
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