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  1. Troy The difference between the 430 and 630 is the wood frame that Moresmoke has on the floor. That 19 inches is not there in the 430 the bed pretty much touches the back of the front seats. Without losing the under bed storage, I think you could fit two in the rear so their legs end up between the front seats. What part of the country are you in? I’m going to Bellingham, Washington in May to retrieve my 430 and then drive back across Canada home. If you are in the area I would be willing to let you climb over my truck with a tape measure. Nigel
  2. Nigel

    First Build

    It is the fifth topic pinned at the top of the HDT forum. Nigel
  3. Larry I had something similar happen on my truck. It previously had an electronic log system installed and it wasn’t removed properly. One end of the data cable had been cut and tucked under the floor mat, three years later a couple of wires intermittently shorted at the cut end and I lost all gauges and cruise control. Two places to look. Check in the fuse panel and see if there is a fuse in the Qualcomm slot and remove it. The other place and my solution look under the dash at the round diagnostic port. Mine was a T connection with the factory connector plugged into the back of the one showing. We split the two apart and pulled out the T adapter and the cable and put the factory plug back in the hole. Please post the solution for the next guy. Nigel
  4. Before I retired I ran David’s lights in my truck for almost two years. They were on for about five hours a day when driving and five days a week. Still running them but the truck probably runs about two hundred hours per year now. They have always performed flawlessly. Nigel
  5. Something wrong wth the link Henry. Nigel
  6. Come on Al you are far from a rookie. Adding a leveling valve to a TrailerSaver saves having to deflate the bags when dropping and inflating when hooked up. Very convenient. I don’t remember which hitch you have but Henry’s have this feature as standard equipment. Nigel
  7. My cable used to hang up a little on the left side and not latch properly. I disconnected the cable at the latch held it up and dribbled some lube down the cable, worked it back and forth a few times and all has been well for several years. I think you are correct in cleaning and lubing first and see what happens. Nigel
  8. Glenn, I would check weights before dropping the tire pressure much. Then inflate to the tire manufacturer’s weight chart. Nigel
  9. I think mine made the gear shifts quicker after I changed mine but I thought it must be in my head. For a hundred dollars in parts it is probably worth changing the other two out now and they should be good for another twelve years but don’t expect them to come out of their bores any easier. Maybe do it in David’s driveway. Nigel
  10. Nigel

    Transmission ECU

    There are 3 speed sensors on the Ultrashift all the same part number. There are two on top and the output one is at the rear of the transmission near the yolk and can be accessed from underneath. On mine there was a couple of mounting locations for the output sensor which was handy as we never got the original out. So far I’ve changed two of the three and the local Volvo always has a few in stock so it must be a common problem. Nigel
  11. If it is the same as the 06 they where available a year ago. I think it was about 60 dollars Canadian from the dealer. Nigel
  12. Possibly the old drafting tables we used 50 years ago would work if you can find one. I believe they tilted and went up and down. Do a search for table lifts but I bet Georgia Hybrid could come up with something elegant. Nigel
  13. Sure was a couple of sites down from me. He wasn’t part of the rally though. I’m surprised it is for sale since he had just bought it this year. Nigel
  14. Nigel

    How is Nigel Doing

    Thanks guys. In Lyndhurst rehab in Toronto probably the best spinal cord rehab in the country. They will give me a proposed exit date later this week but I expect it will be 6 to 8 weeks and many more months of out patient rehab. Should be able to walk unsupervised in another week or so. Hands and arms have the most deficiencies but expect good outcome with time. I have had some good luck since the fall from the paramedic that changed hospitals because the first didn’t have a neuro surgeon on to the team that did spinal decompression surgery in the middle of the night as soon as they noticed I lost movement in my extremities and the American surgeon who told the insurance company they weren’t bringing me home before the surgery. Also can’t thank Roger Dickenson enough for moving my truck and trailer to storage until we can get back out west and Carl for the phone call. It was a freak accident but emphasizes the need for your spouses to be able to drive your rigs. Nigel
  15. Nigel

    Need help in Richland Wa.

    Thanks John and Carl. Looks like Roger will be able to help me. Roger email is runningthreads@rogers.com
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