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  1. I’ve seen many “professional” car haulers secure vehicles that way. It works but I would be wary of scratching the rims if the wheels or straps are dirty. I’ve never done it myself, I didn’t want the customer or dealer scrutinizing my work that hard. Should be easier than baskets though. Nigel
  2. Funny I have the opposite problem. Every time I see Ontario I think it is someone close and then get disappointed. Yes we must remember most of the members here will be Americans. When I see CN I think railway or tower so CDN is probably better. Nigel
  3. Slixter pm sent. Do four of the seven usual things and swear out an affidavit. No inspection required but make sure you have the required stuff in case you ever get a roadside check. Welcome to the site Nigel
  4. I know a fellow near me that had a couple of 08 Volvo’s with the i-shift. He said they were excellent until about 550,000 miles and then he had all kinds of transmission issues that the local dealer threw lots of parts at them and eventually he had the transmissions replaced and then sold them soon after. So I don’t think the transmission being replaced is a bad thing and if there is warranty that could be a bonus. I don’t know about the turbo maybe someone else has knowledge. Nigel
  5. Nigel

    ECR Starts Today

    Carl is good that way. Last year he had snow for us Canadians and rain for those from the northwest. Nigel
  6. Nigel

    ECR Starts Today

    No Facebook here either. When David gets a chance can they be put on the East Coast Rally site? Thanks Nigel
  7. runaway parents. I think you could do exactly that but don’t forget to push in the red trailer service knob or you will have no trailer brakes, not quite idiot proof. Nigel
  8. Thanks for letting us know Luke.
  9. Luke The fellow that did mine disconnected one line at a time until he found one that had air coming out of it only when the brake pedal was pushed. That will be suitable to t into. I suspect one of the small lines going into the black firewall pass thru will work as the pressure transducers are on the inside of the pass thru. Mine is t’d into one of the larger lines right above the steering column but my truck is a couple of thousand miles away so I can’t tell you which one. Nigel
  10. Could use a little more info. Tire size, how many (assume 8 ) and what is your state tax rate. Around here you can get Yokohama or BFG 11R 22.5 installed for about $475 Canadian each plus our outrageous tax of 13%. Off brand Chinese would be about 300. I think generally truck tires are cheaper here when you factor the exchange rate. If you have a nearby state with a much better tax rate it may be worth taking a vacation out of state and buying tires there. Nigel
  11. Nigel

    Winch capacity......

    Here is a link to the math. I took their course about 25 years ago and I had forgotten most of it. Keep in mind the winch rating is for the first wrap of rope and decreases as you add layers. Since there is little difference in price between two and three thousand pound winches I would suggest the larger. I’m always a little suspect on Chinese ratings. http://certifiedtowtraining.wreckmaster.com/blog/how-to-calculate-resistance-for-towing-recovery Nigel
  12. I have heard of fuel in the oil because of bad injectors on powerstrokes.
  13. You could try talking to Jack or Marc at http://rvhlifestyles.com/contact/ I’m pretty sure they have done at least one for a customer. Jack would normally be one of the first guys to help on the forum but since he started the business he must be careful not to be seen promoting the business when responding or risk getting banned. It is a loss of a resource for the newbie but those that have been around know to contact him directly. Nigel
  14. Nigel

    buddy ii ramps

    Maverick I hope to have my truck back home by mid July if you want to have one of mine copied. Nigel
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