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  1. Here is a link to a British doctor who says the biggest lie about this virus is the people that are dying were going to die anyway. https://youtu.be/0ts8X3HDtPE Nigel
  2. Hi Al, 96” would work easily and after a quick measurement on mine I think 90 will work and still allow you to use wheel chocks. Since the wheelbase is only about 74 inches anything over that can be made to work. Nigel
  3. That is a very generous offer Roger. Hopefully everyone is already home and well. Nigel
  4. Sorry to hear you had to cancel but I understand why. Considering how far it has spread worldwide in three months who knows where it will be in another month. We will find somewhere closer to home to go even if there is still snow on the ground. Nigel
  5. Well said Carl. See you next month. Nigel
  6. beyerjf It’s been a while since I’ve seen him post.
  7. Nigel

    Help fault codes

    Hi Cory I found this chart for fault codes. https://truckfaults.com/search-fault-codes From what I can decipher your first one is a data link error and the second is related to coolant level. If you a retrieving the code through the instrument cluster there should be a date and time set with the code so you know when it was set. Might shed some light on when and why. If they are inactive and the coolant is full I would clear the codes and go for a drive to see if they come back. I’m not a mechanic so take my suggestion at your own risk. Nigel
  8. It depends on how fast the air is leaking. Actually iirc you aren’t supposed to drive with audible air leaks. The acceptable air loss rate for your unit would be 3 psi in one minute. Checked by bringing pressure to 100 engine off, key on, parking brake released and full application of brake pedal, watch gauge for one minute. Personally as long as the compressor will bring the pressure up full at idle I would be tempted to drive it to the first shop that could fix it. Nigel
  9. Nigel


    Three of the four of mine are at least six years old the other changed under warranty about five years old.
  10. Suite Give us directions for a self guided tour and we will do the parade of smart cars. I have no issue being a designated driver and letting my wife pick out something for me to drink when we get back. We are going to be there early and leave late so for us it doesn’t necessarily have to be rally week. Nigel
  11. Henry built at least one ET with a gooseneck ball as well. I haven’t been able to find the thread. If no one sends pictures trying sending a message to phoenix2013 and see if he still has pictures. Nigel edit: found one of the links. Picture about 5 posts from top http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/121122-et-senior-hitch/?tab=comments#comment-816714
  12. If I was doing it again (I’m not) I would do something like rickeieio suggests. Mount the winch to a draw bar that attaches with two eyebolts to the front or rear bumper (no trailer hitch available unless you build your own) and use Anderson connectors for power. That way it doesn’t matter if the winch line touches the body work on the deck it won’t scratch as it is not being drawn across the bodywork. Now if you want to winch your other toys, install the winch on the truck. Nigel
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