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  1. Contact Duncan Glass 574-294-6852 They had no problems getting glass for us. Why don't you have the windows repaired, I think someone in FL??? AL??? does it, the same day.
  2. No, we wouldn't ant radiant heating, just not fans of it. A good thought though.
  3. I don't think anything in an RV takes more than 15 amps, individually.
  4. Good decisions. I would wait and see if you need an additional generator. If you are boondocking you might want to consider adding solar and additional batteries. Wait for any major purchases until you find your RVing style in about 6-12 months. Regarding the toilet if you want to fix it this is a DIT project, just check you tube. We ended up buying a new one after I broke an additional piece of the toilet. They are not expensive. Pretty easy to change out.
  5. Never thought about that. Thanks Denny.
  6. That is why we looked at the Nucor with the cork backing, little bit softer to walk on. Do not want any sheet type flooring again. We are looking at the planking so we can do repairs if necessary.
  7. We are at the looking phase for new flooring for the RV. Planning on the vinyl planks. We have looked at the Nucor with the cork glued to the back of the planking. Have not looked at any others yet. This will be a early spring project. Any comments or input, vinyl to stay away from etc. would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. We just had our generator serviced, including an oil change etc. for $135. Do not go to a dealer for this. There are mobile service people who will come out and service your generator. Parts are extra. I would do the usual trouble shooting(Sea Foam, battery etc) and if you can't get it going get a serviceman. An onboard generator is so much easier to deal with than a portable. I don't know where you got the $600 from but I can't see the cost een being close to that.
  9. Try Alliant Credit Union. They are RV friendly. Never heard you had to be a full timer before. Skip that financial institution.
  10. x2 for Chirakawa also think about getting anew battery so you know where you are starting. Get the Onan serviced,(around $150) costs a lot less than buying a generator. If your range and heater work that mean you are getting propane, look to see if a spider or something is blocking the orifice, if not, get someone out to look at refrig. If range and heater don't work see if you propane is turned on, turn on slowly. I would consider the water leak the most major item that needs to be looked at. FYI-You don't need a special RV microwave, measure the hole go to Lowes.
  11. I thought Directv was closing down Directnow?? I thought I read that someplace.
  12. I have never had a problem getting my mail forwarded. I just logon, update the info. An email comes back in a few hours confirming the instructions.
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