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  1. You need to look at the date of a thread, you are replying to a 2 year old thread.
  2. I am surprised she has so many updates. MS generally sends one out a month, that's it. I don't update anything else unless it stops functioning. Chromebook is fast because of the SSD, laptops are getting them to speed things up. I like the Chromebook since it is lightweight and small. If I ever want a tablet I would get a Chromebook instead. I like having a keyboard. Thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks. We considered a Chromebook the last time we needed a laptop an went with the laptop since we felt it short on storage for our numerous programs and didn't want to bother with memory sticks.
  4. You can't download other browsers? Firefox or Edge?
  5. Better than nothing.......
  6. Curiosity= What browsers did you try?
  7. Use big plastic trash bags, get out the snorkel goggles, duct tape a piece of plastic to the bottom and use that for a face guard. Can do the same with a bike helmet if you an find clear plastic. Do the drop and run, you pull up to the location, place a bag of food out and leave. Person picks up the food after you left.
  8. What about people who travel from one county to another? Is that prohibited? I guess I am in the all or none camp. We are in AZ and the stay at home is not seriously impacting anyone, people are generally staying home but not hesitating going out when necessary. Be easier when the food chain catches up.
  9. I wonder why the governor of TX didn't declare a state of emergency and order those that could work from home.
  10. That is very confusing calling the head commissioner a judge. I have only ever thought of a judge being part of the judicial system.
  11. I read that, I was just surprised that the judicial system in TX could do this.
  12. Wow, I would think the county govt. would be upset with the judge stepping on their toes. Or is this a failure of county govt?
  13. I didn't think a judge could do this. Wouldn't it be up to the Texas govt. or county govt.?
  14. If they use Craig's List, Offer Up or Nextdoor Neighbors that will be mostly local.
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