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  1. First: Who else would have posted a picture??? Second: I am old fashoned. What is the neutral term. IT????
  2. Why did you post a giant picture of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Anything to save money from their viewpoint.
  4. In this case, with a foreign part it is probably easier to buy a new one. Make sure it is auto changover and indicates which one is being used. You can buy them at Walmart. I would stick to a brand name like Camco and a few others. They aren't that expensive.
  5. We rarely use them though we have friends that only stay at KOA if possible. We just found them overpriced in general for what you get. We stopped staying at them 40 years ago. Stopped for the night with our children: pool $; extra people $; showers $. Yet saying that we stay at one that is very reasonable for being close to a major city. Then we always stayed at 2 parks for the night over traveling in the winter, both became KOA and raised their rates $15/night. Too high a premium. We also had a steady PPA cg that we would stop at, dropped PPA, next year was a PPA cg again. You can control where you stay to save $, you can save some money on gas to save $. You don't have much control over food costs.
  6. A lot of people have done it. Do a search, should be a thread on the forum someplace. I think I remember that Nick, Gygpsy Journal, did it and documented all the steps.
  7. Hands down, the Bounder. The generator allows you to do boondocking but the power cord reel you will really appreciate. Those 50a cords are heavy................ We added one to our MH when we bought it, wasn't an option. If you have any question about this take go to the dealer and try handling a 50a power cord.
  8. I asked my future insurance agent if the Rainbow Dr. address was OK and he said no problem, several of his customers had that address.....................I've never been asked any questions, just give them an address and they are happy. If you want my agents name and number send me a PM. We used him when we lived in Houston in the 90's.
  9. Mark and Dale, We don;t get solar for boondocking, we get solar to keep our battery charged when in storage. We have always done this since we have never had electricity at any of our storage locations. We don;t have enough solar to seriously boondock.
  10. I have no experience with this technology either and I doubt they would ever put it on trucks(which is the chassis basis for gas MH). I rarely get out of the right lane so don't see much use for this. Probably would increase the cost of a MH quite a bit and I would rather use the money on something else(like solar). I have never had even a close call with someone in my blind spot. I am careful and look around before changing lanes. Been Rving for 40+ years.....
  11. We use sodium dichlor(shock treatment for swimming pool/spa). There is no after taste at all. No complaints from the cats. When we used bleach they wouldn't drink the water for a week or so.
  12. Can't you get a rider to cover the value of the contents? We use FCIS, another broker like MIller, 800-331-1520.
  13. Thank you TrailerTraveler. I was going to respond to Linda along the same lines. There are no forms to file at this point and you need all your other documentation to substantiate your income.
  14. Linda, When to file a PY return is very much state dependent. Everything I have read says at the end of the year is fine. I will give a call tomorrow but am fairly sure that is correct.
  15. We will be changing our domicile to TX within the next couple of months. We are changing anything that has an address associated with it to our Escapees address. Once we get to TX we will have the MH and toad inspected, then do all the paperwork with the county/state. We plan to stay a week but we have a daughter in Houston and will visit with her(if she is not traveling). Our belongings are going into storage in AZ though we live in VA. We want our belongings close to one of the children in case anything happens to us. We have lived in TX before and spoken to our insurance agent and there is no problem with the Escapees address for our auto insurance. Just give him a call and he will issue the policy. At the end of the year we will file federal and a part year state income tax(for VA) with the Escapees address. We will have nothing left with a VA address on it. All ties will be cut.