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  1. Ask an rv dealer for a recommendation.
  2. That just muddied the waters some more. Both our Visa and MC are charge cards, not debit cards. We were lucky we had an MC card since we didn't have our check book with us.
  3. We have been to three Costco's, Fairbanks, Anchorage and Prince George. None accept a Visa card.
  4. x2 about redoing. I never looked under blog, to me a blog means just chit-chat, longer version of the forum. Most blogs I have read document someone's travels or something like that. Why would articles be posted under a businesses blog?
  5. "Costco only takes their card or MC, no visa. That may have been correct a year ago when Costco's Card was an AMEX. Costco's card is now a Visa, and they accept any Visa card, but not MC." That is interesting, must vary by Costco. I have not been able to use my regular Visa card at any Costco I have been to, only my Sam's Club MC card. This was within the last month.
  6. Yes. RVwaterfilterstore.com makes a great hose. Will make it any length you want. We had had ours for 15 years or so.
  7. Please keep us informed about the paint job. We are very interested in that.
  8. There are +/- to both. Sams annual fee is less, has better hours(many open at 7 or 9), has an app you can use and skip the check out lines, has self-checkout, better meat, 5% back on gas or diesel. Costco seems to have more consumer oriented items, many are made just for Costco so have very good pricing, better wine selection, Costco only takes their card or MC, no visa. My daughter and I compared pricing on a dozen items(apples to apples) and every item was within pennies of each other. I consider it a matter of convenience more than anything else. I prefer Sams since they are into technology more so than Costco. Love Sams app so I don't need to go through the checkout line.
  9. The one I posted is from the official Escapees.com website. If you not noticed most items on websites do not have dates. I would think the website document would be generic and anything on a thread would be more specific to a given situation.
  10. You need to look on the Escapees.com website, under education, domicile. https://www.escapees.com/education/domicile/texas/ We did it several years ago, takes 2-3 hours for inspection, registration and DL. Your vehicles need to be inspected first before beginning the process.
  11. Yep! We were surprised to get the coupons in the mail. We joined 3-4 months ago. Everything changes so who knows what they offer now.
  12. AK, WA and OR? doesn't have Sams either. Not to burst your bubble but everyone gets the coupons. We joined Costco in Fairbanks.
  13. There was a discussion either here or on IRV2 that it is better to not start your FT on 1/1, could raise a red flag from the state, better to start earlier or later and file a part-year residency income tax.
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