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  1. x2 for what? MH, trailer? Interior, exterior?
  2. SWharton

    Towing Course

    I seriously doubt if there is a certification for RV driving. Such a small population. I can understand their statement of a 30' being too long. That is a lot of trailer to deal with. We had a 28' once and it was long...................Much happier when we went with a 5th. You might need to learn the way most of us did, practice, practice, practice.............
  3. SWharton

    Smart Weigh only at Tucson Escapade?

    I think the Escapees Park in Wickenburg has Smar Weigh set up, I know Livingston does.
  4. SWharton

    Towing Course

    x2 for getting your trailer first. You won't gain anything without the trailer.
  5. SWharton

    Buying Advice

    Have you thought about a small 5th wheel or a Class C? Should have no height problems in any of those.
  6. SWharton

    Canadian phone for US citizen?

    Not all flip phones are CDMA, only those on the Verizon network.
  7. SWharton

    DirectTV Gift On Veterans Day?

    It is always marketing when you have a business....................
  8. SWharton

    Canadian phone for US citizen?

    Why don't you get a Cricket Phone(ATT MVNO), it includes Mexico and Canada I believe.
  9. Never heard of it before. I am not having any problems.
  10. SWharton

    5th Wheel AC and furnace system noise

    When we run the AC we keep the fan running so it is a steady noise. We don't normally run the furnace, especially at night. We have a Mr. Heater MH18B that we use instead. Gives better heat and heats up the MH much faster.
  11. SWharton

    Visible Phone Data Plan

    It is in the early stages, Verizon network only(CDMA not GSM), unlocked phone. Only for Apple, not Android. I have been watching it for several months, waiting for Android support. Only selected people, I don't know the criteria. I also don't now if it would support a phone as a hot spot. Thinking of getting an Android CDMA phone on Black Friday. We need a new 2nd phone which we normally buy with the Verizon network. See what will be offered.
  12. SWharton

    Fulltimer moving into new rig?

    I have seen this also. The rigs are parked 2'-3' apart. No big deal.
  13. SWharton

    Fulltimer moving into new rig?

    A trade would work best. Unless you buy your new one, move in, then sell your old one.
  14. SWharton

    Generator Noise

    Most State/Fed parks have a max decibel rating allowed and you probably exceed that. I also don't think any neighbors would be happy with you using that generator. You should look into Honda or Yamaha that are very quiet.
  15. Have you called an insurance broker like FCIS or Miller? They have access to numerous insurance companies and are use to dealing with RVers. FCIS-800-331-1520 Miller-I can't find their number, think they are in Oregon Found the number 800-622-6347