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  1. All libraries have wifi also. Wifi is no longer hard to find, it is unusual for a major business not to have wifi available.
  2. I just checked how much we paid for a 2 165w panel system last year. $854(This was the installation price). A higher panel wattage would increase the price. We also bought AGM batteries(225 AH?) at Sams for $180/ea. Just for a reference point
  3. x2 on the ease of doing, add 2 additional clips if you remove from MH
  4. IMO if you can go at least week without dumping you are fine.
  5. I believe there is a time and a place for all our "mapping" items. If we have internet then Google comes in handy. Many tims we don't then the Benchmark maps are useful. GPS is used to get us back where we came from if we are all turned around.
  6. I find the GPS and the cell phone are inconvenient when traveling back roads. Doesn't display enough of an area if zoomed in enough to see the roads. We don't like to repeat roads in our backroad wandering. Also, dirt roads are rarely in the displays.
  7. This is all pie in the sky. Until everyone is on 5G or beyond and until everyone is covered by the internet this isn't going to happen. Maybe in cities but Verizon stopped rolling out their FIOS to many people disappointment. I would guess this is many decades away.
  8. My husband just had brain surgery and he was on Oxy, slept 16-18 hours a day if not longer. Told him he had to get off, feels a lot better now and is sleeping normal. Went to Tylenol.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Those maps do not meet our needs. Not enough detail for us. We are planning on buying the Benchmark Atlas for Idaho.
  10. Blue Beacon 1 or 2 times a year, for the toad also. What do you mean by working on your rig? Minor stuff we just do it, no problem with that. Many campgrounds have a mobile service that will do oil changes etc.
  11. I would check the BBB and on Irv2.com for more information, broader user base.
  12. Thanks, this is the type of input I am looking for. I was just wondering if there were any better maps/atlas in the many years since we bought one.
  13. We like paper maps for our in-depth touring. In the past, we have bought the Benchmark Atlas for various states. We are getting ready for an in-depth visit to Idaho prior to going to Alaska. We don't have any really good maps of Idaho. Many years ago the Benchmark Atlas was to go-to map for the western states. Has anyone surpassed their quality? I don't think we have bought a map in 10 years or more. Now that we have more time we are very interested in getting better maps for our in-depth look. Thanks
  14. I toughed it out for 10 years, doctor thought I would be back in 1. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Agree PT is the secret. There is lot of recovery of muscles to be done.
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