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  1. That is a bit pricey. I was hoping for just a Smart Plug to do this. I did find a Zooz product, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07578W7KY/?coliid=I12KQJTSNOAD20&colid=3HPG7M9WER91&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it but it needs a hub. I'll keep looking for a smart plug. Thanks
  2. SWharton


    Goblin Valley SP, Kodachrome Basin SP, Escalante Byway(Hwy 12), Capital Reef NP, Sedona, Oatman, AZ(feed wild donkeys in town), North Rim of GC, Vermillon Cliffs(beautiful going east from Jacob Lake), Antelope Canyon(we did both the Lower and Upper)
  3. Simply put, is there a smart plug that will notify me when an appliance strops drawing power. Our washing machine is in a shed and, due to water pressure, takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to do a load. Yes, we are lazy.............
  4. I gave up on the micro/convection that came in the RV. I work my daughter's micro/convect with not problems but the RV one I never could figure out. The other oven works like a normal oven, other than you need to light the pilot light. They tend to bake uneven so many of us put some tiles in the oven to help even out the heat.
  5. You will need to worry about winter weather(snow and ice storms), keep a careful eye on the weather and parks(and campgrounds) may be closed due to snow or, for campgrounds, time of year.
  6. Putting on heavier duty tires would be a safety violation???? FYI. Everyone changes tire sizes since the mfgs. do not make the same size tires, especially Michelin who makes numerous odd size tires.
  7. Interesting. We are at the same place as last year. Total change in delivery from USPS to UPS.
  8. I read that Amazon ceased. and told all its 3rd party suppliers, to stop using Fedex several months ago. This might have led to Fedex cutting ties. I believe ties have been cut with USPS as I haven't had a delivery through them in months. Happy about that break-up. Now everything comes via UPS, not even by Amazon truck. Been going on for several months.
  9. If you need to resend use FEDEX or UPS. I heard that Amazon did not renew their contract with USPS. That is why we are seeing Amazon trucks, more cost effective.
  10. Still check with Alliant/USAA for a car loan. Can't hurt.
  11. I question why the tanks didn't switch over automatically? Also check to see if 2nd tank is full, might not be.
  12. Yes, I couldn't find much either. I was hoping someone knew something about them. Thanks
  13. Just received a free stay offer from them, free being the keyword. Does anyone know anything about them? I know there will be a sales pitch. No reviews on Campgroundreviews.
  14. RV, Great reply to my confusion. I have made a copy of it for future reference. Thanks
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