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  1. FT Cooking/Baking

    The 2 appliances I really miss is the bread machine and the food processor. If I brought the bread machine that would entail the flour container and I only make bread 1-2 times a month. When I am craving some better bread I pick up a loaf at Panera. The food processor is another story. We used that on a regular basis but have learned to live without. I did take all my spices and "condiments", various oils, vinegars etc. One thing I have found is the major variation in supermarkets across the country. I never go to a supermarket with a serious meal thought. I have learned to have several in mind depending on what is available. We mostly shop Walmart just for convenience but each area of the country has different eating habits. We use Sams for our meat, not as good as our butcher back home but better than many of the supermarkets. Chicken is chicken and we generally buy the pork tenderloins. We are now in Phoenix and turkey tenderloins or boneless turkey breasts and medium egg noodles are challenges to find. Fine noodles(like for chicken noodle soup) don't exist. We do eat out more on the road. It is great to try different food. Cajun in New Orleans, Mexican in the SW, lobster in Maine, crab in Maryland and Virginia. We do start missing fish as we our home was on the east coast and fish was very popular. You can get most everything you want but the price is the show stopper. Also miss a good NY style deli. We have collected a list of favorite restaurants across the country. I find that we store too much food. I keep trying to trim back but years of habit need to be broken. We also have "easy" food when we are traveling vs. when we are in camp for a while. You will just need to be flexible and adapt. Once you are on the road for 6-9 months it is time to go through all the cabinets and clean out. We try to do this now at least once a year.
  2. FT Cooking/Baking

    We try to cook simply and not have many pots and pans. We find we can cook the same but since everything has to be hand washed we try to minimize dirty dishes. We will not use paper or plastic dinnerware. We don't have an oven but have a larger toaster oven which we use. We are not much into desserts so we just buy the Pillsbury cookies and make 4-6 at a time. Healthier for us that way. We try to limit shopping to once a week. We find the biggest problem is our plans change on the fly. One pot meals, crock pot and now have a pressure cooker(bought the non-stick insert). Still learning the pressure cooker.
  3. Have you tried resetting the system and reestablishing level?
  4. Wave 6 Catalytic Heater Review

    We had Waves for decades and switched over to Mr. Heater. Works so much better, especially if we turn on its fan. Ours has 3 heat settings and we generally run on the lowest with the fan. What finally changed us over was we needed a pad replacement on our Wave, previously we did it ourselves, now the entire unit needed to be shipped in for a replacement. Big hassle to do this when we are traveling. No pad replacement with Mr. Heater.
  5. Where is truck located?
  6. Please send me some photos. swharton zero eight at gmail.com
  7. Motor home inspection in Livingston

    We went to Harrison's in Oct with no problem. Have a gasser MH. Maybe air brakes needs a different inspection license. There are others, why must it be on a Saturday? Monday would give you more options.
  8. Help Not sure how to proceed

    I have been noticing that posters post once and then never come back to check responses and we just talk among ourselves. When I finally notice this I generally drop participation in the thread.
  9. Getting Organized

    Thanks everyone. I didn't know I could do that with Google Earth I will have to play with it. I have used Google Mymaps(not the same as google maps) and was fairly successful with that. I may be overworking it, I am an information freak and collect lots of it. Has become worse with computers since I don't need to store paper any longer. I just don;t want to miss an opportunity.
  10. Getting Organized

    As I search for places to boon dock or inexpensively camp I am finding information on numerous locations on different sites. I need something to put all the information into one location so I can compare where they are located and the comments for each one. As an example is Natchez, MS. There is a Passport Park, casino, visitor center, a state park. and a few businesses, How do you put these together in one location to make a decision which one is best for you. I am currently using Word and copying the entry but not exactly happy with this solution. Does everyone struggle with this? Am I overworking finding a campsite? Just need some guidance on how you get myself organized.
  11. Friend lost insurance

    To simplify your life I would call Miller or FCIS(Iowa). Both are good brokers and know which companies are writing insurance.
  12. I don't think you need to worry about your hose blowing. Should be rated for about 150+lbs. If not, you might want to get a hose etc. from RVwaterfilterstore.com. He has quality products and knows his business.
  13. Domicile/Tax Question

    I would get the PMB and start the process of moving everything to your new PMB now. It is surprising how many addresses need to be changed, even with a long check list we forgot a few.
  14. Domicile is very confusing to me

    Why don't you make an appointment with Loring and Associates(well versed in domicile issues) and talk to them. That should put your mind at rest. We did that just to cross the "t" when we were in Livingston but they do phone consults also. Essentially all we did was what I mentioned previously. Change all our addresses to our PMB, got DL and registered vehicles, new insurance. We did not need to implement the intent to domicile document since we had history in TX. We would have signed the intent if needed.
  15. Still having b attery problems

    The $1200 system does include a new monitor, combiner, controller and #4 wire(#10 comes with it). We also have no shipping charges since this is a local supplier and installer. We priced this out at several solar sites and the pricing is all in the same ball park. You obviously shop at different installers than what we found. We also don't want to chase all over the country for the purchase and installation.