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  1. We have used Master Tech in the past, Elkhart area. I have no idea if they are still in business. Happy with them.
  2. We have found that it is about a 50/50 mix as to which USPS PO would accept Geneal Delivery from UPS or FEDEX.
  3. Yes it does if you change your domicile to TX(also available are SD and FL). Escapees Mail Service can be used either way. Just as a mail forwarding service or also as your legal domicile.
  4. Thanks for all the info. For now, we are deferring buying a new charger until we are in winter camp so we have time to study our options. Needing a new charger was just something that we realized we needed with 5 AGM batteries. Our rig is working fine with our 4 solar panels and generator. This is just something that occurred to us and we realized technology had changed dramatically since our last purchase. Thanks for all the info and input.
  5. Our lawyer told us about it. http://www.usacpr.net/
  6. We left copies with our daughter, put the POA and Medical on the national data base. Always carry a copy with you also.
  7. We consider bathroom and refrigerator access a bare minimum when looking for a new rig.
  8. Thanks for caring Derek. For now I blocked the website. Sorry you had to move and downsize so much but life changes. You will assimilate fast.
  9. Our winter Campground in Phoenix has lots for rent on an annual basis. Happy Trails in Surprise, AZ sells lots. Rentana in RVG I think sells or rents lots long term. Fairly easy to find, just need to do some research.
  10. Good idea, we will look into it.
  11. Escapee parks are very reasonably priced, especially the monthly rates. If you want to stay in CA there is one in Aquanga CA called Jojoba Hills. You can rent buy the day, week or month.
  12. Nextdoor neighbors is another good resource. The rule of thumb is to not have people come to your house if at all possible. Meet in a parking lot, police hq, a public place.
  13. For everything you are selling just keep thinking "it doesn't owe me anything". In our case, much was 20 years old some 40+ and some 10.
  14. We went through this 3 years ago. You are doing good by starting early. We used word of mouth, our neighborhood newspaper, Craigslist and we had 2 consignment shops handle some of it in the end. I was not bashful asking everyone I met if they wanted something. We still put into storage too much because we have now changed our plans as to what we are going to do in the future. I would recommend not buying a smaller house You may find someplace else you like better or change your lifestyle completely(we did). Not having a house, the costs and the worry(even if it is rented) is very calming.
  15. We have one phone on Verizon and one phone on ATT(Cricket). Both can be hot spots so we should be covered OK.
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