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  1. SWharton

    Class C beginner question

    I know Winnebago make several smaller Class A(26-30'). You will have better storage. I would at least give them a look online.
  2. SWharton

    Umbrella policy for full timers

    We contacted both Miller and FCIS looking for Umbrella Liability, both would cover us and we use Livingston as our address.
  3. SWharton

    Class C beginner question

    I would look for water intrusion as my number 1 item and make sure you check the storage areas. Second would be batteries and tires. I would also request its repair history with documentation. I would also call the mfg. with the serial number and see what they have on their records. Is there any reason you are not considering a small Class A?
  4. SWharton

    ATT Spark

    I have the ATT Mobley Car plan but have read about a T-Mobile plan based on the Mobley and Visible(a Verizon MVNO, just starting up) that will have an unlimited plan for $40/month. The Visible plan is only for Iphone currently and by invitation only. I went looking for the T-Mobile plan and never really found the info. Their website is challenging looking for non-phones.
  5. I just checked PA in Allstays and ever CG I clicked on, after checking "Open all Year" said in their description that they were open all year. Whether the description is correct or not is not an Allstays problem.
  6. I don't look at this as an unfriendly Walmart but more a lack of communication problem. Did you get the manager's name who said it was OK? That would probably work and you could stay. 5:30 isn't too bad, better than midnight or 1 AM.
  7. i just checked Allstays for Idaho and it works fine. Most northern cgs close down due to lack of business, snow and freezing temps. You can probably boondock or stay at truck stops. If you have a specific location I would start calling or checking websites(but many websites don't mention if they close or not). Pretty much there will be no water even if open.
  8. SWharton

    Teflon pad

    Couldn't you get a standing block and sand it down a bit?
  9. SWharton

    New Mexico US64 between Taos and Chama

    Thanks for the input. Sounds OK to us. Looking forward to seeing this area. Thanks.
  10. SWharton

    New Mexico US64 between Taos and Chama

    Thank. My take was East to West was a better option than West to East. I agree about downhills and use the engine as much as I can to keep the speed down, minimize braking. Uphill is just slow. I'll see what others have to say.
  11. Assuming the weather cooperates we are planning to drive US 64 across NM in a few weeks, heading for Page with numerous stops, East to West. I have read many past threads but nothing recent. We are driving a 36' MH with toad. We are OK with mountain driving. How is the road now? Is this doable? If not, I need to revisit our plans. I have looked at Moutain directory which is prompting this thread. Thanks
  12. SWharton

    Rock chip in front window

    I agree with you Kirk and we use our insurance for the chip repairs. Based on the thread some people either don't know chip repair might be covered by their policy or it is not covered. A kit may be helpful for them.
  13. SWharton

    Teflon pad

    Amazon has the 3/16 one.
  14. SWharton

    Rock chip in front window

    I think the chip repair is fairly standard now. I believe you can by a kit to do it yourself also.
  15. SWharton

    Change To Federal Reservation System

    I doubt if anything physically goes on the new hardware. To expect people to install new hardware and then learn a new system at the same time will be challenging.