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  1. Yes, if you have a KU subscription the books are free. Not all books but a lot of books. They are constantly having sales on their subscription for KU. I would try the "free" trial as long as you are not committing to the $9.99/month for any time period. If you like KU then put Honey on your computer(an app that monitors prices) and let it tell you when the KU subscription goes on sale. When on sale you need to commit to a time period(your choice). After trying for 6 months or so Honey notified me of a subscription for $6.40/month if I committed to 2 years. I subscribed. I normally only did free books but really love my KU subscription. They are complete books.
  2. Being on the web a while could mean several things: price, interest in that particular floor plan or brand, or something is wrong. Until you look at the rig you have no idea. If you decide on a rig try to have a RV inspector it or at least a mobile rv mechanic go over the rig prior to purchase. Good luck.
  3. Check that the hose to dump the tanks is good. If not, get anew one. FYI-Walmart sells a lot of the odds and ends or Amazon.
  4. Thanks for all the info. For what I use it for less $$ are the best. Fire refurb it will be... I have filed away the Surface info(I like to collect info) for a possible future purchase.
  5. Thanks Derek. I don't store photos on the tablet but on Google Photos. When using Google Photos on the tablet there are sone different functions that are available that make photo organizing much easier. These functions are not available on a laptop(grrrrr!). That is pretty much my only use for a tablet. I could do everything on my phone but the screen is way too small. An 8" refurb sounds good. I'll research it and buy when in winter camp. We are on the road in Alaska right now.
  6. We bank at a national Credit Union so I am not sure if it is apples to apples. We receive checks when on the road and deposit them either scanned in or via an app on the phone. Look on your CU's website and check their app for these options. We have found hey work great!!! So much more convenient than going to the CU. Also make sure you can use ATMs around the country for cash(we use very little cash). Our CU has no problems with our being a full timer for loans or anything like that. They actually solicit RVers. I haven't looked but Planet Fitness and Y's are mostly larger city options. IMO not a very feasible option. You can do all this in your rig. Are you planning mostly on boondocking? That is a whole new discussion.
  7. Yes it finally charged. I am thinking it might be the connector. I only use the tablet to manage my pictures on Google photos. Google doesn't have the same functionality on a PC for picture handling and the phone screen is too small. I haven't looked into a new tablet yet, not on my critical path right now(we are in Alaska). Thanks for the idea of a Fire instead.
  8. SWharton

    Alaska 2019

    If you take the Glenn/Tok cutoff and/or the TOW please report back. Many of us are a few weeks behind you. We have had a great trip also.............
  9. I would keep the Class C after you buy a house. Your kids are scattered all over and will probably move a few more times for job opportunities. It is very nice to have your own "home when visiting the kids. Gives everyone some space. A fair amount of people go full time and just drive from one kid to the next with some wandering in between. Zulu asked part of the question. If you are not on Medicare will you have company insurance? If you are not comfortable, or don't want to burden your daughter, get an Escapees address from their Mail Service. You probably won;t have that much mail since everything is going electronic and automated. We also found thta having the Escapees address was very convenient. Mail would be sent promptly whenever we wanted it to wherever we were. We used Escapees Mail SErvice for 18 years before we went full time. Also, go to shows and dealers and start looking at Class C. You must visit, you can't do this via paper as a newbie. Think about flow. Cooking, eating, several rainy days in a row etc. Come back as you have more questions.
  10. The tablet had been charging fine on the initial charger until last night. I switchd chargers to eliminate a charger problem and get it down to a tablet or battery problem.
  11. I've tried 2 chargers, one that came with my phone and is a fast charger/ At least phone charges fast. The other is an Anker Quick Charge, 63w, 5 ports. Phone charges fine from either. I charge the tablet earlier this week and it seemed fine, last night(overnight) only made it to 30%. Switched to Anker and after an hour was up to 60%.
  12. My tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab A is 3 years old. I don't use it much. I went to charge it up today and charging is very slow. I tried a different charger and still slow. Does this mean I need a new battery(if replaceable) or a new tablet? Not happy about this at all. Thanks
  13. I am not sure TT is the right solution. Do you have a TT near you? I think normally you can only spend a certain number of days in your local TT and then need to leave for x number of days. Someone had a TT for sale on this site recently within you budget but I would research this further. There is also a secondary market for TT resales. Or Craigs list or Ebay. Google is your friend............
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