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  1. SWharton

    What About Jury Duty?

    Yes you can op out in texas at age 70
  2. SWharton

    What About Jury Duty?

    You just call up and tell them you will be traveling. Never a problem.
  3. SWharton

    Parking 5th wheel on grass

    We have tried those and I don't think they would work. They are hollow on the inside. The other problem is they are pretty big and heavy for storage. I would look into Snap Pads over those. I still would get the 2x12s cut to length for under the tires.
  4. SWharton

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    There are always intangibles that need to be taken into consideration.
  5. SWharton

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    To judge an organization solely by what $$ benefit it can give you is very short-sighted.
  6. SWharton

    HDT Insurance

    Contact FCIS 800-331-1520 Miller 800-622-6347 Both are very knowledgable about he RV world.
  7. SWharton

    Research phase pop up vs class c

    Popups are not known for their spaciousness, functionality is the keyword. If you go ahead with this start collecting recipes for one-pot meals with a minimum number of items in the recipe.
  8. SWharton

    Taxation w/o representation

    I believe all states consider you a resident if you are in the state more than x number of days. Many are 180 days but I think AZ is 270(not sure). If you have medical issues and are staying for that reason I believe that would be an exception, IMO. I think the days are based on the calendar year and not continuous days, not sure.
  9. SWharton

    Insurance and Roadside Assistance

    Insurance can be a big muddle. You will need full timers insurance, not just attached to your auto policy. I would recommend an umbrella liability. I would recommend an umbrella liability also. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. An insurance broker such as FCIS or Miller will be your best bet initially. They compare different companies policies and understand the requirements of full-timers. FCIS hooked us up with Nationwide and we have been very happy, had a price drop of $400 at renewal, sure didn't expect that. I asked them to compare with others and Nationwide was the best. I feel confident that once FCIS had our specs there was an apples to apples comparison. Good luck.
  10. SWharton

    Wyoming State Park Pass

    It is hard to comprehend the Wyoming State Park website. I think I will call them on Monday and clarify.
  11. SWharton

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    x2 on this. When we first started camping CW was the place to go, it was a great, whatever you needed they would have. Slowly it evolved into a dealership with the CW end being secondary. In the past CW would have parking for your rig when you would go in shopping, no longer, the lots are so full of rigs they are selling that the "parts" customer can't find a parking spot. I don't think we have been to one in 20+ years. Their service is horrible, no parking, no one knows what they are doing and somehow they stay in business. Everything Lemonis touches he needs to destroy. I guess that is his mantra.
  12. SWharton

    Wyoming State Park Pass

    Thank Danny, that is the info I am looking for. Based on the website the price has gone up but seems to us to be worth it to buy. I need to do a lot more planning to make the final determination as to the pass. Needed something to start with though. I think the prices have gone up to $70 for the pass but still seems to be worth it.
  13. SWharton

    Wyoming State Park Pass

    I know how the passes normally work. Usually, it is documented on the state park website. The WY site mentions the non-resident pass but there are no specifics as to its benefit. State resident is documented.
  14. SWharton

    Wyoming State Park Pass

    We are going to spend a month in Montana and a month in Wyoming. I am trying to understand the Wyoming State Park Pass. If I buy a pass does that eliminate the daily entrance fee and the camping fee? The website doesn't really explain what applies to the Pass. Anyone have experience with the Wyoming system? Thanks
  15. SWharton


    Enjoy your new adventure. Putting your RV on a piece of land may encounter some zoning conflicts so double check before you make any commitments, you would also need water, sewer and electric. Before you go full time you will need to consider which state will be your domicile and a mail service to handle your mail. You can start the mail service now but you will need an address for registration and DL. Let us know what state you are in. There are a lot of very knowledgable people on the forum willing to help you.