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  1. SWharton

    Key Fob

    We need to get a key fob for our 2001 Toyota Sienna, will probably buy 2. We need to be educated in key fobs. Does it matter which one we buy since they get programmed to the frequency of the car? Amazon has some that say they are for 2001 Toyota Sienna, better to buy that one? Can we just go to ACE and get one? Where else can we buy them, not the dealer............... This is all the unknown to us. Thanks all...........
  2. SWharton

    When to set up domicile and change address

    With so little physical mail I don't see any problem getting the address change done way ahead of time. This is a time consuming process and you don't need that on top of everything else that is going on when you sell. When we are in a location for a while we have our mail sent to us every 2 weeks but are thinking of going every 3 weeks since nothing much we have to act on comes in the mail. If you change your address all you are doing is changing your mailing address, not your domicile.
  3. SWharton

    dash cam, back up cameras

    We have had one for 3 years with no problem. One thing we do is take it down if parked for a while and facing the sun. Figure cooking it not the best move.
  4. SWharton

    dash cam, back up cameras

    We have 2 of these: Black Box G1W-HC Hidden Capacitor Dashboard Dash Cam - WDR 160° Wide Angle 4X ZOOM - Full HD 1080P H.264 2.7" LCD Car DVR Video Recorder - Night Vision Motion Detection G-Sensor - NT96650 + AR0330 $49.00 1 in MH, 1 in car.Like the price point and has performed perfectly.
  5. Eliminates nearly all movement and sway in parked RV's and Trailers (Less Stress on Your Trailer) Recessed pad area is 9-1/8" diameter, recessed post-hole is 2-1/2" diameter Rated at 6,000 lbs. (single block) and 1,500 lbs. (double-stacked) Dimensions: 8" tall, 12" diameter at base, 10" diameter at top (14" tall when double-stacked) Includes: 2 block. You pay shipping. Currently in Williasmburg, VA, in August heading to Livingston, TX if you are along the way will drop off.
  6. SWharton


    I thought we would provide an update to our status. We contacted a local Elks Lodge and explained our situation. Summer thru a small curve into our joining as the committee only meets once a month during the summer. We are staying long enough that this is not impacting us. Steps we followed: 1. Submitted application. We tried to do this via the Elks Grand Lodge site and the local Elks never received the application, an application was then emailed to us and we sent it back. Minor delay but there was no impact as to timing. 2. The application was presented and accepted at June Meeting. 3. At July meeting the application will be voted on by the Lodge members. 4. Once approved, we need to attend a 1 hour orientation(video). Our initiation will be at the August meeting. If you have any plans to pursue this 3 meetings are needed. Most lodges meet twice a month, except in the summer, so keep that in mind.
  7. SWharton

    When to set up domicile and change address

    For Texas you will need to get everything inspected before registration. If you are living in your WV house and plan to return to WV be aware of its residency laws. Most states have a certain number of days in state and then you are a resident. I would just change my address now and when you have the house sold go to Texas and declare it your domicile. I am not sure how state residency and domicile works with the military................
  8. SWharton

    When to set up domicile and change address

    We started changing our address 6 months in advance and had no problems. When we hit the road we then changed domicile, the house hadn't sold yet. For the closing on the house everything is done electronically so your address has no impact.
  9. SWharton

    How many dealers do you shop?

    Since you will be full timing I would go with the one in stock and least expensive. Stay around the dealer area for a few days to make sure everything is OK. You will never be going back to him after that.
  10. SWharton

    RV repair Livingston TX

    We have used West for some work.
  11. SWharton

    Crossing into Canada since July 1, 2018?

    The impact is if you want to buy a US product in Canada you will pay more for that item. Tit-for-tat.
  12. SWharton


    We have found that RVtripwizard lists Elks also that you can see along with your trip routing. Very handy...
  13. SWharton

    CA restricted routes maps

    This is great!! Thanks for posting....................
  14. SWharton

    Essential pots/pans

    We don't have an oven so have a large toaster oven. I have switched out my crock pot for an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker(has 6 different functions) and added my food processor(can mix cakes, bread, shred cheese, chop onions, nuts etc.). We tend to do one-pot cooking or simple cooking. Also have switched to buying pre-mixed bags: Alfredo and Noodles, rice mixes, jambalaya etc.
  15. SWharton

    Need urgent help to extend temporary permit

    I think the cg address is used in SD. Yes, they would have to pay the fees but they could cancel the CA registration.