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    Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas from Oregon!

    Photos of the 2018 HDT rally.

    Dave, All of your picture and video's are great. Thanks for posting and making the ones of that are stuck at home wanting get out and go. Tom
  3. Dave, https://www.calculatorsoup.com/calculators/construction/tank.php Unfortunately they don't do a chart that I think you are looking for. You would have to put in each inch in the available box. Tom

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Thank you to everyone. We had a great time and plan on making the next one. Chad that you for taking time out of your daily life to make this happen this year. It turned out great. We got to see friends from past WCR's and met a lot of new people. Again thank you all. Eileen, Tom and Maleah
  5. Dave, That looks like a very functional bed. I look forward to seeing it in person in a few days at the rally. Safe Travels to the WCR, Tom

    My DIY 3rd air bag TrailerSaver hitch

    Mine has the shocks on the outside. If you would like I can take and send pictures. Tom
  7. Rick, I have the S637's on our trailer. Have not had any issues with them in the past year. Tom

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Rick S. Please add two for the painting.

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Paddles do make all of the difference. I have them as most of my riding is in the dunes. The new RZR has not seen any dirt trails yet.
  10. MYZMZM

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Tom, I agree with that. We need to plan it further in advance so that I can schedule for it. I would love to go Ride St Anthony's again in the new RZR. Tom
  11. MYZMZM

    TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    The number on my hitch shocks is 169H2 2ST. I can not find any information online about them or a replacement. Called Hensley and they are a Monroe Shock part number 5752 and can be bought locally any any auto parts store from what I was told.
  12. MYZMZM

    TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    I can look on mine tomorrow and let you know. <That is if it has the numbers on them. If not I will measure eye to eye. Tom
  13. MYZMZM

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Chad, We are going to try and make it again. Tom, Eileen and Maleah.
  14. MYZMZM

    2017 West Coast Rally - Caldwell Idaho

    I am hoping. We will have to see once I get to that point.
  15. MYZMZM

    2017 West Coast Rally - Caldwell Idaho

    Thank you Chad and Scott for putting a GREAT West Coast Rally. This was our second. We had a great time. Learned a lot. We plan on being bak next year. Thank you again, Tom, Eileen and Maleah.