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  1. Update of Bed Build

    This last weekend we accomplished a little bit on the bed, mainly got the doors for the front tool box that spans the whole width of the bed. We also finished up the bulk of the preemptive maintenance on the truck out of the way. The pictures of the doors show a before and after, though there is still more to fabricate for the doors. The doors will have pneumatic cylinders which will hold them open. The rear or right door that is shown, has a small elbow latch that will hold that door closed when you initially open the left door. We fabricated a frame around the front side of the doors to stiffen them and to facilitate mounting the latches. The Latches for the doors are also a three point latch that has small rods that run vertically on the double doors and horizontal on the single doors on the back tool boxes. On the truck, we decided to replace the cab shocks, air springs and leveling valve while we had easy access. We also decided to change out all the brakes on the rear axles, since we had tires removed and the easy access. The pads were way above the minimum thickness, though we had one pad that was cracked and got a GREAT deal on new pads from the Volvo dealer. One other item that falls under proactive maintenance was resealing the rear differential that a had a minor leak. We also closely inspected all of the universal joints and suspension bushings and components, while we had easy access to everything. It is getting so much closer, though as a lot of folks can relate to, the closer you get, the more small things pop up to slow you down. Pictures
  2. California CDL

    Steve, The requirement for the registration as a commercial vehicle, is as you wrote. However, the portion of the Regs regarding Private Carrier is not applicable to a non commercial person. Private Carrier is referring to a commercial entity that carries their own property, such as Frito Lay, Walmart, etc. I will agree that California Code is far more intrusive than any other state Code I have ever read.
  3. Bought a HDT

  4. California CDL

    If you look in the beginning of the Commercial Vehicle section, under legislative intent, they spell out that the California Code is to be consistent with the Federal Regulations. The Federal Regulations clearly do not apply to anyone that is not involved in commercial operations.
  5. California CDL

    I would say that the link you posted only applies to commercial operations.
  6. California CDL

  7. California CDL

    BH, According to the CA Vehicle Regs you do not. CA Vehicle Regs
  8. California CDL

    CC, Are you thinking that someone with a vehicle over 26,001 is required to have a Motor Carrier Permit?
  9. smart or RzR for your HDT?

    While that would be fun for the mudder types, that would not do so good in the sand dunes or steep mountain trails. A good conversation piece though, thanks for sharing. With the new bed we are building we will be able to take a 4 seat RZR on the deck, or a Tracker. If we want to go adventurous, we could put a 2 door wrangler on an incline rack. All those choices with our Maverick 2 door XRS in The Toy Hauler.
  10. California CDL

    BH, My condolences for having to go through the headache, as well as the fact that you have to live in Kalifornia. On your point about a CHP or Officer contacting DMV complaining about how your vehicle was registered, I would wager against you on that one. While anyone can obviously pick up a phone or send an email. It is not that easy, even for a LEO, to get hold of anyone of influence, at an outside agency like DMV. There are fairly simple procedures for a LEO to notify DMV if they pull over a driver and feel that they are in need of retesting for a drivers license. But that’s about it. For the literalists and quality control crowd, the above is my personal experience and opinion and not intended to imply that ALL states are that way....lol
  11. Texas Class A road test with one ton and fifthwheel?

    The determining factor for your test is that you show up with a combination of vehicles that can legally be loaded greater than 26,000 pounds, with the trailer being capable of more than 10,000 pounds. Have never heard of an examiner requiring you to fully load the vehicles for the exam.
  12. HDT air leaks

    We just bought a small stockpile of the various size o-rings and collets from the local Volvo dealer. When we first inquired, they said that we could get the o-rings but they could not order the collets. When we gave them the part numbers from the other thread, the parts guy was amazed, though said that on all the part numbers, they had never stocked them or sold them. We had to put them on a special order and they were definitely not cheap, though we were able to order them. We are going to make up a small spares kit to keep on hand for the inevitable leaks.
  13. Highway Patrol - The reason why......

    Randy, If you want an example of what I referred to, check with an agency in Oregon or Washington. The "Bail Amount" that I referred to is the same as the costs that you referred to. I am basing my information on having worked as a Deputy Sheriff in those two states for more than fifteen years. Another minor point, several states have classified minor traffic offenses as infractions and the case is handled in court with the officer and the defendant appearing before a judge, no attorneys. In some states, such as Nevada, traffic offenses are still classified as misdemeanor charges. That does not make a large difference for most people.
  14. California CDL

    Although it has come across as complicated here, a large number of states follow the same system of requiring license classification consistent with the gross weight of the vehicle you are operating. A lot of individuals have a hard time separating the CDL factor out of the equation. Apparently there is a few states who do not offer a non commercial class A or B license, though they are the exception, not the norm.
  15. Dash cluster rebuild

    That is odd, here is what they sent me. Your 2008 Volvo VNL 780 repair quote from Southern Electronics John , Thanks you for your quote request. Unfortunately we can not repair instrument clusters for your vehicle at this time. Unfortunately we don’t know of a company that can help you. Please keep us in mind for your future repair needs as it is not often we have to decline. Thank you for your time. Best Regards, Rashid Powell "We Fix It Right Or It's Free!" - Eric Sundberg, President SOUTHERN ELECTRONICS Car Radio and Speedometer Repair 730 Research Road Richmond, VA 23236, USA Tel: 1-800-446-2880 (USA Toll Free) Tel: 1-804-423-1100 (USA Local and International) Fax: 1-804-423-1059 Business Hours: 8:00am - 5:30pm, Monday through Friday