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  1. Train horns

    Just pass out coloring books and fidget spinners whenever you use it and you will be fine.
  2. Hitch Camera

    Carl, Here is a link to a similar camera: Camera Here is one that is a bit more but I set up for 4 pin: Camera with 4 pin cord
  3. Head light restoration

    Dave recommends the housings from Advantage Truck Parts. They are the DEPO housings. If you are buying the upgrade kit, you can get the housings from Deepspace for the same price that Advantage charges and he will install the upgrade kit into the DEPO housings at no charge.
  4. Volvo Motor Belt Replacements?

    Not a major task. Is even easier with a special tool Dorman Serpentine Belt Tool here is a similar one The Galley Tool You can find them on EBay. Dorman Belt Tool And the Galley Tool is on thier website, which I believe is listed on the YouTube page.
  5. Hitch Camera

    Can you post a photo? I have found quite few cameras that are good for that application. As to the four pin, you can get an adapter to use other type connections.
  6. Not level

    He is bring the truck over next weekend and we can get you a definitive answer, though from what I saw already, I am leaning toward one tweaked leaf spring. Pun intended....lol And while it is leaning, I don’t think it is 6-8”. Then again, one mans 3” is another mans 6”
  7. Not level

    Kroil..... But how did this go from leaning tower of Volvo, to, I need to buy some Kroil???
  8. Volvo engines

    I have owned trucks with Mack, Cummins and Detroit engines. We now have a D13 Volvo engine and find it to be a well built engine. There have been some valid points made here, though I think it really comes down to individual preference with no real bad choice. One advantage of the Volvo which has not been mentioned, having a Volvo engine and I-Shift transmission provides very impressive integration in things like the cruise control, engine braking and data sharing throughout the truck.
  9. 2018 West Coast Rally

    Dave, We are working on trying to make the rally as well. If we do, we will have our CanAm Maverick X3-RS with us. It will give you additional perspective on fun things to spend your money on. We will most likely go to Rexberg, ID after the rally to go to Saint Anthony Dunes.
  10. FB, HDT did I miss something

    Well technically Phil, everyone EXCEPT You, is allowed to argue on FB.... just sayin....lol
  11. For our build, we bought the sheet metal, brought to one shop to have it CNC Plasma cut. Brought the cut out box and door pieces to a sheet metal shop and had them broke. Then we assembled them into the deck. As to a cost comparison, even paying for the plasma cutting and bending services, we spent a lot less than buying premade boxes and then designing a support system to mount them and incorporate them into the build. The other GREAT part, we did not have to conform to THEIR sizes. Even if you are paying shop rate for your deck build, I would wager that it can be less to fabricate your own, especially if you sub out the cutting and bending services.
  12. DPF Cleaning and VCADS

    Thanks Scrap! The Volvo dealer did call back and said that they do not routinely reset anything with a DPF clean. We may look at bringing in to diagnose what is going on. As you said, they said that when hooked up, they could monitor a Regen to see what is happening, or maybe not happening.
  13. Insurance Exclusions

    Randy, Actually BlueSky may be back in the game. We got a call last week and they want to quote us since they know are policy is coming up for renewal.
  14. Our travel days have ending

    That’s sad to hear Larry! We went through a similar situation, only in reverse. We had to delay buying our toys because of family health issues. We will hopefully get to meet you guys at the WCR
  15. Truck bed install

    We used hardwood spacers. Delrin would be a good alternative. Unless you are an engineer, or play one on tv, I would not recommend trying to design a bed that you are going to try and eliminate movement between the bed and truck frame during twisting.