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  1. Is anyone thinking of not volunteering this year if the Parks open? We are scheduled to be in the National Forest next to Yellowstone but I do question people from all around the country if they come. There is no way they can control social distancing in the park they couldn't control people before. The park says they will have to clean more but they didn't have enough staff to clean before. Hate not to go the site we have is fantastic and Montana is a great place to spend a summer. Well just wondered what other volunteers are thinking.
  2. Just made a day off trip from our volunteering job in the forest to another forest so we could be out of the compound. We live in a class a but took our old class c for the trip and ran the generator for a/c. We pulled into our site and by the time we had the envelope filled out to pay we had a neighbor there that wanted to know if that was my generator. Now the old 83 generator is noisy but it was 6 o'clock in the afternoon and we had been there about 3 minutes. I told him I was shutting it down soon so he walked away. Quiet time was 10 pm to 6am . I'm an old man but that old man needs to mind his own business next time I'll shut it down at 9:59. Please leave your neighbors alone if they are within the rules I tell my campers that all the time.
  3. I would not recommend Spring Creek for HDT this time of year I just opened the c/g Sunday and the road is muddy in spots. A 40' HDT might be limited anytime of year in Spring Creek.
  4. I just saw your old post here about Spring Creek. We took the old class C and finished the season there three days a week. Bugs were bad then it got cold and no bugs. Loved the view . Nothing exciting happened around the lake the rest of the season . The fire was the king of the compound. Just signed new contract will start May 1st if snow let's us in,  right now the snow on the edge of the drive must be four ft high. Stop in if your near hope everything went well on your trip home. Ott

  5. I see you fixed the miss in the V10 engine problem and the slide bushings the easy way.
  6. Tenters are not the only late arrivals that don't care about others. While hosting at Matagorda had a late arrival next to us that I know slammed his door at least a 1000 times while setting up. I believe people who care go to bed and set up in the morning. Had people with a pop top in Grand Prairie Canada came in late made all kinds of racket and let their kids go to the playground. Now tents are more work for a host in the National Forest because they will use your facilities more than rv people but I know they pay for the use (maybe). Young people who tent seem to think they shouldn't have to pay. But we keep going back for more fun working with the traveling public.
  7. Spell check got me on Camphost
  8. USACE needs a camphost at one of the Priest River campgrounds. This is a bid position posted on fedbizops. It will be available for bid till 5/3. The ranger listed is great to work with and is very helpful with bidding.
  9. I should have mentioned you need an appointment with them they are busy and you can sleep at their place plus plug in.
  10. H&W in Iowa they know what they are doing will do it right for a fair price. They made it they will fix it. Had a Winnebago dealer do 1 slide $500 1 year later H&W redid both slides less money.
  11. I hate the going rate most shops $100 -$125 per hour but I do like people who know the vehicle Ford. Not sure if dealers in El Paso can service a coach but if they can't they should be able to direct you to a good shop. If spark plugs need changing Ford knows what they are looking at and the risk.
  12. Make sure someone knows what they are doing if you try to change plugs.
  13. Man is 82 might not make it , jokes meth lab hope you had fun.
  14. Kevin , Ernie in Weatherford Tx is good and he is always busy. He does mostly engineered wood but told us he will do carpet. Look for on other rv sites. There is another guy in Tucson I think his name is Chuck you can find him on rv carpet sites.
  15. We did our own carpet renew. My wife picked out the products and I did the install. We chose Home Depot for carpet because they would order carpet with binding for slides and the sections that were bound shipped direct to us the rest picked up at store. We chose Lowe's for Smart Core flooring for galley living room. Project took about 1 month ordering and install. Ernie in Weatherford Tx. is really good for info and he will install engineered wood if you want that done. I had my had doubts wife doubted more but turned out better than I imagined. Bed slide was easier than I thought and dog house (engine cover) much easier than I thought. I bought a good stapler (Roberts) and is up for sale now. Are you volunteering at Foscue .If you are please say hello to Ann, Jason (he is one of the best vol. bosses we had) and Clint a vol. friend just tell them Otmer said hello.We might stop there in March on the way home.
  16. Where do some get this info that you can't renew dL by mail in SD. I just renewed my cal by mail with SD.
  17. To the one who post damn Yankees I say you can always tell a Texan but you can't tell them much.
  18. 63belv

    Alaska 2017

    Driver you ain't going to believe this, I have made the trip 3 times and can't wait to go again. Last year we allowed 1 week Sweet Grass to Tok then 1 week Alaska then 1 week back to Sweet Grass. We started mid September no crowds . Did the trip in October once covered about 500 per day business & pleasure in my pickup. Did the trip March once delivering motorhome about 400 per day. So it depends on what you want to see and spend time seeing. My wife went with me last year and loved BC more than Alaska. So saddle up enjoy your ride.
  19. I will say you are smart to ask we all make mistakes on picking a route at sometime. Your not the first or last to heat your brakes up. In a lot of places the old rule is go down the hill at the speed you went up. I am sure I got more miles backing up than most on here have going forward and I made mistakes. You asked and some help, others criticized.
  20. It is the Gfci on the inverter that is tripping. The gfci is built into the inverter. The cord is a grounded cord but Xantrex person suggested using heavier cord. My other part of the question is can the gfci be bypassed. Some online suggests not using gfci with fridge say motor starting can trip gfci.
  21. Trying to use Xantrex Pro watt 2000 for Samsung rf18 . Using an extension cord temporarily for test just hooking to fridge and it throws the gfci. Called Xantrex they said try different cord. Can the gfci be bypassed on this inverter? Any ideas?
  22. Yes I have run this route many times as I worked for company that would not pay T/P. Correction on 1 route should be 22&322 they run along the river. Same company that wouldn't pay tolls put us route 30 and that route was terrible, Ships hill Sweetest Spot on the mountain in cut back 238 + 10 speed.
  23. Would be longer route but get to Harrisburg then 22/323 to 11&15 to I 80 then 80 has one downgrade not all that bad then climb Snow Shoe about 6 mile pull easy down the other side have a safe trip. Could do T/P couple hills just take it easy . Do not try 30 to Ohio.
  24. Thanks for everyone's input and I guess I will just have to live with it. Sometimes it just surprises me the ones that think they shouldn't pay.
  25. I really don't want to say where we are because we would like to come back next year and someone might say something to them. But we have been at numerous volunteer positions and experienced the same. Some places are different, We were in a Corp park in SD and she watched them like a hawk. In Texas we had ice and laundry on the honor system they thought people were paying, no.The worst are the ones come in late and leave early they can't afford $8.Had a rental m/h leave early still dark no headlights on didn't pay. I have been told that some state parks really hold to the 1/2 check-in.
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