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  1. Welcome! Removing the dining booth ought to be a pretty simple project. You may be left with some marks on the wall, though. The bedroom project will be a little more involved. The biggest part will be removing the wall between the living room and the bedroom. What's in/on that wall? Any electrical stuff? Is that where the television is mounted? The wall coverings (paneling, etc.) may not be continuous on the outside walls, so you will have a bit of a gap where the wall comes out. Same thing with any closet walls. You probably won't know about this until you start the demolition. You could try a phone call to the factory, but probably wouldn't accomplish much. You may want to think about keeping any built-in closets or drawers in the bedroom. Those can be very useful storage spaces that you have already paid for. You asked about software to help you design the project. I prefer some graph paper (I prefer 1/4" squares) and a sharp pencil with a good eraser. Costs very little, and you can see how the design changes over time.
  2. A cat's litter box can also set it off. So can unusual air currents if the black tank is getting full. All of those, though, would be very intermittent. Since this happens only when not on shore power (what about generator power?) I'd look at the house batteries first. If they are good, check the date on the detector. Those things only have a five year life, and the newer ones will chirp to let you know that they are dying. From the age of your rig, that's probably a long shot, but it is also one of the cheaper fixes. Let us know what you find out.
  3. Same here at The Ranch. When the weather is nice there are people walking, but when it gets hot or windy we stay inside. We're closed to new visitors. Only leaseholders are being allowed in, and most of us are already here.
  4. kb0zke


    "It seems that most WDHs - when properly set up - will get the job done. If the hitch isn’t set up right then even the best hitch will not do it’s job." Amen!
  5. Reservations for holidays are a must. Otherwise, call ahead and ask. Also, it depends on whether you are looking at commercial parks or government-run parks (BLM, COE, State, county, city). Most government parks have a 10-14 day time limit. Commercial parks will often offer weekly and monthly rates. Passport America offers 50% discounts, sometimes only on one night, sometimes on several nights, and sometimes on your entire stay - depends on the park. Also pay attention to special events in the area. We were at a commercial park a month or so before the big solar eclipse of a couple of years ago. They made sure that we knew the rates would DOUBLE for the week of the eclipse. We made sure that we were long gone by then. Also, finding camping places in areas where there is a lot of oil work going on can be difficult. There is a lot of demand, so prices are high and all spaces are taken. Same holds true in any area where there is a lot of construction (pipe line, etc.).
  6. Good thread! I talked to a solo traveler who has a plastic box mounted on the wall opposite the rig's door. The box had some sort of text on it (EMS or 911 or something like that) that had information that would be of help in an emergency. It was clearly visible from outside. A family member has all of the information that would be needed should something happen to either or both of us. That's important because we are so often together. We have two couples here that are both in care situations due to vehicle accidents NOT involving their rigs. Both will eventually recover and return, but it will be some time before that happens. Again, family members are taking care of their affairs.
  7. Back to the original thread, New Mexico has closed ALL State parks for all purposes. Originally, the ban was just on camping, day use was permitted, but now even that is gone. The last I heard, Texas was still welcoming campers. We're starting to plan our summer travels, and will be monitoring the various State websites for where we will be.
  8. WHY are the valve stems pointed in on the outside tire and out on the inside one? Why not have both point out? I ask myself that question every time I check the tire pressures.
  9. Phil, you DO realize that you will be spending quite a bit of money that won't be returned to you when you sell? You will probably be money ahead to simply trade rigs. That said, was there a two-slide version of your rig? If so, the engineering has already been done. If not, you may well have to do it all yourself. You may need to do all of that in order to register the vehicle after the surgery, as you have made material changes to the structure.
  10. Eager to sell. Combo price reduced to $42,000.00.
  11. One of the best bits of advice we received was to "do" your regular things in a potential rig. That is, "wash" the dishes, "cook" a meal, "take" a shower, "watch" the television, etc. For me, it doesn't matter if the rig even has a television set - I'm not going to use it. For Jo Ann, though, the television needs to be in a place where it is comfortable for her to watch. We don't have slides in this coach, and most likely the next one won't, either, but we realize that we are in a definite minority there. Realize that there are only so many ways that a box can be arranged for living, so don't be surprised if you find the same basic floorplan on a really cheap rig and a multi-million dollar one. Find the one or two that work for you, and concentrate on them.
  12. Is your mail service in SD? If so, can they help? We switched the registration on our Foretravel from MO to SD while we were in OK - all by mail. For a fee, our mail service took care of delivering the paperwork to/from the proper offices and then mailed our new title, registration, and plates to us.
  13. Of course, there is no guarantee that the tires were mounted exactly the same way, and even then, the left and right sides will travel different distances, so that you can't guess where the date code will be when you go look. I'm wondering, though, how it happens that the date code is between the tires. Usually at least the outer tire will be mounted so the date code is to the outside. I wonder if whoever was installing the tires did it deliberately? One low-tech way of getting the information is to do a rubbing. First, figure out about where the date code ought to be in relation to what you can see. Assuming that all tires are the same brand and model, your front tires will be your guides. Then tape a piece of plain paper over the area where the date code is, making sure that the tape is away from the target area. Use the side of a regular pencil lead to gently rub the target area. With a little luck, you will be able to read the date code when you take the paper out.
  14. John, welcome to the fun! You've gotten some great advice here, the best being "BE SAFE." If you don't have a wiring diagram, or at least a chart of what is on what circuit, you may want to start creating one. Since you are dealing with this issue, I'd start by figuring out exactly which lights/outlets are on that circuit. The wiring will generally run from your breaker panel to the first outlet, then the second, then the third, etc., so that the first outlet is closest to the breaker panel and the last one is farthest away. As was mentioned above, it sounds like a GFCI is tripping. If that is the case, though, you should be resetting it at the GFCI. The breaker itself may not trip. The other possibility is that the panel breaker is actually tripping, but the handle is not moving enough to be obvious. When the circuit trips, how are you resetting it - at a GFCI outlet or at the panel?
  15. We have a shredder with us. We've used the shredded paper to start fires a few times. Works best if it isn't windy - otherwise I get far too much exercise.
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