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  1. Flat Towing

    Quite a few people tow Mini Coopers, so earlier this year I checked with the local Mini dealer. They told me that the Mini can NOT be towed four down, no matter which transmission is in the car. Never has been able to be towed four down. Guess all those people who are doing it don't know that what they are doing is impossible. <grin> I suspect that what the dealer meant was that, if I bought one and towed it, they wouldn't honor the warranty. I'm not about to buy a new car that has no warranty, so I told the dealer I'd look elsewhere.
  2. We've had white rope lights (warm) out for a couple of years now. Over time, sections would not work, so we finally replaced the entire set (five strings) this year when the Christmas stuff came out. We had some evidence of a mouse earlier this year, before we replaced the lights, but no taker for the peanut butter baited trap. Also no further evidence of mouse. I wonder if the mouse was out exploring when we left.
  3. Sometimes dealers don't know much about coaches that don't have huge sales (NH vs Jayco, for example). They are afraid that they will be stuck with something that no one wants. People who look at a NH know about weight and quality, so they are more educated than the average tire kicker. That dealer may simply have gotten tired of the coach sitting on his lot and decided to cut the price to where he doesn't make much hoping to get it gone.
  4. Random questions from the crack of dawn

    We're full-timers in a 40' DP. It has hookups for a washer and dryer, but we don't have those appliances. We go to laundromats. If we're in a campground that has laundry facilities (not all do) we'll do one or two loads on any one day. If we have to go into town to do laundry we'll take everything and use the largest machines we can. When we're traveling the generator is running. We have a residential refrigerator, and usually we need the a/c going. That's one of the reasons why we chose the coach we did. It is comfortable all the time, including when we stop for lunch on travel days.
  5. Another thread mentioned the ERPU program. From what I have seen, you lease your lot for a certain amount for five years, with the option to extend the lease for another five years for $1. Questions: 1. Can that lease be extended for more than one five year term? 2. What happens if a leaseholder wants out part-way through the five-year term? 3. Is the lot treated like the lots at the co-ops, where it can be put in a rental pool when not being used by the leasee, or is the lot completely reserved for the leasee?
  6. Cecil, as I mentioned earlier, SW MO is generally pretty open to doing what you want. Temps are reasonable, but finding something level enough might be a challenge. Also, if you are gone for any length of time there is a good possibility of illegal activity on your property. The closer you are to Branson the more expensive the land will be. Certain parts are well known as meth areas. We owned 10 acres in SW MO for quite a few years. We had a hard time selling the property when we went full-time, but eventually it did sell. While we were gone we had a neighbor take care of things. One time he reported that he had spotted evidence that someone had driven around the house. We never did learn whether it was a deputy or someone wanting to do something illegal. No evidence of anyone breaking in.
  7. Getting into Full timing

    Eddie, a 'Bird is a Bluebird Wanderlodge. Yes, the school bus Bluebird company. No Park, as it is a diesel pusher. I never did hear if they figured out exactly what happened. As I recall, it was a BMC, (Bluebird Motor Coach) which was a slightly smaller, cheaper, and lighter coach, probably 40,000 pounds instead of the 50,000 of the larger ones. BTW, if you go out to the airport you will see chocks in use on every airplane that is parked. Now think about how flat an airport is.
  8. Seeking 5er Recommendations

    "You will hear horror stories about every brand if you make your choice on horror stories you will not buy any brand." Very true. That's why I suggest people join the owners' forum for any brand they consider. Ask about known issues and how they are resolved. Heartland has had troubles with welds breaking on their 5'ers for several years. I don't know if that has been taken care of with Thor's purchase of them a few years ago, but that would something to ask about. Airstreams from the late 90's have problems with the clearcoat that were taken care of in 2000.
  9. Another somewhat snarky answer is that the best time to buy is when you have the cash AND have found the right coach. Seriously, if you have a trade-in, dealers will sometimes be more willing to deal at the end of the month than at the beginning of the month, and at the end of the year rather than at the beginning of the year. The reason is that they have to pay property tax on anything they own on 1 January, and salespeople who haven't made their quota are more willing to take less on the coach just to make quota. If you aren't trading in, you can buy from a private party. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how much their rig is actually worth. It is our job to do the research and figure it out. Best way is to use PPL and NADA for low-end prices, and rv trader for upper end. It helps if you have 3-4 possible coaches in mind. Remember that people have many reasons for selling. Sometimes the seller is upside down on a loan and is hoping to recoup most of what they still owe. Sometimes health issues force a sale. Sometimes there is an estate sale. If a price is too low, it may mean that the coach has issues, or it may mean that the seller doesn't know what it is worth, or that they simply want it gone. Asking price and selling price aren't necessarily related. You can always make an offer and see what the seller says. We did, and got our coach.
  10. Where to advertise?

    Many communities have shopper-type papers. They are handed out for free, and paid for by all the ads. You might try advertising in some of those that are a few hours drive away.
  11. Tow Vehicle Question

    Some things seem to go in cycles. I've been following a couple of possible toweds for several months now, and first one of them is readily available and the other is nowhere to be found, then the other one is and the first one is nowhere to be found. Suggestion: have your cash ready so that when you find something that you like you can offer cash for a nice reduction in price. I don't mean that you have to walk into the dealership with 20 $1000 bills in your wallet, but if you have any financing arranged in advance and can leave a substantial cash deposit so you can come back tomorrow and finish the deal you are more likely to get the price knocked down some. Of course, if you want to walk in with actual cash in the wallet you may not have to take it all out.
  12. Seeking 5er Recommendations

    Paul, you asked for some specific recommendations, so I'll give you what we had when we thought a 5'er might be in our future. They are worth every penny you pay for them. <grin> Continental (Forks), New Horizons, and Spacecraft are all custom builders. Their coaches are going to be heavy, but well-built and intended for full-time use. It is likely that you will want a fairly strong truck to tow with. Some people use a converted semi and carry a Smart on the back for running around. The DRV line is probably where you will get the most bang for your buck. They are semi-custom, meaning that they will make changes within reason. The Elite Suites are the top of the line, and can get heavy (granite), but when we toured the factory a few years ago they said that you could delete the heavy things, saving some pounds and dollars. The Mobile Suites is somewhat less expensive, but still has what you will need. The big "plus" for DRV is that they have thicker walls than most, so there is more insulation. FWIW, my personal choice would be a Mobile Suites. These coaches aren't as heavy as the custom ones, but you are still going to need a strong tow truck (think F450 or F550 or similar). My suggestion is that you join the owners' forums for any brands you are interested in and ask about known issues. For example, Heartland has had problems with their Lippert frames for several years now. DRV is now part of Thor, just like Heartland, and at one point rumor had it that they were going to put the DRV line above the Landmark like and call them all Heartlands. Don't know if that is actually how it ended up.
  13. Getting into Full timing

    "The only slight correction I would make is you only need wheel chocks if your RV is a trailer." Tell that to the man who was bringing home his new-to-him 'Bird. He stopped at a rest area, and when he came back his coach was missing and people were looking over the edge of the cliff. Someone mentioned that a motorhome went over the cliff. He looked down and found his 'Bird. Either the parking brake failed or he didn't have it engaged, but I have chocks in place right now, and we're on a perfectly level site.
  14. Looking for campsite membership

    Also check out Passport America. We joined for a year and got our money back with the first use. We kept an annual membership for a couple of years, then went to a five-year membership. When we saw a lifetime offer we jumped on that. That was earlier this year, and I think we're already ahead, and we don't stay in commercial campgrounds all that much.
  15. All DC dead in Class C

    After rereading the original post, it sounds like trying to start the generator is tripping the 12vdc breaker on the starter circuit. Does the starter even begin to turn the generator before the breaker trips, or does it trip as soon as you hit "start"? Diesel, gas, or propane generator?