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  1. Yep. Did'nt even get the pictures of the Pete fully loaded and I recognized it. They always seem to use the same price of 15k on several trucks.
  2. LMAO. The "job" box is what my friends have named it. When they call, the first question is "did I catch ya on the job box?"
  3. We love this hot water heater. So to keep it......safe?.......as safe as we need it to be anyway, we attached the exhaust to the door and have a latch that holds the door open that 5" to allow the water heater exhaust to vent outside and a curtain on magnets hangs down to cover the door opening.
  4. So the last trip, labor day weekend, we went 5 days and had a bit of time to prepare a small bit better. This time we had our own shower and sink as well as we took our mountain bikes and had a couple job boxes to lock coolers and other items. We put a plastic pallet that is about 7-8" tall in the floor of the shower to stand on and it then gave us many gallons of grey tank capacity. The curtains are in the house as we need to shorten them a few inches.
  5. Not yet. I'll be at the rig later, and will try to get a few. This was our first trip out. The welds were still warm on the container rails. Last second assembly. But we had a blast and really got hooked on the redneck improvised build. This pic is from a fossil hill at Clarno Oregon.
  6. Singled long. Rig Master APU. I love that style apu and if I ever have a second truck, it will end up with a diy copy of that style.
  7. Backed into the farm shop to prepare for removal of the power divider axle.
  8. Dave, I dont have to be bored to see truck porn. d:-) I'll go to your site this evening when Cari (my gf) is with me. I only have a few pictures so far, and I do not have a hosting site anymore since photobucket went commie, so I'll have to put a few replies with small pics, but i will keep it to a minimum. Thanks. Don. Oh ya, I've been calling around the big rig shops looking for the fiberglass fix for the ww, but no luck so far. Maybe there is still a chance that a fix it kit would sell? When I got it back from having the commercial name and number taken off.
  9. Mr.Cob, Dave, just saw your truck on Suite Travels west coast rally video. NICE. Very nice.
  10. Super. Thanks Dave. Then I will be making some calls today. I already tried Peterbilt and they only sell the whole cowl. Don.
  11. OMG !!! That is just what I need. Thank you very much for the picture and info that that is available. I try to be price conscience, but I am willing to pay for that option. That is awesome.
  12. A hunnerd percent understood and agree on the EXHD. Hence the reason I ended up with the 2005 379X I have. I used to have a white/purple FLD120, 12.7 DD. Though it turned in less than half the radius of my X, which is the truck's name, I just could'nt get that feeling of awe that a 379, or as you mention, a W900 give. I'm 56 and my gf is 54. We both love improvising our own inventions and love ever so much that we can say "we made that". Don't matter what others think, it's what we think that matters. As you can see from the photo of my X, it is improvised and under construction. But we love it. I'm not so sure a Volvo has no soul. A bone stock 379 or 900 does nothing more me than a fld120 etc. But a drop visored, unltra cab with stacks and a texas bumper?...........wood. I've seen some really cool graphic packages and ground effects on volvos that make them stand out and really look good. Is the front cowl under the windshield on you Pete fiberglass or aluminum? Mine is fiberglass and the wiper shaft support bumps have been broken. Looking for a fix.
  13. Ok, so.......I'm pretty sure "Leroy" belongs to an Escapee. ? Here's a video that states mileage even with a D16. If my 379 were'nt so darn awesome styling, I'd be even more excited to look at the Volvo. But my gf and I are plus size and the gap between the seats, though tolerable for our younger age, is not the most friendly. We're weekend warrior types at this point and will continue to run solo without trailer for a while yet. So the sleeper is our main cabin. Spent 5 days in it over the labor day weekend and we feel we could easily do a 10 day run given the amount of driving we prefer.
  14. Great info. I had not looked up the actual selection configuration for this trans. Typically, at least in a smaller torque trans, the OD drag is small enough to be considered parasitic, and in many cases, the gain of putting the engine in a more efficient range would outweigh the small loss. If your 90-92% range holds true however, it may be a wash or even a further loss as you suspect. Gunna try it when I get the valve fixed though just for the knowledge. Thank you for the reply. I appreciate them all.
  15. This is fact. Direct, though OD is but parasitic drag, will always be the most efficient. To prove this to myself, this last trip I did in fact run in 16th any time speed fell below 60 or so. Prior trips were 7-4 and 7.6mpg running in 18th at all speeds over 55. According to gps speed, my truck speedo reads 2-3 mph fast. So 68ish is 65. It does have low pro 22.5s, not sure original spec as I have not looked it up. Reason for 16th vs. 17th, is the thumb splitter valve leaks when in low position. Soon as I fix it, I will try running in 17th when possible. Trans is RTLO-18918B
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