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  1. LOL. I have no idea why "they" call it triple towing. In the motor carrier world triples means 3 trailed units behind a tow vehicle. But I guess in the DMV world, or should i say planet,......"they" seem to feel triple should include the tow vehicle. To the largest extent, I can see the reasoning for limiting the number of hitch points a non cdl driver can utilize. Youtube is plumb full of people that should'nt be allowed to drive a car much less tow something with it all tangled up in traffic and in ditches. Sometimes it gets difficult to remember that driving on public roads is not a right, it is a privilege and can be revoked at any time.
  2. Yep. Oregofornia is one of them. Don't know the outcome, so this is just conversation and not information. But, a few years ago I did see a dually towing a 5er with a boat towed on the 5er pulled over. Speeding maybe? Kinda doubt it, but may have been warning an out of stater that "triple towing" is not allowed here in rv configuration.
  3. Deezl Smoke

    Driveline slop?

    I think you already have some great insight as you mentioned the drive line rotates before the wheels. This is the rear axle(s) gearhead(s) There are a few points of wear within the gearhead. The pinion to ring gear lash. The spider gears on their pins and the spider gears to side gear wear. And then the axle shaft spine wear. Ad to that in a tandem configuration, you'll have the interaxle differential and the mechanisms that go with it like the reverse rotation pinion drive gears in the front gearhead, the interaxle diff itself,and the drive line between the two axles that is at a very steep angle and wears much faster than the rest of the drive line. However, in a long wheelbase rig, if a carrier bearing holder is worn out it too can ad to that feeling you have in the cab going from power to compression braking. Transmissions can have some lash as well. But generally, IMO, that lash will correlate to how much noise it makes through the stick.😮 Edit to ad. Even in a brand new rig, there will be some lash. But naturally they will gain lash as they gather "experience".🧐
  4. So IMO you might consult your state's RV statutes regarding passenger restraint. If the statutes state that passengers can move about while in motion, then the seat and seat belts can likely be sourced at automotive or off road performance outlets. But again, that's just my OPINION on it, I'm in no way an authority. On the window, if you scroll down or go back to page 2, you should see a thread about installing sleeper windows.
  5. Deezl Smoke

    Rear end questions

    Two healthy men can carry, though not comfortably, a complete single speed drop in gear head. I just sent a text to the guy that bought my 3.36:1 eaton 40ks. They have a rear locker, and were in excellent condition, out of my 96' Pete 377. No rust. I asked if he would sell them. I'll let you know when he gets back to me. They're in western Oregon, but easy nuff to ship.
  6. Yes. Sorry, but yes, they do profile and read into each customer walking up to the desk. If you have a friend that has mechanical aptitude and can talk the talk, send the truck either back to that dealer in a month with your friend driving it, or have him (or her) take it to another TEC dealership and request the same process, but with the appropriate language. Might be another reason to cry.
  7. Deezl Smoke

    Brakes Frozen

    Oh ya, very common. It gets worse when you have a semi trailer with air brakes stuck as well as the tractor. Dont be concerned about taking anything apart. It's a common issue with air drum brakes, and especially in humid or wet climates.
  8. Public forums always will "sidetrack" somewhat as each individual interprets questions asked and answers given, in different ways given their environment and past. 1: No. Other than road rage, I do not feel an HDT is anymore likely to be a target of crime. 2:No. Though we choose not to camp/boondock/or otherwise park out in the middle of nowhere, we do "dry camp" and leave our rig locked up and unattended for periods of time in secluded areas, as we either bike or motorbike etc. to our destination when the truck can't go there. That is just our preferred way of vacation at this point, and in no way a suggestion that anyone should follow or that we are missing out. 3: No. In relation to the news reporting these deaths, which i did'nt even know about until this thread, we feel no more vulnerable than ever before. In relation to life in general as an HDTer, no, we feel far less vulnerable than we would in a car or pickup with a towed rv. On the prior mention of taking classes etc. for self defense and being aware of your surroundings etc., if you take these classes or courses, do not take them completely as the be all, end all. Glean information and bend it or modify it to apply to your very own situation. A lot of people that take these classes as "the only way" are the type of people that believe the government's "suggested" weight for a given height is law, not a suggested guideline. My gf was in law enforcement and is now working with prisoners in a maximum/medium and minimum security "correctional facility" aka prison. She's kinda hard wired to look for certain details when finding a place to park or stay. As rickeieio says about your brain being your strongest weapon, no truer factual words have been spoken. Be in control of your situation/destiny. Do not let your situation control you. If you truly feel that is easier said than done,..............my condolences to you. You are now destined to become a victim.
  9. As the OP asked, lets please keep this civil and not get into rival wars over what defines "boondocking". For those that think crime is a more recent invention, I can assure you it is not. Back in the 90s, a couple on Seaside beech here in Oregon were killed in what was labelled a "thrill kill". I actually knew a guy, an adult at the time, that stopped to help a stranger on the side of a highway that "appeared" to be broke down. The stranger had an accomplice hiding in the cab on the seat. When the good guy stopped, the other two took him by gun point to his vehicle and forced him to drive them out of state, using what cash he had to buy more gas to get them further. Thankfully he was then let go unharmed, but this was in the early 70s, here in nowheresville small town rural Oregon. The news media will always spin every single story they come across in a fearmongering way to train the viewer's mindset. Is crime really that much more prevalent today?.........I doubt it. Pretty much everything is relative. If 1% of any given countries population is "evil" and criminal, 1% of 30 million will create far fewer news stories than 1% of 300 million. I challenge anyone here to go 6 months without watching the news, listening to the news, or reading the news. I have not even owned a tv since 2002. I listen to music in the radio, not news or talk shows. Life without the brainwashing influence of the mass media, has been ever so awesome. You'd be amazed how free you can be and how much more confident that you can handle any given situation, once you leave the shackles of the media behind.
  10. No truer words have ever been spoken.
  11. Deezl Smoke

    Cool Truck

    👍 I remember those. Did it have center point steering? By that time full power steering may have been the norm.
  12. Deezl Smoke

    Cool Truck

    Ya, roll'n coal is not a sign of good tune or proper setup, but rather a sign of "redneck" or shadetree adjustments like a turn or two of the fuel rack limiter. Kind of like a young, in-experienced gas low compression, smog head, v8 owner installing a massive long duration camshaft with lots of overlap. Back in the day of that mechanical big cam, the gas engines still used a fuel meter called a........."carburetor". And get this, the spark was controlled by a "distributor". I've all but forgotten how to even spell those words anymore. Now days we have stock, full smog cars that burn 87 octane that have more power with no "pinging" (remember that issue?) than we could get from 3 years wage invested in a race gas only engine. It used to take a KT cummins or a 1693 Cat to get over 500 hp in a truck. Now we have 12 and 13 liter engines with that stock and smogged. Pretty amazing. But like anything, you cant please everybody. Some just cant take it when others like to see something different. For the time period of that 362, black soot stains along the top sides of a white dry van were just part of how things were. I would rather see that long black trail of soot roll out of that 362 for a sunday afternoon than see 24" blings with 1" sidewall tires on a mint 69' Camaro.
  13. Deezl Smoke

    Cool Truck

    Best part of that awesome bit of history is, that mechanical cummins can be made to roll some serious black coal.👍
  14. I think I saw it in the video on youtube of the west coast rally? For sale now?
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