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  1. the "Directv" Trav'ler can be configured for Dish at a later time for a reasonable cost. If the original installation is a "Dish" Trav'ler, it cannot be configured for Direct at a later time.
  2. I see that the "hot spot" data has been raised to 15 gb. (After 15 GB, speeds are reduced to 600 kbps) What NEW restrictions have been placed on the unlimited plans?
  3. I recently moved 4 voice lines from Sprint to Verizon unlimited. Porting all the numbers was easy and free. They gave me a bunch of different incentives and I got them all. Some were 3 billing cycles down the road but I got them. My bill went down and I got better cell service. I was with Sprint since 1995. Don't know why I stayed so long.
  4. Satellite dish

    I'm guessing you have the Winegard Trav'ler. I've had the roof top dish stop, pointing straight up in the air. The message I had on the controller was, "EL Motor Failure." It's happened twice to me. I called Winegard and left a message. They eventually called back about 4 days later but I had already found the directions to do the elevation motor recalibration. If you got the EL Motor Failure message, I can help you with squaring it away. Bob
  5. "The east facing living room window provides an awesome view of the Sea of Cortez" I'm surprised there is not a photo of the view.
  6. New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    And Verizon CS doesn't tell you that just to go sign up for autopay. I've always been a believer that mistakes happen. But when mistakes ALWAYS cost me money and are never in my favor.... they're not mistakes.
  7. New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    The link didn't work for me... try this https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/atts-wireless-home-phone-internet-rural-plan-250gb-for-60month/
  8. I've seen transcripts of Verizon "Chats" that give conflicting info. A CSR just told me only 10 gb. Here is someone else's chat: Verizon Good morning, Mel! The Jetpack would have 4G speeds up to 10 GB, and then it would reduce to 3G speeds
  9. Just switched back to the unlimited plan. CSR read from new guidance that they were given about mifi/internet devices that they ONLY get 10gb of unrestricted 4g. It's not logical and maybe the reps I've spoken to are providing incorrect info. I'm hoping your chat rep is right or they see that a phone and a jetpack are both paying a $20 access fee and in fairness should be authorized a comparable amount of data.
  10. I switched to the unlimited plan but then switched back to my original plan because of this issue and others not as important. Just yesterday I spent an hour on the phone with a CSR that got guidance on this issue from someone "All Knowing." She said 10 gb unrestricted is all I'd get on my jetpack. I'm on hold right now to try and confirm your info. Do you get an email transcript of a chat session and if you do could you email it to me?
  11. New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    If I can believe what I learned today, that's not correct. You do NOT get 22 gb of data on the mifi (jetpack), only the 10 gb of 4g and then 3g speed data.
  12. New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    I just spent another hour on the phone with Verizon. The CS rep was not able to find clear written guidance on the jetpack. At first she thought there would be 22 gb available to use on each smart phone and again on the jetpack and then an additional 10g of hotspot 4G on each device. She put me on hold for ten minutes and checked with her supervisor and marketing. She came back and said she was wrong. The jetpack would ONLY get 10 gb of unrestricted 4G and then IF the tower was busy, 3g data after the 10. She also said the phones should work in the mobile hotspot mode. And I do realize I'd have to juggle hotspot data between each smart phone and the jetpack to get 30 gb of hotspot data. I asked her to send me something confirming those points before I switch back again and she said that's a problem because any outgoing email had to be approved by the legal department and she couldn't find it clearly written on the website. I also discovered that my present $10 access fee for the jetpack is $20 with the unlimited plan and a tablet would also be $20. Bluelightings suggestion of a device (tablet or phone) with HDMI might be good use of the full 22 + 10 gb of 4g data. This is almost too confusing for an old brain.
  13. New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    If this true and I had understood this, I would not have switched back to my old plan. My wife and I each have a smart phone and I have a jetpack. So if I'm understanding what you said, we would have 66 gb of unrestricted 4g on the three devices, plus 30 gb of 4g hotspot use?