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  1. JRP, actually we're OK on data limits. Like you, with two phones and jetpack, I've got 45gb of data and we've got a Mobley. I was just trying to sort out if there was a way to save a few bucks but not give up anything. The more I look at it, there isn't. That new plan would give me more data but at a higher cost. It also comes with 500gb of cloud storage. I think I'll leave well enough alone.
  2. Seems like my original post took an unexpected turn to why I have 4 voice lines? My wife and I have a phone and two other family members that contribute to the monthly bill have a phone. With that said, I would switch to one of the new unlimited plans if it provided the same level of service and data limits or better and at at a better price.
  3. I switched to the Verizon Unlimited Plan in Feb 2017. I have 4 voice lines and a jet pack and I get the military discount. We own the 4 phones and are not making payments. My total bill after taxes and whatever is $201 per month. I see Verizon has recently come out with what looks to me like 3 new unlimited plans with a military discount. Has anyone compared the Feb plan with these three new ones and if so, how does the Feb 2017 plan shake out. To be honest I'm either lazy or there is too many this, that or other things for me to make sense out of it all.
  4. usnlt

    Mobley Sim

    Thanks folks. I pulled mine based on the original "caution." I noticed when the SIM is in my Unite, it's also listed on my Online ATT account page as the device. Planning on an extended trip this summer and would rather use the Unite. Based on your comments, I will. Thanks Bob
  5. usnlt

    Mobley Sim

    A couple of months ago there was info that ATT was clamping down on Mobley owners that put the Mobley Sim in a more capable hot spot. Did anything ever come to pass in that regard? Are many/most folks still using their Mobley Sim in another hotspot? Thanks
  6. Next time you see a Directv installer working, stop and ask if he'd install a dish for you in his off duty time, maybe on aa Sat or Sun. I think many of them would say YES.
  7. usnlt

    Router and Mobley

    Howard Forum
  8. usnlt

    Router and Mobley

    I see a discussion on Howard Forums that indicates ATT has pulled the unlimited data plan. Thinking appears to be that those that have the plan are OK for now. Reading a couple of different threads, it seems like the Mobley might not be available for purchase. A couple of days ago, it was available on the ATT website. The discussion also said folks that have removed the SIM and put it in other devices was what prompted this action. FYI I my case I know nothing about most things.
  9. the "Directv" Trav'ler can be configured for Dish at a later time for a reasonable cost. If the original installation is a "Dish" Trav'ler, it cannot be configured for Direct at a later time.
  10. I see that the "hot spot" data has been raised to 15 gb. (After 15 GB, speeds are reduced to 600 kbps) What NEW restrictions have been placed on the unlimited plans?
  11. I recently moved 4 voice lines from Sprint to Verizon unlimited. Porting all the numbers was easy and free. They gave me a bunch of different incentives and I got them all. Some were 3 billing cycles down the road but I got them. My bill went down and I got better cell service. I was with Sprint since 1995. Don't know why I stayed so long.
  12. usnlt

    Satellite dish

    I'm guessing you have the Winegard Trav'ler. I've had the roof top dish stop, pointing straight up in the air. The message I had on the controller was, "EL Motor Failure." It's happened twice to me. I called Winegard and left a message. They eventually called back about 4 days later but I had already found the directions to do the elevation motor recalibration. If you got the EL Motor Failure message, I can help you with squaring it away. Bob
  13. "The east facing living room window provides an awesome view of the Sea of Cortez" I'm surprised there is not a photo of the view.
  14. usnlt

    New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    And Verizon CS doesn't tell you that just to go sign up for autopay. I've always been a believer that mistakes happen. But when mistakes ALWAYS cost me money and are never in my favor.... they're not mistakes.