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  1. I guess we we're looking at the question differently. Hopefully with all the answers he understands what he needs or maybe he is more confused. Hopefully it is that he understands­čśů.
  2. I think you can use the 30 amp plug with just one generator but it will only provide 15 amps.
  3. If It is the same model Mach as I have the squirrel cage is replaced from the top. The insulation in the chamber with the squirrel cage had come loose and was hitting the blower and causing a scraping noise. It is a pain to get the housing apart and I had to move the finned coil to get the motor and blowers out of the housing. I didn't need to remove the cage fron the motor shaft but If it is like the home furnace squirrel cage blower I replaced you need to be sure how far it slides on the motor shaft. I forgot to check before I losened it so I had to move it a few times until I got it that it didn't scrape the housing when running when I did mt home furnace. It is probably less than an hours work. There was some of the aluminum foil duct tape on the housing that I had to remove so you might need some of that to seal things up during reassemble. Pat
  4. Pennsylvania has a network of cameras on the pa511.com website. Just go to the web site and select cameras. It's not a real intuitive interface. pa511.com Pat
  5. I'm not sure if it is available on all Garmin units but we have a 770RV and it has "voice command". It works well in a quiet environment. If I'm pulling a hill in the truck it doesn't seem to hear your voice correctly because of the engine noise. It works good if you are driving and can't use your hands or eyes for entering data.
  6. The Carryout G2+ does need a power inserter to operate. The power inserter contains the circuitry that determines the satellite service that it is set to use ( dish tv, direct tv or bell ).
  7. You can allways boondock or dry camp in a campground. Just disconnect your power and water. Fill your water tank and make sure your battery is charged then disconnect. The advantage of doing this is that if you run into a problem with water or run out of battery power you can easily connect and not ruin your day.
  8. Jack's website is listed at the bottom of his post in his signature.
  9. Welcome and just remember... there is no such thing as a stupid question. People are here to help. I have learned a lot from all of the others on this forum.
  10. Thanks for the report. We were there for the month of February this year and love the area so we reserved for this coming January, February and March. Even with the cold nights it is a great break from Pennsylvania's winter.
  11. I have Streets and Trips 2013 installed on 2 computers. One with windows 10 32 bit and one with windows 10 64 bit and it works fine. I had the 2011 version previously and it would not run on windows 10. i still use Streets and Trips to plan out the whole trip because I like the feature that lets you enter how many hours/miles you want to drive in a day and shows where you need to stop. Then I search within that area for campgrounds. Pat
  12. I have not heard if there was any damage at Rainbow Plantation in Alabama from tropical storm Gordon. It looked like they were on the east side if landfall which is usually the area that gets the most rainfall We are headed there for January - March. Hopefully there is no damage. Pat
  13. I see there are now LED headlight upgrade kits. Has anyone tried them? How do they work?
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