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  1. Well, you have been given some good advice. I would suggest that you still are that same determined, tough lady. You have been buffeted about, literally and figuratively. You need to regroup, seek out a Escapees park, park awhile, lots of nice folks there. See how you feel after a bit, there is no rush. .
  2. Well, what can I add to all that has been said, except to say a big thank you! Best wishes to you and yours.
  3. Unfortunately I had a similar experience a couple of years ago. Sorry to hear it is still a problem, for the op anyway. Carl
  4. Hi Kirk, rhanks, and best wishes to you and your family ! Carl
  5. Cloud 9

    Full timing class C

    Well, it can be done, others have, we did spend two years full timing in a 30 foot class c , no slides. Two adults, one dog and one cat. Health issues derailed our adventure, not the size of our rig. Since it is only you, and you value parking options, look at some 21 to 24 ft floor plans, at 30 feet, you will be limited as to where you can park it in an urban area.
  6. We spent last winter in the park, the weather was quite nice. No need to winterize, our neighbors did mention prior winters were colder. But freezing temps only for a few hours over night.
  7. Wow ! What a story. We wish you all the best in your future travels.
  8. Well, you have been given much good advice, I would only add, based on our experience, to allow room for your dog to have his space, bed, crate, mat, erc. You and your pooch will be spending some long rainy, or otherwise unpleasant weather , days in a confined area. We ended up removing a jacknife sofa to make room for our 85 lb lab.He now has his crate there, with room for a chair left. Carl
  9. I was thinking the same thing, unusual way of announcing it though. Carl
  10. I would only add, remember you will be living in a confined space, and while sitting still, no dinners out, and no paid for entertainment, will certainly do wonders for your budget during tight times, it requires discipline. Things break, unexpected expenses can wreck a budget, so its good to have an emergency fund, for the inevitable. Also, consider becoming a member of Escapees, a most helpful organization , and stay active on this forum, lots of great folks and good advise. No memberships required. Carl
  11. I must say, it does seen to make sense, assuming they are reputable. I might add a brake fluid change, and as mentioned above, check the tires, this MH has done lots of sitting around. As I was told, its not the miles, its the years. Carl
  12. Well, lots of great suggestions already given. I can only add, a visit to the Burlington waterfront, paved bike path runs for miles along the shore. The city has a great campground at North Beach, in addition to camping, access to the beach, swimming, kayaking, on saturdays, a visit to Church St. downtown Burlington where they block off the street, all kinds of shopping, street performers, etc. Also, same day, visit the farmers market on the common. As for Stowe, great for a visit during the week, weekends in August , very crowded, many events , antiques, car shows, etc. We visited the Trapp Family Lodge a couple of years ago, First time back there in quite a few years, not as we remembered it. Carl
  13. Not a good choice for all the above mentioned things. I had one, bought from a neighbor, great price, nice looking, lots of fun to drive, and totally impractical!! Carl
  14. Well, I have always considered myself to be a conservative investor, but looking back, I did assume considerable risk by my choosing to invest in individual stocks, many of them small cap. However, as I aged, I increasingly shifted to no load mutual funds, today, index funds, still some large cap dividend paying stocks, and CDs (arrrrrrgh) my experience with FAs was not good, I finally figured out I could lose my money just as well as they could, cheaper too! Carl
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