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  1. Jim Corey

    Slide topper

    Thanks for the responses. I’m ordering a replacement topper.
  2. Jim Corey

    Slide topper

    The bedroom slide topper on our motorhome was damaged getting onto a ferry (another story). As I get ready to order a replacement, I asked myself if the topper was really necessary. I know it keeps some leaves, twigs, and in our area acorns off, but wouldn’t the closing slide do the same. I ask the question after going about 3500 miles, through much wind and rain, without the topper, completing the trip.
  3. Jim Corey

    NJ Turnpike

    Ok. How do I get from Philly to Jersey City skipping toll roads? Also, this is a one time trip. How do I get an EZ Pass while on the road? Not in one spot long enough for mailing.
  4. Jim Corey

    NJ Turnpike

    Thanks. Just the info I needed.
  5. Jim Corey

    NJ Turnpike

    We are going from Philadelphia to Jersey City New Jersey in our motorhome towing a car. It looks like will be on the New Jersey Turnpike. What do I need to know? How do I pay tolls, are there any particular restrictions that I need to know about? I’m from California with all her faults we don’t have too many turnpikes. I don’t want this to be a steep learning curve.
  6. Jim Corey

    Windshield wipers

    Had terrible time with our Monaco Monarch. Couldn’t get replacements that fit, even from dealer. Finally modified more available replacements (Trico?). I went to one truck parts place who swore they could get them. Had to eat their words! Good luck.
  7. Jim Corey

    Paul Evert RV fire

    Huge fire at Paul Everts RV in Fresno. Multimillion dollar damage to shops and RVs. Evert has been a booster at the Escapades.
  8. Jim Corey

    Battery monitoring system

    Thanks for the info. Nice to have a couple of possibilities.
  9. I want to add a battery monitoring system to my coach. I have four 6 V batteries charged with a progressive dynamics smart charger. Looking for suggestions on a brand of monitor preferably one that is easy to install. I do not have nor do I anticipate having any solar. I just want to be able to tell how much Battery I’m using and the remaining capacity in the batteries, as well as how the charging is going.
  10. Jim Corey

    Buying a cover

    My previous rig 30' class A, came with a cover. First time I tried to use it, damn near got blown off the roof (and I was much younger then!). Gave it away for the cost of shipping. Getting blown off isn't so bad, but the sudden stop at the bottom isn't so great.
  11. Jim Corey

    Battery interconnect

    Thanks for the replies. Battery minder makes most sense.
  12. If I run a wire from my house battery bank (which is charged from shore power with my smart charger) to my chassis battery (which is not), will the chassis charge be maintained while parked? Do I need a diode to prevent backflow? I have several items that are on the chassis battery, mainly electronic device chargers, that create a drain while parked.
  13. Jim Corey

    Campground near Annapolis, MD

    We stayed at Cherry Hill. Expensive but worth it. Well run park, easy public transit into DC. Looks pretty close to Annapolis.
  14. Jim Corey

    Using fridge on propane while traveling

    Ditto here. Have always traveled with fridge running on propane.
  15. Jim Corey

    Furnace/AC problem

    Thanks, Kirk. I'll approach it that way.