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  1. I got my replacement motor from Amazon. Not an easy install, the way the steps are bolted on, but definitely doable DIY.
  2. Golly. I guess I’m a simpleton. After running my battery down after first towing our CRV ( new in 2012), I simply ran an additional wire ( I think about a #16) from our coach battery to the positive terminal on the Honda. Put a spade connector near the tow bar hookup. Simply connect it when we hook up, unplug when we disconnect the umbilical cord. No switch, no fuse pulling, no dead battery. Has worked for 6 years.
  3. There is an article in the San Luis Obispo Tribune (central California coast) about a new RV park being built in nearby Paso Robles, heart of the wine country. Sun communities, operator of many parks across the country, will price spots starting at $69.00 per night. Sun already has two other parks in Paso, so knows what the market will bear. We noticed on our last trip back east that the days of $25.00 spots is diminishing. But beware: things start in California, and spread! 🙁 We used to think KOA was a price leader. Not any more. Sun will offer amenities (pools, spas, etc.) to make it a nice experience, but our travels have found many so-called “resorts” that we wouldn’t stop at.
  4. Geez. All I want to do is be able to make a simple comment about what’s going on as we drive. Like, “did you see those hills,” or “that guy couldn’t merge on a bet,” or so forth. I’m following some of the suggestions.
  5. I have an inverter outlet in my bedroom. When dry camping, I use that. I move the plug to a 110v outlet when we have hookups. Easy Peasy. CPap doesn’t seem to draw all that much.
  6. With your DP the engine and noise is 40 feet behind you. My class A has a gas engine in front and we sit right over it along with the engine noise. That's why we'd like a intercom to communicate.
  7. Golly. For those prices I’ll just talk to myself!🙂
  8. I want a telephone operators headset style intercom so wife and I can easily converse over engine and road noise. There are some made for motorcycles, but those are designed to mount in helmets. Hard wiring is fine. I have no problem finding the headsets at a reasonable price. Just can’t find the electronics to connect them.
  9. I too, recommend Eric’s. Not the cheapest, but excellent work. We had upgrade anti-sway bar installed, along with some smaller things.
  10. Air isn’t quite so bad in Park Sierra, but bad enough. But the triple digit temps add to the problems. It’s definitely stay inside, run the a/c weather. The fire is in nearly impossible terrain, (no roads, steep canyons) and air resources can’t get in because of the smoke.
  11. I installed a Carefree replacement, same brand that came with the coach. Brackets were supposed to match screw holes of previous topper. Not so. Worst part of project was removing old pieces. A screw broke, and took over an hour at the top of a ladder drilling it out. New topper went on pretty easily. Definitely a two person job. Great when your kids grow up! Look into a model above the base model. Of course, more money.
  12. Thanks for the responses. I’m ordering a replacement topper.
  13. The bedroom slide topper on our motorhome was damaged getting onto a ferry (another story). As I get ready to order a replacement, I asked myself if the topper was really necessary. I know it keeps some leaves, twigs, and in our area acorns off, but wouldn’t the closing slide do the same. I ask the question after going about 3500 miles, through much wind and rain, without the topper, completing the trip.
  14. Ok. How do I get from Philly to Jersey City skipping toll roads? Also, this is a one time trip. How do I get an EZ Pass while on the road? Not in one spot long enough for mailing.
  15. Thanks. Just the info I needed.
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