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  1. Paul Evert RV fire

    Huge fire at Paul Everts RV in Fresno. Multimillion dollar damage to shops and RVs. Evert has been a booster at the Escapades.
  2. Battery monitoring system

    Thanks for the info. Nice to have a couple of possibilities.
  3. I want to add a battery monitoring system to my coach. I have four 6 V batteries charged with a progressive dynamics smart charger. Looking for suggestions on a brand of monitor preferably one that is easy to install. I do not have nor do I anticipate having any solar. I just want to be able to tell how much Battery I’m using and the remaining capacity in the batteries, as well as how the charging is going.
  4. Buying a cover

    My previous rig 30' class A, came with a cover. First time I tried to use it, damn near got blown off the roof (and I was much younger then!). Gave it away for the cost of shipping. Getting blown off isn't so bad, but the sudden stop at the bottom isn't so great.
  5. Battery interconnect

    Thanks for the replies. Battery minder makes most sense.
  6. If I run a wire from my house battery bank (which is charged from shore power with my smart charger) to my chassis battery (which is not), will the chassis charge be maintained while parked? Do I need a diode to prevent backflow? I have several items that are on the chassis battery, mainly electronic device chargers, that create a drain while parked.
  7. Campground near Annapolis, MD

    We stayed at Cherry Hill. Expensive but worth it. Well run park, easy public transit into DC. Looks pretty close to Annapolis.
  8. Using fridge on propane while traveling

    Ditto here. Have always traveled with fridge running on propane.
  9. Furnace/AC problem

    Thanks, Kirk. I'll approach it that way.
  10. Furnace/AC problem

    My furnace (Atwood) starting giving problems. When the thermostat (Dometic analog) is switched to furnace the AC comes on. Comes on she switched to AC as well. Temperature selector works as it should in either position. So is the problem with the control board on the furnace, or the thermostat? I will use a Dinosaur board in the furnace as a replacement. So my basic question is does the board in the furnace also control the AC? BTW, the AC is a Dometic.
  11. Alternative to Street Atlas?

    I think I'll continue on with Street Atlas, and explore co-pilot and others. Can use Google maps to fill in with current info.
  12. I miss Street Atlas. I've tried Google maps. Great for some things, but not trip planning. I can't figure out Escapees mapping. It seems too focused on its discount parks. Any suggestions?
  13. More ads in magazine

    Is it my imagination, or are there more ads in the Escapees magazine? Not as bad as Good Sam, though. I like the graphics and design, but the light, thin type is kind of tough on these tired eyes.☺️
  14. See Level

    Tried to have the system installed a couple of years ago at an Escapade. Access and shape of tanks on our Monaco Monarch 30 pdd made installation impossible. Maybe another installer could make it work. OEM gauges are useless!
  15. Seattle parking this summer

    Thanks you all. I am an Elk, so will pursue that. Will also follow up on MH parks. I have some time. Wife is going to a get together with a group of high school friends (what's 50 plus years). So proximity is an issue, but you can't do what you can't do.