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  1. looking for a TT membership that would allow me 21days in and move directly to another park my email is brettntexas@yahoo.com or 903-391-5771 Thanks
  2. AL were you able to make contact and buy the surge Guard? I haven't heard back yet.
  3. I put money down on a 2016 Torque 396 priced at 77,000 got it down to 56,000 The 2015 Cyclone 4150 is much higher in price 82,000 but both are made from Heartland . I don't need bells and whistles but I want quality as I will live in it fulltime. my question is with both being built by Heartland is the Cyclone that much better? I told them I'd be back on the 1st of April and the salesman wanted me to sign before the end of march so he could have the sale this month. I put money down to hold the unit so I could give this some thought a 2016 cheaper than 2015. just not sure.
  4. Kirk I sent him a e-mail as well haven't heard from him do you know if it sold? Thanks
  5. I possible could you send pics of the 5th wheel
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