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  1. Unless your CG has a specific published rule against it "go for it". It's easier to get forgiveness than permission.
  2. Agree. I never liked any of the large truck stops either during my years of trucking. I always went for the smaller Mom & Pop places as they usually had the best food anyway and were safer. Sad to say most of my favorites are long gone now!
  3. Agree. Could do more damage than good. Snake oil.
  4. Yes, electric awnings are under spring tension. You Tube is your friend.
  5. And having many pictures to include inside.
  6. Just last week I had a friend trade for a TT in Tennessee. He went to register it and they would not accept the address he has at a local UPS store although it is a street address not a box #. He didn't even tell them it was a UPS store they just somehow knew.
  7. It's amazing how many people I have watched through my tinted windows knowing they can't see me. MANY will allow their pet do it's business then look around to see if anybody saw it then just walk away. Picking up after your pet is simply a part of being a responsible pet owner just like seeing that they are properly fed and protected.
  8. Don't take a chance. Get a FT policy it doesn't cost much more and then you KNOW you're covered.
  9. I have never had a problem with my 2012 F350 filling it at any pump I chose to include truck islands but as others have stated watch the rate of flow.
  10. We are also very happy with our full timers policy with GEICO. 2018 Montana fiver & 2012 F350 both with excellent full coverage to include roadside. $1600.00 yearly based in Tennessee. Switched from Progressive 7 years ago because they kept going up, up, UP with zero claims!
  11. Yep, go spend a hour at a busy truck stop and observe a few "professional" truck drivers trying to park. Many drivers jobs don't require backing so some drivers aren't proficient at it. Yes, I trucked for 20 years logging 3,000,000 miles and back my own equipment.
  12. That's not a very big fiver. They must have EVERYTHING in the camper loaded in front of it's axles causing way too much pin weight.
  13. Should that be "grannpar"? LOL !
  14. Sorry not me. I don't even know what the SIM lock code is. On edit, I sometimes wonder if it's because I'm a light duty user. Am always under 10 gig a month.
  15. The driver of a cabover is ALWAYS the first on the scene of an accident!
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