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  1. "Whatever happened to the tripod and dish pointing" was written by the OP. Sounds to me like tripod & manual dish is what he wants. He also says he's "confused" not physically/mentally challenged.
  2. For 11 years 9 of which are full time I have used the Dish Network 1000.2 HD dish mounted on a surveyor's tripod using the mounting kit from tv4rv.com. I use both EA & WA Hybrid lnb depending on which is needed due to obstacles and this dish setup is feeding a Hopper3 receiver. I also carry 250 feet of RG6 if it's necessary to get out a bit from the RV. I don't use any type of meter but do use SatFinder Lite just to take a peek when necessary. My normal setup time is about 10 minutes (15 if lnb change required). I am happy with this method and highly doubt I will go with one of the auto type.
  3. I took the thread seriously but still agree with both responses.
  4. Have you thought about getting a V tailgate? I like mine.
  5. I have the Hopper3 and it will record up to 16 shows at once with build-in DVR. I can't even begin to imagine using all 16 at once but at least for now I NEVER have a recording conflict like I did with the VIP722.
  6. I still enjoy a nice HDT setup but after 20 years (3,000,000 miles) trucking I have had my fill of it. Good to see others enjoying it though.
  7. There are only 2 people I would loan my RV to. One is my son who knows as much as I do about them and would treat it like I do. The other is God because it is really His after all.
  8. We have been on a residential account with Dish for almost 9 years. When I change locations I log on to my account with them and chat with them to change my location for locals. Very easy to do and only takes about 5 minutes. We have been full timers the entire time.
  9. If you want one that will last get the Barker and make it the largest you can handle. My Barker has stood up for 10 years 9 of which is full time and mostly in parks without full hookups. It is a 32 gallon and I wish it was the 42 gallon. Cost is a little more than the others but worth it. I have a friend that went through 3 Thetfords in almost the same time before finally wising up and getting a Barker.
  10. Likely the windshield leaking and should be covered under the FORD warranty.
  11. Over my years of trucking I went through many of these at this time of year. NEVER did I see an RV being checked.
  12. Unless your CG has a specific published rule against it "go for it". It's easier to get forgiveness than permission.
  13. Agree. I never liked any of the large truck stops either during my years of trucking. I always went for the smaller Mom & Pop places as they usually had the best food anyway and were safer. Sad to say most of my favorites are long gone now!
  14. Agree. Could do more damage than good. Snake oil.
  15. Yes, electric awnings are under spring tension. You Tube is your friend.
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