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  1. Just something that occurred to me while reading your post. I thought a bed was one of the requirements for re-titling to a motor home. If I read the post right you are going to eliminate the bed.
  2. Sorry to hear about your co-worker Chad. Do everything you can to stay safe. We appreciate what you do every day. It is a hard job. Brad
  3. My bed is 101" wide. The builder wanted to make sure they did not get it out to the 102" max. My chocks and tie downs are all set in from the outside edges.
  4. I used to have the camera on the back of the cab but when the smart was added it blocked out the view to the hitch. I moved it right down by the hitch and all is good.
  5. Yes I have a camera. Actually I have 2. One on the back of the 5er for backing and one at the hitch for hitching. And both of mine are hard wired. Bite the bullet and buy good ones. I also use the hitch camera when I'm bob tailing. Brad
  6. Good Morning Dave. Farm and City is where I have my insurance also. Brad
  7. Techno RV is where I got my TST. I have been happy with these folks and you never know when they will be running a sale.
  8. Just a note on side fairings. It was not something I noticed when I bought ours but I can assure you that if your wife wants fairings you had better buy a truck that has them already because she will get what she wants. I say this because adding them is a pricey proposition. I know this from personal experience and we now have them.
  9. Outer banks and north to Connecticut and then west toward Kansas. Have a good year guys. Brad
  10. Had a lot of fun last year Chad but we will be on the other coast this year. Brad & Jacolyn
  11. Brad & Jacolyn

    battery time

    Been in that position Glenn. I now keep a battery minder on the truck. Sure is nice when it spins quickly. Brad
  12. Merry Christmas everyone and a great new year. Y'all be safe out there. I'm sitting on the golf course in Edinburg, Tx until April. Brad
  13. Like the guys said just cut into the existing fan wiring but leave the plug in place so it can still be used if necessary. And when mounting the fan use short screws. Brad
  14. Check out this HDT. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/11/18/thor24-3400-horsepower-semi-truck-custom/#slide-2186822
  15. Can you get any kind of grinder or a dremel to the bolt and cut it off? I would worry about a new bolt after the seat was out and you have more room to work. Don't stress that knee. Brad
  16. I needed to have the pan resealed on the smart and was waiting to do it while we were at CARE the month of Nov. Ran into Roger and Kathy Moore at breakfast one morning and he told me that he needed to have his pan replaced and it was done locally. The place is called Moore Auto Sales (no relation to Roger). They did mine yesterday and the price was very reasonable. Now I will have to start changing the oil regularly instead of just topping off what was leaking out. Brad
  17. Glad to hear that you are still going in the correct direction. A Jan. escape sounds like a good idea. We will be the the RGV at that time.
  18. Time for an update on this thread. How are you guys doing lately. Hope all is well. Brad
  19. That is so sad. It was a great piece of building (all scrap as I recall) and we had a great time at the tree house and Cec Burton even climbed to the top with me. And she is scared of heights. Wine tasting first may have helped. Sure glad we went when we did. Brad
  20. Passed your regards around happy hour the other night. We are all rooting for you guys. There are about 12 of us here now. I would count for sure but it is cold outside and these darn big trucks are blocking the view from my window so I can't count for sure. Brad I would really like to see that C15 in the walker Dave.
  21. Sorry you won't be here. 7 have arrived so far. Brad
  22. Good luck to both of you. We pulled into Hutch today and there are 7 rigs here already. Pre rally happy hour at 4. Brad
  23. If you are coming to Hutch it could become a project. I know at least one bad spot to drill a hole.
  24. And that is a very elite social circle. We lost Ian last winter and I hope Izzy can fill it to maintain our spot in the circle. Dredd is rather particular. Brad
  25. I have been happy with my Coachnet for 10 years and will keep them. The last time I needed them they towed both the HDT and rig still hooked together for 12 miles. I have found over the years switching something that I know works to something I don't know just to save a few bucks is just stress I don't need in my retired life. Brad
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