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    Nervous and Scared

    Rambling, I feel better in the company of vets too. Welcome! Dennis is OK too. This is the right place for any vet interested in RVing. Are you retired from the military with a pension like I am with 27 years USAF? Did you get any VA disability rating? The fear is lessened a lot with medical coverage and an ID card that gets you into Military on base FamCamp parks. Only active, retired, some civilians at some bases, and medically retired with 100% and an ID card. What exactly do you want to know in bite size pieces. You obviously are ahead of other noobs because you already know your water and sewage systems, electrical, heat, AC systems, and the absorption refrigerator unless you use a home compressor reefer unit. You would get many more answers in the beginning RVing section. Lots of folks only use the RVing section. But here is OK too. Ask away and we'll try.
  2. RV_

    Costco vs Sams Club

    I'm sorry Barb and Carlos. We have no salt issues but do eat low fat/salt for continued good cholesterol/BP no diabetes health. I even quit smoking and since I drank beer with smokes quit that too at the same time a decade or so back. My bane is lumbar and cervical issues that were mostly resolved with surgery on both at Laser Spine Institute in Tampa. We eat those rotisserie chickens at least once a month and it lasts for two dinners. (or suppers if you ain't from aroun' here.) Anytime we don't have time to cook because of an outing or TV program we get one too. I also love breakfast for supper. Eggs and eggo waffles (or toast) with real maple syrup butter and turkey sausage on the side.
  3. RV_

    Garmin GPS

    Indeed John. "These criteria are set to provide at least a 1-foot differential between the maximum legal vehicle height and the roadway, with additional allowances for future resurfacing. These clearances apply to the entire roadway width (traveled way and shoulders)." Source: https://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/geometric/pubs/mitigationstrategies/chapter3/3_verticalclearance.cfm More here: https://search.usa.gov/search/docs?utf8=%26%23%23x2713%3B&affiliate=dot-fhwa&dc=2561&query=Bridge+clearance+&commit.x=21&commit.y=10
  4. RV_

    Garmin GPS

    It's always anecdotal about paving accidents. More common are errors in the navigation system: "Off-the-shelf global positioning systems may be the cause, said Sean McNally, spokesman at the American Trucking Associations. "We're not seeing increases in truck sizes or weights," McNally said in dismissing other factors. "Sometimes trucks wander where they're not supposed to be. Reports say GPS units elsewhere have directed too-trusting drivers into sloughs, atop mountains, into oncoming traffic, and to the edge of cliffs. And apparently they keep sending big trucks to the unluckiest bridge of all. McNally said his group has backed the efforts of U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer (D.-N.Y.) to encourage commercial drivers to use specialized GPS units that factor in the specifics of the truck they're driving, including the height, weight and contents. In calling for further federal review, Schumer last year cited reports from police organizations that said GPS issues were at the root of more than 80 percent of bridge strikes in New York state." Source: https://www.cnbc.com/id/100928291 However instead of paying drivers to hit their bridges, states are now collecting damages from the drivers and insurance companies. From the above report: "So far, in fiscal year 2013, Indiana has recovered $4.1 million of $4.7 million statewide in claims it has billed insurance companies and individuals for repairs to damages caused by a crash that is documented by a police report, Riggs said. For a particularly bad strike to the Virginia Avenue Bridge on Feb. 22, INDOT submitted a damage claim of $107,462.24 and recovered $105,085.35, he said. McNally said the legal team at the trucking association confirmed that states and cities generally try to recover repair costs from the carriers." The notorious 11 foot 8 inch bridge in the video above now has a laser that measures oncoming vehicle heights and flashes a big warning sign and the people in trucks and RVs still keep hitting it. Knowing clearances can change and GPS units can be occasionally wrong, we should know our height with full tires all around, AND check close clearance bridges before damaging it and your rig.
  5. Aztex, Pull the plenum down for the AC and check if the factory over tightened it and squeezed it down too much. If it has been compressed too much it may not re-expand causing leaks when it rains. But RV air conditioning units are very loud compared to home units. There are basement units in some motor homes but I have no experience with them or if they are quieter. There is untapped profit for the company that silences them
  6. RV_

    Garmin GPS

    I used the Garmin systems and would only caution that some small town/county/parish/state road folks don't always report when they add four inches of asphalt during road repairs. Just be aware and double check closer than 6" clearances over your height. I had my SH get out and spot me on close ones. Never had to back out but have seen RVrs in the video 11' 8" get their ACs sw2ept off and more. So please include your AC in your height measurements and spot under it if you have a Husband/wife/partner/passenger who can spot for you. The professional truck drivers in this video and the RVrs should have known better. Here is a link to more videos showing mostly RVs hitting bridges. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rvs+hitting+low+bridges
  7. RV_

    Which Rear End for Dodge Dually?

    Sorry - I edited as my answer as I did not make clear that all my Ram diesels with the 5.9 Cummins were 3:73 or equivalent highway gearing, not just my first one.
  8. RV_

    Some folks you know?

    X2 Linda!
  9. RV_

    Colorado here we come!

    Thanks Jack! And as usual, you are right. You still at the top of the pass in W.P.? I looked there too but Lynn wants shopping. I'm at a hotel near DIA until I leave Tuesday. I have trip cancellation insurance so either way OK. I did not want my son driving out in this storm coming in now. (Or me as his passenger.) Denver had a 50 car pile up near here yesterday or the day before.
  10. Bought our first choice, they accepted our cash offer over a higher offer contingent on a loan.. Here it is: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/6386-Mohican-Dr-Colorado-Springs-CO-80915/13543818_zpid/ It's time to rack, I have a big weekend ahead and a flight home. Been at this non stop for two weeks. Going to do the official inspection Sunday, and I found a nice low mile 2017 Subaru Impreza for Lynn I'm picking up Monday. I have to go home to groom and sell the house and property, my truck, our Scamp fifth wheel, my flaming HHR, and Lynn's 2015 Hyundai Elantra because they are all two wheel drive. We lived on the AF Academy in Colorado Springs when I taught there in 1978-1981 and had a Subaru Brat, our first of four Subarus when in Germany for seven years we had our two Subaru Station Wagons, and now one Impreza and one new Outback or Forester. Thanks for the great investment Mr. Musk! Tesla shares made this happen as it turned out to be a 14 bagger investment for us. Now the grunt work begins. We are already half packed, but now we have to go through our tools and downsize for this smaller place. We've a great stone conversation pit, and the privacy fence is redwood and steel that looks fantastic. We are benefiting from the previous owner's artistic/architectural eye. We have great views of the front range of the Rockies and Pike's Peak out of our windows. It took us a few years to get back to great healthy weather. Been in shirtsleeves the whole last two weeks save one day. Love it. I think real property bought well is a good parking place for funds we don't need. I figure I have 20 years until my mid 80s, and now my son won't have to travel to settle our estate when we go. And we get to visit the grand-kids as much as we like!
  11. RV_

    Anyone heard of AutoSplitter?

    X2. Kirk if you are worried it may be malware here is a search result with lots of answers. https://www.bing.com/search?q=is+autosplitter+photon+program+safe%3F&pc=MOZI&form=MOZLBR So download it and see.
  12. A noisy Rooftop AC is usually the result of age but can often be the result of someone tightening the four nuts on the bolts that hold it on the roof. When that gasket gets too old it can leak causing folks to tighten the nuts too much. Here's another reason I had where my AC capillary line to the compressor was vibrating until it cut it through, letting the freon and oil run all over the roof which oil made a bad patch of my roof membrane. Thhttps://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=checking+loud+RV+AC&pc=MOZI&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3dchecking%2bloud%2bRV%2bAC%26pc%3dMOZI%26form%3dMOZLBR&view=detail&mmscn=vwrc&mid=537D8582C052948CF307537D8582C052948CF307&FORM=WRVORC There are a bunch of videos there to help find the noise.
  13. RV_

    Colorado here we come!

    Thanks guys! I was here as I said for three years of my career at The Academy. Randy, Rich and Roger, thanks guys! We like it too of the 50 or so I looked at. ND, thanks but we are downsizing from our 5 acre created paradise with steel workshop, RV hookups, 3 year old very custom house, smaller metal building finished out inside and HVAC equipped, with 300 foot driveway in the country but since there is a school at the end of the street wee have great road paving (not always the case in Louisiana) and up to a GB Internet. We also have cheap utilities and a whopping $178 annual property tax! We do have our own oxidation pond which is easy maintenance and never an odor with our upkeep. If any are near Bossier city with a stix n brix I am selling mowers, restored Ford 601 Workmaster tractor, etc. Starting as soon as I fly back, the house and all are on the chopping block. I hope since both houses are paid for I will be staying there to sell it all even our 19' Scamp fiver and 2WD Ram 2500 long bed with both the Scamp and regular fiver hitches unless the truck goes after the trailer, then the truck will just have the Reese fiver hitch. I am in excellent health with no high BP, heart, no diabetes, no cardiopulmonary issues at all. I do have limitations on lifting and twisting to avoid back issues so will let the house and land go cheap, since acreage is scarce as hen's teeth five minutes from I-20 and away from the city crime and hustle. It would make a perfect spot for an active RVr room to lay in more gravel drive to turn any rig around without backing. I did mean to post this here just as an idea, as if you do market reports, Colorado cities, most notably Denver and the Springs are appreciating in value yearly with many folks moving there. They are ideal for home bases if you aren't full-time and want to get out of the South and future climate changes for the worse. I did make sure my house had central AC like my son's house in Denver. My realtor mentioned that years ago AC wasn't needed before, but many folks now are adding it or avoiding homes without it. Colorado Springs is at a higher elevation than Denver. I will have to invest the proceeds of selling our other house and I may increase my Marijuana holdings once I am settled here. One thing is for sure, while we are overdue for a bear market turn, and the markets are volatile right now, there is much money to be made at the tail end of a bull market as shown by many articles. If you are depending on others to make picks it could get ugly. I intend to hold the funds to buy when the next recession hits and hold for another eight years as I did in 2008. Your mileage, and opinions my vary. All rights reserved, three rights is left.
  14. RV_

    Which Rear End for Dodge Dually?

    I had the 3:73 gears on the old 1992 Ram1 ton diesel dually and despite it being gutless compared to my other Ram diesels, all with 3:73 gears - which were my 2002 Ram 2500 long bed, 2006 short bed Ram quiet diesel 2500, and my current 2004.5 with the 2005 quiet diesel Cummins 5.9. We traveled the Rockies over and over and did have to add an exhaust brake. Mileage was not as good as my later models. But I'd go 3:73 not just for the mileage, but for the lower RPMs at cruising speed. I had 12k even without filling my64 gallon Transfer Flow diesel tank. Ram/Cummins power and performance was quite different from 1992 t5o my newer Rams. This is one of those six of one, half dozen of the other decisions..
  15. RV_

    Colorado here we come!

    Were you able to see that link?
  16. RV_

    Colorado here we come!

    Thanks Roger! And thanks for catching the link. It's now the public link.
  17. RV_

    5th wheel hitch vs gooseneck

    Hey Chief, Now that is a nice conversion! I just watched the video in the link you provided and that is a whole other thing from the junk stovepipe extensions some have tried. No leverage to break the trailer front fame and, like the Scamp Reese hitch that uses a ball but is at the same height as the original hitch, has no lever acting against it. For a new build I would go with your Reese Goosebox. If someone already has a Reese fiver hitch with rails, the Reese ball hitch will drop right in old rails and pin u[p as shown in my picture. If my truck (I always buy used and cash) already has a hitch I will use it. But if both are new I really like that gooseneck pin box.
  18. RV_

    using a mysocialsecurity online account

    I think the OP was nice. Staffnon, is that kind of condescension really necessary?
  19. RV_

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    Roy, YW! I try to check out member websites and have really enjoyed them and yours was up there with the other good ones.
  20. RV_

    Tioga George RIP

    He made his mark on many of us.
  21. RV_

    smart TV!!!

    George do you have an Android or iPhone? What is your budget? Do you have a tablet? If so what kind? Go here and browse: https://www.bing.com/search?q=21+all+in+one+computer&pc=MOZI&form=MOZLBR Did that help? Answers to questions above?
  22. RV_

    Already a Texan

    Sheldon, I was a Texas resident stationed at my retirement assignment on return from overseas in 1997. We were stationed at Lackland AFB TX, and just changed it all over to our Rainbow Drive address. No problems. I even bought a new fiver later from Indiana while in California when a shop broke our frame. We were at Travis FamCamp for medical diagnostics and were there for six months. That was in 2000. Polk County could not have been more accommodating.
  23. RV_

    Proper Trailer Weight for GVWR

    If he has the truck, is married or otherwise has a partner and/or kids, they can load the truck up and weigh it with all passengers and gear as it will travel. My 64 gallon Transfer Flow tank in my truck bed added ~ 455 pounds of weight. I had two 30 pound propane cylinders on my fifth wheel. They weigh 55 pounds each full. http://www.answers.com/Q/How_much_does_a_full_20-pound_propane_tank_weigh I carried wood blocks for leveling and for the front Jack's, as well as a 20# cylinder in a milk crate in the bed with my gas grill. Then we have to weigh the fiber hitch etc. It adds up quick. But doing actual weights on your truck now will keep you from buying more trailer than it can safely handle.
  24. RV_

    smart TV!!!

    I thought I said that. However rather than a regular desktop a mini PC with Windows 10 costs $139.99! Assuming you will have another "main computer" it can be dedicated to just the one TV. https://www.amazon.com/ACEPC-T8-x5-Z8350-Graphics-Computer/dp/B07KXHLD1R/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_147_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=927KKJ7STK6B256PV817&th=1 I have the old Voyo mini That started out as a Windows 8 computer that got the free upgrade to 8.1 and then to Windows 10. It has the same 64GB storage but an Atom 3735 SoC, half the RAM, and 32 bit that has given great service for the last five years or so. Its not the fastest but still is great for emails and surfing, and watching Netflix etc. It has a 64GB USB flash drive attached and runs great. The one above In the link is much faster and robust. It is also 4k capable if your TV is and you have the correct HDMI 4k rated 2.0 cable. Here's mine hooked up: That is a 21"retro look TV but still an LCD screen. The black items next to it are a Fire TV and the small Fire TV remote. The Voyo mini also has a 32GB Micro SD card inserted. There are more USB ports on the side. It's smaller than a paperback. Does not overheat, and is silent. They can also be mounted to your VESA mounts on the back of your TV, if you aren't using them already. If you are not mounting your TV to a wall the mini PC
  25. RV_

    Proper Trailer Weight for GVWR

    Len our posts crossed as I was composing when you also mentioned GCVWR. Newbie I just answered yours too on edit. When the subject is what can you tow with a half ton, you need to pay attention to the GCVWR posted on the truck. The GVWR or Gross Vehicle weight rating is how much weight each vehicle can support on their own axles minus the hitch weight transferred to the truck from the hitch. So you'll need the weight of your truck with all passengers, gear, full tanks of fuel, propane, and whatever you carry in the bed of the truck. Weigh the loaded truck alone. Then with however much or little water you're going to carry in the trailer, full propane tanks, batteries, clothes, food in fridge and cabinets, flatware, dishes/bowls, appliances, toiletries, blow dryers . . . Everything the trailer will carry. Weigh the trailer alone. You do weights at truck scales. Now see if your GVWR maximums are not exceeded on the truck loaded or the trailer loaded. Now hitch up the trailer and drive only the truck still hitched on the scales leaving the trailer tires off the scale. That weight on your truck now includes the hitch weight and must not exceed the truck's GVWR. Now weigh the trailer alone but hitched and fully loaded. Make sure that weight does not exceed the trailer's GVWR. Now add them together and check the GCVWR (Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating) on the label on the doorjamb data plate. Usually drivers side. If any of the three are exceeded you need to get a smaller trailer or a bigger truck. Newbie, without the year, make, model, engine size, tranny type and rear end gears of your half ton truck, no one can tell how much you can tow. With a half ton you'll be limited as to what you can tow. I am selling a fifth wheel Scamp 19 footer that's fine for weekends or a single who likes minimalist living, and can be towed with a half ton. Add 1000 pounds for a couple give or take for clothes gear shoes etc No one is telling you to get a diesel here, your numbers will tell you once you add up the loaded weights of trailers you're considering. The GVWR is not you weighing it loaded just the limits for the truck, usually useless as they allow for no load, a full fuel tank, and a 150 pound driver. No gear, no normally sized folks. Weigh your half ton with all people who will be riding in it while towing, and all you will carry in the bed, and must include the weight of whatever hitch you install. Then make sure you are within the GVWR for the truck. Then see how much is left of your GVWR and that is all you can have for hitch weight on the bed or bumper hitch. It's easy math but not necessarily yielding the answers you want. Then weight trailer loaded alone, add both the loaded truck weight and loaded trailer weight to get your GCVW, or Gross Combined Vehicle Weight. Then see if you are within the GCVWR on the truck's data plate.